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(Tài liệu livestream cho 8h tối thứ 7, 24/2/2017)
Compiled by Mrs Trang Anh
Facebook: Mrstranganh87
1. The play is very long but there are three ________.
A. intervals
B. breaks
C. rests
D. naps
2. The last lecture ________ completely over my head.
A. got
B. went
C. was
D. left
3. Could I pick your ________ on the subject before the meeting?
A. brains
B. head
C. intellect
D. mind
4. The dying man’s speech was so________ that no one was able to interpret his last request.

A. incoherent
B. indiscreet
C. nonchalant
D. impotent
5. Very soon I found some other people to ________ and we began to write songs.
A. keep up with
B. team up with
C. talk through with
D. get along with
6. ________ chair the meeting.
A. John was decided to
B. It was decided that John should
C. There was decided that John should
D. John had been decided to
7. I thought about the problem but I couldn’t ________ a solution.
A. come in for
B. come across
C. come up with
D. come out
8. John painted his bedroom black. It looks dark and dreary. He___________a different color.
A. had to choose
C. must have chosen
B. should have chosen
D. could have been choosing
9. The tiny bells on the Christmas tree were_______________in the draught.
A. clanging
B. ringing
C. tinkling
D. gurgling
10. The two runners crossed the line________________.
A. sometimes
B. simultaneously
C. frequently
D. occasionally
11. There______________lots of furniture_____________in the furniture department.
A. is/ on display
B. is/ displaying
C. are/ displaying
D. are/ to display
12. It’s advisable to__________any contact with potentially rabbit animals.

A. escape
B. avoid
C. prevent
D. evade
13. The old lady was_________ exhausted after a long walk.
A. very
B. absolutely
C. pretty
D. fairy
14. She wanted to serve some coffee to her guests : however_____________.
A. she hadn’t many sugar
B. there was not a great amount of the sugar
C. She did not have much sugar
D. she was lacking in amount of the sugar
15. These figures give you some idea of the cost of _________ your car for one year.
A. controlling
B. handling
C. managing
D. maintaining
16. It can take up to three months to ________a man to do this specialist work.
A. guide
B. teach
C. train
D. learn
17. In today’s paper it __________ that we shall have an election this year.
A. says
B. admits
C. expresses
D. proposes
18. I had to pay ______ on a carpet I bought in through the Customs today.
A. taxes
B. rates
C. fines
D. duty

19. The_____charged by the architect for the plans of the new building were unusually high.
A. hire
B. price
C. fees
D. sum
20. It takes a great deal of ____________for the class to make a trip abroad.
A. arrangement
B. organization
C. expense
D. business
21. You shouldn’t eat so many sweets. They’re _______ for you.
A. bad
B. unhealthy
C. unsuitable
D. disagreeable
22. I wondered whether you would like to _________ to the theatre tomorrow.
A. visit
B. go away
C. go out
D. walk out
23. Do you think he is ___________of doing the job?
A. capable
B. competent
C. able
D. suited
24. I bought these shoes in the sale. They were a real ________.
A. cheap
B. economy
C. bargain
D. purchase
25. If you put your money in the bank, it will earn ten per cent ______________.
A. savings
B. profit
C. deposit
D. interest
26. Edward was named after one of his father ‘s distant ____________.
A. family
B. brothers
C. members
D. relations
27. Jane and Brian got married a year after they got _____________.
A. divorced
B. proposed
C. engaged
D. separated
28. Julie had a terrible _________with her parents last night.
A. row
B. discussion
C. argue
D. dispute
29. The police were baffled by the attack as there seemed to be no apparent................. .
A. design
B. principle
C. motive
D. plot
30. If you want to be sure of receiving a copy of the magazine, I suggest you ................. an annual
A. put down
B. take out
C. write off
D. send up
31. After feeling off .................. for days, Tom finally went to see his doctor.
A. food
B. color
C. fitness
D. balance
32. ...................... the phone rang later that night did Anna remember the appointment
A. No sooner
B. Only
C. Not until
D. Just before
33. There was................. evidence to bring charges against the man.
A. insubstantial
B. inferior
C. ineffective
D. insufficient
34. The runner got a huge blister on his heel where his new shoes .......................
A. scratched
B. rubbed
C. scraped
D. gripped
35. The size of the pop-star’s personal fortune was the subject of much ................. in the press.
A. doubt
B. guessing
C. speculation
D. wonderment
36. Jeremy’s friends were fond of him .................... because of his generosity.
A. at least
B. still less
C. even less
D. not least
37. The thick fog ................... out any possibility of our plane taking off before morning
A. ruled
B. struck
C. stamped
D. crossed
38. Looking down at the coral reef, we saw ..................... of tiny, multi-colored fish.
A. swarms
B. flocks
C. teams
D. shoals
39. Of all the paintings in the gallery, it was this one that really ...............my eye.
A. grasped
B. snatched
C. caught
D. seized
40. She had made a firm decision and wasn’t ............... by anything I said against it.
A. detracted
B. prevailed
C. induced
D. swayed

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