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Tài liệu Unit 14. Leson 1

Write names of
the famous places
Lesson 1
Match the names of these famous world landmarks to the
correct pictures.
1. Sydney Opera House
2.The Great Wall of China
3. The Eiffel Tower
4.The Statue of Liberty
5. Mount Everest
I. Pre- reading
A piece of information that helps you discover the
answer to a question
Clue (n) Gợi ý
Guessing Game(n) Trò chơi đoán
1. Pre- teach
2. Checking Vocabulary:

Guessing game
I. Pre- reading
1. Pre- teach
Nga, Nhi and Hoa are playing a
language game called guessing
game. How does this game work?
Rearrange the statements in the
right order of the game.
How to play the guessing game
a. B asks questions to find out who or what is
b. A thinks of a famous person or place
c. B wins If he can guess the correct the correct answer
d. A gives B a clue
e. B loses If he can’t guess the correct answer
f. A can only answer “yes” or “no”

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