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I. Choose the best answer for each question.
1. The couple _____ divorce was on TV has got remarried.
A. who

B. whose

C. which

D. people’s

2. Many, but not all, people ____ get married in a church.
A. want to

B. are wanting to

C. wanting to

D. used to want

3. We saw that film ____ 7.00 p.m ____ Saturday.

A. on - from

B. in - at

C. at - at

D. at - on

4. My sister _________ .
A. is ten.

B. is ten years

C. has ten years.

D. being ten years.

5. He ____ off his holiday until after the winter.
A. took

B. put

C. called

D. logged

6. I’m taxi _______ driver.
A. any

B. an

C. a

D. the

7. Trinh got wet _______ she had no umbrella when going out in the rain.
A. so

B. because

C. and

D. therefore

8. The man _____ is standing near the window is my brother.
A. who

B. which

C. where


9. What was _______ music you were playing when we came in?
A. a

B. an

D. Ø

C. the

10. Anna ______ in a bank.
A. work

B. works

C. is work

D. working

11. They ______ their cousin since he left the city.
A. met

B. meet

C. meeting

D. haven’t met

12. That villa ________ in 1970.
A. built

B. builds

C. was built

D. is built

13. He asked me ________ at Chemistry.
A. if I was good

B. if was I good

C. if I good

D. if I am good

14. I enjoy ________ because I like laughing.
A. love stories

B. comedies

C. action films

D. science fiction films

15. I _______ to Italy for my holiday last year.
A. went

B. go

C. was

D. were

16. If people _______ their passport, they will be in trouble.

A. lost

B. lose

C. would lose

D. losing

17. Jeff and Nancy ________ to watch a film tonight.
A. are going

B. is going

C. going

D. are

18. The baby boy saw ___________ in the mirror and started to cry.
A. itself

B. herself

C. himself

D. yourself

19. What’s the name of the woman _______ gave you a gift?
A. he

B. which

C. who

D. whose

20. ________ was a strong wind last night.
A. These

B. There

C. Here

D. This

21. _______ anything next Friday?
A. Do you

B. Do you do

C. Did you

D. Are you doing

22. What ______ the food like at the party last night?
A. did

B. had



D. were

23. The librarian asked students ________ so much noise in the reading room.
A. not to make

B. no make

C. not making

D. don’t make

24. ______ to go for a pizza this evening?
A. Do you like

B. What do you want

C. How about

D. Would you like

25. "Thank you very much indeed." "_______________"
A. very well.

