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(Tài liệu livestream 8h tối thứ 7 ngày 4/3/2018)
Compiled by Mrs Trang Anh
Facebook: Mrstranganh87

Question 1: 'The drinks are _____!' Said the smiling landlord to his customers on Christmas
A. on the shelf
B. on the house
C. on the rocks
D. on the
Question 2: One of the most miserable things that millions of families have to suffer from wars
is that wars have set brother _____ brother.
A. against
B. about
C. apart
D. with
Question 3: The car burst into _____ but the driver managed to escape.
A. fire

B. burning
C. heat
D. flames
Question 4: Kan looks like _____. She's far too skinny.
A. a kettle of fish
B. a bag of bone
C. a whale of a time
D. a bundle of nerves
Question 5: Come here! You've got a _____ of cotton on your coat. I'll take it off.
A. cord
B. fiber
C. string
D. thread
Question 6: This ticket _____ one person to the museum.
A. allows
B. enters
C. permits
D. admits
Question 7: Even if you are rich, you should save some money for a _____
A. windy
B. cloudy
C. snowy
D. rainy
Question 8. Poor me! She is the one in charge of our team, so I have to play ____ all her odd
A. along with
B. at
C. on
D. off against
Question 9. No way will you beat him. You don’t _____ a chance. He’s a hundred times better
than you are.
A. hold
B. run
C. possess
D. stand
Question 10. We took a chance ______ the weather and planned to have the party outside.
A. on
B. at
C. in

D. with
Question 11. Try your best! Opportunity knocks _____ once.
A. and
B. as
C. but
A. only
Question 12. We live near the mountains , so we have plenty of ____ to go skiing.
A. chance
B. opportunity
C. luck
D. all are correct
Question 13. The government is putting ______ some radical social reforms.
B. in
C. aside
D. off
A. forward
Question 14. There are a long line of people outside the cinema last week. They queued ____ to see
a famous film.
A. in
B. on
C. at
D. up

Question 15. The injury destroyed his hopes of being______ world champion.
A. peaked
B. topped
C. awarded
D. crowned
Question 16: When he started that company, he really went______. It might have been a
A. out on the limb
B. on and off
C. over the odds
D. once too often
Question 17: How are you____________
on with your work? - It’s Ok.
A. calling

B. getting

C. laying

D. looking

Question 18: Spain has little good farmland and lacks many ________ raw materials.
A. important industry

B. industrious and important

C. important industrial

D. important industries

Question 19: Professional gardeners appreciate flowers for their ________ gorgeous colors, and
pleasant fragrance.
A. attractively shaped

B. shape and attract

C. shaped attractively

D. attractive shapes

Question 20. It's not a pleasant feeling to discover you've been taken for a ride by a close friend.
A. driven away
B. deceived deliberately
C. given a lift
D. treated with sincerity
Question 21: I always enjoy our school _______to France.
A. excursion

B. journey

C. trip

D. travel

C. Time and fire

D. Tide and time

Question 22: ________ wait for no man.
A. Tide and fire

B. Time and tide

Question 23: I usually buy my clothes_____. It’s cheaper than going to the dress maker.
A. on the house

B. off the peg

C. in public

D. on the shelf

Question 24: Our teacher tends to _____ certain subjects which she finds difficult to talk about.
A. boil down
B. string along
C. skate over
D. track down
Question 25: If Michael _____ with his piano playing, he could eventually reach concert
A. perseveres
B. maintains
C. survives
D. sustains
Question 26: After you have finished the ____, restart the computer to get it acquainted to the
new program.
A. installation
B. install
C. installment
D. installing
Question 27. I have a mere ________ of German.
A. smattering

B. knowledge

C. acquaintance

D. command

Question 28. Please don't ________ a word of this to anyone else, it's highly confidential.
A. breathe

B. speak

C. pass

D. mutter

Question 29. The silver medalist was later ________ for running outside her lane.
A. banned

B. disqualified

C. disallowed

Question 30. The fumes were so thick that he was ________ for breath.

D. outlawed

A. suffocating

B. inhaling

C. gasping

D. wheezing

Question 31. She ________ hope of any reconciliation.
A. departed

B. left

C. ceased

D. abandoned

Question 32. You dropped it down the stairs? You're lucky it is still in one ________!
A. whole

B. piece

C. entirely

D. unit

Question 33. Look,will you stop ________ in and let me finish my sentence!
A. butting

B. moving

C. pushing

D. plugging

Question 34. John ________ knowledge from many of his life experiences to his work.
A. approved

B. accomplished

C. appreciated

D. applied

Question 35. Water is ________ of two elements: hydrogen and oxygen.
A. consisted

B. composed

C. making

D. comprising

Question 36. The ______ of two houses prove such a financial burden that they were forced to
sell one
A. upshot
B. upkeep
C. uproar
D. upsurge
Question 37. In his student days, he was as poor as a church ______
A. beggar
B. miser
C. mouse
D. pauper
Question 38. Harry doesn’t ______ to great fame and fortune, he just wants to make a decent
A. crave
B. hanker
C. yearn
D. aspire
Question 39. I wrote to them a fortnight ago but ______ I haven’t had a reply
A. as yet
B. these days
C. so long
D. just now
Question 40. I couldn’t stop myself from ______ with boredom during the lecture.
A. sighing
B. gasping
C. panting
D. blowing

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