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Enghlish 11 GROUP 4 a4


Group 4

The members in my group:
Kim Quyen
Thuy Trang
Thuy Vi
Minh Tan
Quoc Kiet
Thu Phuong
Hong Thuy
Ngoc Quy
Hoang Loc

Today, we are going to present about one of member
states in Asean.
And that country is Singapore.

Where is Singapore and the location of Singapore on the world map?

-Lot of people heard about this country but don’t
really known about Singapore location and some
even has a wrong perception that Singapore is in
-Singapore or Singapura is a city as well as a
country in South east Asia, is a little red dot , a
small island located just off the Southern tip of
peninsular .
Singapore is so small that we have no capital .

Below is a picture of the national flag of Singapore and the symbol of this country

How big is Singapore ? And where are interesting places to travel ?

Singapore has a size of around 721.5
square kilometers areas. It has about 62
off shore island and some of bigger and
popular islands that you can visit

What is population of Singapore ?

Singapore has a population of about 5-6 millions.
Despite its small size , Singapore is seen as a multiracial country with the largest group is Chinese who
made up 75% of the population. The rest of the
population of Singapore is made up of Malay(14%),
Indians(9%) and Eurasians (2%), Singapore target to
growth Singapore population to 6.9 million in year

Singapore language
You may wonder what language is spoken in Singapore?
Singapore has 4 major languages namely English, Chinese, Tamil

and Malay. Singapore national language is Malay nut English is
shill a common language used in Singapore to communicate
between different races of administration English is being
thought as a first language at school and mother tongue as a
second language. Most of the people in Singapore speak fluent
language. At time, you’’ll hear some Singlish too. Singlish is
mixture of English, Malay thokien

The economy of Singapore is highly developed. Free
market economy. Singapore economy has been
ranked as the most open in the world, 3



corrupt most pro-business, with low tax rates(14,2%)
of gross domestic product (GDP) and has the third
highest per-capita GDP in the world in terms of
purchasing. Power parity(PPP). APEC is head
quartered in Singapore

The culture
The culture of Singapore is a combination of Asian and European Cultures.
Influences by Malay , South Asian, East Asian . And Eurasian cultures, Singapore has been
clubbed as a country. Where “ East meets west “ , ‘ easy Asian “ and garden city
Religion: religion in Singapore is characterized by a diversity of religions beliefs and
practices due to its diverse ethnic mix of people originating from various countries

When it comes to the most popular sports played nationally .
Basketball is deemed as one of the answer. Sectors, such as
the basketball association of SGP and the active SG
basketball academy have been every keen on promoting the
sport throughout the mainland. Their efforts have trained
notable players, regardless. Singapore basketball players have
gained awards as they represented the country during
overseas games

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