B. Please.

C. Why not.

D. Don’t mention it.

26. Sorry, I haven’t got _______ coffee. Is tea OK?
A. some

B. any

C. many

D. a

27. If you want to get fit, you ________ do more sport.
A. will

B. would

C. should

D. have

28. My family has lived in this house ______ fifteen years.
A. ago

B. for

C. since

D. already

29. I think the government should do something to help ______.
A. the poors

B. the poor ones

C. poor

D. the poor

30. When I looked round the door, the child _______ quietly.
A. is sleeping

B. was sleeping

C. slept

D. were sleeping

31. This kind of food is the worst I _______ tasted.
A. had never

B. have ever

C. did

D. had

32. I haven’t received any letters from him since I ______ here.
A. came

B. come

C. coming

33. It is impossible for us _______ in all this noise.

D. comes

A. work

B. to work

C. working

D. worked

34. They asked Ngan a lot of questions, most of _______ she couldn’t answer well.
A. whom

B. whose

C. which

D. that

35. Several people didn’t like the club _________ the poor quality of its service.
A. so

B. however

C. because of

D. because

36. If the man had a map now, he _______ a short-cut across the desert.
A. could have taken

B. take

C. could take

D. can take

37. Mr. Nguyen is very busy. _______, he is always willing to give a hand with the
A. Despite

B. Although

C. However

D. Therefore

38. I see this detailed map is ________ the atlas.
A. more useful

B. more useful than

C. more useful as

D. usefuler than

39. If I __________ you, I’d take some rest before the important exam tomorrow.
A. was

B. are

C. were

D. would be

40. My brother often uses his goods as ______ as he can.
A. Economic

B. economically

C. economical

D. economics

41. It was ___________ hot day that most of them decided to leave work early.
A. such

B. so

C. so a

D. such a

42. Ngoc: “ _______ ?” - Tom: “He’s tall and thin with blue eyes.
A. How is Mr. Nguyen doing

C. What does Mr. Nguyen look like

B. What does Mr. Nguyen like

D. Who does Mr. Nguyen look like

43. John F. Kennedy wouldn’t have died in 1963 if he ______ to Dallas.
A. didn’t go

B. wouldn’t go

C. hadn’t gone

D. not go

44. In England people usually ________ hands when they first meet.
A. give

B. shake

C. take

D. put

45. One of the students in our class _____ sick today.
A. were

B. was

C. have been

D. are

46. Trang and Hoa took these photographs _______.
A. themselves

B. herself

C. himself

D. ourselves

47. Betty is _________ than Jane .
A. taller

B. the tallest

C. as tall

D. not as tall

48. Hurry up or we’ll _______ our train!
A. lose

B. fail

C. catch

49. Jane is the _________ girl in her class.

D. miss

A. richer

B. more popular

C. worse

D. happiest

50. I like ______ weather in Florida in ________ March.
A. Ø / Ø

B. the / Ø

C. a / the

D. the / a

51. John failed _________ .
A. because he did not study hard

C. due to study hard

B. since he stopped to study hard

D. because of he did not study hard

52._______ Tom broke the window, he did not feel guilty about it
A. Although

B. Because

C. Despite

D. In spite of

53. She likes reading ____ books, collecting _____ stamps and going to ___ cinema
A. The / Ø / Ø

B. Ø / Ø / the

C. Ø / the / Ø

D. Ø /the / Ø

54. The Sun ___________ us heat and light.
A. will give

B. is giving

C. gives

D. has given

55. Many types of watches __________ in Switzerland.
A. are made

B. made

C. are making

D. is made

56. What _______ when the accident ______?
A. have you been doing / occurs

C. will be doing / has occurred

B. are you doing / will occur

D. were you doing / occurred

57. Look! Mary ______ a beautiful new dress. She _______ so pretty in the dress.
A. was wearing / looked

C. has been wearing / is looking

B. wears / has looked

D. is wearing / looks

58. Before we ____ a computer, we ______ that typewriter to type our assignments.
A. bought / have used

C. buy / have used

B. are buying / use

D. bought / had used

59. Philip ______ going for a swim.
A. offered

B. suggested

C. invited

D. asked

60. Barbara told me she _______ to Poland the following year.
A. will return

B. would return

C. has returned

D. had returned

61. John asked me ________ in English?
A. what does this word mean
B. what that word means
C. what did this word mean
D. what that word meant
62. “Would you mind spelling your surname?” “ __________________ .”
A. No, not at all.

