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English 9 unit 6communication

Our neighbourhood was over twenty years ago.

Our neighbourhood is at the moment.

Talk about recent changes in our neighbourhood.


Our neighbourhood has dramatically changed for 10 years.
Before there was mostly agricultural production, but there is
more industrial production now…

suffer: experience something unpleasant, such as injury,
defeat, or loss
exporter: a person, company, or country that sells goods to
another country
illiteracy: inability to read and write

mushrooming: a metaphor verb showing something that grows
or develops fast in terms of number and speed

1. Read the posts on Viet
Travel Forum (VTF) from
people who visited Viet
Nam a long time ago.

3. Work in groups. Use the
suggestions in the table to
write as many posts as
possible about the recent
changes in Viet Nam that
you have heard of or read
about. Remember to use
adjectives or adverbs to
modify the changes.
Which of the changes do you
think are the most beneficial?
I think there have been considerable
changes in the way people work in
our country for over ten years. There
is more technology and equipment
than before in our country…

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