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the new ACA standard
By Peter Meijer
Technical Training Manager JP, BE (Elec), MSc.
KRONE (Australia) Holdings Pty Limited
Released by KRONE
All new products connected to the telephone network
must carry an A-Tick or AUSTEL permit* or the old
Telecom Authorisation. The A-Tick is a compliance
mark developed by the Australian Communications
Authority (ACA) for telecommunications equipment.
It has been introduced to give consumers confidence
that a telecommunications product meets the safety
and technical standards set by the ACA.
The A-Tick mark indicates that a product can legally
be connected to an Australian telecommunications
network. The A-Tick label appears on a range of
products including structured cabling infrastructure
products, fixed and mobile phones, answering
machines, facsimile machines and modems.

The A-Tick is a protected symbol and can only be used in
accordance with the conditions laid down by the ACA.
Who administers the A-Tick?
The ACA regulates the Australian communications
industry, protects consumers and promotes fair
competition, efficiency and technical excellence.
An important part of the ACA’s role is to ensure that
consumers are provided with a diverse range of
telecommunications equipment that meets the safety
and technical standards set by the authority.
The ACA works closely with telecommunications
suppliers and the community to establish policies,
procedures and regulations suited to the diverse and
constantly evolving telecommunications industry and
its consumers.
What products require the A-Tick?
Telecommunications products must have an A-Tick or
display the labels of previous labelling schemes such as
the Telecom Authorisation or AUSTEL permit. Products
without an A-Tick or the previously accepted labels
may be unsafe and cause damage when connected to
the network.
It is a condition of the Cabling Licence and, for
Registered Cablers under the Cabling Provider Rules
(CPR), that all cable, cabling product and customer
equipment such as customer switching systems,
phones, external and internal modems and answering
machines installed by the cabler must meet the ACA’s
Labelling Notice requirements. The A-Tick is part of
those requirements.
The A-Tick label consists of two parts: the A-Tick Logo
and other information that identifies the
manufacturer/importer. This latter identifier is usually
Why have an A-Tick
All new products connected to the telephone network
must carry an A-Tick or the old AUSTEL permit *
Act 1997

Australian Communications
Authority (ACA)
Labelling Notice
(Federal Govt.Gazellal)
Item Category
Eg. A22
Test Standard
Eg. TS008
KRONE Quality Assurance
ISO 9001 Prevents Variation
Compliance Folder
• Declaration of Conformity
• Test Results
Updates Closed 1998
Old Records still valid.
Updates Closed 1998
Old Records still valid.
Regulations Applying to Telecommunications Cabling Products Sold in Australia
* A few older approved products may still be listed under the old CCL list.
the Australian Compliance Number, such as KRONE’s
N355, or it can be the organisation’s business name
or trademark.
For cabling components, the A-Tick must be displayed
on the component unless the component is too small
in which case it is to be displayed on the packaging.
Customer Cabling is a separate issue and, under the
ACA’s Labelling Notice, it should be identified at least
every 2 metres on the sheath of the cable with the
company identifier, the product identifier, and the A-
Tick, if practicable.
KRONE’s customer cabling and related customer
equipment including cables, patch cords, plugs,
sockets, modules and connectors fall under Category
A22 of the ACA Labelling Notice and therefore comply
with technical standard ACA-TS008-1997 (or AS/ACIF
S008 as it will become) at compliance level 2.
Rest assured, our Asia-Pacific R&D Test Laboratory
located at our regional headquarters at Berkeley Vale
on the New South Wales Central Coast conducts the
necessary tests to ensure our products exceed TS008
requirements. The KRONE Lab is certified and audited
by the independent international Underwriters
Laboratories (UL) in America to conduct transmission
performance testing. It is also audited by Standards
Australia under ISO9001 to ensure that all the required
testing is done to show compliance with local
standards. Then, ACA auditors review these findings.
Unlike several importers that keep their records
overseas, our Compliance Folders are kept in Australia
at the KRONE Labs. These Compliance Folders contain
product identification, all the necessary test results and
the official Declaration of Conformity as required by
notices under section 407 of the Telecommunications
Act 1997.
Why have an A-Tick?
The A-Tick shows that the product has been
specifically tested to meet Australian requirements.
Consider this: Australia has higher UV than Europe or
America. We have unique rodent and insect problems
like termites attacking cables. We have a drier
climate, humidity ranging from high (causing lower
electric strength) to low (resulting in more static build-
up) and greater distances between towns. America
uses 110 volts, we use 240 volts for electrical supply.
Europe uses 1KV/1 minute for electric strength,
Australia uses 1.5 KV/1 minute from conductor to
sheath on its cables to provide additional safety in our
widely varying climatic conditions and different
earthing/protection conditions. If telecommunications
cabling products are to meet Australian safety, network
integrity, and interoperability requirements, there are
unique climatic and technical conditions to satisfy.
Accordingly, the Government has put in place
legislation and regulations that set out the minimum
test requirements for all telecommunications products
sold and installed in Australia. With regard to cabling
and cabling products, installers and end users can
identify an approved product by the A-Tick compliance
mark on the product and/or on the packaging.
What happens without the A-Tick?
The ACA is conducting a marketing campaign to
advise consumers that telecommunications products
must have an A-Tick label. If they don’t they may be
unsafe and could cause damage when connected to
the network. Consumers are also being warned that it
Measuring Contact Resistance
is illegal to connect equipment that does not carry a
compliance label and penalties can be imposed.
A small percentage of products available today may
carry an AUSTEL permit or a Telecom authorisation.
These are also safe to connect.
Consumers are also being warned that, in addition to
the safety risks, products that do not carry the A-Tick
may deliver poor sound quality and unclear speech
and they could have problems in dialing the 000
emergency number or other telephone numbers.
How do I know if a cable is an A-Tick
approved type?
Cable and cabling product is approved if it has an A-
tick symbol on it (or on its packaging) or it is listed on
the ACA’s Certified Components List.
Who do I contact if I see non-compliant
cabling work?
Contact the ACA’s Cabling Team on (03) 9963 6824 or
(03) 9963 6823 or e-mail cabling@aca.gov.au. For
complaints to be actioned you will be requested to put
the complaint in writing.
Where do I find reference material on the A-Tick?
Information about the ACA’s Labelling Notice
requirements is available from its website at:
www.aca.gov.au and it tells Australian manufacturers
and importers of foreign equipment what conditions
apply to the products for use in Australia.
An easy-to-read, consumer-oriented brochure about
the A-Tick is available at retail stores across Australia
or from the ACA state and regional branches. Another
brochure has been developed for suppliers and
retailers highlighting the importance of the A-Tick in
ensuring consumer confidence in products.
For more information on these brochures or any other
matter, please contact the ACA’s Telecommunications
Standards and Compliance Team on (03) 9963 6800 or
the website: www.aca.gov.au/standards.index.htm
KRONE makes all reasonable endeavours to ensure the information in its
publication is accurate and current. KRONE does not accept any responsibilities or
liabilities for any inaccuracies, errors or ommissions.
For further information please contact:
KRONE (Australia) Holdings Pty Limited
PO Box 335, Wyong NSW 2259
2 Hereford Street, Berkeley Vale NSW 2261
Tel: 02 4388 4422
Fax: 02 4388 4499
Email: kronehlp@krone.com.au
Web: www.krone.com.au
JNo.5548 - 1293
KRONE (N.Z.) Technique Limited
PO Box 38-177
Wellington Mail Centre
Wellington, New Zealand
Tel: 0800 657 663
Fax: 0800 355 100
Email: sales@krone.co.nz
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