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Welcome to our class

Game: Hidden doors

The hidden doors are opened one by one.
The student who can describe the problems in the pictures first will be the

People cut down forest/Deforestation

CO2 emissions from vehicles

CO2 emissions from factories and power plants

Dumping rubbish/ Water


1. How often do you see these problems?
2. What do these actions lead to?
 They lead to global warming.
3. Do you think that humans are responsible for global warming?

Lesson 2. Reading
Global warming is real

Activity 1. Match the words with their meaning.


1. Catastrophic (adj)

a. all living creatures and plants in a certain area and the relationships between them

2. Famine (n)

b. the mixture of gases surrounding the Earth

3. Absorb (v)

c. the fact of having many different types of people, animals, plants or things

4. Capture (v)

d. take in ( gas, liquid, heat )from the space of surface around

5. Atmosphere (n)

e. catch and keep something/ someone in a place

6. Ecosystem (n)

f. when a lot of people do not have enough food and many die

7. Diversity (n)

g. disastrous

1. Catastrophic

/ˌkætəˈstrɒfɪk/ (adj) : Thảm khốc

2. Famine

/ˈfæmɪn/ (n): Nạn đói

3. Absorb

/əbˈzɔːb/ (v): Hấp thụ

4. Atmosphere

/'ætməsfiə/ (n): Thoát ra

5. Capture

/ˈkæptʃə(r)/ (v): Đuổi, bắt

6. Ecosystem

/ˈiːkəʊsɪstəm/ (n): Hệ sinh thái

7. Diversity

/daɪˈvɜːsəti/ (n): Sự đa dạng

Activity 2: Select the statement that expresses its main idea.

A. Global warming is the rise in the world’s temperature.
B. Global warming leads to the extinction of millions of species in the world.
C. Global warming is mainly caused by humans and has negative impacts on people’s lives.
People have to work together to reduce the risks of global warming.

Activity 3: Answer the questions.

1. Who is mainly responsible for global warming?
 Humans/People/We are responsible. 
2. What happens when coal is burnt to make electricity?
 It releases a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
3. How does deforestation contribute to global warming?


 Deforestation disrupts the process of absorbing and capturing CO  from the atmosphere, which causes the world’s temperature to rise.

4. What could happen to people when sea levels rise?
 They could lose their homes.
5. How can high temperatures affect crops?
 They can reduce crop harvests globally.
6. Why is widespread loss of species a matter of great concern.
 Because humans cannot exist without species diversity on Earth.

Activity 4: Discuss with a partner.

1. Which of the effects of global warming do you think is the most serious?

2. What do you think we should do to reduce the risks caused by global warming?

Suggested answer

Turn off lights when not in


We should

Put rubbish into bins


Use public transports

- Learn all the new vocabulary by heart.

- Prepare for the next lesson “Speaking”

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