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In the context of integration in Vietnam, the implementation of 10 bilateral and
multilateral trade agreements makes many commodities with high turnover and high
tax rates cut down according to the roadmap, the above numbers bring greater
significance.From 2001 to now, especially after Vietnam's accession to the WTO,
the market of Vietnam logistics services has made positive changes with the number
of enterprises operating in the field of fast growing logistics and growth high.
Currently, Vietnam's logistics businesses are quite professional and efficient, but
in fact only meet 25% of the market demand and only stop at the level of providing
individual services, some of which segment of this important service chain. This is
because Vietnamese logistics enterprises are mainly small and medium sized
enterprises, their size and capacity are limited, but the cooperation and cooperation
to create competitiveness is very weak making the low competitiveness. In the
current situation, to solve this problem, first of all belong to the logistics business of
Vietnam, need to have a logistics perspective from the business itself, the logistics
business Vietnam needs to do business The rules of the market must be aligned,
cooperative, and mutually beneficial. Every business needs to focus on its strengths
and will outsource non-core services. Linking and coordinating support is essential
for Vietnamese businesses.
After studying at the commercial college of business English and an extra
course on import and export. I decided to practice at Pan Pacific Corporation in the

export and import business. In the first month of the internship, with the help and
cooperation of my colleagues, I learned some basic knowledge - the foundation to
work properly and accurately. Besides, I would also like to thank the teachers in the
Faculty of Business English at the University of Commerce for guidance on the
correct orientation of the thesis.VIET PAN PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL CO.LTD
has been operating in the Vietnamese market for about 15 years with products for
the main overseas markets including high quality garments. This synthetic report is
made on that basis.
The report is divided into 3 parts:
- Part 1: An overview of the company

- Part 2: Business activities of the company
- Part 3: Achievements and limitations in the business operation of the company
Due to internship period only in the early stages (about 1 month), combined
with my limited ability, the report is certain to have some mistakes. I wish I would
receive the teachers' comments
to make the report more complete.


Organizational Structure of


Figure 1.1.3 a Pan-Pacific Public Limited
Liability Company

CO.LTD.................................................................................................................... 1
1.1 Introduction.......................................................................................................1
1.1.1 The process of formation and development....................................................1
1.1.2 Mission - Vision - Core Values........................................................................2
1.1.3 Organizational structure..................................................................................3

1.1.4. Types of items, products are provided by the Pan Pacific business...............7
1.2. Overview of Research and Development Division of Viet Pan International
Co., Ltd..................................................................................................................... 8
1.2.1 Formation and development process...............................................................8
2.1 Tasks to be performed during the internship................................................10
2.2 Difficulties and lessons learned.......................................................................11
2.2.1 Difficulties in the work process.....................................................................11
3.1 The reality of using English in VietPan Pacific.............................................13
Solutions for the shortcomings of using English in VietPan Pacific.......14
PART 4: PROPOSED RESEARCH ISSUES......................................................15

1.1 Introduction
Company name (in Vietnamese: CÔNG TY TNHH MỘT THÀNH VIÊN
Address: 572 Xuong Giang – Bac Giang City – Bac Giang Province - Vietnam
Telephone: 02043522207

Fax: 04 6285 8446

1.1.1 The process of formation and development
Giang is one of the biggest branches that have more than 3000 employers since
2002. With a stable operation in the field of garment with potential strength along
with the growing demand of consumers. Pan Pacific has made remarkable progress,
has been affirming it’s brand in the Vietnam market as well as many other countries
such as China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and the US. So we can see the
quality of the brand from the garments of this company has met the tastes of
consumers and target market is also very wide in the world.
After gaining high position in the quality of garments from customers from high
standard countries, Pan Pacific's ambition to bring the brand name to the garment
industry is increasingly popular throughout the world. The company has focused on
manufacturing spearhead products that the production of foot socks for all ages,
diverse designs. The result of this breakthrough has brought the company a
remarkable source of revenue after 3 years of establishment up to now, especially in
In addition to maintaining the production of garments and large projects to
study consumer tastes about footwear. The company has a new breakthrough in
2015 that is supplying the garment equipments to other garment enterprises.
Although this is not a big business and size business, however, in this business


