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INTERNSHIP REPORT KSC technology and education join stock company



In the context of international integration, Vietnam has entered the period of
renewal. The process of national urbanization and industrialization requires the
development of all the fields: social – economic, politic and education.
Especially, education is focused on by our country in order to produce the talent
serving for country.
To take part in the international integration, English is an important factor
because it is an international language. Therefore, teaching and learning English
are the factor focused on. Hence, KSC Education and Technology Join Stock
company is a company operating in the field of English teaching and learning.
The company has generated its competitive advantages by applying the world’s
advanced technologies as well as encouraging research activities in order to
create and grasp the latest technologies in efforts to produce effective curriculum
and interesting software programs which aims to meet the demand of customers.
Being recommended and allowed by English Department – Vietnam
University of Commerce, I have gratefully experienced as an intern in

Administration Office of KSC Education and Technology Join Stock Company.
After one month, under the valuable support and instruction of managers and
colleges in the company. I was able to apply the knowledge obtained at
university into practice, meanwhile collecting basic information to complete the
internship report.
After one month (from January 02 to 26, 2018), I had the opportunity to
study and learn more about the working environment of the company. The
purpose of this report is to explain what I did and learned during my internship
period. The report is divided into 4 parts:
•Part 1: Overview of Austdoor Aluminum Joint Stock Company
•Part 2: The process of internship in the company
•Part 3: Status of the use of English in the company
•Part 4: Proposion of graudation paper
I would like to express my gratitude towards teachers at English
Department - Vietnam University of Commerce as well as my managers and
colleges in KSC. I look forward to receiving comments and suggestions in order
to perfect the paper.


Image 1.1. Logo of KSC......................................................................................................................1
Image 1.2. Kid’s friend book Image 1.3. Alokiddy software............................................................2
Structure 1.1. Organizational structure of company.......................................................................2
Structure 1.2. Organizational structure of department...................................................................3


1.1. Information about company
Company name: KSC technology and education join stock company.
Vietnamese name: Công ty cổ phần công nghệ và giáo dục KSC
The field of operation: Education
Website: Alokiddy.com.vn

Image 1.1. Logo of KSC
Address: Floor 8th, IC Building, 82 Duy Tan, Cau Giay street, Ha Noi.

1.1.1. The process of formation and development
KSC technology and education join stock company was established in
2014. It is a subsidiary of Dai Viet Group. KSC specializes in searching and
developing educational products to teach English based on information
After three years of operation and development, company searched and
developed many products including curriculum, electronic curriculum and
especially two websites Alokiddy.com.vn and English4u.com. In these products,
Alokiddy is the strongest products of KSC enterprise. Alokiddy.com.vn is an
English teaching online website with teaching programs to meet the demand of
students aged 4 to 12 years old.
KSC always focuses on training professional teachers, improving new
teaching method, management technology and customer service. Thereby,
creating the best products and services in order to provide the best added values
and modern learning programs for all customers.
KSC is proud to have well – trained, professional teachers and staffs,
specialized in teaching English and providing English learning programs. Thanks
to the attached achievements, KSC is the strong brand in English teaching field
and given the highest satisfaction in service quality.
1.1.2. The main products of company.


 Kid’s friend books includes 16 books for 2 levels: Kindergarten,
elementary school
 Electronic curriculum: Alokiddy software for 3 objects: Teachers,
students and their parent.
 Alokiddy online website: Online classes with native teachers such as
Britain, America and Australia. It is flexible about time and reduces cost
compared to traditional teaching method.
Learning method: Blended Learning is a method which associates between
traditional learning method learning in the class and modern learning method
learning online at home. This method is proved the efficiency in teaching
programs. With this method, Alokiddy applied in English education for children
when combining book with electronic curriculum when learning at home.
 Some key products of KSC.

Image 1.2. Kid’s friend book
Organizational structure

Image 1.3. Alokiddy software.

Board of directors

of content


Financial and

of design

of human

Structure 1.1. Organizational structure of company
1.2. Information about the department of internship
During the process of internship at KSC join stock company. I had an
opportunity to work at the department of content.
 Functions:

 Designing the content of curriculum in the Alokiddy and online website:
•Designing English content including the framework of subject and
exercise in the Kid’s friend books which belongs to Alokiddy center for children
aged 6 to 11 years old.
•Designing electronic curriculum on the 2 websites Alokiddy.com and
•Designing the content of teaching and exercises for online learning
program with native teacher.
 Arranging and managing online classes.
•Arranging schedules, contact with students and teachers to align suitable
•Always taking control the status of classes including teachers, students
and equipment to make sure that the process of learning is successful.
 Managing teachers and students
•Looking for and managing native teachers who teaches online and
teaching assistants.
•Working with teachers to report about the learning situation and teachers’
feedbacks for the parents of students.
Organizational structure:
The chief of



Online classes

Structure 1.2. Organizational structure of department.


