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Enghlish 11 UNIT 2 LISTENING

Welcome to our class

Watch a video clip and answer the questions

1. Have you ever faced break –ups as the girl in the video?
2. What should teenagers do when they face problems in love?
3. What do you think parents should do to help in this situation?
 Let’s

listen to a psychologist giving some advice on what parents and teenagers should do when teenagers have

problems in their romantic relationship.

Task 1. Ask and answer the question in pairs.

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, will you tell your
parents about it?



Guest speaker (n)

Psychologist /sai'kɒlədʒist/ (n)

Oppose (v) /əˈpoʊz/

Break-up (n)

Respectful /ri'spektfl/ (adj)

Guest speaker (n):

Khách mời

Psychologist /sai'kɒlədʒist/ (n):
Oppose (v) /əˈpoʊz/:
Break-up (n):

Nhà tâm lý học

Phản đối

Sự đổ vỡ, chia tay

Respectful /ri'spektfl/ (adj):

Biết tôn trọng

Task 2. Listen to the talk
show with host Vicky
Holmes and guest speaker
Dr Dawson. Choose the best
answer to complete each

Task 2. Listen to the talk show. Choose the best answer to complete each
1. From __________ years of age, many teenagers spend a lot of time thinking or
talking about being in a relationship.
A. 10 to 12

B. 13 to 14

C. 15 to 19

2. Young people may feel more _______ to talk about their relationships in the future
if they openly discuss feelings and friendships with their parents.
A. Enthusiastic

B. confident

C. upset

3. Most parents are willing to _________. 
A. talk to a psychologist
B. talk about romantic relationships
C. lend a sympathetic ear to their children
4. Dr Dawson`s last advice to teenagers is that they should _______.
A. respect their parents’ views
B. be friends with their parents
C. not get too anxious about break-ups

Task 3. Listen again and answer the questions.
1. What is the main topic of the talk show?
 The talk show is about how teenagers and their parents deal with problems.
2. What do teenagers need to do to prepare for becoming adults?
 The need to learn to form safe and healthy relationships with other people (friends, parents, teachers and romantic
3. According to Dr Dawson, what should parents do when their children experience break-ups in their relationship?
 Parents should offer a shoulder lor their children to cry on and listen to them.
4. Should parents strongly oppose their children’s romantic relationships?
 Because their strong opposition will make their children stop talking about their feelings.

Task 4. In your opinion, should high school students have a romantic relationship? Why
or Why not? Work in pairs.

What do you do if the only one who can make you stop crying is the one who is
making you cry?

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