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Endangered species | Lớp 12, Tiếng Anh - Ôn Luyện

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UNIT 10:


Orchid Whale Elephant


Answer the following questions:

1. Which animals can be found in Viet


2. Which of these are listed in the Red





- endangered /in`deindᶾᵊ(r)d/(adj): bị đe dọa

- extinct /ik`stiɳkt/ (adj): tuyệt chủng

- destruction /dis'trʌkʃn/ (n): sự phá hủy

- exploitation/,eksplɔi'teiʃn/


n): sự khai thác

- rare /reə/ (adj): quý hiếm

- contaminated/kən'tỉmineit/


adj):bị ơ nhiễm


Task 1:Match a word in A with its definition in B:


1. extinction a. the existence of a large number of

different kinds of animals and plants
which make a balanced environmet.

2. habitat b. the act of preventing something from

being lost, wasted, damaged or destroyed.

3. biodiversity c. a situation in which a plant, an animal,

a way of life, etc.stops existing

4. conversation d. the natural environment in which a


Task 2:Choose the best option to

complete the following sentences:

1. The number of species around the
globe threatened will extinction is

A. 7,200 B. 8,300



Which of the following is NOT

mentioned as a primary cause of

species extinction?



3. The Red List is a special book

that provides names of ___animals.

A. vulnerable and endangered

B. endagered

C. hunted


4. The developemnt of wildlife

habitat reserves helps____________.

A. save a large number of endangered

B. make a list of endangered species.
C. enact laws to protect wildlife.


5. The best title for the passage


A. Endangered Species and Conservation

B. Endangered Species and their Benefits.
C. The Global Extinction Crisis.


Task 3: Find evidence in the passage to support

these statements

1. Pollution is one of the main causes of species extinction.

2. Species diversity has provided humanswith so many
essential things.

3. Laws have been enacted to protect endangered species.

The primary causes of species

extinction are: - Habitat destruction,
- Commercial exploitation and

- Pollution

Humans depend on species diversity to have

food, clean air and water, and fertile soil for agriculture


III. After you read: Work in groups of 4
to find out all of the causes of species

extinction mentioned in the passage

- Habitat destruction

- Commercial exploitation

- Pollution

- The drainage of wetlands
- Deforestation

- Urbanization



- Learn all the

vocabulary by heart.

- Prepare for the