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In the last few years, our country has become one of the countries with rapid
economic growth and significantly rising annual GDP, which has resulted in the
strong development intheconstruction equipment business. Vietnam is a developing
country, therefore, the demand for facilities and construction is getting higher and
higher; this encourages the construction sector to expand its size and quality, so now







construction equipment.
LUCHICO Trading Investment And Construction Company Limited is a
construction enterprise which has performed well in providing several types of
heavy construction equipment, especially in the construction of infrastructure,
engineering works, installation and sales of electrical equipment, household. Now,
the company has a certain position in the construction industry and successfully
gains trust from prospective customers.Sinceits establishment, LUCHICO Trading
Investment And Construction Company Limited has proven it is a construction firm
with full capacityand reputationto join bidding and has won many high-value
tenders, as well as attracted a lot of investors and clients in Northern provinces.
Being recommended and allowed by English Faculty – Thuong Mai
University, I have experienced as an intern in Sales Department of LUCHICO
Trading Investment And Construction Company Limited. After one month (from
02/01/2018 to 26/01/2018), under the helpful support and instruction of managers
and colleges in the company.
I would like to express my gratitude towards teachers at English Department –
Thuong Mai University, as well as my managers and colleges in LUCHICO Trading
Investment And Construction Company Limited. Especially, I would love to express
my sincere thanks to my supervisor- Hoang Thi Anh Tho who has helped me a lot to
complete my report.
Despite trying my best to fulfill this report, it must have some mistakes and I
look forward to receiving comments and suggestions in order to perfect the paper.
Hanoi, January 26th, 2018
Vo Thi Thuy Linh




Company Limited


Vietnam Dong



Gross Domestic Product


Figure 1.1. LUCHICO’s diagram of production process
Figure 1.2. LUCHICO’s organizational structure diagram



1.1 Introduction

Name of company (in Vietnamese: Công ty TNHH Đầu tư Thương Mại và
Xây dựng LUCHICO)
Abbreviate: LUCHICOCO.,LTD
Website :
Address: 113, Cao Ky Van Street, Tho Xuong District, Bac Giang Province
Telephone: 0983005177
Email: luchico.vn@gmail.com
Tax code: 2400550065
Account number: 42042027732300018 at Ocean Bank,Bac Giang
Authorized capital:Đ
The legal representative of the company: Le Van Chien
LUCHICO Trading Investment and Construction Co., Ltd operates under the
independent economic accounting system with full legal status, using its own seal
and use bank account to conduct business strictly according to regulations statutory
Doing business activities in accordance with the State's policies and laws in
using the resources of the company. The company continuously strengthens its scale
and develops its operations in line with its accounting functions and contents,
earning a lot of profits in order to speed up the development and ensure the
employees' life. you. At the same time, it contributes to increasing national income,
increasing state budget revenues, using capital sources and conducting business
effectively to cover expenses for investment expansion.

1.2 Task and Function of LUCHICO Trading Investment and
Construction Co.Ltd
According to the business registration certificate January 8 th, 2015, the
functions of the company and its main business lines are: constructing public work,
constructing civil engineering, installing power system, water supply and drainage
system, electric heater and air conditioning;retail hardware,glasses and other
equipment installation in construction.The company supplies furniture such as beds,
cabinets, tables, chairs, lamps and other tangible assets which are essential.
1.2.1 The organizational structure and production structure of the unit
*Production process
Bidding, contracting, contractor

Contract with the investor
Give task to
workshop,construction team
Check and take over the buildings

Handover final account
Figure 1.1. LUCHICO’s diagram of production process
1.2.2 Organizational structure of the management apparatus

Board of directors

Sales Department

Department of Finance and Accounting
Department of Technical plann

Figure 1.2. LUCHICO’s organizational structure diagram


*Roles and functions of each department in the company:
Board of Directors: 02 people
Director: is the manager of all production and business activities of the
company, working under the principle of the boss regime to promote personal
responsibility, administrative discipline and legal representative of the company in
economic relations with domestic and foreign partners. The director is the legal
representative of the company before the law and is responsible to the State and the
labor collective for the management of production and business of the Company.
Deputy Directors: are technical engineers who assist the Director in managing
the work assigned and authorized by the Director in each specific task.
* Departments:
Sales Department: Has responsible for the transaction, planning and business
operations of the company.
Department of Finance Accounting: To organize the implementation of the
accounting system and accounting apparatuses in the Company and its attached
sections which are effective and suitable to the business lines andthe business
characteristics of the company; to be responsible to the law and the director for the
completeness, accuracy, truthfulness, timeliness and continuity of the arising data
recorded in the accounting reports of the Company. Organizing the training of
accounting staffs, improving the professional level, specialization of each part and
each task, and at the same time be able to undertake other tasks.
Department of Technical Planning: To advise the Board on scientific and
technical work, manage the maintenance and repair of ships, cars, workshops, care
for improving skills for the driving force, driving, refrigeration engineering and
other work in the field of science and technology in general.
1.3 Introduction the Department internships: Sales Department
The Mission of the business room is to advise the Director to:
- The work of planning and corporate development strategy
- Investment and investment project management
- Organization of economic information system in the company
- Economic management

