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Vietnam - a new dragon of the South East Asia is ascending to the enormous
ocean to welcome the waves of investment from all over the world. The country is also
taking this opportunity to prove its potential development to the world wide friends. In
the context, along with the strong development of national economy, there are lots of
marketing companies opened, and occupying important places in the national
Founded in 2014, Bao Lam has attained remarkable achievement and rapidly
possessing a solid position in marketing. Bao Lam gathers creative, dynamic,
ambitious and professional persons who study ceaselessly to enhance the specialism
and knowledge; being facilitated to pursue the professional training courses to
increasingly become more perfect persons.
Being recommended and allowed by English Department – Vietnam University
of Commerce, I have gratefully experienced as an intern in Bao Lam Marketing
Company. After one month (from 02/01/2018 to 26/01/2018), under the valuable
support and instruction of managers and staff in the company, I was able to apply the
knowledge obtained at university into practice, meanwhile gathering basic information
to complete the internship report.
I would like to express my gratitude towards teachers at English Department –
Vietnam University of Commerce as well as managers and staff in Bao Lam have
helped me a lot to fulfill the report. Despite trying my best to fulfill this report, it must
have some mistakes and I look forward to receiving comments and suggestions in
order to perfect the paper.
Hanoi, January 10, 2018
Nguyen Thi Hong



1.1. General introduction about Bao Lam Marketing Company
Bao Lam was established in 2014. With over 3 years of working and developing,
Bao Lam has achieved stable steps and certain results in revenue. Following are some

basic information of the company.

Image 1.1 Logo of Bao Lam Marketing Company

Full name: Bao Lam Marketing Company LTD
Trade name: BL Marketing.,Co Ltd
Time of establishment: 21/05/2014
Business Type: Private business
Representatives: Mr Ta Viet Tho
Headquarter: No. 2, 1/16/10 Alley, Thuy Linh street, Linh Nam Ward, Hoang Mai

district, Hanoi
Tax Code: 0106549512
Tel: 094 388 88 78
Email : thotv@baolammarketing.vn
Website: Baolammarketing.vn
1.1.1. Foundation History
Bao Lam Marketing Company was founded by Mr.Ta Viet Tho, it is private
company and now one of the top marketing companies in the Northern Vietnam in
particular and Vietnam in general with quality and professional services in marketing.
Bao Lam was established in 2014, located in the development area of Hanoi, it is
useful for engaging in transactions or businesses with partners.. The main activities of
company are advertising services, events and trade promotion activities. Besides, the
Company also operates in other areas such as agent, brokerage, auction, wholesale

food, road transport, restaurant and mobile catering services, market research and
opinion poll...
Bao Lam has developed from a small business into a multinational company with
a strong team of professional and exellent staff. The company is committed to provide
the best quality and proffessional services.
1.1.2. Major business areas
The company operates mainly on areas related to services such as promotion of
advertising services, events and trade promotion activities:

Trade promotion activities: one of the main Bao Lam's operation. Bao Lam helps
partners introduce their products or services to comsumers through promotion
activities. Bao Lam always focuses on service quality so there are lots of companies

choose Bao Lam is senior partner.
• Advertising services: is an important area of company, Bao Lam always meet the

needs of domestic and foreign customers.
Events: Bao Lam is always one of the prestige firm of customers. With 3 years of
experience in this field, Bao Lam brings professional events in the North, and
hundreds of successful events for customers. Bao Lam always prioritizes the benefits
that customers will achieve after each event, and all the way create beautiful image in
the heart of each participant.
With the diversity of service types and qualities, the company’s service has
confirmed its own position in the market and in customer’s mind, especially in the
North market. In the previous year, the company also planned to penetrate foreign


1.1.3. Organizational structure

Deputy Director





Diagram 1.1 : The diagram of organizational structure of Bao Lam
Roles and functions of departments in the company:
a. Director
Director is responsible for the entire operation of the company such as:

Building organizational structure, recruiting, managing personnel

Formulating and deploying plans of marketing, sales, customer care

Having responsibility to continue improvement in all aspects of the company in terms
of product quality and operations through training and supervision.

b. HR Management Department.

Frequently inspect staff and timely supplement when necessary

Ensure training staff activities

Assure the payment responsibility for employees, solve problems related to human
resources and regulations of the company

c. Organized labor Department

Give the General Director advice on personnel organization

Balance, recruit and train labors to meet demand as well as condition of company’s
business operation, manage staff’s records

d. Finance – Accounting Department.
• Organize to account the entire production and business process, creating financial

reports, monitoring the fluctuation of assets and asset formation sources

Perform the supervising function by cash on business and production activities of the
company. This is an important tool of economic management of the company.

