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Concentration Memory

Concentration & Memory

Understand importance of good memory
Familiar with new effective study

Improve concentration skills
Study smarter not harder

What is memory?
 Memory is the ability to store and retrieve


Types of memory

Short-term memory (STM):
• Capacity for holding a small amount of information
• Readily available for a short period of time

Long – term memory (LTM):
•Memory that can last as little as a few days or as
long as decades.

What Affects Memory?
Sleep- Adults need 8 hours
Smoking- decline in brain function,

affecting memory
Stress- can cause short term memory


How To Improve Memory
Exercises encourages brain to function at best
 No distractions- takes longer, makes you forgetful
 Sleep- 66% more likely to forget things from lack

of sleep
 Challenge yourself- Play games

like Sudoku

Memory Aids
 Acronyms
 Visualizations
 Rhymes
 Summaries

Effort Models
The Listening ,
Analysis Effort,

The Memory Effort,
The Production Effort, plus the Coordination


Effort Model of Simultaneous
SI = L + P + M + C

L is the Listening and Analysis Effort,
P is the Production Effort,
M stands for Memory, and C for Coordination.

ffort Model for Consecutive Interpretatio
 Gile also believes that Consecutive Interpretation

consists of two phases: a listening and a reformulation
phase, and then, a reconstruction phase:
 CI = L + M + N, N is the note-taking process
followed by phase two:
 CI = Rem + Read + P
Rem:interpreters retrieve messages from their shortterm memory and reconstruct the speech ,
N: read the notes ,
P: produce the Target Language Speech
short CI = L + M + P + C

What is Concentration?
Defined as "the ability to direct one's

thinking in whatever direction one
would intend“

Factors Concentration Depends On:
 Skill and enthusiasm for the task
Our psychological, emotional and physical

Our environment

Factors Affecting Concentration:
 Day dreaming
 Negative thinking and self doubt
 Feeling overwhelmed
 Loud environment

Methods To Improve Concentration:
Concentration span, breaks and

 Ensure your environment aids
 Rank your tasks
 Stimulants : coffee, tea, energy


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