B. You’re quite right.

C. No, of course.

D. Never mind.

63. They congratulated her _________________ doing so well in her exams.
A. on

B. for

D. in

______________ you hurry, you won’t catch the train.

A. Unless

C. of

B. Except

C. If

D. As

I’m afraid I’ll never understand my children. The generation _______ is

A. gap

B. conflict

C. hole

D. size

66. Latin ________ compulsory in Irish schools.
A. used to be

B. would be

C. has

D. has been

67. More and more people ____ divorced every year.
A. are wanting

B. wanting

C. getting

D.are getting

68. ________ do you meet each other? - Once or twice a month.
A. How far

B. How long

C. How often

D. How much

69. This restaurant is ____ the one over there.
A. Traditional

B. traditionaler

C. more traditional than

D. traditionaler than

70. My coffee was ____ yours. I almost burned by mouth.
A. hotter than

B. more hot than

C. hotter as

D.as hot

71. The film Avatar was directed ____ James Cameron.
A. by

B. from

C. for

D. with

72. I am very ___ in old cars.
A. keen


C. interested

D. fond

73. Stress is not an illness, but it can ___ to many illnesses.
A. get

B. celebrate

C. contribute

D. affect

74. There is a red car in the street. _____ car belongs to my friend.
A. The

B. A

C. Some

D. Any

75. There aren’t _______ new houses in that street.
A. many

B. much

C. some

D. a lot

76. I usually go to work ________ train.
A. on

B. with

C. by

D. in

77. Alex loves giving presents. He’s very ________ .
A. selfish

B. shy

C. lazy

D. generous

78. I was _______ tired last night that I fell asleep on the sofa.
A. very

B. too

C. so

D. such

79. There was a nice meal and a band at the wedding ____ .

A. ceremony

B. reception

C. speech

D. group

80. It’s difficult to ________ a living with a part-time job.
A. get

B. make

C. work

D. do

81. Paris is _________ the Eiffel Tower.
A. famous for

B. impressed by

C. fascinated by

D. excited about

82. If you don’t know the meaning of a word, you can ______ in a dictionary.
A. get it out

B. point it out

C. look it up

D. come up with it

83. Could you _____ me a favour please?
A. do

B. make

C. give

D. help

84. I’m trying to _______ money to buy a new car.
A. save

B. waste

C. spend

D. lend

85. I _______ my driving test last week, so now I’ll have to take it again.
A. passed

B. took

C. failed

D. got

86. How much time do you ________ doing your English homework?
A. work

B. give

C. make

D. spend

87. _________ a bus stop near my apartment.
A. It’s

B. Here’s

C. There’s

D. These’s

88. I can’t hear you – It’s ___________ noisy in here.
A. too

B. much

C. too much

D. too many

89. Many companies are expected _______ out of business during the recession.
A. they will go

B. going

C. that they go

D. to go

90. Where did you go ____________ holiday last year?
A. for

B. on

C. to

D. in

91. Make sure you’ve had all the necessary injections before going into the jungle,
_____ you’ll risk catching tropical diseases.
A. in case

B. otherwise

C. providing

D. unless

92. Quite ______ , I think the performance was the worst I’ve ever seen.
A. Clearly

B. honestly

C. plainly

D. openly

93. The taxi managed to arrive on time, _________ the traffic was very heavy.
A. despite

B. whereas

C. although

D. even

94. These city girls are used_____ in the field.
A. to work

B. used to lie

C. would like

D. to working

95. Newton__________ scientific books when a boy.
A. used to read

B. has read

C. had read

D. had been reading

96. Jack Reid won the award for best actor, _______ came as a surprise to many.
A. who

B. that

C. what

D. which

97. As soon as I ________ this book, I’ll help you clean the car.
A. have finished

B. will have finished

C. am going to finish

D. will finish

98. The Prime Minister is going to _________ a meeting this afternoon.
A. get

B. hold

C. take

D. do

99. The teacher advised his students _____ that book carefully because it ____
good for ______.
A. to read / was / them

C. that reading / be / us

B. read / is / him

D. to read / was / you


John asked me ________ interested in football.

A. if I were

B. if were I

C. if was I

D. if I was

Mr.Nelson had _____ he had to borrow me $5 for lunch.

A. so money that

C. such little money that

B. so little money that

D. such money that


Why didn’t she let _____________________ ?

A. them go

B. them to go

C. to go them

D. go to them

___________ worries me about society today is how completely we have

come to depend on technology.
A. That

B. What

D. Why

You should keep the milk in the refrigerator ______ it doesn’t not go to bad.

A. as

C. Which

B. so

C. so as to

D. so that

“Are you ready to order?”
“Not yet – I’m still looking at the ______________ .”

A. bill

B. menu

C. service

D. card

Carl’s very _____________ . He’s never late, and he never forgets to do

A. reliable

B. patient

C. strict

D. lazy

She was _________ I could not help looking at her.

A. very beautiful that

C. so a beautiful girl that

B. such beautiful that

D. so beautiful that


I fixed it ______ everybody could use it.

A. in order that

B. in order to

C. so as to

D. to

Her horse is lovely. She _____ it since she was a teenager.

A. had

B. has had

C. had

D. is had

I’ve received 33 emails ___________.

A. on Friday

B. yesterday

C. two days ago

D. this week

II. Rewrite each sentence, beginning as shown, so that the meaning stays the
1. Tom didn’t take his doctor’s advice and now he is ill.
If Tom _____________________________________________________________
2. Don’t speak Polish.
The teacher told the students ___________________________________________
3. People say he has been married four times.
He is ______________________________________________________________
4. Let’s try that new Chinese restaurant in Bond Street.
Why _______________________________________________________________
5. They are building a new cinema in our town.
A new cinema _______________________________________________________
6. Why don't you learn a musical instrument?
If I were you, ________________________________________________________
7. My course is harder than I expected.
My course isn't as ____________________________________________________
8. Restaurant Nicole opened five years ago.
Restaurant Nicole has _________________________________________________
9. She said to me, “If I were you, I wouldn’t tell her about this.”
She told me that ______________________________________________________
10. “Do you enjoy listening to music?” Bin asked her.

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