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INTERNSHIP REPORT HK logistics and trading company limited

In the age of economic globalization, English is more and more necessary, it
plays a vital part in many companies. Therefore, English has become one of the
compulsory requirements when someone would like to apply for a position in almost
Countries not only operate in domestic economy but also partake in global
economy and trade activities to develop the economy. Logistics, trading, importexport activities have been regarded as important parts of the economy. They promote
the competitiveness in domestic production so that companies must improve the
products with high quality and lower cost. Custom services and logistics are necessary
tools to support the development of foreign trade.
HK logistics and trading Co. Ltd is an enterprise which is established since
2010. Up to now, the company has built a name for itself in the logistics and trading
fields in Viet Nam. After nearly thirty years of renovation, the economy of our country
has been substantially developing. HK company and other enterprises which operate in
the fields of customs services and logistic, contribute to the country’s economic
growth. After nearly seven years having been operating in the fields of e- custom
services and logistics, HK company always pays attention to the improvement of
custom procedures and logistics to maximize the value of its services.
Within nearly one month internship in HK logistics and trading company limited,
I had the opportunity to study and experience the working environment of the
company. This internship report is made on that basis. The report is divided into three

Part 1: The overview of the company
Part 2: The overview of the internship time at the company
Part 3: The status of using English in the company
Being recommended and allowed by English Department- Thuong Mai
university, I have experienced as an intern in the office of HK shipping and trading Co.
Ltd. After one month (from 2/1/2018- 26/1/2018). I would like to express my deepest
gratitude towards teachers at English Department- Thuong Mai university as well as
my managers and colleges in HK shipping and trading Co. Ltd. Especially, I would
like to send my thanks to my beloved supervisor Ms Tho who has helped me a lot
when I encountered difficulties during my internship time so that I can fulfill the
report. I look forward to receiving comments and suggestions in order to perfect my
Bac Ninh, 28/1/2018
Duong Thi Hong

Co. Ltd: Company limited
No: Number
St: street
SCM: Supply chain management


1.1.2 Some bills of lading and documents
1.1.3 Some logos of HK Co. Ltd’s main customers
1.1.4 Organizational structure
1.2.1 The structure of export- import department


Part 1: The overview of the company
1.1 Informations about the company
1.1.1 General introduction

Vietnamese company name: Công ty TNHH giao nhận và thương mại HK
English company name: HK logistics and trading company limited
Address: No 6 Bac Ha st, Ninh Xa ward, Bac Ninh city, Bac Ninh province
Telephone: 02223813302
Tax code: 2300549732
Legal representative: Mr Dang The Anh
1.1.2 The process of formation and development
Established on May 25th, 2011, HK company is licensed with tax code- 2300549732 by
department of planning and investment of Bac Ninh city. The company operates with
the commercial name- HK logistics and trading company limited. The company has
the legal person status, the independent economic accounting system. It is also allowed
to open Vietnamese and foreign currency accounts at commercial banks and use its
own seals according to the form which is prescribed by the State. The company’s main
economic activities includes: Custom services ( e- custom declaration, registration of
import- export license, certificates of goods’ s origin, consultancy on import tax and
value added tax….) and logistic services. Because HK company operates in
specialized field, the organizational structure of the company also has some
differences compared to other companies. At the beginning, HK company consisted of
9 employees: one director, two accountants, two employees who carry out custom
clearance procedures on the computer by using the Ucuss5/ VNACCS software and
four employees carry out the rest of procedures at the subdivisions. The director
directly manages the general works and receives the goods vouchers of customers. HK
company has been operating for nearly 7 years. Although it doesn’t have a lot of
employees, HK company still has reputation for its excellent works.



1.1.3 Some main Customers of HK logistics and trading Co. Ltd
HK is prestigious company for many customers who operate mainly in the production
of export goods, processing products for foreign traders… Some of the well- known
customers of HK company: Vina solar technology company limited, Rong xin
electronics Vietnam company limited, Galtronics electronics Vietnam company
limited, Broad Vietnam electronics company limited, Bac Viet technology joint stock


1.1.3 Some logoes of HK Co. Ltd’s main customers
1.1.4 Organizational structure:
At the beginning, the company only had nine employees. Now, HK logistics and
trading Co. Ltd has15 employees: one director, one deputy director, three accountants,
six employees in export- import and logistics department, four employees who
examine goods



