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(Compiled by Mrs Trang Anh
Facebook: Mrstranganh87

Question 1: Make sure you ______ up the data on your computer, because you might get a virus.
A. back

B. store

C. save

D. copy

Question 2: That's no excuse! You know you ______ this report by today.
A. can’t have finished

B. must have finished

C. may not have finished

D. should have finished

Question 3: Indiana University, one of the largest in the nation, is located in a ____ town.
A. small beautiful Midwestern

B. beautiful Midwestern small

C. Midwestern beautiful small

D. beautiful small Midwestern

Question 4: The hotel was terrible, but the wonderful beach_____ our disappointment.
A. came down with

B. made up for

C. got through to

D. faced up to

Question 5: The doctor said, “You really ought to rest for a few days. Jasmine."
A. The doctor strongly advised Jasmine to take a few days' rest.
B. The doctor suggested that Jasmine should take a short rest.
C. Jasmine's doctor told that she should rest for a few days.
D. It is the doctor's recommendation that Jasmine should take a short rest.
Question 6: He is an authority on primitive religion.
A. He has official permission to practise primitive religion.
B. He is famous for his vast knowledge of primitive religion.
C. He has authority over the people who practise primitive religion.
D. He has a great influence on the people who practise primitive religion.
Question 7: She started working as a teacher of English ten years ago.
A. She had worked with a teacher of English for ten years.
B. She has been working as a teacher of English for ten years.
C. She had been working as a teacher of English for ten years.
D. She has worked with a teacher of English for ten years.

Question 8: “I would take the job if I were you”, said my friend.
A. My friend told me to take the job.

B. My friend asked me to take the job.

C. My friend advised me to take the job.

D. My friend ordered me to take the job.

Question 9: Old people are often looked _____ by their children when they got older.
A. for

B. up

C. after

D. into

Question 10: She didn’t get _____ very well with the roommate.
A. off

B. on

C. in

D. through

Question 11: The charity aims to _____ food and shelter for underprivileged in the remote areas
of the country
A. present

B. assist

C. provide

D. offer

Question 12: I can’t concentrate _____ my work, because of all the noise the builders are
A. to

B. on

C. in

D. at

Question 13: Population explosion seems to surpass the ability of the earth to ______ the
demand for food.
A. make

B. need

C. have

D. meet

Question 14: ______ in this national park declined from a few thousand to a few hundred in 10
A. That the number of tigers

B. The number of tigers

C. For a number of tigers

D. A number of tigers

Question 15: This is the third time James ______ the volunteer program to the village.
A. has joined

B. has been joining

C. joined

D. joins

Question 16: George won five medals at the competition. His parents ______ very proud of him.
A. shouldn’t have been B. must have been

C. could have been

D. mightn’t have been

Question 17: ______, he would have been able to pass the exam.
A. If he studied more

B. Studying more

C. If he were studying more

D. Had he studied more

Question 18: Poor management drove my father’s company to______ of collapse.
A. the foot

B. the rim

C. the brink

D. the ring

Question 19: The weather is ______ nice that the children want to stay outside all day.
A. very

B. too

C. so

D. enough

Question 20: The singer was ______ on the piano by her sister.
A. discarded

B. accompanied

C. performed

D. played

Question 21: I am sorry I have no time at present to______ detail of our plan.
A. bring in

B. take into

C. go into

D. come in

Question 22: He did not share his secrets with other people, but he ______ in her.
A. confessed

B. concealed

C. confided

D. consented

Question 23: We bought some______ glasses.
A. German lovely old B. old lovely German C. lovely old German D. German old lovely
Question 24: It is necessary that everything
A. be

B. was

ready by two o'clock tomorrow.
C. will be

Question 25: Any food can cause an allergic
A. recreation

B. reaction

D. is

C. answer

D. solution

Question 26: They are going to demolish those slums for the street
A. widening

B. to widen

Question 27: You
A. mustn't

C. to be widened

B. mightn't

C. shouldn't

B. brought down

B. which

Question 30: Down
A. an apple fall

C. pulled down

Question 32:
A. Most the students

B. an apple fell

divides it into two equal parts.
C. what

D. when

C. did an apple fall

D. fell an apple

eye to eye with my father sometimes.

B. glance

C. look

D. agree

study hard before an examination.
B. Most of the students C. Most of students

Question 33: John is
A. the most tall

D. taken down

when he was passing under the tree.

Question 31: My mother doesn't
A. see

D. wouldn't

by a minor scandal.

Question 29: London stands on the Thames,
A. where

D. being widened

have been absent from that important session.

Question 28: The government was finally
A. put back


D. Almost students

of the two boys.
B. the taller

C. taller

D. the tallest

Question 34: Global warming will result _____ crop failures and famines.
A. with

B. from

C. for

D. in

Question 35: Many plant and animal species are thought to be on the _____ of extinction.
A. stage

B. verge

C. mood

D. way

Question 36: You have to take the full course of your antibioties even if you feel better, _____
your illness will simply return.
A. otherwise

B. so that

C. such as

D. whereas

Question 37: The driver is _____ for the safety of his passengers.
A. capatable

B. accused

C. taking charge

D. responsible

Question 38: For the first time in 70 years, _____ aspirin’s potential beyond reducing pain, fever
and inflammation.
A. researchers began understand

B. researchers began to understand

C. researchers begin understanding

D. researchers’ understanding of

Question 39: Don’t forget _____ goodbye to the interviewer before leaving the office.
A. saying

B. telling

C. to tell

D. to say

Question 40: You can’t possibly say no to such a wonderful job offer. It’s too good to ____.
A. See through

B. Take over

C. Turn down

D. Put up

Question 41: This book will _____ you with all the information you need.
A. provide

B. give

C. assign

D. offer

Question 42: Generally speaking, men _____ in sports than women do.
A. Are more intersted

B. Look interested

C. Have great interest

D. Take more interesting

Question 43: They talked for three days before finally _____ a decision.
A. doing

B. arriving

C. making

D. coming

Question 44: I feel terrible, I didn’t sleep __________ last night.
A. a jot

B. a wink

C. an inch

D. an eye

Question 45: I’m going to make all efforts to win a gold medal in ___________ for your help
and concern.
A. return

B. mind

C. allowances

D. memory

Question 46: The manager charged her ___________ irresponsibility and dishonesty.
A. for

B. on

C. about

D. with

Question 47: I _____________ the newspaper now. You can take it.
A. have been reading B. will read

C. am reading

D. have read

Question 48: __________ stay the night if it’s too difficult to get home.
A. By all means

B. In all

C. At all costs

D. On the whole

Question 49: The woman ___________ when the police told her that her son had died.
A. got over

B. fell apart

C. looked up

D. broke down

Question 50: He couldn’t move the table. He had to get someone ____________ him.
A. helping

B. help

C. to help

D. helped

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