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Being recommended and allowed by English Department – Vietnam
University of Commerce, I have gratefully experienced as an intern in







CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. After one month (from 02/01/2018 to
30/01/2018), with the valuable support and instruction of managers and
colleges in the company, I was able to apply the knowledge obtained at
university into practice, meanwhile collecting basic information to complete
the internship report.
I would like to express my gratitude towards teachers at English
Department – Vietnam University of Commerce as well as my managers and
colleges in representative office of HANSHIN ENGINEERING AND
CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD at Hanoi. Especially, I would love to express my
sincere thanks to my beloved supervisor- Mrs. Do Thi Minh Quyen-Business
Development Manager and Mr. Lee Soon Chull- Chief Representative of Hanoi
Office for guiding and supporting me a lot

to fulfill the report. I am looking

forward to get review and comment as well as recommendation for futher
development my assignment
Due to the limitation of time, knowledge and experience, the report would
properly have several shortages. I would be grateful to receive any comments and
recommendations from the teacher to complete my report successfully.
Hanoi, January 01, 2018
Đỗ Thị Thu Hương
1. Co.,LTD
2. HR
3. MOT

: Company Limited
: Human resources
: Ministry of Transportation

4. DOC
5. PIT

6. QS
8. VEC
9. ODA

: Department of construction
: Personal Income Tax
: Quantity Survey
: Construction Method Statement
: Vietnam Expressway Corporation
: Official Development Assistance

1. Chart 1: HANSHIN E&C Vietnam Rep. Office Organization chart



1.1. Formation and Development of HANSHIN ENGINEERING CO., LTD
1.1.1. General introduction about HANSHIN ENGINEERING CO., LTD
Name of company :
Name of trade
Head office
Hanoi Representative office

Establish date
Tax code
Products and services

65-32, Jamwon –dong, Seocho-ku, Seoul, Korea.
Unit 7.8th Floor, 117 Tran Duy Hung, Cau Giay,
Ha Noi.
Tel: (84-4)37262321/22
Fax: (84-4)37262324
General Director: Lee Soon Chull
Housing construction

Hanshin E&C Co.,Ltd was established in 1950 as housing construction, and
went on with construction, engineering, electricity, and plant businesses, and
grew to be one of the most prominent general construction companies in Korea.
Hanshin takes pride in having been not only contributing to the improvement of
housing environment by providing about 260,000 housings, but also playing a
key role in the construction of national infrastructure by construction highways,
roads, subways, high-speed railroads, and wide area waterworks for the past half
a century. The capital of Hanshin E&C Co.,Ltd is 49,599,815,000 Won and total
assets ( resent a settling term current) is 1,690, 086, 363,881 Won.
Also, Hanshin is already internationally reputed for its technologies and upto-date construction capabilities by participating in large scale international
constructions such as housings of the Jubail Royal Family Council in Saudi
Arabia, Religious Complex Building in Kuwait, public housings in Al karjih,
Saudi, highways throughout Riyadh-Jeddah-Damman, Bebehani company
building, residential & commercial complex buildings, and Al karjih public
housings in Saudi Arabia, sports clubs, etc.


Nowadays Hanshin E&C Co.,Ltd has many subsidiaries in different
countries. Representative office in Hanoi is one of the main foreigner subsidiaries
of the corporation. Since the establishment the representative office in Hanoi has
awarded many projects in the country such as: Hanoi HH4 commercial and
housing building, BIDV tower, Noi Bai international airport to Nhat Tan Bridge
connecting road construction, Trung Hoa interchange and etc.
1.1.2. Business purpose, vision and function of the company
- Vision: Hanshin Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd will advance to be
the best group with nature-friendly and human –centered construction culture
with mixture of tradition and high technology. Based on ‘filia piety’, we will
truthfully research and work hard to give good impression to customers.
- Business purpose:
+ To create the nature- friendly business culture, it will continuously take
parts in the activities to improve the system management and maintain the
+ We will continuously work for reduction of the sources and pollution and
keep the monitoring system by understanding and fulfill the request including
relevant regulations.
+ We will keep information in the form documents and will do the best to
train all the employees to follow and act on this policy to run the business
smoothly and efficiently.
+We will regularly examine overall business system and maintain the fair
and clean business culture to open company’s information to any related business
partners any time through various ways.
- Function
The company is a liaison office for head office in Vietnam. Contacting with
government office, local partner to set up the network, promote business and
participate into the International Bidding to get project.
1.1.3 The organizational structure



The organizational structure of the company is built in the form of online
functionality and fit with the type of business. The organizational model is made
according to the following diagram:
Chart 1: HANSHIN E&C Vietnam Rep. Office organization

