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English 10 unit 08 new ways to learn lesson 2 reading

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-Have 5 pictures
-Guess what is it?

Unit 8: New ways to

Reading: Digital English

Task 1: Answer the questions

sự chỉ dẫn
Instruction /ɪn'strʌkʃn/ (n):

Effective /'ifektiv/ (adj)Có hiệu quả

Laptop is an effective tool to learn

Voice recognition /vɔis ,rekəg'niʃn/

Thiết bị nhận dạng giọng nói

Portable /'pɔ:təbl/
Dễ dàng mang theo

Media player /'mi:diə 'pleiə(r)/

Thiết bị đa phương tiện

Application (app) /,æpli'keiʃn/

Ứng dụng

Digital /'diʤitl/ kỹ thuật số

instruction: /ɪn'strʌkʃn/ (n): chỉ dẫn
effective /'ifektiv/ (adj) : có hiệu quả
voice recognition /vɔis ,rekəg'niʃn/ (np): nhận dạng giọng nói
portable /'pɔ:təbl/ (adj): dễ dàng mang theo
media player /'mi:diə 'pleiə(r)/ (np): đa phương tiện
application (app) /,æpli'keiʃn/ (n): ứng dụng
digital /'diʤitl/ (adj): kỹ thuật số

Task 2: Match each of the words or

phrases with its meaning.
1. Instruction

2. Effective
3. Voice

4. Portable
5. Media


a. The ability of a divice or programme to
understand a human voice
b. A software progamme designed to do a
particular job
c. Detailed information on how to do or use
d. Producing a successful result
e. Easy to carry or to move
f. A device that stores and plays sound

Task 3: Quickly read the text.
Choose the best title for it.

A. Advanced electronic devices
B. New ways to learn English
C. Software programmes

Task 4: Read the text again. Answer the following
1. How convenient are digital lessons?

We can download them on mobile devices and
study anywhere.
2. What can you do with speaking electronic dictionaries?

We can see words on the screen and hear them spoken.

3. How can software help improve your pronunciation?
We can choose to practice with native English speakers of
different accents and general.
4. How can English learners use mobile devices as recorders or cameras?
They can use them to record real-life English speeches, lessons,
songs or English language films from television or Internet.
5. Why do you do need to choose a device that suits your learning style?
Because it will make learning English easier, faster, more effective and
more enjoyable.

Task 5: If you have some modern devices, how
can you use them for learning English effectively?

look up dictionary, watch English videos,
download materials,….

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