venture, the sale of high-value apparel has brought in revenue for the company
(about 29% of total sales in 2016 and 34% in 2017)
1.1.2 Mission - Vision - Core Values
 Mission :
Create the different, unique, comfortable products for customers when using the
products of the brand. From product quality to price standards and after-sales
service competition compared to other businesses.
 Vision:
Become an indispensable brand for every family in Southeast Asia area. Expand
the market share of target customers by conquering difficult clients such as USA,
Australia, UK. Expand the business to the real estate in 2018.
 Core values:
The key element supports the vision, shaping the culture and reflecting the
values of the business. They are the essence of corporate identity, including
principles, beliefs, and philosophical values. Many businesses focus on technical
capability but often forget that the underlying capabilities that make a business run
smoothly are core values. Establishing strong core values will create benefits both
inside and outside the enterprise.
- Responsibility: Always keep the trust of customers that is the responsibility of
every business when bringing any garments to consumers. Customers are the source
to life of the business, so if the enterprise wants to keep up and develop business
that you always work with great enthusiasm to meet the expectations of customers.
- Creativity: With the increasing demand from customers in the garment sector,
not only reach their demand of quality and design, but also requires on preferential
price. With the corporate culture “We work and shine together” so that employees
can maximize the strength of themselves and organizations in the most positive and
effective way.
- Commitment: We are always looking forward to every expectation from our
customers, standing in their position when using this product. To bring products to
the market, items of the company have been undergone many stages of inspection,
supervision, handling and withdrawal of experience in cases of defective goods,


goods not up to quality standards. It even recalls and destroys the bad quality ones
when it comes to the market.
- Community: At Pan Pacific, businesses not only have an insight into the
customer's quality and cost but many activities to gratify customers, employers workers in the enterprise in order to associate individuals in the organization into a
collective block that create collective strength. In addition, with the efforts of
enterprises in the past years have left a good impression in the hearts of many
charitable organizations in some Northern provinces, especially Bac Giang province
with charity programs. In the past, the company called a strike of over 3,000
employees in the company that donated more than 4 billion VND for Central
provinces with heavy losses after floods and natural calamities.
- Collaboration: One of the core values that are indispensable, what makes the
business successful is cooperation. Bilateral cooperation, comprehensive value for
both business and business partners. Multilateral cooperation such as from
management to individuals in this organization. The benefits of cooperation within
and beyond the organization have been demonstrated for more than 15 years and are
maintained and developed in subsequent business strategies.’
With these five core values, the enterprise has created the right direction
suitable for business projects, corporate vision as well as the cultural values of
modern, civilized and effective organizations. During the past 15 years, with the
pace of domestic and foreign development, enterprises have changed their vision
and business direction many times, and these core values are maintained effectively.
1.1.3 Organizational structure
Table 1.1.3 Organizational Structure of a Pan-Pacific Public Limited Liability


Board of directors



and Finance


Design and

Technical security

The roles and functions of each department in the company:
- Board of Directors:
 Enforcing the rights and duties in accordance with the provisions of the
2005 Enterprise Law and related laws.
 Be responsible for business activities as well as business orientation in
accordance with the objectives set.
- Administrative office and Receptionist Department:
 Manage records, papers
 Receive official dispatches, documents and papers and be dealt with
expeditiously. Data must be stored, documented by the company
 Receive and handle cases reporting on employee status: sickness,
maternity, pregnancy
 Follow rules, corporate culture
 Establish and monitor remuneration policies to ensure employee benefits
 Printing necessary documents and upon request of the departments
- Sales Department:
 Conspiracy to develop sales policies, including policies on prices,
promotions, discounts and promotion programs, to reach customers for submission
to the General Director for approval.


 Proposing policies for customers, groups of customers, submitting to the
General Director and following the approved policies.
 Set goals and plans for sale to submit to the General Director for approval
periodically and organize the sale of products and services within the function to
achieve the approved objectives. To comply with the Company's regulations in
proposing policies for customers when providing products and services within their
functions and duties.
 Search and develop new customers in the target group of the company.
 To manage, inspect, guide and implement the accounting and statistical
 To manage finance and assets under the Ordinance of the State, the Statute
and financial regulations of the Company;
 Meeting the financial needs of all production and business activities of the
Company as planned; Preserve and develop the capital of the Company and its
 Organizing cost accounting and accounting, accurately and fully reflecting
the data, the situation of rotation of capital in the production and business of the
 Examine and provide professional guidance for the accounting units at the
dependent units, examine the payment and settlement of projects, products,
economic contracts, payment of debts of the company.
 Analysis of the economic efficiency of the projects, works and products of
the company.
 Balance the financial plan of the Company, regulate the types of capital in
the Company, relations with the Corporation, banks and finance, as well as
shareholders are legal entities to create capital to serve timely Business when
 To seek customers to invest, contribute capital to joint ventures and link
them according to the plan and development strategy of the company.


