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Đề thi chuyên Tiếng Anh Hải Dương 2016-2017 - Học Toàn Tập

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NĂM HỌC 2016 - 2017

Môn thi: Tiếng Anh (Chuyên)

Thời gian làm bài: 120 phút

(Đề thi có 05 trang)

Thí sinh làm bài vào tờ giấy thi

Phần trắc nghiệm: Chỉ cần viết phương án chọn A, B, C hoặc D

Phần tự luận: Viết đầy đủ theo yêu cầu của bài

(Thí sinh khơng được sử dụng bất kỳ tài liệu gì)



Hướng dẫn làm bài Nghe:

Bài Nghe gồm có 02 phần, mỗi phần thí sinh được nghe 02 lần. Mở đầu và kết thúc phần nghe có tín hiệu nhạc.
Mọi hướng dẫn cho thí sinh (bằng tiếng Anh) có trong bài.

Part I: Listen to seven conversations and fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS (14.0 points).

CONVERSATION 1 - She was joking because she decided not (1) _________.
CONVERSATION 2 - It rained every day in Hawaii, so she didn’t get (2) _________.

CONVERSATION 3 - The vacation was disappointing. He had to help his father (3) _________.
CONVERSATION 4 - He had a terrible vacation. The (4) _________ all the time.

CONVERSATION 5 - He went to the countryside. At six every morning, he was woken up (5) _________.
CONVERSATION 6 - His vacation was great until he (6) _________.

CONVERSATION 7 - She had to stay at home to study. Finally, she (7) _________.

Part II: Listen to the recording and decide whether the statements are TRUE (T) or FALSE (F) (6.0 points).
8. Dave works as a receptionist.

9. Morton is invited to attend a party at the hotel on Friday evening.
10. Morton is not sure if he can come at eight o’clock.

11. Francesca asks Dave how to get to the corridor.
12. At ten o’clock, Morton is preparing some drinks.
13. Morton is too busy to go on chatting with Francesco.


Choose the word that has a different stress pattern from that of the others (3.0 points).
14. A. congratulate B. celebrate C. compulsory D. communicate
15. A. interactive B. experience C. commercial D. linguistics
16. A. surgeon B. surprise C. surplus D. surface


I. Choose the word, phrase or expression which best completes each sentence below (17.0 points).
17. Hospital staff are _________ pressure to work longer hours.


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18. “_________ the villagers, I'd like to thank you for your generous donation,” Mr. Lam said.
A. According to B. On behalf of C. In addition to D. Thanks to
19. The temperatures _________ take place vary widely for different materials.

A. which melting and freezing B. at which melting and freezing
C. which they melt and freeze D. at which they melt and freeze

20. The environment is _________ almost everywhere and many species of animals are in danger of extinction.
A. threatening seriously B. serious threatened

C. seriously threaten D. seriously threatened

21. “After careful consideration of your proposal, I regret _________ that we are unable to accept it,” the manager
said to Mr. Edward.

A. to say B. to saying C. saying D. having to say

22. _________ a tornado spins in a counterclockwise direction in the northern hemisphere, it spins in the opposite
direction in the southern hemisphere.

A. That B. However C. Because of D. Although

23. The boy said, “But for your encouragement, I _________ all the difficulties I had in the English course. Thank you.”

A. will not have overcome B. would not overcome

C. will not overcome D. would not have overcome

24. One difference between mathematics and language is that mathematics is precise _________.
A. language is not B. but language not C. while is language D. while language is not
25. The policeman asked Joe _________.

A. where had he gone the previous day B. where did he go the previous day
C. where he had gone the previous day D. where he had gone yesterday
26. Parking near the school causes severe traffic _________.

A. accumulation B. concentration C. congestion D. condensation
27. Susan: “What a lovely house you have!” Tom: “_________.”

A. Thanks. I can’t afford it B. Thanks. Hope you’ll drop in
C. Oh yes, yes! You’re right D. Of course not! It’s costly

28. Woman: “Could you please bring me some more sugar? Waiter: “_________.”

A. Yes, I can, Madam B. No, thanks C. Certainly, Madam D. I can’t agree with you more
29. Jeannette: “How are you going to get downtown this afternoon, Ann?” Ann: “_________.”

