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INTERNSHIP REPORT Vietnam prosperity joint stock commercial bank thaibinh branch



In the current period, Vietnam is standing before the great opportunity but no
less challenging. The commercial bank also does not stand apart from the
competition fierce. Vietnam commercial bank system must constantly attempt to
improve the quantity and quality. VPBank Thai Binh branch has operated from
2009 to now, VPBank Thai Binh branch is gradually asserting the prestige of a
dynamic bank, which have stable financial capacity and have responsibility to the
community. VPBank Thai Binh branch growth effort in the target customer
segment, the construction of the foundation system to serve the growth, and always
actively follow opportunities in the market.
Being recommended and allowed by English Department – Vietnam
University of Commerce, I have gratefully experienced as an intern in VPBank Thai
Binh branch. After one month (from 02/01/2018 to 26/01/2018), I have really
learned a lot and have gained valuable experience and knowledge while collecting
information for the report. It was certainly a great opportunity for me to actualize
my theoretical knowledge during my studying time in the practical working

condition at this bank. In the process of completing this internship paper, I have
received a great of help, guidance from the teachers in English Department. It is my
great pleasure I have got. First of all, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to my
internship supervisor- miss Hoang Tho for providing me guidelines and helping me
in assisting my report. I would love to express my sincerely thanks to my team
leader and colleagues in for helping me to get accustomed with all the activities.
With great pleasure, here I submit my internship report about the basic information
of VPBank ThaiBinh Branch. I look forward to receiving comments and
suggestions in order to perfect the paper.
Hanoi, January 26th, 2018
Ha Thi Van


VPBank ThaiBinh
SME Department

Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock
Commercial Bank - ThaiBinh Branch
Small and Medium Enterprise





1.1 Introduction about Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial
Bank-ThaiBinh Branch
1.1.1 Introduction about Bank:


Vietnamese name: Ngân hàng TMCP Việt Nam Thịnh Vượng- chi nhánh Thái Bình
English name: Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank- ThaiBinh Branch
Address: 259M, Le Quy Don Street, Bo Xuyen District, Thai Binh Province,
Website: https://vpbank.ngan-hang.com/chi-nhanh/thai-binh/thai-binh
Founded year: 2009
Branch Director: Pham Van Doan
Information about profession, field of operation:
+ Main industries: finance, banking and insurance
+ Type of economy: Private Enterprise joint stock company
+ Economic sector: the private economy

Image 1. 1: Logo of VPBank


1.1.2 Development journey:
 About VPBank:
Vietnam Prosperity Joint-Stock Commercial Bank (formerly known as
Vietnam Joint-Stock Commercial Bank for Private Enterprises) was established on
August 12th1993. In 24 years of operations, VPBank has increased its charter
capital to VND10,765 billion. VPBank is taking steps to reaffirm its reputation as a
dynamic, financially stable bank which is responsible to the community. To achieve
this ambitious vision, VPBank has implemented an aggressive growth strategy for
2012–2017 with the support of McKinsey, one of the world’s leading consulting
companies. VPBank will focus on organic growth in targeted customer segments,
expeditiously build foundational systems to serve its growth needs, and actively
monitor market opportunities.
 VPBank development of ThaiBinh branch:
Over 10 years of develoment, VPBank ThaiBinh has confirmed that is a
bank with a large retail banking position in Thai Binh, with the attempt of senior


support and trust of

staff has

promoted economic

customers with

10 years in long



local, the

way VPBank Thai


had the events marking the milestone of development:

23/01/2008: official opening of VPBank Thai Binh with 30 staff
01/07/2009: VPBank Thai Binh officially upgraded Vietnam joint Stock


Commercial Bank for Private Enterprises – Thai Binh branch.
03/08/2010: renamed to Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank-


ThaiBinh Branch
19/01/2011: Opening of Tran Phu Transaction Office in Quang Trung, Thai Binh
26/12/2011: Opening of Tran Lam Transaction Office in Tran Lam, Thai Binh
29/06/2012: Opening of Ky Ba Transaction Office that was total trading on 4 points
01/04/2014: Established Small and Medium Enterprise Center to maximize business


efficiency and meet the needs of each customer segment.
2016: VPBank simultaneously moved the transaction office to meet customer needs
in the best way, and received many certificates of the Thai Binh People’s
Committee. VPBank has completed many items and raised the total scale to 2000
billion, with a total staff of 100 employees.

1.1.3. Organizational structure

VPBank organization chart:

Image 1. 2: VPBank organization chart
VPBank Thai Binh branch organizational structure:
Machine Accounting Department


Credit Department

General Administration Department


Audit Inspection Department

International Payment Department

Transaction Department

Enterprise Department

Image 1. 3: VPBank Thai Binh organization chart

1.2 Information about Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)
 SME Department:
 Function: resource extraction of goods and customers. Discover and establish
lasting and effective relationships with customers. Carry out diversified services in
the economy such as services in the distribution and commercialization process,
leisure services, counseling and support services.
 Mission:
- Managing deposit, loans
- Implementing international payment: import (issuance, amendment, payment),

authorized import collection, international remittance
Trade finance: usance payable at sight (UPAS), letter of credit
Cash management, e-banking, BIZ controller, Micro SME loans package, others

 Relationships:
- Cooperating with import-export department, guarantee to carry out the work of

finding customers.
Cooperating with International Payment Department, Credit Department on loans,
discount, remittance methods.