Deputy director

Export- import
and logistics


Field team

Diagram 1.1.4 Organizational structure
1.1.5 Major business areas
HK shipping and trading copany limited operates in specialized fields. Beside the main
services, the copany also provides some other services such as:

Career code

Career name


Cargo transportation by road


Loading and unloading goods


Warehousing and inventory



Direct services to support for water transport


Other supporting services related to transport


Agents, brokers


Food wholesalers


Wholesalers of other household appliances


Wholesalers of materials and other installation equipment in


Wholesalers of machinery, equipment and agricultural parts


Wholesalers of telecommunication equipment and

1.1.6 Some customs departments where HK Co. Ltd often declares and carries out
custom procedures
The members of HK company have experiences in foreign trade and international
logistics. The company also has a good relationship with custom officers in many
department in the North. HK company often declares and carries out custom
procedures at: Bac Ninh customs department, Que Vo customs department, Bac Giang
customs department, customs department of Noi Bai international airport, Gia Lam
customs department, customs department of the North of Ha Noi, customs office of
Hai Phong port border gate, customs office of Huu Nghi border gate…
Nearly seven years of operation, HK company has supported in import- export
activities and logistics for a lot of domestic and foreign companies. The company has
gained prestige and trust from many customers in the implementation of custom
services for clearance and logistics in time to ensure the process of production of its
customers. Especially, the most important thing is that HK company make a good
impression on the custom officers by addressing all the issues flexibly based on
1.2 Informations about the internship department
1.2.1 The structure of emport- import and logistics department
Head of department

Deputy head of

Logistic staf

Export- import staf

Diagram 1.2.1: The structure of emport- import department
1.2.2 Information about the internship department
Department of export- import and logistics is one of the company’s major department.
Logistics services and export- import tasks are main activities of this department in
which staff carry out some tasks such as: transportation, warehousing and inventory,
customs, documents, consultation for customer, forwarding and operation, delivery…
and other services which relate to customer’s agreed goods ( export- import tasks)
+ Transportation:
• Work with carriers to arrange shipments on time, control delivery schedule, manage
delivery activities, truck & container tracking, follow up with carriers to make sure
orders delivered to customers to meet lead time, update information of delivery to
system on time.
• Manage all drivers and trucking staffs
• Monitor status of cargoes and contact inland and overseas parties to get information
and update
• Cooperate with shipping lines to control and arrange vehicle for transporting goods
for customers…

+ Documents:
• Receive, check and process all inbound/ outbound cargo documents
• Daily update data to system and inform customers
• Prepare and issue documentation
• Ensure all delivery documents is prepared correctly and maintained properly
• Coordinate with related parties for delivery arrangement
+ Warehousing and inventory:
• Manage warehouse in good condition- always in tidy, clean and safe situation
• Input technical data, quality, quantity, tock levels, delivery times, transport costs and
• Cooperate with related teams and customer to ensure smooth delivery to customer
• Perform other duties such as: pick goods, manage administrative functions…
• Manage the receipts and documents of timely delivery of goods, shipment loading,
+ Custom:
• Collect, prepare and check all necessary documents to make sure that all meet
custom requirements
• Closely connect with customs to declare customs for import/ exportof goods
• Manage all expenses which relate to customs declaration for customers
• Coordinate with customers to solve problems which relate to customs declaration for
• Build up good relations with government agencies concerning import/ export…
+ Forwarding and operation
• Meet delivery schedule as agreed with customer
• Follow and solve arising problems
• Maintain daily logistics operations, provide reports and support to process daily
activities concerning documents, customs,…
+ Other works
• Handle all claims from customers and related parties regarding delivery/ freight
• Proactively seek opportunities to improve logistics functional performance and
develop better procedures.

• Control logistics operation expenses to ensure that SCM is providing the best service
at the lowest price.
• Perform transactions, negotiatons and sign contracts with customers and suppliers
• Complete the procedures and documents of export- import of goods such as:
purchasing contracts, transportation documents, export- import documents,…
• Combine with accountants, implement L/C opening activities
• Receive, examine, compare and record imported and exported goods with the actual
quantity at the border gates
• Coordinate with related departments to ensure timely delivery as well as receipt
• Regularly contact, care and maintain good relationship with customers and suppliers.
• Collect and evaluate feedback from customers, markets, competitors
• Advise the head of business department on export- import business strategies as well
as make internal reports and report to relevant state agencies