A. I’ll take a cab, perhaps B. It would be interesting
C. About 3 miles, I guess D. Thanks. I’d love to

30. Bill: “What do you think of what Mr. Cook said at the meeting.” Susan: “_________”
A. Well, I could help myself. B. Sorry, I have no idea.

C. Oh, he was good-looking, wasn’t he? D. Oh, the meeting was boring.

31. Static electricity _________ from one cloud to another or between clouds and the ground creates lightning.
A. flows B. the flow C. flowing D. is flowing

32. Sarah invited loads of friends to her party, but only a handful of them _________.
A. made up B. pulled up C. picked up D. turned up

33. “Just keep _________ on the baby while I cook the dinner, will you?” Laura said to her husband.
A. a care B. an eye C. a look D. a glance

II. Give the correct form of the words in brackets (5.0 points).

34. The golden autumn light provided the (INSPIRE) _________ for the painting.

35. John enjoys working in general medicine, but he hopes to be able to (SPECIAL) _________ in the future.
36. The children listened (ATTENTION) _________ to the story because it was so interesting.

37. Diana is fun to be with but can be a bit (PREDICT) _________ at times. We never know what kind of mood she is
going to be in.


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III. Choose the underlined word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting (5.0 points).
39. “Will you purchase the microwave oven advertising on TV now, Susan?” asked Carol.

40. Since his accident last week, Mr. Lee has suffered from constantly headaches.

41. The holiday turned out to be so disappointed that they decided to ask for their money back.

42. As a matter of fact, the effective of learning with computers depends on many factors.

43. The type of jazz known as “swing” was introduced by Duke Ellington when he wrote and records “It Don’t Mean a

Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing.”


I. There are five blanks in the passage below. From the options given in the box, choose the MOST
SUITABLE for each blank. There are THREE EXTRA OPTIONS that you do not need to use (5.0 points).

A. certain words
B. to simplify

C. directories
D. to promote

E. number
F. textbooks

G. series of

H. grammatical rules

Noah Webster’s goal in life was (44) _________ the adoption of an American language. He wanted to free

Americans from British English as they had had freed themselves from the British crown. To this end, he published a
(45) _________ three textbooks: a speller in 1783, a grammar in 1784 and a reader in 1785.

Webster objected to the way (46) _________ had been borrowed from other languages but had not been
respelled. The result, he claimed, was a confusing mixture of letters, many of which were not pronounced the way
they looked, and others of which were not pronounced at all.

Webster urged Americans (47) _________ their spelling. For example, he argued that “head” should be
spelled “hed” and “bread” should be spelled “bred”. Most of Webster’s suggestions did not catch on, but his (48)
_________ sold millions of copies.

II. Read the passage below and decide which option A, B, C or D best fits each space (10.0 points).

Health and fitness are not just for young people. They are for anyone (49) _________ to accept the discipline
for a good diet and (50) _________ exercise. (51) _________ age, there is a tendency to feel that the body is no
longer able to perform. Aches and pains are (52) _________ normal. Instead of (53) _________ the body to do
more, activities become limited. Yet examples after examples have shown us that older people can - and should - be
(54) _________ . Men and women in their sixties have run in marathons, races of more than twenty-six miles. Some
professional athletes stay (55) _________ into their forties and fifties. For most people, simple activities like walking
and swimming are all that is needed to stay in (56) _________ . It is important to include exercise in your daily
routine. In the winter, (57) _________ push-ups, sit-ups, and other indoor exercises. Of course, such exercises will
be of little use (58) _________ you follow them with soda and chips.

49. A. suspicious B. willing C. aware D. conscious
50. A. regular B. useful C. abundant D. little

51. A. At B. In C. To D. With


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III. Read the following passage and choose the best answer to each question (10.0 points).

Georgia O’Keefe was born in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, in 1887. She studied art in Chicago and New York from
1904 to 1908. Beginning as an advertising illustrator, she supported herself until 1918 by teaching in various schools
and colleges in Texas. After that date, she devoted herself entirely to painting. Her paintings were first exhibited in
1916 at “291”, an experimental art gallery in New York City owned by Alfred Steiglitz, which was frequented by some
of the most influential artists of the time. O’Keefe married Steiglitz in 1924.

