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picture of screen covering mc

Coating purposes:
The secondary machine is designed for the flat screen covering needs of the nondeformable substrate.,

Its coating process, print head, sliding frame, control drive and other key institutions,
Adopt imported components, the performance of the whole machine is stable and
reliable, and the speed can be adjusted independently.。

This machine is equipped with vacuum suction and automatic off-grid, especially suitable for coating.
Thin film, nameplate, circuit board and paperboard.

Technical parameter
Table area(mm)
Coating area(mm)
Frame outer diameter
speed (time / hour)
Air source pressure(kg/cm

Power 380V
Dimensions mm)


Three-phase four-wire


Working conditions of flatbed presses
1, the ambient light should not exceed 3000Lx
2, the surrounding medium temperature is not higher than +40 ° C and not lower than -20 °
3, the relative humidity of the air is not more than 85% (the medium temperature is 20 +
5 ° C)
4, where there is no conductive dust
5, no explosion hazard environment
6, does not contain gases and vapor flow environment that can corrode metals and
7, three-phase four-wire 380V.50Hz.3KW power and 5-7kg/cm, 200L/min compression
Place of supply of air source
Machine installation and connection
1. After unpacking, check whether there is any damage outside the machine, and
List of accessories "Check if the items are complete. If any damage is found and accessories are found
If you have lost or not ready, you should contact the local business office or call the

company immediately.。
2, power connection:
Note: Before operating this machine, check the power line voltage, it must be used with the machine.
The line power supply voltage is the same, otherwise the machine may be
seriously damaged and the rotation direction is twice. Change the above
point to the most stable andcorrect direction.

Electrical control system The basic working principle of electrical and pneumatic components used by our factory
A, electrical operation panel (above) 1, power supply: usually the domestic power supply voltage is three-phase power, the voltage of each phase is 380V, the power
supply has a call
1, the power switch: turn on the control loop power supply Zero line, the machine of our factory must be connected to the zero line, the voltage of the three-phase
power to a pair of zero line is 220V,
2, suction switch: start platform suction motor This user's zero line must go with the three-phase power, (that is, together with the same leakage switch), can not
3. When adjusting the overprint alignment, long suction can fix the workpiece and then resume coating. Pull a zero line.
4, coating - down button This button is used when adjusting the installation screen manual, only the coating lever arm 2, gas source: the air pressure of the general
air compressor is 5kg/cm2-8kg/cm2 (also expressed by MP),
Up and down action. The greater the air pressure applied to the cylinder, the greater the output, the instability of such equipment, so the equipment is self-contained
5, work is completed by pressing the plate change button to enhance the print head, easy to remove the screen. A voltage regulator is provided, which is stable at
5kg/cm2. When the machine is adjusted, the user's air source must be checked at 5kg/cm2 or above.
6. At the beginning of the work, the test blade prints the pressure and then resumes the coating state. Not enough air compressor automatic switch is adjusted to
7, coating mode setting button: set coating back to ink stop, post-press stop operation mode. 3, electrical components
8, counting the key. A. Contactor: After the power is applied to the coil, the motor is turned on and the motor is turned on.
9, press the automatic and 11 to start automatic coating. B. Air switch and thermal relay: serially connected to the electrical circuit, when the electrical appliance is

overloaded, it is automatically disconnected.
10. Count clear button, the count is reset and the count value is cleared every time the power is turned on. power supply.
11, automatic timing setting button, used to set the automatic working mode after a cycle cycle C. regulated power supply: connected with a phase line and a neutral
line (ie 220v) output DC 24v, supply master
The machine returns to the origin stop time. Plate, proximity switch, solenoid valve, clutch brake.
13.14. Jog during the adjustment work can move the scraper left and right. D. Proximity switch (inductive switch): Generally four per machine, respectively detecting
the stop position of the machine (on.
Pneumatic control system. Left and right four-point position), supply the main board position signal.
A. Pneumatic control operation diagram (below) E. Main control circuit board: It has programmed the internal motion program, people control its buttons, foot
17. The print head raises the speed limiter. 20 coating knife down speed limiter. Safety switch, and accept the signal from the sensor switch, then it outputs the action
signal, respectively control
18. Print head lowering speed limiter. 21. Ink knife lift speed limit valve. Inverter (drive left and right coating), pneumatic solenoid valve (drive cylinder action),
clutch brake
19. Print knife lift speed limit valve. 22. Rewinding knife lowering speed limit valve. (Drive the reducer up and down) to complete all actions

F. Inverter: The inverter accepts the on-off signal output voltage from
the main control board, and the frequency of the voltage (frequency
The rate determines the
instantaneous speed of the motor) to the coating speed of the left and right
coating motor to meet the user's requirements.
G. Clutch brake: The force of the motor is transmitted to the reducer, and
there is a clutch in the middle. When the clutch is energized to drive the
reducer to move, the purpose of the machine is raised and lowered. The brake
is wired in the same way as the clutch. When the clutch is dead, the brake is
energized and the output shaft is held so that it does not rotate.
When the power is turned on, the brakes are not energized, allowing the reducer to rotate smoothly.
H. Pneumatic solenoid valve and cylinder: The cylinder has two inlets, which control the output of the shaft according to the inlet direction of the airflow. There are
five ports of electricity, one of which is the air source inlet, and the other two are connected to the two ports of the cylinder to supply the cylinder air pressure. When
the solenoid valve is not energized, it supplies one direction of airflow, and when it is energized, it is supplied to the other direction. Airflow, (not possible for both
ports to supply gas at the same time), the other two nozzles are exhaust gas outlets, which are connected to the muffler and then to the atmosphere, and the used gas

