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In the context of international integration, Vietnam has entered the period of
renewal. The process of industrialization and modernization is taking place more and

more intensively. International trade becomes one of the economic sectors contributing
to the economic growth of the country. As a result, a large of import-export enterprises
have been established and developed.
Dat Viet import-Export and Investment Joint Stock Company, trade name Vietland
Impex., JSC, which has the strong development in purchasing and exporting
agricultural products, cattle-feeder. The company has proven that it has been able to
create sustainable value for partners and customers basing on their professional on
Being recommended and allowed by English Department – Vietnam University of
Commerce, I have gratefully experienced as an intern in Dat Viet Import-Export and
Investment JSC. After one month (from 02/01/2018 to 26/01/2018), under the valuable
support and instruction of managers and colleges in the company, I was able to apply
the knowledge obtained at university into practice, meanwhile collecting basic

information to complete the internship report.
I would like to express my gratitude towards teachers at English Department –
Vietnam University of Commerce and the whole Board of Directors of the company
for their help and guidance us to complete this internship report. I look forward to
receiving comments and suggestions in order to perfect the paper.
Hanoi, January 27, 2018
Tran Thien Trang

Vietland Impex .,JSC

Dat Viet Import-Export and Investment Joint

Stock Company



Vietnam Dong





Chart 1.1: Organizational structure of the company
Table 3.1: Labor structure by English level
Figure 1.1: Fragrant Rice
Figure 1.2: Rice bowl Brand
Figure 1.3: Golden Buffalo Rice
Figure 1.4: Rice Bran
Figure 1.5: Dried soybean


Formation and development of Vietland Impex., JSC
Introduction of Vietland Impex., JSC
Full name: Dat Viet Import-Export and Investment Joint Stock Company
Headquarter: 20/84 Chua Lang Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi
Telephone: 04 6296 1497
Charter capital: 5,000,000,000 (5 Billion Dong)

Vietland Impex., JSC operates in purchasing and exporting agricultural products. Mr.
Nguyen Duc Thuan is a representative of the company – The Director.

The foundation and development of the company

Vietland Impex., JSC was establish in 2004 in globalization and strong economic
integration of Vietnam into the world. In the context of global on agricultural
commodities between Vietnam and the rest of world as well as trend of agricultural
industrialization, Vietland Impex., JSC was founded with mission to strengthen
connection from domestic agricultural market to worldwide market.
Since 2004, main business area which is the field of exporting rice. The company has
exported rice to some small partners in Philipine. Initially, Vietland Impex., JSC has
run with the low capital in narrow range. However, at the beginning of 2010, the
company extended business market. The company started trading many kinds of
agricultural products such as coffee, cashew, pepper. In addition, the company has
imported cattle-feeder in order to meet the demand of cattle breeding in the domestic
market and exported products to China, Malaysia or The United State.
Vietland Impex., JSC has built a close
relationship and partnership with the number of

agricultural trading groups and manufactures both locally and worldwide. The
company recognized and regraded
it wasDirector
a decisive factor which leading to a

successful company.





Organizational chart of the company

Director: Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuan
Processing Section

Producting section




The information about the internship Department

Import-export Department is responsible for all works related to the issue of export
and import of goods, ensure the input and output for the company. At the same times it
combines with the others departments to carry out the company plans.

The main import-export markets of the company.

During the years of foundation and development, Vietland Impex., JSC has been
continuously making effort its researching and expanding markets in both domestic
and oversea market.
The trading partners are the firms under Ministry of Industry and Trade and other local
Import-Export Enterprises. In international market, the company has a close
relationship with partners in Eastern Europe & the former Soviet Union. In general,
the company has the ability to offer many items for a number of major markets such as
South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia… The outstanding point is that the company would
widen relation with China and The United State. The two markets have much prospect
and the cheap transport expense.
In the relations with partners, the company has always performed the activities in a
spirit of mutual respect, beneficial cooperation and complying with Vietnam law for
the sake of long-term and stable development.

a. Export

Due to the same condition of culture and geography, the company has exported
agricultural products into the countries in Asia: Malaysia, China, Philippines. In recent
years, Philippines is the company’s main market, almost products are exports into this
country, especially the export of rice to this country is increasing.
The company has effort to keep market share stable and find more new partners in
traditional markets. Therefore, the company has kept trying to penetrate and expand
the market to many other countries: Singapore, Korea, Japan.
b. Import

The company mainly operates in the field of exporting agricultural products but also
imports some other products to meet the need in the market such as soybeans, wheat
bran pellet, corn which are mainly from Brazil, Indonesia.
The demand in food to serve for breeding cattle has increased more and more highly,
meanwhile the enterprises in Vietnam has some troubles in investing cattle feed.
Therefore, the company has imported some ingredients such as vitamin, amino acid
and other additives to process food for feeding cattle. Theses ingredients are mainly
form China and Japan.
1.2.2 Main products of Vietland Impex., JSC
a. Rice and other agricultural products
- The kinds of rice:
 Fragrant Rice
 Rice Bowl Brand
 Golden Buffalo Rice
 Vietnam long grain white rice 25%, 10% or 5% broken.