2.1 Task performed during the internship
During the internship at VPBank Thai Binh, I am assigned to work at SME
Department. This is a chance for me to experience the practical working
environment, learn and get acquainted with the profession of establishing
relationships with foreign partners. Specifically, I am responsible for the following

Participating in the project to develop tools to support international payment staff
Performing other tasks as assigned by department
Processing excel file data under the guidance requirements of manger
Assisting the business unit staff in international money transfer, import and export
Arranging and managing the files of department (staff records file, the dispatch file,


register file, etc in English)
Typing text, photo document
Participating in welcoming foreign guests
Have understand about regulations, functions and duties of SME department in

2.2. Difficulties and experiences.
2.2.1. Difficulties
Small and Medium Enterprise Department (SME) is an important role in the
VPBank Thai Binh that assume variety of tasks. The international payment includes
international money transfers, import-export which require to have skill diplomacy
with national clients so the task of using English must be accurate. Translation staff
in the department requires using English well-trained and deep understanding of
English. Therefore, during the internship at here, I had some difficulties as follows:

As a student has learned the basic knowledge of translation and interpretation, but
due to lack of experience as well as practical skills so when I have experience on
working environment, I must learn a lot to get acquainted with the job that requires


high accuracy.
Due to specific work, it is mainly dealing with international customers through
documents, contracts so it need ability to write in English accurately and
appropriately. This is a little difficult for myself.


The work of international money transfer, import-export requires well-informed
about foreign currency, documents, import and export contracts. Being an
undergraduate student without experience, this is also difficult for me.
2.2.2. Experiences.
After one month of working at SME Department under VPBank Thai Binh
branch, I had more experiences and skills related to speciality:


Using the skills learned at the university (writing email, translating text, etc) into


major work. Learn more knowledge about translation and interpretation in practice.
Learn how to organize the management of scientific records.
Typing documents, improve office computer skills.
Being contacted and exchanged with foreign guests.
Familiarize myself with the professional and responsible environment.


3.1. The use of English in VPBank Thai Binh Branch
In recent years, Vietnam’s economy has been integrating deeper and broader
with the global economy and the demand for high quality resources is not only have
knowledge but also proficient in using foreign language, soft skills. Nowadays,
English has become an important part of every business. It is the key to open the
door to discover, exploit new markets and find foreign investors and production
VPBank is a big bank with many branches in all provinces in Vietnam, so
English is an indispensable tool to help bank operate more aggressively to expand
diplomatic relations with foreigners, VPBank Thai Binh branch is no exception, in
order to expand its relationship with foreign partners and facilitate international
transaction, the SME department has trained staff to communicate and read, write in
English fluently which make cooperation with foreign partners as well as
international transaction is no longer difficult.
However, it should be frankly acknowledged that mostly the employees have
fluent English in Bank who come from the human resources of the SME
department, which also has only a limited employee number that well-qualified on
international transactions such as foreign currency, import and export. This force
takes the key, this makes the mobilization of human resource when suddenly need
use English which is difficult.
Most of the technology engineers and office workers only have the ability to
read and understand major English but not really good in communication and
writing papers transactions. These obstacles make the director of the branch few
times fall into the situation can not immediately respond to the partner due to
shortage of personnel have good English, reducing the image and prestige of the
bank in the eyes of international friends.


3.2 Solutions for improving the efficiency of using English in
VPBank Thai Binh Branch
After realizing some remained weakness in using English in VPBank Thai
Binh branch, I think that we need to take strong action to remove barriers in
improving English by some following suggestions:
Combining with some English training centers to build up some commercial
English courses, focusing on teaching English communication, negotiation, email
writing, contract drafting, translating and interpreting in order to turn the language
into an effective tool for the business. In addition, VPBank Thai Binh branch should
arrange for qualified staff to attend self- study English learning workshops
organized by local and foreign institutions.

Creating a favorable environment for employees learn English and get more
experience from others through the English club or conferences on sharing English


Requiring English certificates while recruiting employees
Encouraging all staffs to communicate to their colleagues in English at the office.
Proposing incentive policies for the staff with good English skills by raising salary,
or promoting. In contrast, Criticizing people work inefficiently due to lack of
English skills.


Topic 1: Solutions of improving English communication skills of Bank’s
Topic 2: A study on translation of English- Related terms in finance and
banking into Vietnamese.
Topic 3: Communication between employees and customers of VPBank
ThaiBinh Branch.



As one of the earliest- established Joint-stock Commercial Banks in Vietnam,
VPBank has achieved steady development throughout its history. Especially since
2010, VPBank has grown dramatically with the development and implementation of
the strategic transformation program diligently with support from one of the world’s
leading consulting companies.
During the one-month internship with the position of SME department in
VPBank ThaiBinh branch, I have the opportunity to apply the knowledge that I
have learned in school to the field and learn more about behavior, spirit, working
methods, communication in the business environment. That valuable experience has
helped me to be better to shape my future career.
With the experience of one-month internship with a knowledgeable bank, I
write this report outlining a number of ways to overcome the shortcomings that
exist in bank. I hope that these comments will contribute to the development of the
bank growing in the next time.
Once again, I would like to send my sincere thanks to the instructions and staff
o VPBank ThaiBinh branch.
Ha Noi, January 26 th, 2018
Ha Thi Van



I would like to express my gratitude to the following researches for providing
the very information sources so that I could complete this study:
1 http://www.vpbank.com.vn/
2 https://vpbank.ngan-hang.com/chi-nhanh/thai-binh
3 Richards, Jack C. Developing classroom speaking Activities, from Theory to


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