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Compiled by Mrs Trang Anh
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A. Fill in each blank with one appropriate word from the box.
eventually reached totally sketch for ahead heard much
clearly straight
pleased off fast there
I used to go into the country to (1) sketch animals and plants, carrying my drawing materials in a bag. One day I was
walking across a field, looking (2) for rabbits to draw. Lost in thought, I had not noticed a bull running towards me. About one
hundred meters (3) ahead was a tree under which I intended to sit and draw. Suddenly, I (4) heard a noise behind me. I turned
and saw the bull. I knew that a bull cannot see (5) clearly and notices only shape and movement. I did not panic but ran towards
the tree, keeping the tree, myself and the bull in a (6) straight line. To distract the bull, I then threw my bag to the right, so it
was out of the line of the tree. The bull saw this sudden movement and headed towards the bag. I (7) reached the tree and
climbed up it. From there I watched the bull (8) attracking my bag with its horns and feet. It continued to do this for fifteen
minutes I was very (9) pleased to be, up the tree. (10) eventually the bull was satisfied and move off. I waited until it was a very
long way (11) off and then got down from the tree and picked up my bag. I left the field as (12) fast as I could and then looked
inside my bag. Everything in it was (13) totally ruined.
B. Read the passage, then decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F)
I knew it was going to be a bad day when, on the way to the airport, the taxi driver told me he was lost.

I had booked my flight over the telephone, so when we finally arrived, I had to rush to the reservation desk to pay for my
ticket. The woman at the desk told me that my name was not on the passenger list. It took fifteen minutes to realize that she had
spelled my name incorrectly. She gave me the ticket and told me I'd better check in my luggage quickly or I'd miss my night. I
was the last person to get on the plane.
I found my seat and discovered that I was sitting next to a four-year old boy who had a cold. I sat down and wondered if
anything else could go wrong. I hate flying, especially take-off, but the plane took off and everything seemed to be all right.
Then, a few minutes later, there was a funny noise and everything started to shake. I looked out of the window and – oh my God
- there was smoke coming out of the wing. All I could think was "The engine are on fire. We are going to crash. I am too young
to die,"
Almost immediately, the captain spoke to us in a very calm voice "Ladies and gentlement. This is your captain speaking.
We are having a slight technical problem with one of our engines. There is no need to panic. We will have to return to the
airport. Please remain seated and keep your seat belts fastened."
A few minutes later, we were coming on to land. The pilot made a perfect landing on the runway. It was over. We were safe.
That day I decided not to fly again. I caught another taxi and went home. But as I closed the front door. I looked down at my
case. Somehow I had picked up the wrong suitcase.
1. There was nothing wrong with her on the way to the airport. F
2. She was in a great hurry at the airport.
3. It took her about fifteen minutes to get her ticket.
4. She was delighted with the boy sitting nearby.
5. The plane had to come back to the airport because its engine was on fire. T
6. The suitcase she brought home wasn't hers.
7. After that day, she decided that she would never fly again.
C. Choose the word or phrase - a, b, c, or d – that best fits the blank space in the following passage.
During the (1) ________ years, many young people can at times be difficult to talk to. They often seem to dislike being
questioned. They may seem (2) _______ to talk about their work at school. This is a normal (3) _______ of this age. Though it

can be very hard for parents to understand, it is part of becoming (4) ________ of teenagers trying to be adult while they are still
growing up. Young people are usually unwilling to talk if they believe, that questions are trying to (5) ________ up on them
Parents should do their (6) _______ to talk to their son and daughter about school, work and future plans but should not (7)
________ them to talk if they don't want to. Parents should also watch for danger signs. Some young people in trying to be adult
may (8) ________ with sex, drugs, alcohol or smoking. Parents need to watch for any signs of (9) ________ behavior which
may be connected with these and help if (10) ________.
1. a. early
b. teenage

c. childhood
d. recent
2. a. unworried
b. unrestrained c. unexpected
d. unwilling
3. a. development. b. appearance
c. circumstance
d. achievement
4. a. free
b. confident
c. dependent
d. independent
5. a. catch
b. check
c. keep
d. make
6. a. well
b. good
c. better
d. best
7. a. push
b. allow
c. put
d. expect
8. a. experiment b. approach c. experience
d. attach
9. a. unacceptable
b. unusual
c. normal
d. exemplary
10. a. proper
b. appropriate
c. important
d. necessary
D.Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answers.
Last year I went to Nepal for three months to work in a hospital. I think it's important to see as much of a country as you can,
but it is difficult to travel around Nepal. The hospital let me have a few days’ holiday, so I decided to go into the jungle and I
asked a Nepalese guide, Kamal Rai, to go with me.
We started preparing for the trip at six in the morning, and left camp with two elephants carrying our equipment. It was hot
but Kamal made me wear shoes and trousers to protect me from snakes. In the jungle there was a lot of wildlife, but we were
trying to find big cats, especially tigers. We climbed onto the elephants' backs to get better view, but it is unusual to find tigers in
the afternoon because they sleep in the heat of the day.
Then, in the distance, we saw a tiger, and Kamal told me to be very quiet. We crept nearer and found a dead deer, still
bleeding. This was the tiger's lunch! Suddenly I started to feel very frightened.
We heard the tiger a second before we saw it. It jumped out like a flash of lightning, five hundred kilos plus and four meters
long. I looked into its eyes and face, and saw right down the animal's throat. It grabbed Kamal's leg between its teeth, but I
managed to pull Kamal away. One of our elephants ran at the tiger and made it go back into the grass, so we quickly escaped to
let the tiger eat its lunch. That night it was impossible to sleep!
1.The writer went to Nepal ________.
a. for holiday
b. for treatment
c. for business
d. on tour
2. When having a few days off, he decided to go into ________.
a. the remote villages
b. the mountains
c. the seaside
d. the tropical forest
3. It's difficult to find tigers in the afternoon because ________.
a. they usually sleep at this time of day
b. it's so hot at this time
c. the elephants' back wasn't high enough to get view
d. tigers hardly hunt in the heat of the day
4. The writer started to feel frightened when ________.
a. he saw a tiger
b. he saw the tiger's lunch
c. he scrept nearer
d. he found a deer
5. The tiger ________.
a. was like a flash of light b. saw them a second before they saw it
c. jumped out very fast d. jumped out of the grass at about four meters.
6. Which of the followings is not true according to the passage?
a. Tigers are members of the cat family.
b. The writer was made to wear shoes and trousers to protect him from the heat of the day.
c. Kamal narrowly escaped being killed.
d. It was such a terrible experience that the writer couldn't sleep that night.

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