Managing DirectorChief of Vietnam
Rep. Office

General Manager

Division Manager


HR– Accounting

Business and

(Source: Labor-Organization Department)



The functions and responsibilities of several departments:
Managing Director- Chief: is a person who runs company’s daily works and is
responsible for the Chairman of the Company, head office implements the rights and
duties assigned
General Manager: Being responsible for the management and operation of
the departments and supporting the Director in corporate governance, connecting
with local business partner and promote marketing activities in Vietnam market.
Division Manager: Support the Managing Director- Chief and General
Manager to direct and handle regularly the field activities of the enterprise under
his assignments.
Technical- Department: Managing the technical work of the company. It
also guides and supervises construction units according to the technical
requirements, procedures and rules to ensure the quality of projects. Studying the
document and giving comment, preparing and translating technical document as
per assigned such as: quantity survey (QS), cost estimation and construction
method statement (CMS)
HR– Accounting Department: Carried the related work of human resources
(recruitment, insurance, PIT, compensation) and accounting work ( tax, bank,
support project site for the taxation and related accounting matters).
Business and Project Department: contacting with all related organs and
authorities, local business partner, following and updating the information,
attending meeting, supporting for interpretation and translation, taking minutes of
meeting MOM for timely assigned projects, document work for all projects as
1.2 Internship Description
Business and Project department:
+ Contacting with all related organs: ministry of transportation (MOT),
department of construction (DOC) to get information about project planning and
process, update information, circular, resolution and others to approve projects,
department of industry and trade to update information about tax regulations and
foreigner management.


+ Attending the meeting: with business partner such as: local construction
companies, the employers (project investor), taking note, supporting for
translation and preparation document, meeting agenda. Before that, arranging
meeting, recording and making the minutes of meeting to circulate in office.
+ Administration work: carry logistic for all staff including: hotel booking,
ticketing, and office management (office supplies and logistic works: stationery,
office and car rental, all of copy, scan, printer maintenance, domestic oversea



2.1. Internship description
Working as administration work, support project site office for
establishment including procurement works and handle the incoming and
outgoing letter in business department. During the internship I supported mainly
Ben Luc- Long Thanh Expressay construction project, Package A6, project office
site is located in Dong Nai province.
Current projects – ongoing projects:
Ben Luc – Long Thanh Expressway Construction Project – Package A6.
Project Status: Company has been awarded the project on September 2017 and


contraction on




Currently, Hanshin

Representative Office is in charge for preparation work and set up the project
management office at the site. The Employer is: Vietnam Expressway
Corporation (VEC). Local parent: BMT Joint Stock Company.
Detail works:
I was responsible for contacting partner to make meeting arrangement. It is
connecting to arrange time schedule with partner, draft letter to request meeting
and reply letter to the partner.
I have to check mail every-day to ensure that information was not omitted,
responded in a timely and updated immediately. I am aslo in charge for logistics
works such as: booking round air ticket trip from Hanoi to Hochiminh, searching
and booking hotel (reference: room- type in Aquari hotel at Thi Sach street, Dist.
1 Hochiminh city). Translating document as assignment: I have to translate
incoming and outgoing letter or correspondences and other documents from
English to Vietnamese and vice versa. Printing and binding documents for
manager bring to business trip. Before the meeting, I may draft meeting agenda
as requested by the office and prepared relevant documents. In the meeting I
support my manager by taking note briefing main content outline after that make
meeting minutes of meeting for her reference and then circulate for internal use.
Updating regularly circular, direction, regulation to fill incoming document or


circulate document for internal using. Besides, I also did daily work in the
company such as: answering the phone, receiving the partner, organizing the
document on each project and other works my manager gave me.
2.2. Difficulties and lessons learn
2.2.1. Difficulties
This is Construction Company. Therefore, it has many terminology,
technical word, abbreviate such as: Construction Method Statement (CMS),
Quantity survey (QS) and etc. At the first time, I had much trouble when reading
and writing memo although my manager gave me much support. The first time I
read the contract I cannot understand fully the content because it had many
technical words. I had to contact this every day so the first time is really
difficulties for me. However, after that the manager gave me the list of some
English of special in construction and this helped me a lot in my work.
Meeting Schedule is also one of my difficulties when working at the
Sometimes the business partner changed schedule. As a result, all of plan
for business trip including ticket and hotel need to be changed accordingly in
short- time. Meanwhile seat and room is not available and it needs to be arranged
urgently. I did not have much experience in this problem and did not know solve
in very short time so I needed the support and guidance from my manager.
My biggest difficulty during the internship time is translation and
interpretation skills. Thus I lack of actual experience and knowledge about
construction sector as well as technical words in this sector. Sometimes, it is hard
to catch up the speed and meaning therefore the quality of work not proper.
Moreover this is the first time I have chance to work direct with many foreigners
who come from many countries such as: Japan, China, Korea and so on. They
speak English very fast so it is hard to hear.
2.2.2. Lessons learn
After about one month working as an internship at Hanoi representative
office of Hanshin engineering & construction Co., Ltd, I gained much