Part 2: The overview of the internship time at the company
2.1 Assignments during internship time
Being approved by the company, I was practiced in the logistics department. During
the internship time, colleges in logistics department have helped me a lot. Besides, I
was trusted and assigned some tasks:
+ Input technical data, quality, quantity, stock levels, delivery times, transport costs
and efficiency
+ Contact with related terms to inform and ensure smooth delivery to customer
+ Daily update data to system and inform customers
+ Contact and coordinated with related parties for delivery arrangement
+ Update law and prescription regarding customs procedure
+ Cooperate with shipping lines to control and arrange vehicle for transporting goods
for customers
2.2 Difficulties and experience lessons
Every job has its own difficulties and this is the first time I have worked in a company
and have been exposed to the working environment. Therefore, during my internship
time, when I was assigned some tasks, i can’t avoid being confused and encountering
some problems.
+ It was difficult to communicate with customer because there were some terms and
business vocabulary which customers used but I didn’t know and understand.
+ I was not so good at excel and some softwares so when I was assigned some works
which required excellent excel, I was confused and I must ask other colleges for their
+ When I contacted with customer, they asked me some questions about costs and
other expenses relating to delivery, I couldn’t answer exactly.
+ When I contacted with the shipping lines and they were so busy and had many other
customers so they couldn’t tell me exactly when they could arrange the vehicle for my

Part 3: The status of using English in the company
3.1 Describe the status of using English in the company
In this world of economic globalization, the demand for human resource’s quality is
increasing, employees are not only professional in their working field, foreign
language but also have some soft skills. Today, English has become an internation
language and it is one of the requirements when people want to apply for a job in
almost companies, In particular, HK is one of the companies working in the logistics
and trading fields so it is necessary for most of employees of HK company to know
English. Currently, the field which HK company use English the most is customs
services and logistics. In the course of business operation, the company has begun
seeking, expanding relationship with customs officers and foreign company.
Employees in HK company must know English and read some email and documents in
English. However, I must acknowledge that now, most of employees who use English
the most and can use English fluently are employees in import- export and logistics
department. Sometimes, the workload is so big, but the staffs in other departments
can’t help much. The rest staffs of other departments only have ability to read and
understand specialized English and they are not really good at communicating, writing
email and solving other works relating to documents in English. So when there are
some arising works which relate to English and have to solve urgently, it becomes
more difficult. Language barriers sometimes affect the finished time and some works
are delayed which reduce the productivity of employees and HK company.
3.2 Suggest the research problem
+ The company should encourage employees to improve their English skills
+ The company also issues a policy- who better in English will get higher salary
+ Employees who good at English help other employees
+ Give employees some free courses in English center so that they can take part in and
improve their language skills.


+ Group lessons- Employees with learning need, especially employees with low level,
this might be a good option because employees in the group can practice English in
larger group and they can be provided feedback and corrected mistakes

Part 4: Suggest minor thesis topic
Minor thesis topic: A study on how to improve employees’s translation skills of the
documents, contracts and other related custom works in HK logistics and trading
company limited
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Rational of the study
1.2 Aims of the study
1.3 Scope of the study
1.4 Methods of the study
Chapter 2: Literature review
2.1 Introduction
2.2 The overview of quality of the employees
2.3 The advantages of having employees who are professional in English
Chapter 3: The study
3.1 Methodology
3.2 Data analysis, main findings and discussions
3.3 Recommendations
Chapter 4: Conclusion
4.1 Major findings of the research
4.2 Limitations of the study
4.3 Suggestions for further study


The key fields of HK logistics and trading Co. Ltd are logistics and customs services.
The company has been operating in this specialized fields for nearly seven years.
During the internship time in logistics department, I have learnt a lot about the
company, status of using English and I also had a chance to be acquainted with
working environment and did some works.
The others colleges help me a lot so that I can finish my internship time. During four
weeks ( from 2/1/2018- 26/1/2018), I worked in HK company as an employee, I
obtained a lot of experiences. I believe that they may be useful for my future career.
Through my experiences which I gained, I wrote this report so as to figure out some
existing problems at the company. I hope that, in the upcoming time, all employees in
HK company will really good at English.
I would like to express the deepest gratitude toward teachers at English DepartmentThuong Mai university and other colleges in HK logistics and trading Co. Ltd because
but for their help, I could not finish my internship time well.
Bac Ninh, January 28th 2018
Duong Thi Hong

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the following researches for providing
me with the useful informations sources so that I could complete my internship report
1.HK company’s handbooks

2.Previous research of other people who interned in HK company




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