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trial 1st sesmester english test

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Phan Tuấn Ly English 11 – 1st semester

Time: 45 mins

I.Choose the word in each group that has the underline part pronounced differently from the rest.(1mk):
1. A. weather B. there C. math D. than

2. A. bread B. cheap C. tea D. season
3. A. kitchen B. high C. price D. like
4. A. hour B. history C. help D. high
II. Choose the word in each that has different stress pattern.(1mk)
1. A. celebrate B. refreshment C. restaurant D. relative
2. A. enthusiastic B. anniversary C.decoration D. entertainment
3. A. relationship B. activity C. occasional D. invitation
4. A. orphanage B. different C. volunteer D. hospital
III. Choose the best answer for each of the following sentences:(4mks)

1.Many students in my country……….go to remote or moutainous areas to help the people there.
A. volunteer B. volunteerly C. voluntary D. voluntarily

2. The volunteers help disavantaged or handicapped children to………their difficulties.
A. struggle B. overcome C. fight D. receive

3. A………..is a person who enjoys going to parties.

A. party-market B. party-lover C. party-goer D. party-admire
4. The suspect doesn’t enjoy………..very much.

A. answering B. to answer C. being answered D. to be answer
5. One of the boys admitted ………the window.

A. breaking B.to break C. being broken D. to be broken
6. I expected ………the job in that company.

A. to offer B. offering C.to be offered D. being offered
7. The goods ought…………..two weeks ago.

A. delivered B. being delivered C. delivering D. to be delivered
8. These brakes don’t work well. They need ………..

A. seeing to B. to be seen to C. to see D. A and B
9. Some high school students take part in helping handicapped children.

A. play a role of B. participate C. take a place of D. are a part of
10. ………that he was poor, I offered to pay his fare.

A.Know B.Having know C. Knowing D. Knew
11. I noticed a lorry ……….down the hill.

A. to come B. came C. coming D. having come
12. We soon got the machine ………again.

A. to work B. work C. working D. worked

13. ………is a place where children whose parents are dead are looked after.
A. A gymnasium B. An orphanage C. A gallery D. An aqurium
14. Did she apologize ……….late?

A. being B. to be C. to have been D. for being

15. There’s a good film on TV tonight. I’m really looking forward…………..it.
A. to seeing B. to see C. for seeing D. for to seeing
16. He told me ………to anyone about it.

A. don’t speak B. not speaking C. didn’t speak D. not to speak

IV. There is a mistake in the four underline parts of each sentence. Find the mistake(1mk)
1. It’s not worth to buy such substandard goods.



Phan Tuấn Ly English 11 – 1st semester

3. I’d rather having dinner at home than eat out.

4. Let’s leave the party early enough for catch th last bus.

V. Writing :choose one sentence that has the same meaning as the root one(1mk).

1. Mrs. Anderson’s children are get used to………..

A. pick up after school everyday.
B. be pick up after school everyday.
C. picking up after school everyday
D. being picked up after school everyday.

2. The happiest people in the world are those………

A. who help to bring happiest to others.
B. that help to bring happiness to others.
C. whom help to bring happy to other

D. whose helps of bringing happiness to others

3. I closed all the windows and then locked the door.

A. Having locked the door, I closed all the windows.

B. Having locked the door, then all the windows were closed
C. Having closed all the windows, then the door was locked
D. Having closed all the windows, I locked the door.

4. He is not old enough to do the voluntary work.

A. He is very young that he can’t do the voluntary work
B. He is too young to do the voluntary work

C. He can’t do the voluntary work because of his old age.
D. His youngster prevents him from doing voluntary work.

VI..Choose the item among A, B, C or D that best answers the question about the passage:(1 mk)

Each nation has many good people who take care of others. For example, some of high school and college
students in the United States often spend many hours as volunteers in hospitals, orphanages or home for the
Ages. They read books to the people in there places, or they just visit them and play games with them or listen
to their problems.

Other young volunteers go and work in the homes of people who are sick or old. They paint, clean up, or
repair their houses, do th eshopping or mow their lawns. For boys who no longer have fathers there is an
organizition called Big Brothers .College students and other men take these boys to baseball games or on
fishingtrips and help them to get to know things that boys usually learn from their fathers.

Each city has a number of clubs where boys and girls can go and play games or learn crafts. Some of these
clubs show movies or organize short trips to the moutains, the beaches, museums or other places of interest.
Most of these clubs use a lot of high school and college students as volunteers becauses they are young enough
to remember the problems of younger boys and girls.

Volunteers believe that some of the happiest people in the world are those who help to bring happiness to

1.What do volunteers usually do to help those who are sick or old in their homes?
A. They tell them stories and sing and dance for them.

B. They mow lawns, do shopping and clean up their houses .
C. They cook, sew, and wash their clothers.

D. They take them to baseball games.

2. What do they help boys whose fathers do not live with them?
A. to learn things that boys usually learn from their fathers.
B. To get to know things about their fathers.


Phan Tuấn Ly English 11 – 1st semester
D. To learn things about their fathers.

3. Which activity is NOT available for the student at the clubs.
A. playing games B. watching film

C. going to interesting places D. learning photography

4. Why do they use many high school and college students as volunteers? Because………
A. they know how to do the work

B. they have a lot of free time

C. they can understand the problems of younger boys and girls.
D. they are good at playing games and learning crafts

VII. Circle the option A,B,C or D that best completes the passage:

I was(1)………….my first trip to the United States. I was staying with friends (2)………small
children. We had a picnic in the park(3)……….day. we finished our picnic. I (4)…………to be helpful , so
I picked up all our sandwich wrappers and put them into a large blue container that was nearby.

1.A. in B. on C. off D. for
2.A. had B. to have C. with D. have
3.A. a B. the C. several D. one
4.A. enjoyed B. should C. wanted D. must

1. You can't visit Moscow unless you get a visa. If

2. “ I’m sorry I didn’t phone you earlier,” Mary said
Mary apologized ……….

3. She said : “Don’t leave your coat on this chair.”

4. She enjoys (go) _____ to parties and (dance) _____ in the discos all the night long.
5. Don't hesitate (ask) ______ me if you have any questions.

6. She lets her children (stay)... up very late.

7. There are too many people here for me ( talk)... to all of them.
8. I am looking forward to (see) _____ the film again.

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