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(Tài liệu livestream cho 8h tối thứ 7, 20/1/2018)
Compiled by Mrs Trang Anh
Facebook: Mrstranganh87

1. No one liked the new lecturer, so there was a gradual ........ in the attendance st his lectures.
A. fall-through

B. fall-out

C. fall-off

D. fall-in

2. ......., Carol is very punctual, but she was late tonight.
A. For a rule

B. Like a rule

C. As a rule

D. For a rule of thumb

3. 'What did Professor Spencer say when you asked him if the final exam could be postponed?'
' He said that it was out of .......... because there's no time to reschedule the test.'
A. the question

B. order

C. all proportion

D. reach

4. I was talking to my aunt when suddenly my cousin Gorge .... in our conversation.
A, interrupted

B. broke

C. went

D. intervened

5. Solar heat penetrates more deeply into water than ........
A. it is penetrating into soil

B. it does into soil

C. does it into soil

D. that it does into soil

6. ..... on barren slopes can help prevent erosion.
A. Trees to be planted

B. Planting trees

C. Trees being planted

D. That trees are planted

7. He has been unable to find a job ..... with his ability as an accountant.
A. appropriate

B. suitable

C. requisite

D. commensurate

8. I ........ my eyes around the room but could not see her.
A. flung

B. tossed

C. threw

D. cast

9. As they watched the football match the huge crowd ......... in unison.
A. chanted

B. intoned

C. crowed

D. bellowed

10. Don't count on him. He's liable to ........ out if things get too difficult.
A. let

B. be

C. opt

D. stop

11. The car needs a complete ......... .
A. haul-up

B. mending

C. check-up

D. overhaul

12. They decided to ........ in a visit to their relations when they were on holiday.
A. fill

B. fit

C. put

D. manage

13. In this assignment, we will ......... your work and then give you detailed feedback on how to
improve your writing.
A. assess

B. judge

C. measure

D. test

14. In a seminar or tutorial, everyone should take part rather than allow one person to ........ the
A. overwhelm

B. dominate

C. oppress

D. empower

15. Although it is impossible to give a ........ age, we believe that the woman was between 25 and 30
when she died.
A. clear

B. certain

C. absolute

D. definite

16. Many people were killed instantly at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but thousands more died from
....... radiation sickness.
A. succeeding

B. following

C. subsequent

D. afterwards

17. He couldn’t ______ his father that he was telling the truth.
A. admit
B. persuade
C. trust
D. convince
18. My passport ______ last month, so I will have to get a new one.
A. elapsed
B. expired
C. ended
D. terminated
19. The Department is also deeply ______ in various improvement schemes.
A. connected
B. entailed
C. involved
D. implied
20. They always kept on good ______ with their next door neighbors for the children’s sake.
A. friendship
B. relation
C. will
D. terms
21. The cast ...........several times and then left the stage to wild applause.
A. bowed

B. duck

C. crouched

D. stooped

22. The pilot spoke to the passagers to ...........their fears when the plane entered a storm.
A. allay

B. deter

C. soothe

D. placate

23. Then he started out on what ..............to be a very eventful journey.
A. proved

B. arose

C. turned

D. developed

24. I think you are being.......pessimistic and that you'll do better than you expect.
A. additionally

B. abundantly C. unduly

D. worthlessly

25. She often appears not to care about her work, but appearances can be.................
A. cunning

B. deceitful

C. deceptive

D. insincere

26. In .............to them, it wasn't their fault that the party went so badly.
A. fairness

B. justice

C. recognition D. sympathy

27. Peter isn't keen on exercise, but he isn't ................to the occasional walk.
A. averse

B. unwilling

C. reluctant

D. contrary

28. It is difficult to decide on the best ................of action in these circumstances.
A. measure

B. course

C. process

D. policy

29. When he saw her with John, Jack ...............anger.
A. show up

B. bristled with

C. pricked with

D. brushed with

30. There was a terrible storm on the night we first stayed at the campsite but we were alright without
tent and were as dry as a..................
A. bone

B. cover

C. coat

D. sheet

31. There has been a _____ in the sales of new houses since mortgages became more difficult to
A dive
B slump
C downfall
D crash
I tried to _____ my disappointment at losing by cheering the winner loudly
A mask
B hide
C shield
D veil
We managed to___ the last economical depression by cutting down our workforce.
A weather
B surmount
C override
D float
If you wait a moment, there'll be another ____ of loaves, fresh from the oven.
A batch
B collection
C bunch
D bundle
Don't ____ to any conclusions before you know the full facts.
A rush
B dive
C leap
D fly
“Why are you mad at John?”
“He’s been making a lot of trouble____ me lately.”
A. for
B. to
C. with
D. by
“How should we do this?”
“It should be done ____ we did it yesterday.”
A. the same way as
B. as the same way as
C. as the same way than
D. as the same way
Mr Smith was talking to his friends and_____
A. on a perch beside him sat a blue parrot B. on a perch beside him did a blue parrot sit
C. did a blue parrot sit on a perch beside him D. a blue parrot did on a perch beside him sit
39.That was one of the best films I have ever seen - it was______ magnificent.
A very
B fairly
C quite
D extremely
He ____so much harm on the nation during his regime that it has never fully recovered
A indicted
B inferred
C induced
D inflicted
41.However good Schoenberg_____have been, I still find his modem music very difficult to
A could
B may
C should
D would
42.I have told her that I am not going to ahead with my plans _____ she may think.
A whether
B whatever
C however
D despite
43. I was told yesterday that the car had been fixed but it’s broken down _______ again!
A. even
B. still
C. yet
D. right
44.Had the electrician not come in time, we would______last night's party by candlelight.
A have to have
B have to be having
C have had to have had
D have had to have been having
45.The insects looked and tasted so horrible, I _______with disgust as I tried to force them down.

A gloated
B grinned
C grimaced
D chuckled
46. With over 500 hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s, this is the_________ hits collection.
A exquisite
B satisfactory
C optimum
D ultimate
47.Those students do not like to read novels, ______text books.
A. in any case
B forgetting about
C. leaving out of the question
D. much less
48.Ancient civilizations were not aware that the earth ______ a sphere
A. is
B. was
C. had been
D. has been
49.Here _____ from Rangoon
A. is an interesting news
B. is an interesting item of news
C. are interesting news
D. are some interesting news item
50. Mary has been expelled from school. She maintains____
A to have been treated unfairly
B to be treating unfairly
C she was treated unfairly
D to treat unfairly

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