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E test 2

Time allowed: 45 minutes
60 questions
Read this article about pollution and see how much you agree with what the writer has to say
on the subject. Are these statements (1-8) true (T), false (F) or not given (NG).
Pollution is one of the greatest problems facing mankind. The nuclear accident at Chernobyl
and the poisoning of the river Rhine by chemicals are just two recent examples of disasters
affecting the environment. What can be done? Some people say there is no practical sollution.
However, I believe the problem can be dealt with on three levels: internationally, nationally,
and last but not least, on a personal level.
Let us begin by looking at the type of international action that can be taken. The first point I
would like to make is that, when a disaster such as that at Chernobyl occurs, it affects millions
of people. Radiation does not respect international borders. In my opinion, there should be strict
safety regulations governing the construction of reactors. Furthermore, reactors should be
regularly inspected by teams of international experts. Similarly, if a country wishes to get rid of
nuclear waste by dumping it at sea, it should only be allowed once the matter has been

thoroughly discussed by all the countries that would be affected. Environmental disasters can be
Let us now look at what can be done on a national level. Governments must be prepared to take
action against pollution. For instance, air pollution could be reduced if car manufacturers and
companies were made to fit effective filters on car exhausts and factory chimneys. These
measures would in turn help to reduce the damage caused to lakes and forests by acid rain.
Lastly, what can we do as individuals? Firstly, I believe we should all be prepared to make
changes to our lifestyles. Personally, I try and use public transport or my bicycle as much as
possible. When I buy petrol, I make sure that it is the lead free variety. Secondly, we can protest
against companies responsible for pollution by making our opinions known and hitting them in
the pocket. For example, if the public boycotted products such as aerosols, which damage the
ozone layer, then manufacturers would have to change their packaging policies. We would
show them that we are not prepared to let them get away with destroying the environment.
English test – A2
To sum up, I have tried to show that there are steps that can be taken in the fight against
pollution. It is a problem that can be solved given the right levels of commitment. However,
only by acting as individuals first, can we expect governments to act in their turn.
1. Pollution gets a lot of publicity. __________
2. Many people accept pollution as a part of life. __________
3. The writer is a pessimist. __________
4. Chernobyl was nobody’s fault. __________
5. The writer can’t afford to use his car all the time. __________
6. Consumers have power. __________
7. We can all fight pollution. __________
8. What we do is more important than what governments do. __________
Most of the lines in this text contain an unnecessary word. A few of the lines are correct. Read
the text carefully, find the extra words and write them down in your answer sheet. Tick any
lines that are correct. Two examples are given.
0 First of all, I must to say that I don’t watch much television. __to__
0 This is because I’ve always got so many other things to do. ____
9 My two most favourite programmes are Hard Rock and
10 Open Air – I try not to miss them. Hard Rock is on every
11 Friday night from 9 to 11 and usually has the brilliant rock
12 bands playing live. They interview the bands, who are talk
13 about music, their future plans and how they started playing.
14 Open Air is completely different – it’s for a magazine
15 programme about the environment. It’s on every Sunday
16 evening at 7.30. Each week they investigate into an issue

17 which is connected in some way with the environment. Last
18 week they have looked into pollution, and next week they’re
19 interviewing with the president of Friends of the Earth.
20 There are a lots of people who watch television every night.
21 There are being so many programmes to choose from that
22 they can always find something that interesting. I don’t
23 know why they do it – I think of most TV is just a waste of time.
English test – A2
Questions 24-34: Read the passage below and choose the word that best fits each space. Mark
the correct letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.
How are things with you? Since I saw you last, I’ve been very ill. By the time I arrived home
after seeing you on Monday, I __(24)__ an awful headache.
I thought that perhaps my eyes were tired __(25)__ I’d been working so hard, so I took some
aspirins and went to bed. However, when I woke up the next morning the headache was
__(26)__ then ever, and my throat was sore. I tried to get up but my arms and legs __(27)__
I saw the doctor and she __(28)__ me I had a temperature. She said I probably had flu. She
advised me to take some medicine and __(29)__ in bed. The medicine tasted horrible and it
didn’t make __(30)__ feel any better. I felt sick and I didn’t want to eat anything at all,
although I was very __(31)__.
I have almost __(32)__ now, and I’m going to start work again tomorrow. I still have a slight
cold and a cough, but my chest doesn’t hurt when __(33)__.
Can we meet on Saturday? I’m looking forward to seeing you.
24. A felt B had C was D caught
25. A as B though C while D during
26. A worse B hard C more D painful
27. A sensed B moved C felt D looked
28. A examined B told C denied D said
29. A stay B stayed C staying D stays
30. A some B me C them D its
31. A ill B heavy C hungry D thirsty
32. A improved B decided C recovered D succeeded
33. A breathe B ache C cure D bleed
Look at each sign below and read the sentences next to it. Only one sentence is completely
correct (but the others may be partly correct). Choose the best answers for questions 34-40.
34. S O R R Y ! W e a r e c l o s e d f o r r e p a i r s . R e o p e n i n g m a r c h 1
s t
A Repair work will begin on March 1
B Repairs have been taking place here since March 1
C Repairs are being carried out until March 1
English test – A2
35. l a s t s h o w s t a r t s a t 8 . 3 0 ! ! !
A The performance will last eight and a half hours.
B The last performance begins at half past eight.
C To see the show you must go to the theatre after 8.30.
36. W a r n i n g – d a n g e r o u s m a c h i n e r y . P l e a s e k e e p t h i s g a t e c l o s e d !
A The machinery might be stolen if the gate is not kept shut.
B The gate is operated by machinery, which is dangerous.
C You must close the gate, because the machinery inside is dangerous.
37. t i c k e t s a v a i l a b l e f r o m t h e d e s k a t r e c e p t i o n a f t e r 6 . 0 0 p . m .
A You can collect tickets after six o’clock from the desk in reception.
B The desk in reception is closed untill six o’clock.
C You can get tickets from the desk at reception, which is open until six o’clock.
38. a l l p a r c e l s m u s t b e l e f t a t t h e d e s k !
A Parcels must be taken past the desk into the building.
B If you bring a parcel into the building, leave it at the desk.
C If you are collecting a parcel, go to the desk on the left.
39. 1 0 % o f f a l l e l e c t r i c a l g o o d s ! s p e c i a l o f f e r f o r c h r i s t m a s s e a s o n
o n l y !
A Ten percent of the electrical goods have been sold at Christmas.
B Nine out of ten electrical things make good Christmas presents.
C For Christmas, all the electrical goods cost ten percent less.
40. T o i l e t o u t o f o r d e r ! P l e a s e u s e s t a f f t o i l e t u p s t a i r s !
A Staff are not allowed to use this toilet. They must go upstairs.
B This toilet has been closed. A new toilet has been opened upstairs.
C This toilet is broken, but you can use the ones upstairs.
Write the words in the correct column. Some may go in more than one. An example is given.
Ice bright sleet fog dull wind
Hail warm cloudy storm snow thunder
Cool clear frost rain sunshine dry
English test – A2
C o l d w e a t h e r W e t w e a t h e r F i n e w e a t h e r
I c e
4 1 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4 2 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4 3 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4 4 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4 5 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4 6 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4 7 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4 8 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4 9 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
5 0 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
5 1 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
5 2 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
5 3 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
5 4 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
5 5 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
5 6 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
5 7 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
5 8 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
5 9 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
6 0 . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
English test – A2

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