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117 CHƯƠNG TRÌNH hỗ TRỢ 2k1,2k2,2k3 cấu TRÚC TO v VING

Compiled by Mrs Trang Anh
Facebook: Mrstranganh87
To –Infinitive and Ving
Supply the correct form of the verbs in brackets
1. I’d rather (stay)__________________ home tonight.
2. She had trouble (tell) ________________ lies to the boss.
3. It is worth (spend) __________________ money on it. It has been there in the shop for ages.
4. The students get used to (help) _____________ the old and the disabled.
5. It’s no use (learn) ________________ a language.
6. I dislike (call) _______________ a little girl.
7. We spend hours (type) _____________________ this document.
8. She has her mother (help) __________________ me every weekend.
9. He keeps (hope) ____________________ and (pray) _________________ that things will get
10. I don’t know why he avoids (meet) _______________ me.
11. The manager decided (resign) _____________________ his secretary.
12. The boy admitted (break) _________________ my ancient flower vase.
13. He suggested (have) __________________ lunch outside.

14. I expect (meet) ____________________ my parents because I haven’t seen for ages.
15. I promise (not tell) ___________________ a lie.
16. Mary suggested (hold) ____________________ a barbecue in the garden.
17. He keeps (hope) _______________ (win) _________________ the game this summer.
18. The students stopped (talk)____________________ when the teacher came in.
19. I enjoy (listen) ____________ to classical music.
20. I’ll try (not make)__________________ the same mistake again.
21. Would you mind (give) _______________ me a hand?
22. She has just finished (write) _____________ a friendly letter.
23. Have you ever watched people (try) __________________ (catch)___________________
24. Do you have any money (pay) _______________ for the book?
25. Would you be so good as (answer) ___________________ the phone when it rains?
26. Try (forget) _________________ it; it isn’t worth (worry) ________________ about.
27. We want (pay) ________________ better wages.
28. We don’t enjoy (use) _____________ as cheap labor; we’re tired of (work )____________for
low wages.
29. After (hear) _____________ the conditions, I decided (not enter) ______________ for the
30. Imagine (have) __________________ (get) _______________ up at 4 A.M every day.
31. We were surprised by his (go) _________________ away without (say)

32. It’s no much use (have) ______________ a bicycle if you don’t know how
(ride)________________ it.
33. I’d love (have) _________________ an opportunity (meet) _____________________ you
34. He resents (tell) __________________ what (do) _____________ .
35. We expect (treat) ___________________ like human beings.
36. She hopes (invite) __________________ to discussions with the company.
37. We’re going to have our luggage (weigh) _______________.
38. I want my exercises (do) ___________________ by tomorrow morning.
39. Can these old engines be made (start) ________________?
40. There were some people (row) __________________ on the river.
41. Try (avoid) ____________ (be) ___________late. He hates (keep) ____________ (wait)
42. Do you feel like (dine) ______________ out or would you rather (have) _______________
dinner at home?
- I’d like(go) ______________ out. I always enjoy (have) _________________ dinner in

a restaurant.
43. Your hair needs (cut) ________________. You’d better(have) ________________ it (do)
____________ tomorrow – unless you’d like me (have) _______________ a go at it for you.
44. The children prefer (watch) ____________________ TV to (read) ______________.
45. I am against (make)_________________ any complaints.
46. We are looking forward to (read) ________________ your new book.
47. You’d better consult your lawyer before (decide) __________________ to buy the property.
48. It’s an (interest) __________________ match.
49. After (watch) ____________ for three hours we stopped to let the others (catch up
)__________ with us.
50. He was fined for (exceed) _______________ the speed limit.
51. Before (give) ______________ evidence you must swear (speak) ______________ the truth.
52. His doctor advised him (give up ) _________________ his job.
53. My watch keeps (stop) _____________ because you keep (forget) _____________ (wind)
54. Some people seem (have) ______________ a passion for (write) ___________________ to
the newspaper
55. I tried (explain) __________________ to him but he refused (listen) _________________
and went on (grumble)__________________.
56. Would you like (go) _________________ (fish) _______________ with me this afternoon.
57. She has something (tell) _______________ you.
58. My mother has her hair (do) _______________ once a month.
59. I know my hair wants (cut)_________________ but I never have time (go)
________________ to the hairdresser’s.
60. It took me three days (find) ___________________ out the old photograph.
61. Do you remember (read)________ about it? No, at that time I was too young
62. My brother is a stamp collector. He started (collect)________ stamps when he was 15 years
63. She is not accustomed to (take)___________care of by others.
64. I prefer (telephone) __________ to (write)__________ letters.
65.I hope ____________( have) a job.
66.Try to avoid _____________( make) him angry.

67.Please let me ________________( know) your decision.
68.It’s difficult____________( get) used to getting up early.
69. She refused____________( answer) my questions.
70. They agree____________( camp) in that field.
71.The doctor advised me___________( do) exercise every morning.
72.He made me (do)________________it all over again.
73. They won't let us (leave)_____________ the Customs shed till our luggage has been
74.They refused (accept)____________ the bribe.
75. Please let me (know)______________ your decision as soon as possible.
76.He was made (sign) _____________a paper admitting his guilty.
77.Did you expect ___________ to Ms. Thoa’s party? (invite)
78. Thùy Vương always wants __________ (praise)
79. Did you ask her ____________ to the get-together next Sunday? (come)
80. We heard the man __________ goodbye to the host in Chinese. (say)
81. We watched a strange man ___________your house at the time. (enter)
82.I don’t enjoy (laugh)________________at by other people.
83.I expected (invite)____________to the party but I wasn’t.
84.Sometimes adolescents complain about not (understand)______________ by their parents.
86.JinWon had a narrow escape. He was almost hit by car. He barely avoid (hit)_________by
speeding automobile.
87.Ms Thompson is always willing to help if there is a problem in the office, but she doesn’t
want (call)________at home if there is an emergency.
88.We would like (invite)________to the president’s reception at the Pearl Hotel last week, but
we weren’t.
89. I love _________ (be) on my own and _________ (listen) to music
90. Would you like _________ (go) to the beach this afternoon?
91. He made me_________(do) it all again.
92. She refuses___________(pay) for the shirt.
93. My younger sister dislikes________________(drink) tea.
94. She hated( question)______________ by the police.
95. He expected (invite)_____________to her party.
96. The new students hoped (include)_____________many social activities of the school.
97.Janice is going to fill out an application. She wants (consider) _____________for the job.
98.Lan expected (admit)________________________to the university, but she wasn't
99.I don’t appreciate (interrupt)_______________________ when I'm speaking.
100. She told me____________(look) through her correspondence.

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