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Teacher: Hang Nguyen
Chia động từ trong ngoặc:

1. Peter (not/want)... any eggs, but he (want) ...some soup.
2. There (be) ...some milk in the glass.

3. The grocery store (open) ...at 8a.m and (close) ...at 7p.m.
4. When (do) ...your family usually have lunch?

5. Water (not/boil) ...at 20 degrees.

6. My girl friend (love) ...walking around late at night during the

7. Jane (read)... “The Guardian` newspaper, but I (read)...`The

8. Fred (cycle) ...to work, but his wife (go) ...by car.

9. Jeff (buy) ...his food in small shops, but Jane (do) ...all her
shopping at the supermarket.

10. She (think) ...her daughter (be) ...a wonderful student.
11. What (do) ...you consider your best accomplishment?

12. Diana (like)... Physics, Chemistry and biology; she always
(get) ...good marks in her science exams.

13. He seldom (stay) ...at home in the evening.

14. The train (not/depart)... until 10.35 because the weather
(be) ...very terrible.

15. (Do) ...Peter belong to the Sport club.
16. Every country (have) ...a national flag.

17. The result of the examination (make)... everybody satisfactory.
18. My computer (not/work)... because it (be)... old.
19. Susan (live) ...in Leeds, but she (work) ...in Bradford.
20. I (leave) ...work at 6 o`clock, but John (finish)...word at 5

Chia động từ trong ngoặc ở thì Hiện Tại Đơn:
1. I (be) ________ at school at the weekend.
2. She (not study) ________ on Friday.


4. He (have) ________ a new haircut today.
5. I usually (have) ________ breakfast at 7.00.
6. She (live) ________ in a house?

7. Where your children (be) ________?
8. My sister (work) ________ in a bank.
9. Dog (like) ________ meat.

10. She (live)________ in Florida.

11. It (rain)________ almost every day in Manchester.
12. We (fly)________ to Spain every summer.

13. My mother (fry)________ eggs for breakfast every morning.
14. The bank (close)________ at four o`clock.

15. John (try)________ hard in class, but I (not think) ________ he`ll pass.
16. Jo is so smart that she (pass)________ every exam without even trying.
17. My life (be) so boring. I just (watch)________ TV every night.

18. My best friend (write)________ to me every week.
19. You (speak) ________ English?

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