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93 NHỮNG câu TRẮC NGHIỆM KHÓ bài 6 7

(Tài liệu livestream 9h tối thứ 6 ngày 9/2/2018)
Compiled by Mrs Trang Anh
Facebook: Mrstranganh87

1. In order to_______________

their goals in college, students need to invest the maximum

amount of time, money, and energy in their studies.
A. manage

B. catch

C. establish

D. achieve

2. Parents have great hopes or great __________when they send their children to school.
A. wishes

B. obligations

C. expectations

3. She has changed so much that I didn’t____________
A. admit

B. recognize

A. career

B. workplace

her right away.

C. know

4. After graduation, she found_____________

D. plans

D. realize

with a local finance company.

C. service

D. employment

5. David never wastes his time; he tries to improve himself at every______________.
A. technique

B. opportunity

C. consideration


D. operation

6. My mother __________ her services for an environmental group. She helps raise money to protect wildlife.
A. stimulate

B. encourages

C. motivate

D. volunteers

7. Students can __________ a lot of information just by attending class and taking good notes of the lectures.
A. absorb

B. provide

C. transmit

D. read

8. Because of the intensive farming, it’s now hard to find certain wild birds in the region. Actually, they have
become ______________birds.
A. unknown

B. sparse

C. scare

9.It will certainly enhance your____________

D. rare

of reading when you are aware of very slight

differences in the writer’s expression.
A. condition

B. recommendation

C. material

D. enjoyment

10. A nurse must be____________ to the patients’ needs; she must understand what they

need, and be helpful and kind to them.
A. sensitive

B. elegant

C. aware

D. likeable

11. You should read this novel. It has been __________
A. deeply

B. fully

recommended by all the critics.

C. highly

12. True learning does not_______________

D. truly

in gathering facts from the teachers; it requires

active assimilation of knowledge.
A. achieve

B. consist

C. depend

13. There should be a law against______________

D. come

A. violent family

B. fights for households

C. violent domestics

D. domestic violence

14. ___________

of patience, no one can beat Martha.

A. In front

B. In spite

C. In terms

D. Regardless

15.The manager of the hotel always puts a __________ on the service quality.
A. pressure

B. great stress

C. stressed

D. stressful

16.During the flood, many local people ran out of food and starved to_______________ .
A. dying

B. die

C. death

D. dead

17.The saying that “Misfortunes never come_________” means that many problems
can happen at the same time.
A. soon

B. at once

C. single

D. singly

18. In fairy tales, bad witches often try to cast a spell on the


A. innocent

D. initiative

B. innovative

C. innovation

19. In the recent decades, greater cultural___________
A. contact

B. relation

C. touch

has been encouraged by tourism.
D. details

20. The majority of people agree that modern drugs are the most effective way to cure
A. treatment

B. symptom

C. illness

21. The government should take________________

D. sicken
to reduce the current high unemployment

A. solutions

B. charge

C. measures

D. steps

22. Janet has to travel a lot in her new job. She is on the_____________ all the time.

A. field

B. mood

C. way

D. go

23. Many companies now advertise their new products by distributing free __________ in public places.
A. deals

B. examples

C. instances

D. samples

24. While there has been a significant________________ in the sales figures, there has been no
corresponding profit growth because of increased production costs.
A. addition

B. form

C. boost

D. encouragement

25.There can be no doubt that recent statements____________

the company’s true

financial position were misleading.
A. referring

B. dealing

C. concerning

D. respecting

26. Before choosing a job, you should take into consideration several _________ including the supply and
demand for professionals in any particular field.
A. turns

B. factors

C. remarks

D. sides

27. The Business Advisory Council has been specially designed for those in __________ of advice about
setting up new businesses.
A. absence

B. duty

C. want

D. need

28. The city has

__________of young consumers who are sensitive to trends, and can,

therefore, help industries predict the potential risks and success of products.
A. a high rate

B. a high proportion

C. a high tendency

D. a great level

29. Don’t _______________
A. hurry

to conclusions, we don’t yet know all the relevant facts.

B. jump

C. rush

D. run

30. I wonder if you could_____________ me a small favor, Tom?
A. bring

B. make

C. give

D. do

31. Scientists warn that many of the world’s great cities are____________
A. at stake

B. at risk

C. in danger of

D. endangered

32. The boy’s strange behavior aroused the __________ of the shop assistant.
A. thought

B. consideration

C. expectations

D. suspicions

33. The young should________________ themselves in social activities.
A. determine

B. serve

C. involve

D. promote


34. I know from

____________that everything will be all right.

A. conscience

B. experience

C. wisdom

D. knowledge

35. Your second essay____________

improvement on the first one.

A. showed

C. cast

B. made

D. presented

36. The Women’s World Cup is______________ in popularity.
A. competing

B. establishing

C. advancing

D. growing

37. Our class team has had four ______________ football matches.
A. successful

B. unsuccessful

C. success

D. successive

38. We interviewed a number of candidates but none of them ______________us.
A. enlivened

B. encouraged

C. delighted

D. impressed

39. _______________to British universities depends on examination results.
A. Admission

B. Admittance

C. Permission

D. Permit

40. I prefer_____________ jobs because I don’t like keep on moving and changing all the time.
A. demanding

B. challenging

C. tough

D. secure

41. The investment has had __________ on the development of our project.
A. results

B. progress

C. interruptions

42. In China, there are still a lot of___________
A. extent

B. extension

D. effects

families sharing the same house.

C. extended

D. extensive

43. The deadline is coming, and we still have a lot of_____________
A. unsolving

B. dissolved

C. unsolved

44. He received a medal in __________

for his bravery.

A. turns

C. favour

B. response

45. He left the country

D. solving

D. reward

__________ arrest if he returned.

A. in fear that

B. with fear of

C. under threat of

D. with threat of

46. Governments have


__________ laws to protect wildlife from commercial trade and

A. practised

B. acted

C. enacted

D. observed

47. He was chosen for the post because of his keenness and

___________of responsibility.

A. sense

D. way

B. meaning

C. from

48. My brother rarely______________

responsibilities in the family, which makes my father

really angry.
A. gets

B. takes

C. receives

D. puts on

49. My mother always_______________ that we leave home for school with breakfast.
A. ensures herself

B. checks again

C. takes certain

D. makes sure

50. The shop assistant is ready to______________ me a helping hand. She was very nice.
A. offer

B. take

C. get

D. lend

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