2.1. The missions assigned in the process of internship.
•In the first week of internship:
- Learning about the company’s regulations. Simultaneously, making the
acquaintance of the others in the office as well as working environment.
- Finding out and researching about the information and products of
company such as books and 2 websites Alokiddy.com. vn and English4u.com.
•In the second week of internship:
- Receiving the assignment and instruction of the guide.
- Designing English lessons and exercises on the power point for online
classes which happens every day.
•In the third week, I was assigned :
- Continuing to design English lessons for online classes.
- Summarizing and managing online classes including native teachers,
students, equipment.
- Checking and preparing equipment to make sure that the equipment
worked correctly.
•And finally, in the final week:
- Marking final tests for students on the website English4u.com.
- Designing the English content and exercises for new program on the
website English4u.com
- Finding out pictures and cutting listening audio for new program.
- Inputting the finished content on the website English4u.com.
2.2. Difficulties and experienced lessons.
2.2.1. Difficulties in the process of internship.
During the process of internship at KSC Company, I had some following
•The culture of working is different from the culture of school so I had
some problems when adapting some things dress code, punctually and
communication with managers and colleges.
•Actually, this is a new field compared to the process and content studied at
university. Therefore, I faced with the difficulty such as “ How to design a basic
•During the process of studying at university, I only learned how to deal
with word, power point and design slide simply. However, when interning, I was
required to design slide more complicated, creative. Hence, I had some problem
to deal with them.

•Moreover, task requires the technical skill, computer skill such as cutting,
copying listening audios. But I don’t have any experience in this field.
2.2.2. Experienced lessons.
After 1 month when working at KSC company, I was learned from
experienced colleges. Therefore, I leaned some following experience:
•How to communicate with managers and colleges in the office.
•Working with software: Word, power point and Excel more professionally.
•The ability of creativeness and English skills are improved significantly.
•Learn how to communicate and serve customers.


3.1. Describe the reality of using English in the company
Nowadays, English has become the global language. Among hundreds of
different languages, the world has chosen English as a means for people to
understand each other. English is the official language of 53 countries and
territories, the official language of the EU and the third widely used language
after Chinese and Spanish. The international events like the Olympics, global
organizations, and multinational companies consider English as common
language of communication. This shows the importance of English in all fields of
economy, culture, society, etc.
As a company operating in the field of education especially English
curriculum. Together with releasing many products such as English books,
electronic curriculums, English lessons for online classes, company attaches
special importance to train and develop English for staffs.
The using of English is used in designing and editing curriculum for online
classes, designing lessons and exercises for products such as Kid’s friend and
electronic software on the websites Alokiddy.com.vn and English4u.com.
Moreover, it is used in working and exchanging with native teachers.
However, the staffs in some departments such as sales department, graphic
design, and financial department are lack of the ability of English and they don’t
widely use English.
 Advantages and disadvantages in the using of English
 Advantages:
•Staffs’ English ability are quite good, they can communicate basically.
•English is widely exploited in the office.
 Disadvantages:
•The using of English in some departments is limited.
•There are not many English training courses for employees in the
3.2. Proposing the researched issues.
English is an important factor in the company. Hence, so as to improve the
English skills for employees in the company, I suggest some solutions:
•Opening monthly or quarterly skill and vocational training courses for
staff. The courses must be suitable for each staff and department to get essential


•With some departments such as content department, the ability of English
is required more than other departments. The company should not just evaluate
them through their own certificates; the company need make real evaluation
through the skills when the candidates take part in interviews depending on the
•To improve English skills, the company should co-operate with prestigious
and qualified English center and open monthly or quarterly tests to evaluate their
•For the collaborator team, the company should build a regular database
and use contracts to ensure that there are people who can work when having
project. When recruiting the collaborator team, the company needs to test their
abilities accurately.


Some following graduation paper topics proposed, I hope that lectures will
consider and give me some useful advice so that I can finish perfect graduation
TOPIC 1: A study on translation of Vietnamese education terms into
TOPIC 2: A study on translation of Vietnamese accounting into Vietnam
TOPIC 3: A study on how to design an English lesson for students in the
KSC company.


KSC technology and education join stock company is private company
which is a subsidiary of Dai Viet Group. KSC Company is operating successfully
in the field of English education. With professional staffs and modern
technology, the company produced many useful products such as books, online
classes and electronic curriculum which are effective for English learners.
During one month doing the internship as an office staff at KSC, I
possessed the a opportunity to apply the knowledge obtained at university into
reality and learn more about styles, attitudes,
methods of working,
communication in business environment, generating valuable experiences that
helps me give out the clear direction for my future career.
Through my experiences obtained during the one-month internship and
my knowledge background, I conducted this report in order to figure out some
existing problems at the company. I do hope that it would contribute to the unit’s
development in the upcoming time.
Thank you so much!
Lương Thị Lan


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