 Seek, maintain and develop relationships with customers. Caring for
customers according to the company policy.
 Collect and manage customer information and customer records in
accordance with regulations. Focal point for the income, management of customer
information to serve the assessment of customer ratings, appraisal and re-evaluation
of customer records.
- Accounting - Finance Section:
 To manage, inspect, guide and implement the accounting and statistical
regimes; To manage finance and assets under the Ordinance of the State, the Statute
and financial regulations of the Company;
 Meeting the financial needs of all production and business activities of the
Company as planned; Preserve and develop the capital of the Company and its
 Organizing cost accounting and accounting, accurately and fully reflecting
the data, the situation of rotation of capital in the production and business of the
 Examine and provide professional guidance for the accounting units at the
dependent units, examine the payment and settlement of projects, products,
economic contracts, payment of debts of the company.
 Analysis of the economic efficiency of the projects, works and products of
the company.
 Balance the financial plan of the Company, regulate the types of capital in
the Company, relations with the Corporation, banks and finance, as well as
shareholders are legal entities to create capital to serve timely Business when
- Production room:
 Advising the Board of Directors on the planning of production
organization and allocation of human resources to ensure the company's target plan
month / quarter / year.


 Exploit and operate effectively the technology chain of the company
towards the quality of products to meet customer requirements and save raw
 Advise the Board on the selection of products for production and the
method of producing each item.
 Build up the production schedule and plan
 Set up improvements in the production process
 Planning the equipment, the layout of the workshop
- Design Department - Product Development:
 Develop the design in accordance with the standards.
 Develop the design and development process.
 Organize product development activities (including concept development,
implementation planning, modeling, design and testing) for mechanical and
automation products;
 Carry out planning consultancy tasks to improve the efficiency of
scientific and technological activities, technical services, cooperation and
 Organize and conduct customer's tastes on products manufactured and
orienting future projects.
 Participate in the training activities of the Center and the Institute.
- Technical - Security Division:
 To manage, carry out and inspect the technical and construction work to
ensure the progress, safety, quality, volume and economic efficiency of the whole
 Manage the use, repair, procurement of equipment and machinery for
production and business activities throughout the company.
 Coordinate with the Sales Department, Project Development Department
to prepare bids for works of the Company participating in the bidding.


 To guide, supervise and inspect the attached units in the production
process in terms of technical, quality, progress, labor safety, machinery and
equipment and environmental hygiene.
1.1.4. Types of items, products are provided by the Pan Pacific business.
As a company in the garment industry, the company is constantly striving to
produce high quality products to meet the large number of domestic and foreign
customers. Enterprises are also constantly studying the market, developing fragile,
creating competition in this field. The duration of operation in this industry is quite
long, the products of the business are widely known as:
- Fashion garments: pants, dresses, skirt, belts for all ages, sexes, and social
class. This is also the main source of revenue for the enterprise (about VND318
billion in 2017, up 3.4% compared to 2016)
- Socks: With the core values and vision as above, enterprise is promoting the
development of footwear for all ages and sex. The turnover of this commodity has
skyrocketed in the past two years (turnover was more than 200 billion VND). VND
in 2017, an increase of 42% compared to 2016).
- Textile machinery and equipment: Although these products are not the main
business of the company, however, with the expansion of its machinery business,
the company also earned considerable revenue (turnover reached 67 billion in 2017,
an increase of 17% over 2016)
1.2. Overview of Research and Development Division of Viet Pan
International Co., Ltd.
1.2.1 Formation and development process
Research & Development is an indispensable part of businesses in general,
including garment companies in particular. Therefore the products will be of stable
quality and reliable. In addition, the task of researching the potential market and
product development orientation for businesses. This is also a solid foundation for
product development and market share is growing. Investment in research and
development activities will create a qualitative transition in the operation of the
enterprise. Because of the early recognition of the role and importance of R & D in
the operation of the company, the Company's leaders have had a strong investment