Figure 1.1: Fragrant Rice

Figure 1.2: Rice Bowl Brand

Figure 1.3: Golden Buffalo Rice

 Products are manufactured on selected lines to remove the paddy,

damage grain and yellow seeds to save time for consumers.
 These products are features aroma.


 Export markets: Most Western province and Central provinces.

Exported to South East Asia countries, Middle East and Europe.
 Distributions System: domestic supermarkets & export directly.
- The others agricultural products: coffee, cashew, cassava, soybean, pepper.
b. Foodstuff for cattle
- Wheat Bran Pellet, Rice Bran
- Dried soybean

Figure 1.4: Rice Bran

Figure 1.5: Dried soybean


The market import: Indonesia, India, Ukraine and so on…

 General assessment of the company’ business.
Along with the results of market research and good implementation of business
strategy, Vietland Impex., JSC has developed its strengths and overcome weaknesses.
This will certainly be the premise for the strong development of the company in the
near future.
- Strengths:
 The company constantly innovative to meet the increasing demand of customers, and

using machinery, modern equipment imported from France, Germany, Italy.
 Revenue and profit has increased dramatically over years. This means that the
company puts more effort into business.
 The company recruits qualified employees who always work hard and dedicate with

their whole heart.

- Weaknesses:
 Training human resources has not been profound and it has just been held in short

time. The company could not improve the staff’s weakness.
 Scale if business is small and simple. It is necessary to extend operation and boost the
reputation in the world market.
 The company has not closely controlled quality of products because of the different
sources of products.
c. Opportunities
- Our country’s agricultural products are richly diversified.
- Vietnam agricultural products have the advantage of low price which helps the

company save the money to buy products.
When Vietnam joins WTO that means the agricultural products will opportunities to
penetrate the international market easily, which will help Vietland Impex., JSC expand


The country always has incentive to support the company doing business in exporting

and importing.
d. Threats:
- Having lots of difficulties in competition from other countries like India, Thailand
- The quality of products not yet appreciated, yet to reach the most modern technology

in the world.
The transportation cost is still expensive so the price of products increases. This
reduces the competitiveness of exported product in the global market.

2.1 The task to be performed during the internship.
In the most general terms, the job of an import-export officer is to process the entire
process of importing or exporting a shipment to the company; include specific tasks
such as dealing with partners, ordering, hiring transport vehicles, payments for goods
and carrying out customs procedures to be allowed to export or import goods. During
the internship at Vietland Impex., JSC I was assigned to work as an export sale.
The specific works:


Remember all the items on sale and the nature of each product: Origin, color,


style, usage, packaging, customer service.
Check out the inventory: count the number according to the code, mod in each
department and sum up the total number. Always ensure accuracy and honesty


in checkout.
Research market/ learn market segmentation: Find out what groups of prospects
are likely to become our customers, how to reach them, as well as how to attract


Search for potential customers: List the individuals or groups that are likely to
be able to make a purchase. Quotation and negotiation of prices, negotiation of


purchase contracts, discussion of terms of payment and delivery.
Contact partners: Forward phone calls, email to introduce the company, offer


products/services, find out the needs of customers.
Resolve customer complaints or problems of the customer during the process of


using products.
Submit business reports for superiors.

2.2 The problems and achievements
Sales staff are constantly under pressure form sales, pressure from customers… A
challenging fact for sale person is that he has to demonstrate his ability through
successful business results. Therefore, sales force employees to withstand the high
pressure and the spirit of steel overcome these challenges.
The building relationships with customers accounts for 80% of success. Therefore, the
ability to communicate and negotiate well is indispensable quality and means that it is
not easy. Make sure you have in depth knowledge about products to support when
customers ask. Hard to learn, record, and study the information about the products. It
is necessary to take the time to cultivate the listening skills and capturing the customer
psychology, the ability to speak in public… To make your products more favorable to
customers than the same products in comparison. Please demonstrate for customers to
see, just picking up rice, you can let them know about the plate rate of export
Sales staff must have always confronted with shakes, and sometimes the refusal is the
lack of attitude of sympathy. In the 10 times quotations, only one customer agreed. So,
stay persistent, think optimistically, and try to make the best effort.

