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English 10 unit 6 gender equality lesson 04 speaking

Equal job opportunities

Activity 1:
Read the following phrases and sentences. Write A if it expresses an agreement and write D if it expresses a disagreement. Add
two more expression/ sentences.


D I don’t think that…..


I agree (that …).


A Yes, but … .

That’s true.


I guess so.


A Actually, I think … .

Activity 2: Expresses an agreement and disagreement.




1. Men are better athletes than women.




2. A woman's natural role is to be a caregiver.




3. Men are traditional decision-makers and breadwinners.




4. Women are more hard-working than men.




5. Women are more talkative than men.




6. Men are not as good with children as women.




Useful Expressions



That’s a good idea.


I don’t think that …


That sounds interesting, but I think …


I’m sorry, I can’t agree with that.

Yes, I think so.


That’s what I think.


You’re absolutely right.


So do I. / I do, too.


Well, that’s true, but …


Neither do I / I don’t either.


You have a point, but …


I really can’t agree with you.

Activity 3: Fill in the blanks with the sentences given.
I think married women shouldn't go to work.

They have to do housework and take care of everyone in the family.

I agree with you.

Their husbands should share household chores with them.

They can meet other people.

A: In my opinion, married women should pursue a career.
B: (1)

? If they have a job, they can support their families and be financially independent from their husbands.

A: You're right. Staying at home all day is boring. (2)

If they go to work, ?

C: You two may be right, but I don't agree with you. (3)


B: Why do you think so?
C: Women already have a lot of traditional roles at home. (4)

? If they go to work, they will be tired. Besides, it can be very stressful at

work these days. This isn't good for their health, right?
A: That sounds reasonable.
B: But I still believe women should go to work. (5)


Activity 4: Discussion
Discuss saying whether they agree or disagree with the statement
“Married women should not pursue a career.”

A: I think married women should not pursue a career.
B: I agree. I believe they should stay at home, doing housework and looking after their husbands and children.
C: Actually, I think they should continue pursuing a career. It is boring and tiring doing housework.

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