- Technical management
- Advised the Director of business services
- Direct sales of large items
1.3.1 Work of planing
- Long-term planning, medium term, short term, the plan of the month,
quarter, year
- Monitoring of activities of the company
1.3.2 The economic work
- Management of economic contracts (the process of negotiation, signing,
execution, liquidation of the contract)
- Manage technical standards (research, development, application of ...)
- Coordinate with the room, the other Board in the construction and
application of the technical-economic norms, the internal regulations of the
1.3.3 Investment and management
- Research, suggestions, directions, strategies, investment projects in
accordance with company resources in each stage of development.
- Invest and manage projects (process, evaluation, project deployment...)
- The proposed research, the choice of venture investment partners, link
1.3.4. Technical work
- Study the text of the law, the policy mode of State regulations on the
management of engineering construction works quality.
- Regular monitoring, the urge, check and instruct employees to make good
quality management.
- Perform the technical records, regulatory quality.
- Set the books track the number, quality, equipment and repair plan regular,
large repair machinery, equipment.
- Planning Shop equipment, machinery
1.3.5. The information economy:


- Construction of system of the economic information of the company,
ensuring the catch, handle up exactly, serves for the management of the Board and
the Executive Director of the company
- Perform the tasks of the economic information center of the company.
- Reporting schedule statistics, reports on the BUSINESS situation for the
Director and sent to the Agency in accordance with the law.


1.3.6. Research and development:
- Study the business environment: the policies of the party, the State, the legal
- Research the competitors
- Establishing strategic orientations for comprehensive development company,
developing policies, long-term plans.
- Build Marketing strategies, maketting policy consistent with each stage of
development, every product, every service.
- Build brand development strategy, strategy, tactics, raise the power
company's soup.
1.3.7. On business:
- Management of business policies (policy-building process, deploy the
application, complete additional ...)
- Research and development of the business (business buying, selling, pricing,
contract Economics), the advanced commercial form, every step of the renovation
and modernization of the company's business operations.
- The unified management of the business of the company
- Sales support for the company on the market, business partner, Contracting,
imports for the enterprises of the branch, with the best conditions to make the
common task of the whole company
1.3.8. Direct business
- Direct export and import business, the major revenue scale of importance for
the company.


2.1 The tasks assigned during practicing
After being received into the sales department of LUCHICO Trading
Investment And Construction Company Limited, I was released place into position
trainee business practice while in the room, I have completed some of the work as
Week 1 (02/01/2018- 06/01/2018)
- Greetings, become familiar with the company's staff, especially the sales
department as well as presenting and managing director of the company
- Finding out information about the company profile. Learn and obey the rules
and regulations of the company
- Learning about the areas of operation, products and services of company
- Learning sales websites and service companies
- Make familiar with the parts and general corporate work
Week 2 (08/01/2018- 13/01/2018)
- Learned how to respond to emails and guest phone, greeting guests skills.
- Be managed and handled documents, contracts, corporate documents
- Searching and aggregating information about customers.
- Surveying and collecting customer feedback and market situation.
- Making the job requirements and objectives of the Business Department,
helped achieve the target room and business efficiency
Week 3 (15/01/2018- 20/01/2018)

The lead editor contracts, paperwork and the necessary skills in negotiation
Be introducted and guided for customers about the products and services of the
Week 4 (22/01/2018- 27/01/2018 )


Directly learned to negotiate and promote cooperation, signed with customers.
- Introducing and selling products and services of the company for
2.2 Challenges and lessons learned
2.2.1. Advantages and difficulties during practicing:

a. Advantages:
Learned and cultivated knowledge during the four years of study at the
University of Commerce, along with the guidance of teachers.
Practiced in commercial LUCHICOTrading Investment And Construction
Company Limited, one of the major companies and prestigious in Bac Giang and
some northern provinces.
Get the enthusiastic help of instructors , Board of directors, together with you
in the sales department staff.
During the past practice, you are creating more favorable conditions in the
best English communication
Being exposed to some foreign customers to improve the skills of listening
and speaking.
During the internship, students can work in groups so they easily exchange the
difficulties and learn responsibility from friends.
b. Difficulty
Bearing with expertise in engineering, construction
- Meet many jargon of technical majors.
-How do the assigned work was slow
-There are plenty of difficult customers
2.2.2 Experiences from internship time
a. Practical application:
During practice the past with the help enthusiasm, leadership and siblings of
the sales department of the company as well as the efforts of myself, I have
complete real graduate training, apply the knowledge learned in school:
- Apply to be writing formally in writing to thank customers in English,
applying gentle words commonly used when communicating with foreigners
- Using the vocabulary they have learned to communicate with Japan Kids
themselves also draw some experience following
-Be practiced in the business department, participated in the process of
customer service, you have the opportunity to improve English exchange with
international visitors.