O’Keefe’s early paintings were mostly abstract designs. In the 1920s she produced depictions of flowers and
precise cityscapes of New York City. Whether painting flowers or buildings, she captured their beauty by intuitively
magnifying their shapes and simplifying their details.

O’Keefe’s style changed dramatically in 1929 during a visit to New Mexico. She was enchanted by the stark
but beautiful landscapes under the bright Southwestern sun, and she then adopted her characteristic style.
Thereafter, she most often painted desert landscapes, often with the blanched skull of a longhorn in the foreground.

O’Keefe’s paintings were exhibited annually at several New York galleries until 1946, and she is represented
in the permanent collections of most major American museums. In her later years, she settled in Taos, New Mexico,
becoming the dean of Southwestern painters and one of the best known of American artists.

59. The author wrote this passage in order to _________.
A. give the highlights of Georgia O’Keefe’s artistic career
B. discuss the early career of an important American artist
C. compare abstract art and landscape art

D. criticize Georgia O’Keefe’s style of painting

60. The phrase “that date” in the first paragraph refers to _________.

A. 1887 B. 1908 C. 1916 D. 1918

61. According to the passage, Georgia O’Keefe received her formal art training in _________.

A. Texas B. Taos, New Mexico

C. Sun Prairie, Wisconsin D. Chicago and New York
62. The word “frequented” in the first paragraph is closest in meaning to _________.

A. founded B. supported C. favored D. visited
63. Which of the following had the greatest influence on changing O’Keefe’s style of painting?

A. her job as an advertising illustrator B. meeting influential artists
C. a trip to the Southwest D. Alfred Steiglitz’s photographs
64. Which of the following became the most common subject of O’Keefe’s after 1929?

A. city scenes B. desert scenes C. flowers D. abstract patterns
65. The word “annually” in the last paragraph means _________.

A. once a week B. once a month C. once a year D. once a century
66. It can be inferred from the passage that, in her later years, O’Keefe _________.

A. continued to be successful B. returned to New York City

C. took up photography D. could not match the success of her early career
67. The word “their” in the second paragraph refers to_________.

A. precise cityscapes B. flowers C. buildings D. flowers and buildings
68. Which of the followings is NOT true, according to the passage?

A. “291” belonged to Alfred Steiglitz.

B. Georgia O’Keefe got married when she was in her thirties.

C. After 1918 Georgia O’Keefe taught in various schools and colleges in Texas.


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I. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before
it (5.0 points).

69. It was such a complicated problem that nobody could solve it.

So ……….………..

70. Mr. Jacob only bought the parrot because his son wanted a pet.


71. Everybody was not surprised to hear that Caroline had not passed her driving test.

It came ……….………..
72. My sister refused to get the job in spite of the attractive salary.

Attractive ………
73. The heavy snow prevented the students from going to the mountain.

The heavy snow made ………
II. Use the suggested words and phrases below to make a complete letter (10.0 points).

Dear Mai,

74. I / write / tell / holiday.

75. I / be / Kuala Lumpur / two weeks / now / and / I / have / good time / beautiful country.
76. I / spend / first few days / visit / Twin Towers / other / tourist attractions.

77. must / say / Malaysian people / friendly / and / always / ready / help.
78. Most places / Kuala Lumpur / crowded / tourists / over / world.
79. Yesterday / shopping / and / buy / few souvenirs / parents / friends.

80. I / lose / way back / hotel / but / not / matter / because / I / discover / fascinating market / lots / little stalls / sell /
almost everything / needles / elephants.

81. Today / I / be / couple / art galleries / and / meet / interesting people / there.
82. I / guess / I / spend / lot / money / so far, / but / Malaysia / great country / visit.
83. I / take / photos / and / I / show / you / when / get home / June 10th.

See you again.

III. It is a fact that a lot of Vietnamese students go abroad to study every year. However, studying in a foreign
country has both advantages and disadvantages. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this
statement? Write an essay of about 180 - 200 words to support your opinion (10.0 points).

=== THE END ===