In the recent years, Vietnam’s economy has strongly developed and integrated into
global one by joining and implementing trade agreements with the Southeast Asia
countries as well as in the world. So, enterprises require not only high quality human
resources, understanding of specialized affairs but also good foreign languages and
soft skills. Nowadays, English becomes common language in the world. As a result,
English plays an extremely important role in business operations as well as the key in
exploiting new markets and seeking potential investors.
3.1 Using English in Vietland Impex., JSC
Table 1: Labor structure by English level
A: Basic (Primary) level
B: Intermediate level
C: Advanced (Expert) level
H: Higher level

Deputy Director
Technology staff
Account staff
Administrative staff
Import-Export Staff
Other departments
Source: Administrative Department

English level






Vietland Impex., JSC operates mainly in the field of import and export, so English is
widely used in the departments. In order to serve for foreign partnerships, employees
in the company have been trained to negotiate, write emails, communicate and


executive contract transactions… Currently, there are more than half of employees are
able to listen – speak – read and write English fluently.
3.2 Suggested solutions for using English in company
3.2.1 Existing problems in using English
Some old staffs have difficult in learning English or using technology. The do not learn
specific terms so they have difficulties in settling problems. As technology, they can
only type informal contract, they have difficult in typing specific contracts by English.
Only members of import-export department can use English as a native speaker. The
other departments only use English in typing and translating contracts so their
communication skill is not proficient. It is familiar with their degree now that they
have not improved skill or learned more new words.
 The company needs a specific strategy to improve staff’s English

3.2.2 Suggested solutions for using English in business
To improve employees who are good at professional knowledge but lack of English
skills and expand business activities, Vietland Impex., JSC needs to train English skills
and professional knowledge to develop employee’s skills as well as settle
misunderstanding in communication with international partners.

Vietland Impex., JSC should let employees attend English communication course.
Besides, the company encourage them to use English as much as possible to improve


reflectivity skills.
Vietland Impex., JSC should organize examination in special holidays for employees
to communicate with each other by English more and more. The company considers
employees who have basic English but not really good negotiate with customers along


with good experience person to get more experience.
It is necessary to use both English and Vietnamese in business as well as email and


commercial contract
The company can arrange English workshops that are organized by domestic and
foreign groups for all employees them to participate in these activities to develop their

In the basic skills of learning a foreign language, listening comprehension is
considered as one of the hardest skills for students in university and colleges. Based on

the objective of study, through the analysis of the objective and subjective difficulties
of learners, thence we can recognize the real state of this situation and have
appropriate solutions in learning-practice of listening comprehension for students in
next time.
The training of students in communication skills is considered as a fundamental
objective in the process of teaching and leaning English, and listening is paid special
attention because it is input skill. Listening is no longer a passive language skill but he
has become an active role in listening, receiving, processing, understanding the content
and finally responding information.
The process of communication may be interrupted or failed due to poor listening skills.
Therefore, listening comprehension is considered as the basic element in the
4.1 The reality of difficulties in learning and practicing Listening comprehension
Students always hope to listen and remember all information they heard. However, the
lack of identification of the main content as well as the core information in the process
of listening to English is the reason for the weariness even of students, even fear
during lesson.
Because English classes are quite crowded and unequal, both teachers and students are
not native speakers, they do not have much chances to listen real English. Therefore,
students react slowly when placed into specific into specific communication situations.
Some students have passive and dependable attitudes during practicing lesson.
Besides, lack of vocabulary is the biggest obstacle to learning and practicing listening
comprehension. When meeting new words, students often have to stop to think about it
and leave the next information. Pronunciation is also another obstacle. The variation or
combination of syllables when speaking is different than when listening to individual
word, this is the reason while students can’t hear the whole sentences in spite of
understanding each word.
4.2 Solutions.


Learners need to understand the process of listening comprehension. It not only helps
the learner to listen better but also enhance and develops other skills such as speaking
and reading.
Be learners: They should not see tape script before learning. Each student should take
advantage of opportunities at all times to practice listening and improve self-learning.
Be teachers: They should have detail plans for training listening skill from easy to hard
sections. After each semester, the Faculty should examine and evaluate the results
achieved to have changes consistently the ability of student.
Students need to work hard not only on listening skill but also skills such as reading,
speaking, writing in learning English in order to meet the requirements of language
proficiency after graduation to apply to life and work.

While doing the internship and researching about business operation at Vietland
Impex., JSC, the company has offered me opportunities to learn and develop myself in
many areas. I gained a lot of experience, especially in import-export field.
Assignments and activities that I worked are similar to knowledge I learned at school.
That helps me know what is suitable with me to do after graduation.
During one month doing the internship as an intern staff in Import-Export Department,
I possessed the opportunity to apply the knowledge obtained at university into reality
and learn more about styles, attitudes, methods of working, communication in business
environment, generating valuable experiences.
Through my experiences obtained during the one-month internship and my knowledge
background, I conducted this report in order to summarize company’s business
activities and figure out some existing problems at the company. I hope that my
opinions would contribute to the unit’s development in the upcoming time.
Hanoi, January 26, 2018
Tran Thien Trang


I would like to express my gratitude to the following researches for providing
the very useful information sources so that I could complete this study:
1. Report of Administration-Human resource Department in Vietland Impex., JSC
2. Report of Finance Department in Vietland Impex., JSC

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