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(Tài liệu livestream 8h30 tối thứ 7 ngày 3/2/2018)
Compiled by Mrs Trang Anh
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Exercise 1: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following
1. “How was your exam?” “A couple of questions were tricky, but on the __________it
was pretty easy.”
A. spot

B. general

C. hand

D. whole

2.If you practise regularly, you can learn this language skill in a short __________ of
A. period

B. aspect

C. arrangement

D. activity

3. Students can __________ a lot of information just by taking an active part in class.
A. concern

B. install

C. appear

D. memorize

4.A few years ago, a fire_____________much of an overcrowded part of the city.
A. battled

B. devastated

C. mopped

D. developed

5.I have learned a lot about the value of labour from my_____________
A. credit

B. energy

C. chores

6.Although he tried to hide it, it was ________

at home.

D. pot plants

that Peter didn’t like his birthday

A. foolish

B. basic

C. obvious

D. vigorous

7. Environmental groups try to stop farmers from using harmful___________
A. economy

B. agriculture

8. If you______________
A. concentrate

C. investments

D. chemicals

too much on study, you will get tired and stressed.

B. develop

C. organize

D. complain

9. Good health and good methods of study are very necessary, or ___________
in college.

on their crops.

for success

A. available

B. dependable

10. In order to_______________

C. essential

D. efficient

their goals in college, students need to invest the maximum

amount of time, money, and energy in their studies.
A. manage

B. catch

C. establish

D. achieve

11. Parents have great hopes or great __________when they send their children to school.
A. wishes

B. obligations

C. expectations

D. plans

12.No one ever takes any notices of what I say. They never pay__________
A. reply

B. opinion

C. attention

13. She has changed so much that I didn’t____________
A. admit

B. recognize

A. career

D. support
her right away.

C. know

14. After graduation, she found_____________
B. workplace

to what I say.

D. realize

with a local finance company.

C. service

D. employment

15. Education in Britain has improved since the government started a programme of
Educational______________ .
A. reform


B. resources

C. experience

D. system

16. The group leader wanted that everyone worked together; she asked for everyone’s __________.
A. combination

B. responsibility

C. competition

D. cooperation

17. With hard work and study, you can __________the goals you set for yourself.
A. establish

B. succeed

C. achieve

D. increase

18. David never wastes his time; he tries to improve himself at every______________.
A. technique

B. opportunity

C. consideration

19. All students in the school are free to___________
C. join


D. operation

any youth club they wish.

A. perform

B. become

D. participate

20. His_______

has always been to become a movie director. He wants very much to

achieve it.
A. direction

B. ambition

C. business

D. study

21. All the negative violence on television has had a negative_________ on children.
A. damage

B. impact

C. process

D. effect

22. My mother __________ her services for an environmental group. She helps raise
money to protect wildlife.
A. stimulate

B. encourages

C. motivate

D. volunteers

23. Students can __________ a lot of information just by attending class and taking good
notes of the lectures.
A. absorb

B. provide

24. Some people___________

C. transmit

D. read

that you can learn more by travelling to a place than by

reading about it. They say firmly that it is true.
A. require

B. encourage

C. insist

D. offer

25.Electric cars are better for the environment. _________ , they can save money on gas.
A. In brief

B. In conclusion

C. In contrast

D. In addition

26. Overpopulation tends to create conditions which may result in__________

of food in

developing countries.
A. supplies

B. surpluses

C. shortages

D. failures

27. Because of the intensive farming, it’s now hard to find certain wild birds in the
region. Actually, they have become______________birds.
A. unknown

B. sparse

C. scare

D. rare

28.While some areas are suffering from___________

, others are experiencing heavy rains

and floods.
A. the weather

B. the climate

C. drought

D. draught

29.It will certainly enhance your____________

of reading when you are aware of very slight

differences in the writer’s expression.
A. condition

B. recommendation

C. material

D. enjoyment

30. A nurse must be____________ to the patients’ needs; she must understand what they
need, and be helpful and kind to them.
A. sensitive

B. elegant

C. aware

D. likeable

31. The area has an_____________ of wildlife; there are lots of animals, birds, fish, and
insects living there.
A. abundance

B. impression

C. entertainment

D. organization

32. You should read this novel. It has been __________
A. deeply

B. fully

recommended by all the critics.

C. highly

33. True learning does not_______________

D. truly

in gathering facts from the teachers; it requires

active assimilation of knowledge.
A. achieve

B. consist

C. depend

D. come

34. There should be a law against______________ .
A. violent family

B. fights for households

C. violent domestics

D. domestic violence

35. The documentary was so __________ that many viewers cried.
A. moody

B. touching

C. touchy

36. ___________

of patience, no one can beat Martha.

A. In front

B. In spite

D. moved

C. In terms

D. Regardless

37.The manager of the hotel always puts a __________

on the service quality.

A. pressure

B. great stress

C. stressed

D. stressful

38.Human carelessness has been_______________ damaging marine life.
A. warned against

B. said to

C. prevented

D. accused of

39.During the flood, many local people ran out of food and starved to_______________ .
A. dying

B. die

C. death

40.The saying that “Misfortunes never come_________”

D. dead
means that many problems

can happen at the same time.
A. soon

B. at once

C. single

D. singly

41. In fairy tales, bad witches often try to cast a spell on the _______________.
A. innocent

B. innovative

C. innovation

D. initiative

42. The assistant manager is going to present a complete report on the ______________
situation of the company.
A. funded

B. financial

C. financing

D. finance

43. The environmental impact of tourism can be shocking and upsetting, but many
governments think it is_______________


A. negative

B. comprehensive

C. bad

D. acceptable

44. In the recent decades, greater cultural___________
A. contact

B. relation

has been encouraged by tourism.

C. touch

D. details

45. The majority of people agree that modern drugs are the most effective way to cure
A. treatment

B. symptom

C. illness

D. sicken

46. The government should take________________ to reduce the current high unemployment
A. solutions

B. charge

C. measures

D. steps

47. Janet has to travel a lot in her new job. She is on the_____________
A. field

B. mood

C. way

all the time.

D. go

48. Many companies now advertise their new products by distributing free __________ in public
A. deals

B. examples

C. instances

D. samples

49. While there has been a significant________________ in the sales figures, there has been no
corresponding profit growth because of increased production costs.
A. addition

B. form

C. boost

D. encouragement

50.There can be no doubt that recent statements____________

the company’s true

financial position were misleading.
A. referring

B. dealing

C. concerning

D. respecting

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