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114 CHƯƠNG TRÌNH hỗ TRỢ 2k1,2k2,2k3 BUỔI 8

(Tài liệu livestream ngày 22/8/2018)
Compiled by Mrs Trang Anh
Facebook: Mrstranganh87

1. I (meet) your brother at Green Street yesterday afternoon.
2. He (light) a cigarette and (walk) to the window.
3. My clothes are not in the room. They (take) them away.
4. She (sleep) for 10 hours! You must wake her.
5. David (repair) the TV set at the moment. He (work) at it for one hour.
6. Ms Abbott (walk) home from work when she (see) the boy fall off the bridge. After she (shout)
for help, she (take) off her shoes and (jump) in (save) him.
7. I can't go with you because I (not finish) my homework yet.
8. He (leave) for London 2 years ago and since then I (not see) him.
9. John (wash) his hands now. He just (repair) the bike.
10. I (work) at my report since Monday. Now I (write) the conclusion
11. The performance (begin) at 7 o'clock and (last) for 3 hours. We all (enjoy) it very much.
12. Tell them to stop and take a rest. They (work) long enough.
13. ''You (be) here before?'' - ''Yes, I (spend) my holidays here last year.''
14. We (finish) our housework by tomorrow evening.

15. ''Your face is dirty, Tom.'' - ''All right, I (wash) it.''
16. Coming into the room he (see) Mary where he (leave) her.
17. I (not hear) from him since he (disappear) two years ago.
18. After the guests (leave) she (go) back into the living-room and (turn) off the light.
19. By the time you finish cooking they (do) their homework.
20. ''You have just missed the last train.'' - ''Never mind. I (walk).''
21. You (not see) my sister for a long time. You (visit) us tonight?
22. This is the most beautiful place I (visit).
23. This time next week they (sit) in the train on their way to Paris.
24. I came late to class. When I (enter) the teacher (write) something on the blackboard.


25. They (have) English from nine to ten in this room. Don't annoy them then.
26. I (make) cakes. That's why my hands are covered with flour.
27. That evening we (stay) up to talk about the town, where he (live) for a long time.
28. I (be) in this city for 15 years. My family (move) here when I (be) 10 years old
30. It always rains when the windows just (clean) .
31. The last time I (see) him he (wear) a black suit.
32. By the first of next July I (work) for this company for 20 years.
33. Hardly he (take) up the book when the phone (ring).
34. We (be) in this class for 4 years next September.
35. There (be) many changes in our village in the past few year.
36. No sooner I (reach) home than she (come).
37. Susan (wait) for you at 9 o'clock tomorrow.
38. He is a famous swimmer. He (win) four gold medals.
39. He (park) the car, (get) out of it, (lock) the door and then (walk) into the house.
40. He was always insisted on ………..(call) Dr Tuner instead of Mr. Turner.
41. The bird was lucky that it just missed………… (catch)
42. Please excuse my coming in without…………( invite).
43. No one can prevent the plan from………….. (carry out)
44. This page needs ………..( check) again.
48. The hotel ………… (build) now beside the park was designed by a group of young men.
49. “Do you have any clothes…………. (wash) today?” the maid said.
50. Anne hopes ………… (invite) to join the private club. She could make important business
contact there.
51. People like…………..( congratulate) when they have worked hard.
52. I persuaded my brother –in – law not …………... (buy) that old car.
53. For some strange reasons, I keep………….(think) to is Sunday.
54. All the members agreed……….. (attend) the emergency meeting.
55. It is easy (fool) ………….. by his lies.
56. Martha doesn’t like to have her picture taken. She avoids (photograph) ………………
57. I appreciate (invite) …………. to your home.
58. The new students hope (include) …............ in many of the school’s social activities.
59. When the police first questioned him, he denied (involve) …………. in the robbery.
60. I remember (take) ………. to the zoo when I was a child.



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