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111 CHƯƠNG TRÌNH hỗ TRỢ 2k1,2k2,2k3 BUỔI 5

(Tài liệu livestream ngày 5/8/2018)
Compiled by Mrs Trang Anh
Facebook: Mrstranganh87
Exercise 1: Choose the most correct answer:
1. After ______ the doctor found that he ____ his arm.
A. to examine/ breaks
B. to examine/ broke
C. examining/ broken
D. examining/had broken
2. As soon as she arrived in London, she found that the English people spoke English differently from what she
A. will learn
B. is learning
C. has been learning
D. had learnt
3. How____ since we____ school?
A. are you/ left
B. will you be / left
C. have you been/ had left
D. have you been/ left

4. Before cars_______ , people ____ horses and bicycles.
A. were discovered/ had used
B. discovering/ use
C. is discovered/ using
D. have been discovered / have been using
5. Don’t go anywhere until I _____ back.
A. come
B. will come
C. have come
D. came
6. I _____ the book by the time you come tonight.
A. will be finishing
B. finished
C. have finishing
D. will have finished
7. Who ______ when I came ?
A. were you talking to
B. are you talking to
C. you were talking to
D. you are talking to
8. Please send us a postcard as soon as you _______in London.
A. will arrive
B. is going to arrive
C. arrive
D. arrived
9. Jane _____ her house all the morning before the guest arrived.
A. is cleaning
B. was cleaning
C. has been cleaning
D. had been cleaning
10. We ______ for going home when it began to rain.
A. are preparing
B. were preparing
C. will be preparing
D. have prepared
11. Tom said everything ______ ready when the match ______.
A. will be/ starts
B. would be/ started
C. is / started
D. will be/ started

12. I _____ in the waiting room when I heard someone_____ me.
A. am sitting/ to call
B. was sitting/ call
C. am sitting/ called
D. have sat / called
13. At 10 o’clock tomorrow morning, we_____ our final test.
A. will take
B. will be taking
C. has been taking
D. would be taking
14. Our grandfather____ as an engineer for 30 years before he retired in 1980.
A. worked
B. was working
C. has been working D. had been working
15. Up to now, the pollution problems _______________ yet.
A. haven’t solved
B. haven’t been solved
C. hadn’t solved
D. are not being solved
16. Miss Hoa always takes her umbrella when she _____ to school.
A. has gone
B. goes
C. is going
D. will go
17. Never talk to the driver while he ______.
A. will be driving
B. will drive
C. drives
D. is driving
18. I’ll tell you it is good or not after I ____it.
A. try
B. am trying
C. have tried
D. will try


19. I’ll marry her as soon as she _____ all her problems.
A. solves
B. has solved
C. had solved
D. solve
20. I’ll wait until you ____crying.
A. have stopped
B. will stop
C. stop
D. stopped
21. My son was sleeping when I ______ home.
A. went
B. has gone
C. had gone
D. would go
22. I was compiling this book while my son ____.
A. slept
B. would sleep
C. had slept
D. was sleeping
21. Lan has learnt English since she ____ a small girl.
A. has been
B. had been
C. was
D. would be
22. I’ll read the book when I _____ time.A. have B. had
C. will have
D. would have
23. The house was quiet when I _____ home. Everyone _____ to bed.
A. got/ went
B. got/ had gone
C. had got / went
D. was getting/ was going
24. When the alarm rang, Hai ______ out of bed quickly.
A. was jumping
B. has jumped
C. had jumped
D. jumped
25. When we see Mr. Minh tomorrow, I ____ him of that.
A. will remind
B. remind
C. have reminded
D. reminded
Exercise 2: Use the correct tense of verbs in brackets:
1. I didn't know what time it (be), so I (turn) on the radio.
2. I saw that I (make) a mistake.
3. Mary (have) dinner when her friend called.
4. She says that she (live) in the country when she (be) a child.
5. They hoped that they (end) soon.
6. I was taught that the sun (be) bigger than the moon.
7. She has thought that the work (be) easy.
8. The students had thought that the English test (be) rather difficult.
9. I want to know how long she (live) here.
10. I see that Henry (write) his composition now.
11. I wondered whether I (lock) the door or not.
12. They have found that the road (be) very long.
13. The teacher asked Bill why he (not go) to school the day before.
14. We find that we (take) a wrong way.
15. The boy knew that an hour (have) sixty minutes.
16. Shut all the windows before you (go) out.
17. He thinks that it (rain) tonight.
18. I didn't know who (help) him.
19. He is saving his money so that he (take) a long vacation.
20. He knew that I (come) the following week.
21. I think John (be) out of town now.
22. Mirs Smith complains that her neighbor always (make) too much noise.
23. Miss While swears that she (never see) that man before.
24. The students who answered the question (be) John.
25. No matter what kinds of exercises he had taken, he (still/ put)......................................on weight.
26. I got a sore throat because I (speak)......................................for 3 hours.
27. Because she felt tired, she (go)...................................... to bed early.
28. I whispered because I (not/ want)......................................to disturb anyone.


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