- Improving grammar, sentence structure use
- Increase vocabulary in the service sector, construction, equipment, technical
- Self-confidence in communication
- Having skills to work and practice with groups
- During the internship in the company, you get to know and have learned a lot
from working style and professionalism of the siblings, how to deal with colleagues,
superiors, sorting, processing How the work is reasonable. This is an invaluable
experience and it will help a lot for me when I started working.
b. Advantages and survive during practice:
Through the internship, I was exposed to the real environment, this helps me
have more experience, get familiar with the work environment and it helps me more
progress in the field of his specialty. Besides, reinforce existing knowledge and
apply into practice properly and learn a lot of knowledge and professional
experience and practice. This gives me much more favorable during work after
graduation. In the course of an internship at the company, I have complied with the
principles of work of the enterprise, complete the assigned work, attitude, hard
work, go to work on time, implementation of practice in accordance with the
guidelines of the school. Besides, I was getting the attention and just like friends of
the leaders, brothers and sisters in the sales department. I received your interest and
your passion told the board that you are selling, I have more experience and
technology, construction technology.


3.1. Reality of using English in business
In the past few years, Vietnam’s economy has strongly integrated into global
one, causing increasing demands of high quality human resources that has not only
a thorough understanding of specialized affairs but also good foreign languages and
social skills. English has become an important part in business operations, a major
factor which helps companies win chances to expand new market and meet foreign
As working in construction equipment market, LUCHICO now mostly uses
English when negotiating with foreign suppliers and promoting company’s image.
LUCHICO imports a lot of machinery from other countries, mainly from Asia
countries and sometimes from Europe, therefore, most of company’s employees
have been trained to negotiate, write e-mails, handle international contracts and
communicate with customers in English. Currently, about 40% of company’s staffs
are able to fluently communicate and write in English.
However, 40% is not an impressive number and most of English proficient
staffs of LUCHICO are mostly students from English Departments of different
universities and employees working in Sales department and some of engineers.
About interns, theirworking schedule is unstable and they only occur in a short time
and rarely present in the office. This hinders a lot when there is sudden work related
to English. Almost engineers and office staffs are only able to read specialized
English, not to communicate and write in such language. These obstacles have
many times caused company not to immediately reply foreign partners or make
serious mistakes while handling international contracts due to the lack of English
proficient staffs.
3.2. Suggested solutions for using English in business
In order to overcome the issue of employees having good specialization
skillsbut limited English and also to expand business operations in the future, the
leaders of LUCHICO should plan out more English courses alongside professional

knowledge training for all employees in the company. This plan will help potential
employees to develop their skills and eliminate language barrier which used to
hinder many important international businesstransactions and causehuge lossesto
the company.
First of all, company should connect with some English training centers in Bac
Giang Province to build up some commercial English courses for staffs from all
departments. The courses will focus on teaching English communication,
negotiation, email writing, contract drafting in order to turn the language into an
effective tool for the business. Listening and speaking skills are also heavily
focused as these are the most important skills for the success of company’s
There are employees who are already good at basic English so they will be
arranged to work in pairs with specialists to gain experiences and communicate with
foreign customers.
LUCHICO should also let employees take part in conferences on sharing
learning English experiences held by domestic and foreign organizations,
meanwhile support its best in finance, working conditions. The company also
applies more policies to encourage learning English by offering higher salaries to all
officers and staffs so that it is easier and more exciting for them to participate in the



A study on translation of business negotiation terms from English into


While doing the internship and researching about business operations at
LUCHICO Trading Investment And Construction Company Limited, I have gained
knowledge about company’s history ,also the factors which affect company’s
business activities and environment.
During one month doing the internship as an office staff at Luchico, I
possessed the a opportunity to apply the knowledge obtained at university into
reality and learn more about styles, attitudes, methods of working, communication
in business environment, generating valuable experiences.
Through my experiences obtained during the one-month internship and my
knowledge background, I conducted this report in order to summarize company’s
business activities and figure out some existing problems at the company. I hope
that my opinions would contribute to the unit’s development in the upcoming time.
I would love to give my sincere thanks to my supervisor- Hoang Thi Anh Tho,
and all managers and colleges at LUCHICO Trading Investment And Construction
Company Limited for helping me to accomplish this report.
Hanoi, January 26th, 2018
Vo Thi Thuy Linh



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