Firstly, I achieved the skill how to draft correspondence letter: style,
wording, formality and so on.
Secondly, communication skill is improved very much by contacting to the
business partner and exchange information. I also learned other admin skills such
as: hotel booking, ticketing, and office management (office supplies: stationery,
office rental, all of copy, scan, printer maintenance, domestic oversea postage).
Last but not least I think that my translation and interpretation skill are
improved so much and better than before. Through reading, writing memo,
contract I can have further development my source of vocabulary, improve
reading and writing skills. Speaking and listening skill also is much better caused
I have change to talk and work directly with foreigner every day.

3.1. Using English in business
In recent years, Vietnam’s economy is growing deeper into integration so it
leads to demand for high-quality human resources. We need candidates who are
not only deep understanding but also fluent language. Moreover, the company is
in the field of construction, engineering, trading, importing and distributing
products so it also requires staffs who are good at English. Thus, English has
become a vital part of every sectors, it is the key to open up opportunities in
exploring and exploiting new market for business.
As in international construction company, Hanshin Engineering and
Construction Co.,Ltd uses English the most in technical and business and project
department for every oversea project.
Technical Department: The technicians should be aware of all technique
part in English. They often search and study the technical design for projects,
study company profile of local partner and make the report. They often translate
catalogues and manuals of suppliers into Vietnamese to understand the best about



products such as their functions, specification, operation and etc, as well as
provide Vietnamese profile to partner.
Business and Project Department: English is the main language using for
every transactions with business partners, prepare bidding document, contract
negotiation for all of term and conditions. As international construction company,
Hanshin often participate into the international competitive bidding for Official
Development Assistance (ODA) projects. All the related document is made in
HR- Accounting Department: As the foreign company operating in
Vietnam, they shall follow every regulation and the law on tax, human resource
management. All of the monthly report such as: social insurance report, personal
income tax declaration monthly report to Department of Industrial and Trade, etc
shall be translated into English for reporting and getting approval from Chief
Representative. In addition, Logistics Division also provide logistics services,
therefore, they often communicate with their agents abroad to supply customer’s
information, prices, customs clearance services and etc. Hence, employees of
Logistics Division are very good at English and meet customers’ expectation.
However, they have no maximum exploitation of the potential of staffs in
using English in labor- organization department. Most of staffs are not able to
master specialized English .In fact, they have no capacity to use professional
English of construction sector. A number of senior staff bad at English skills
creating some barriers in transactions with foreigners.
3.2 Some solutions to improve the use of English in the working
They should organize some regular training programs of specialized
English for the entire staffs, especially new staffs in the company. The
departments in company can sum up some documents of specialized words and
different ways of using English to help the successor overcome this barrier more
They should have the rewarding policy, increasing the wages for employees
who have the good qualifications and ability to use English well in the


workplace. This policy is aimed at motivating and encouraging employees to
work and improve professional English. It is important to create more
opportunities for staffs from the departments to interact directly with foreign
clients in the trading activities from many different countries for employees.



Translation of typical terms used in Construction Company.

Hanshin E&C Co.,Ltd considers bringing a more comfortable life to
community as their great mission. Those successes of the Company are
concretized in the number of revenue and benefit as well. Besides numerous
advantages of organizational structure, management and staff qualifications,
capital and market expanding and some other problems remain the big challenges
which require the Company to promptly take proper measures in order to fulfill
business targets.
The report is my record of the overview of Hanshin E&C Co.,Ltd and my
experiences in the company. During one month serving as an intern in the
Business Department of the Company, I had chance to apply knowledge gained
at school to practice and learn more about styles, attitudes, methods of working,
communication in business environment, which help create a more clear
direction for my future career.
One more time, I would love to express my sincere thanks to teachers at
English Department – Vietnam University of Commerce and my manager – Mrs
Quyen at Hanshin E&C Co.,Ltd, who have helped me a lot to accomplish the
Hanoi, January 20th 2018
Đỗ Thị Thu Hương



1. http://eng.hanshinc.com/Main/index.asp

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