strategy for this division to bring R & D into the forefront for the breakthrough
development of the business.
In addition to the strong investment in facilities, the operating model has
been reformed accordingly. The company has created the best incentives and
conditions, is assigned many important functions and tasks to be able to assume the
role as the key to the successful development of the company. With regard to human
resources, in order to have enough qualified staff to meet the needs of a specialized
research unit, in addition to planning training to improve the level of available staff,
the recruitment and promotion policies are applied regularly by the company to
attract high quality human resources from the outside to work. With this policy, the
company has received many good graduates, the collaboration of staffs has made a
significant contribution to the stable development of the company in the past.
The business process of the business has gone through more than 15 years
with many changes in the market. From the needs of consumers, the trend of
integration to the issues related to the origin of raw materials, quality products to
bring the user the best products. With the co-operation - support - development of
the whole system of parts in the company, the product development department was
founded right from the first days of building the brand and researching the tastes of
Looking back over 15 years in the department with many large and small
projects at home and abroad with significant achievements. The main tasks are:
- Develop designs according to specified standards.
- Develop the design and development process.
- Organize product development activities (including concept development,
implementation planning, modeling, design and testing) for mechanical and
automation products;
With a team of experienced and talented in the field of fashion, market and
domestic and foreign customers, the Product Development Division, led by Nguyen
Ba Anh, has been in the business for over 8 years. Many times brought great
revenue to the business. Here, every employee in this department is like an
important, passionate and trusting chain with the goals set by the organization.


In addition to professional skills and long experience, I also found in them a
culture of great work, civilized and modern they always share, help dedicated to the
results of work done well. With the spirit of continuous integration with the trend of
global, with the attention of the management staff of the product development
department also exchanged contact with various partners from various workshops
on apparel. Fashion as well as advanced courses from the most recent foreign
trainers such as the "Association of Southeast Asian Enterprises" held in Singapore
in August 2016 as well as other business development forums.

2.1 Tasks to be performed during the internship
Over the past month, being honored to work with our R & D staff is one of
the things I feel most happy about. With the knowledge in the field and the course
of import and export quite stable, but not much exposure to the specific work in a
business so early I found quite difficult. However, the leadership of Research and
Development Department has been very sympathetic and created good conditions
for me to fulfill the tasks assigned.
- Closing export orders to foreign partners:
Due to the advantages of knowledge of Business English and knowledge of
import and export, I was assigned by the management to contact with foreign
partners and customers: garment enterprises such as Singpore New Trend, Old
Thery, Burberry, North Land, Zara, ... After training the basic knowledge of culture
in the business and the big partners,
- Contact suppliers:


Raw material is one of the important factors to create a product not only
good quality but very reasonable price. As the source of raw materials in Vietnam is
less and higher, the company has to look for reputable suppliers from countries such
as China and India to produce products. My task in the first month was to inform
the suppliers of the material as well as the quantity and time of the requirements.
- Participate in product research and development project in summer of
In addition to contacting the customer, I was also involved in supporting the
new product development project of the 2018 orientation business with the task of
studying the statistics that the business has studied, collected to meet the tastes of
customers to bring products closer to consumers.
For me, a fourth-year student who has not had a lot of work experience has
been entrusted by the trust and trust that the management showed such a great job.
The best chance is not only to learn new things from my co-workers, but also to try
and develop myself in a positive way.
2.2 Difficulties and lessons learned
2.2.1 Difficulties in the work process.
- Arrange time:
Due to not having much exposure to work in the office with 3 jobs are
proposed each other. In particular, each country has different time zones, leading to
a number of issues related to job placement. For example, if Vietnam's office hours
are from 8am to 11h30pm, however, when you want to contact some US customers,
they end up working late. Similarly, some countries that have a lunch break culture
different from Vietnam so we should avoid bothering them during lunch break is
also very noticeable when conducting business with them.
Similar to the business culture, holidays in some foreign companies are
different: for example, when they want to lend their applications to customers in
India on Friday, it is their holiday. We also do not contact as well as negotiate.
After some time not arrange reasonable time frame to lock the application for
the customer has led to some complaints from the customers as well as the
management. I also drew lessons for myself and was advised by some colleagues in