Give the company leaders advice on finance-account works. Through materials import
and export, gather costs to do accounting reports timely and correctly.

e. Marketing Department

Do Marketing research to find the truth implied by customers

Create the market profile and revenue forecast

Conduct a survey on behaviors of potential customers

Segment markets, target and position brand

Develop products, complete products with all of features that meet the market demand


Sales Deparment
Looking for the Sales Opportunities with the existing and new customers to sell

products and services
• Organization effective presentation to the customers regarding the requested product
and service
• Permanent contacts with the customers to know their needs and requirements
• Identify the target budget for each year with following-up percent of the budget
realization each quarter of year
• Definition Business Opportunities with each customer to be considered in the target

budget or forecast list
Development the rapports with all existing and new customers to know their future
plan as well as co-ordination with Marketing Department to reach the strategic goals
1.2. Overview of Marketing Department
The Marketing Department is the key to good marketing and sales. It promotes
and establishes a business in its niche, based on the products or services the business is
offering. It identifies the areas in which the product fits and where the business should
focus its marketing strategy and, therefore, spend its budget for the maximum
coverage and results.
The Marketing Department has operated since Bao Lam was founded is one of
the strongest department of company. The Marketing Department plays a vital role in
promoting the business and mission of Bao Lam. It serves as the face of company,
coordinating and producing all materials representing the business. It is the Marketing


Department's job to reach out to prospects, customers, investors and the community,
and create an overarching image that represents the company in a positive light.
The duties of Marketing staffs:

Research the products of the company and other competitors.
Research consumer demand for product lines.
Develop market for new product lines under assigned plan
Support marketing activities by editing, formatting, and reporting information and


Develop advertising and public relations plans to achieve communication goals.
Identify market opportunities and gain a better understanding of customer needs.
Use computer database programs to organize and analyze data, which yields insights


on market segments as well as the individual buying habits.
Conduct competitive analysis to compare the company’s solutions to those of other
providers. Along with market research, competitive analysis helps form the basis of the
company’s benefits messages.
All staffs of Marketing Department are graduated from universities at home
and abroad. Besides, there are also seasonal staffs working under short – term
contracts. Staffs of this department are young, almost all are at an average age of under
30 years old. With a professional working style coupled with the youth and creativity,
coming to Bao Lam in genaral and Bao Lam Marketing Department, customers always
get the attentions and dedicated services, are attentive and satisfied with the quality of
products and services of the company.

2.1. Assigned tasks at Bao Lam
After i was accepted as intern at Bao Lam Marketing Company, I was assigned to
the position of marketing department. Everyone there was so friendly and hospitable
and all made me feel so welcome. After an insightful introduction with each one here
in the marketing department, being shown what they did, why they did it, and had a go
at things myself, I was assigned my first task which was writing content for website
and of course english articles and drafting emails for foreign partners. I really enjoyed


this aspect as I felt like I was actually contributing to the marketing team, doing work
that was worthwhile and would be useful to them. I also felt like I was learning things.
The following days, i was assigned to more tasks such as preparing the
statements, typing reports, with staffs in Marketing Department making plans for some
plans next month. Through this first internship, I have done some work, despite of
small work, they are really useful for a senior student like me. The basic knowledge in
the school was put into practice. I had the opportunity to practice some subjects such
as text editing, tranlation...
I have experienced and interesting things I have learnt, I am so grateful to of had
this opportunity. It has definitely helped me to understand what I would ideally like to
focus my career towards after graduating from university, and has also highlighted
what aspects of marketing I will want to focus on when it comes to finding work
placement. I am so glad that I decided to carry out work experience with Bao Lam, as
the working environment has been great. All of the staff here are extremely friendly
and always willing to help me out, most importantly they made me feel like one of the
team rather than just someone who is here for one month! A special appreciation also
needs to be given to my line manager this week Mrs Song, who organised all of my
work and tasks.
2.2. Difficulties and lessons learnt at Bao Lam
2.2.1. Difficulties
Due to the lack of practical knowledge, I faced few difficulties in the internship
period: I did not know how to use office machines such as printers, photocopiers and
fax machines. The practice time was not much, so I did not have specific and deep
knowledge about the work at the marketing department. I felt the pressure to be an
independent and self-sufficient staff. There’s not enough work assigned to me. The
other part of going to work as a real staff made me feel confused in communication.
2.2.2. Lessons learnt
My internship at Bao Lam has taught me more than I could have imagined. As
the Marketing Intern, I feel my duties were diverse, and ever-changing. I feel that i
have learnt here are some of the most beneficial lessons.


