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English 8 unit 02 life in the countryside lesson 4 communication ppsx

Friday, April 24, 2020

Complete the sentences with comparative
forms of the adverbs in brackets
1. Farmers collect fruit _______than
others. (fast)
2. That young nomad herds his livestock _______
than his father. (well)
quickly than
3. City children seem to react more
those in the countryside. (quickly)
4. After the summer holiday in a remote area, Jim
harder (hard)
studies ________.
5. My cousin painted his own roommore skillfully
_____________ than I did. (skillfully)

- disturb (v)

- quấy rầy

- beehive (n)

- tổ ong

- experience (n)

- việc từng trãi

- home-made product (n) - sản phẩm làm ở nhà
- dig (v)

- Đào

- hole (n)

- cái hố

Checking vocabulary:
- disturb (v)

- quấy rầy

- beehive (n)

- tổ ong

- experience (n)

- việc từng trãi

- home-made product


- sản phẩm làm ở nhà

- dig (v)
- hole (n)

- Đào
- cái hố

1. Read the posts on ‘Holidays in the
- There was so much space! We could run
around the fields and shout out loud without
disturbing anybody. (Dennis from London)
- Swimming in the river, picking blackberries,
collecting honey from beehives ... I have never
had a more interesting vacation. (Julie from
- No running water. No electricity. And the only
entertainment centre is miles away. Can’t stay
here any longer! (Phirun from Phnom Penh)

- I love the vast open spaces, the fresh air and the
feeling of freedom in the countryside. They are
experiences I can never have in Seoul. (Yumi
from Seoul)
- I don’t mind visiting those street markets where
the locals sell their home-made products.
However, city life is more exciting. (Emi from
- Last week I went on a trip to the countryside and
had my first experience of farm work: digging
holes, planting vegetables and collecting
tomatoes. Unforgettable! (Lan from Ha Noi)
- Country life doesn’t excite me at all. So boring

2. What are the attitudes of these people
towards their experiences? Tick () the
appropriate box.

Positive Neutral Negative

Julie from Paris

Phirun from Phnom

Dennis from London

Yumi from Seoul
Emi from Tokyo
Lan from Ha Noi
Bob from Hong Kong

3. Work in groups. Reply to the posts in 1. Write
down your replies.
@ Bob: In my opinion, the countryside has
benefits that a boring person would never
Helen from Devonshire
@ Bob: I think this is one of the reasons for
Vu from Da Nang

Suggested more replies
@ Phirun: I think you should enjoy the fresh air and
the simple lifestyle in the countryside instead of
complaining. It is also a unique experience.
@ Julie: Wow! I wish I can experience such an
amazing summer vacation like you did.
@ Dennis: You must be in the countryside, there is
no place like this in a city.
@ Emi: I totally agree with you. Life in the city is
more convenient and suitable for youngsters like
@ Lan: Wow! It sounds really interesting! Where did

- Read the posts on ‘Holidays in the
Countryside’ again. +Learn by heart
all the new words and reply to the
posts, write down your replies in
your notebook.
- Do exercises D 1, 2 in workbook
(page 13-15)
- Prepare for Unit 2: Skill 1

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