the room to allocate reasonable time with the Excel table to work and monitor my
progress and see the effect clearly.
- Skills of major:
We can see that besides the great source of knowledge in the university, the
knowledge of the subject is far greater than that, and I realize that his professional
knowledge of product development is not good. Therefore, we have not come up
with many good ideas and creativity as some colleagues. Especially in a field like
Garment, I need to be really sharp and creative. Each business has its own strengths
and weaknesses. During the internship at the R & D lab, you need to understand
some of the types of data and how to handle them as efficiently as possible.
- Problem solving:
With the time to familiarize with the business is not much, not familiar with
the work situation is very diverse, complex. Sometimes, with situations that the
partner or supplier has given me, I couldn’t deal directly with them at that moment,
but must explain that i will report and ask the management again to respond them as
soon as possible. While this may not be a mistake in the job, however, the
customer's confidence in the performance of the staff in the department will be
reduced. With the encouragement and help of dedicated colleagues in the room so i
also made positive progress and more new lessons.
- Language in communication:
Although this is not the most difficult part of the internship process, it is one
of the most important things to note in the course. Most of the staff in the room are
older than me, their knowledge and personality will be different and i also need to
be very careful when dealing with colleagues. Avoid discussing weaknesses about
your hometown, age, appearance, or even their lack of knowledge without sharing
the sincerity. Businesses have the culture of the business, but in which each
individual also has their own qualities we should respect them in the best possible
In my opinion, anyone entering any organization has certain difficulties and
needs to be changed to improve. Therefore, I hope that in the future with the support


of my colleagues I can better fulfill the tasks assigned to the Research and
Development Department at Pan Pacific during the internship.
3.1 The reality of using English in VietPan Pacific
Pan Pacific is a business company as well as having many international
cooperation relationships with many countries in the world. The company uses
English, Vietnamese and Chinese to conduct business. However, English is
considered the most used language, the most important. In terms of the overall size
of the business with all the parts, English is used quite commonly in some
departments with specialized terms with basic communication requirements.
However, not really good and often so it does not create a completely working
environment in real English.
- Speaking and listening skills:
Because most of the employees are Vietnamese, there are only 3 Chinese
employees so the staffs in the company communicate with each other in
Vietnamese. Due to the fact that the work conditions do not require full
communication in English, the ability of the majority of employees to speak English
is very low or they are unable to communicate in English.
In addition, some departments working with foreign partners such as R & D
department, sales department have high requirements for the employees working
here with international standard framework such as: Toeic 550 or higher or IELTS
6.0. From the dynamic working environment, integration and listening requirements
of the staff of these departments must be especially high when negotiating with
customers, the accuracy of the listening skills is higher.
- Reading - Writing skills:
Similar to Listening and Speaking skills, literacy skills are used frequently in
foreign partner - related departments for administrative - office work. There are a lot
of employees in the R & D department that need to use English as: contact with
customers, suppliers, negotiation, order entry, contract writing and editing,
information notification ... In the above mentioned departments, their reading and
writing skills are relatively good and can be accomplished effectively.


With the rapid change of information technology, with the goal of extending
the product network of enterprises to many countries around the world, the
popularization of English for employees or management is what the company has
set during the last 5 years. Officers of departments are assigned to take courses in
English for specific professions. In addition, recruiting staff also set clear criteria
specific to the English level of applicants.
3.2 Solutions for the shortcomings of using English in VietPan Pacific.
The requirement of using English is imperative, while the staff of the
company does not really have enough knowledge. The board of directors of the
company has introduced many solutions to improve the quality of English with
some specific forms such as:
- Recruitment with high English requirements: In order to avoid affecting the
quality of work as well as training time, this can be a very good way to search, filter
the quality of the staff of the company.
- Training: Every year, management helps employees in the business to learn
English to encourage employees to improve their professional skills and English
language skills. In this way, the company gets the support of the staff but will spend
a lot of money and time.
- Self-study: Due to frequent English-language work (contact with customers
via mail and phone calls, paperwork, etc.), staff can improve their English through
this work. In this way, the ability to progress is long and time-consuming.


After a one-week and three-week training course at research and
development department, I noted a number of language-related issues at this
company, particularly language barriers. It affects the progress of work as well as
the quality of work for each individual. I want to spend my next three months
working here to study: "Barriers to using English in VietPan Pacific" as well as
drawing lessons in language and development and the ability to use your language
in the future.

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