Coming into this position, I felt that I had no idea where my career was going
and I lacked confidence about what I could do and what I am really good at. My
internship has definitely given me a better understanding of my skill set and where my
career may take me, but most importantly, I’ve come to learn that I am not alone.
I have always enjoyed writing, and always felt that I was pretty good at it. What
this position taught me is that I really didn’t have the writing skills I thought I had.
Every day i had to write articles for websites or with other staff preparing marketing
reports or writing emails. This position kept me writing something new everyday, and I
can say that my writing has improved drastically.
This was my first position in an office atmosphere. The environment here at
experience is quite relaxed, it taught me how to behave in the workplace. I was not
very good at working with a group before, but when working here, I have been learnt
teamwork skill and especially communicate skill. I have known the way to work hard.
I have known way to manage my time carefully
Now i have known how to write a concise email, answer a telephone, or shake
a hand there is a professional way to do everything. Working in an office environment,
I had the chance to observe how others operate whether it’s communication, behavior,
or office etiquette.

3.1 Evaluating the English use in the company
In recent years, Vietnam’s economy has strongly integrated into global one,
causing increasing demands of high quality human resources that has not only a
thorough understanding of specialized affairs but also good foreign languages and soft
skills. Nowadays, English plays an extremely important role in every enterprise. It
represents a key offering more opportunities to expand business scale, seek more

investors, partners and exploit new markets...from which improve profitability and
production efficiency.
English is known as the most common language in the world and plays an
important role, however, using English effectively is becoming an obsession for
Vietnamese enterprises in general and Bao Lam Marketing Company in particular
when Vietnam is in the process of integration with the global trade.
Bao Lam Marketing Company usually uses English for marketing activities.
However, because marketing activities mainly focus on the domestic market, the use
of English is still in the stage of emails and seaking foreign partners.
3.1.1. Strengths
Performing mainly in trade promotion and marketing sector, Bao Lam marketing
company, in the past year, has started to seak and cooperate with some forgein
partners. Employees of the company are thus trained to negotiate, write emails,
communicate and conduct transactions in English. Currently, more than half of them
are able to fluently communicate and write in English, making cooperation with
foreign partners easier than ever.
Everyday the staff at company regularly support each other in learning English to
improve and raise the level of English.
3.1.2. Limitations
The English proficient staffs of Bao Lam are mostly students from English
Departments of different universities, whose working schedule is unstable. They only
appear in a short time and rarely present in the office. This hinders a lot when there has
sudden work related to English.
The English level among staff has been uneven, causing a big pressure on work
which also causes many difficulties for work. Almost office staffs are only able to read
specialized English but effectively communicate and write in such language.
Many skilled staff pronounce some words wrongly. Many English terms in the
import-export business, transaction, contract negotiation are rather new to the staff
who are not specialized in economics, they also face many difficulties in negotiating
deals with partners or in drawing up the economic texts.


These obstacles have many times caused company not to immediately response
to foreign partners due to the lack of English proficient staff, resulting in decreasing
the unit’s image in the eyes of international friends.
Waste time and money training no English skill staff at work.
3.2. Solutions to improve the English use in the working environment
In the near future, to improve negotiation and communication skills for staff, the
company needs to cooperate with some English centers to design a program for them
to learn English practically through daily typical work situations, supplement exactly
pronunciation and reflection skills in communication. In particular, writing email in
transactions and reports at work is an important point, meet the actual needs of
They need to have some the rewarding policies on increasing the wages for
employees who have the good qualifications and ability to use English well in the
workplace. This policy is aimed at motivating and encouraging employees to work and
improve professional English.
Frequently create more opportunities for staffs from departments to interact
directly with foreign clients in the trading activities in order to improve the reflectivity
of English communication in general and English listening skill in particular from
many different countries for employees.
Besides, the company should also establish a qualified and professional staff to
participate in programs, projects and international forums.

The key business target of Bao Lam Marketing Company is bringing high-quality
services to customers. Training managers and technical staffs who are competent,
professional, dynamic, creative and highly adaptable is the key for Bao Lam to
accomplish the goal of becoming a strong wine producer with adequate capital
capabilities, human resources and technologies to diversify the business activities.

During one month doing the internship as an marketing staff at Bao Lam, I
possessed the a opportunity to apply the knowledge obtained at university into reality
and learn more about styles, attitudes, methods of working, communication in business
environment, generating valuable experiences that helps me give out the clear
direction for my future career.
With my experiences obtained during the one-month internship and my
knowledge background, I conducted this report in order to figure out some existing
problems at the company. I do hope that it would contribute to the unit’s development
in the upcoming time.
I would love to give my sincere thanks to all managers and staff at Bao Lam
Marketing Company for assisting me to accomplish this report.
Hanoi, January 10, 2018
Nguyen Thi Hong



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