of the cylinders is exhausted.
4. Remove the ink remaining on the screen and then wash the remaining ink on the screen with the washing water. B Input of compressed air:
(The bottom and side of the screen are cleaned until the pattern on the screen is fully displayed. Use 10mmX6mm from the gas supply.
Stop), use light force when washing (especially at the bottom of the film), so as not to damage the pattern, the thick PV tube puts the gas source of 6-8KG/cm2,
After washing, it is best to dry the screen with a hairdryer (not hot air). Connected to the quick connector of the triple stop
valve in the middle of coating
If you need to stop, you should also follow the above procedure. C Pressure regulator and gas meter use
5. Long-term shutdown to remove the screen, or completely cover to prevent dust from attaching to the wire 1, the pressure
regulator will set the pressure loop
Online, affecting the next assignment. Pull up, increase clock pressure from top to bottom
The list of the whole machine is reduced, and the adjustment is completed, the pressure is pushed down.
1, one host (excluding air compressor). At this time, the working pressure will be stable.
2, scraper, two sets of ink return knives (excluding scraping glue), but this pressure value can only be lower than the air
pressure source
3, a set of commonly used toolbox (including the active wrench. Hexagon wrench set a pressure of 12-14 14-17. (If the input
gas source is lower than the set gas
17-19. Durable. One-word screwdriver. Phillips screwdriver. Rubber pliers. Each one above). Pressure adjustment, easy to
damage the regulator)
4, a manual, 2, barometer: indicating the adjustment of the air pressure value,
Fifteen. Electrical circuit diagram and minor troubleshooting 3, air filter
Troubleshooting Remove impurities and condensate from compressed air. Condensation will be located at the bottom of the filter when cleared

Symptom Cause Remedy

Symptom Cause Remedy

After turning
on the main

After turning on the main

After turning on the main

not turn

The main motor does not

The main motor does not turn

The water drain column is pushed up and the accumulated water will
drain downward.
Note: the water stored in the filter bowl should not be higher than the black
plastic sheet at the bottom of the filter (compressed air)
It is best to dry first)
4, oil atomizer lubricator: supply lubricant to the pneumatic equipment, first
turn off the air source to unscrew the plug,
Fill 20# oil or white mineral oil from the oil filling hole, and add 1/2 or 1/3
of the oil storage cup.
between. Then adjust the lubricant supply 5 and rotate clockwise from the top
to reduce the supply.

The amount of oil, and vice versa.
The general adjustment standard is to first completely close the throttle and rotate it 90 degrees to 180 degrees counterclockwise.
Preparation before starting up
1, the coating and returning ink knife installation, adjust the blade angle according to the process requirements
2, according to the size of the desired printed pattern, make a perfect screen coating screen. Adjustment of coating scraping pressure:
3. Adjust the viscosity of the ink used. In order to make the coating scrape have certain elasticity during coating, the pressure is generally 2-4KG/cm2.
4, according to the actual needs of the substrate, equipped with an easy to put and not easy to print the longer the pressure is relatively large.
Walk for the fixture. 10, ink scraper pressure adjustment: the adjustment method is the same as above.
5, prepare a proper amount of washing net water and white cloth for washing the screen and the substrate.
6, input compressed air (4-6KG / cm2) (attention) safety rules and maintenance
Startup procedure and adjustment 1. Do not start the machine without knowing the order of operation of the machine.
1. Connect the power supply 2. Be sure to connect the power supply to the nominal voltage value (±10%) of the machine.
2, open the gas source shut-off valve 3, connect the gas source and make the air pressure to the specified requirements, so that the air pressure control
loop is restored to the beginning
3. Turn the power main switch to the "on" state and then turn on the power switch.
4. Check the air pressure display of the air pressure gauge and pull up the control valve. 4. If the machine is running, if you want to return to the original
position quickly, press the emergency stop.
Adjust the air pressure by 4-5KG/cm2, then press the pressure regulator to fix the air pressure. 5, when the lift or foot switch, the start/stop button fails,
do not start the device.
Value. 6. Do not modify or remove any safety equipment.
5, the adjustment of the coating stroke: 7, the equipment should be cut off immediately if abnormal conditions are found during commissioning or use.
Adjust the proximity switch position (left stroke and right 8, all parts should be wiped clean frequently to prevent rust and scale.
The stroke can change the distance of the coating stroke. 9, daily maintenance points:
6, adjust the appropriate off-network position: (ie, the screen and the A, timely elimination of water in the filter bowl.
The space for coating is generally 1-2 mm). B, keep the correct drip full frequency, and replenish the oil in time.
7. Adjustment of the position of the screen and the coating part: C. Replace the lubricating oil of the oil pressure lifting device once every six months.
Loosen the clamping screws of the lifting platform, and then use D to ensure the cleaning and lubrication of all the sliding rails and sliding shaft.
Move the handwheel up and down to the desired position. E, the lifting shaft must be refueled once a day, otherwise the lifting motor will burn out.
8, the adjustment of the coating scraper: use the fine adjustment knob A and B.
Adjust the parallel of the coating scraper and the ink returning knife so that the last coating is stopped, and the coating is changed after coating.
Use the restricted flow mouth to adjust the speed of the upper and lower scraping, 2 turn off the power and compressed air.
In order to avoid too much impact to produce vibration. 3 remove the residual ink stains of the machine
9, height adjustment (can be regarded as coating pressure depth)

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