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Compiled by Mrs Trang Anh
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Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.

1. A. fat
2. A. glad
3. A. hour

B. any
C. gas
D. hat
B. geography
C. glass
D. give
B. happy
C. husband
D. hold
Choose the word that has different stress pattern from that of the other words.

4. A. candle
5. A. relation
6. A. golden

B. finish
B. together
B. adult
Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.

C. family
C. successful
C. perhaps

D. anniversary
D. celebrate
D. future

7. A date that is an exact number of years after the date of an important event is a(n) _________.
A. birthday

B. celebration

C. wedding

D. anniversary

8. Dinner will be a cold _________, not a sit-down meal.
A. party
B. meal
C. dish
9. He doesn’t know much about the subject, but he is ______
A. joyful
B. enthusiastic
C. reserved
10. Steve thought his _________with Helen was changing.
A. relate
B. relative
C. relation
11. He is _________for his elderly parents.

A. paying attention B. looking
C. caring
12. He is smartly _________when he comes to an interview.
A. dressed
B. put on
C. worn
13. John had agreed _________me in his office.
A. to meet
B. meeting
C. to be met
14. It’s important for the figures _________regularly.
A. to update
B. updating
C. to be updated
15. It is no good _________sorry for yourself.
A. to feel
B. feeling
C. feel
16. The man wanted to avoid _________on security cameras.
A. to see
B. seeing
C. to be seen
17. Peter _________to go in for the exam.
A. avoided
B. let
C. advised
18. I tried _________the bus, but I missed it.
A. to catch
B. catching
C. to be caught
19. The plants want _________daily.
A. to water
B. watering
C. to be watered
20. Will you remind me ______this letter at the post office?
A. to post
B. posting
C. to be posted
21. The goods ought _________two weeks ago.

D. buffet
D. calm
D. relationship
D. taking care
D. undressed
D. being met
D. being updated
D. felt
D. being seen
D. decided
D. being caught
D. B & C
D. being posted

A. to deliver

B. delivering

C. to be delivered

D. being delivered

22. I have expected _________the secret of happiness.
A. to tell

B. telling

C. to be told

D. being told

23. The thief asked her handing over her money. [hand over:tranfer]
24. He was terribly excited to ask to play for Manchester.
25. They chose not to be attended the meeting.
26. He could not decide whether to get a job or studying.
27. I dislike being talk about everywhere.
Giving a dinner party is a wonderful way of entertain people. You can also make new friends and
give others the chance to get to know each other better. It needs planning, though. First, make a guest list,
with different kinds of people and a mixture of women and men. Don’t invite couples because they aren’t
so much fun. When you know who can come, find out what they like to eat and drink. Note down any
who are vegetarians, or who can’t eat or drink certain things for religious reasons. Then plan their menu.
Include a first course, a choice of main courses and a dessert, plus lots of people’s favourite drinks. The
next thing to do is the shopping. Make sure buy more than enough of everything, and that someone can
help you carry it! On the day, start cooking early. Give people appetizers like Greek mezze or Spanish
tapas, so they don’t get hungry if they have to wait. Serve the delicious meal, sit down with your guests
and have a good time – you’ve earned it!

28. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as the purpose of giving a dinner party?
A. to entertain people.

B. to make new friends.

C. to get people to know more about their host and hostess.
D. to help people to know each other better.

29. When giving a dinner party, you should NOT invite _________.
A. husbands and wives.

B. those who are vegetarians.

C. both women and men.
D. those who can’t eat or drink certain things.

30. The menu should include these EXCEPT _________.
A. a first course

B. a supper

C. a dessert

31. According to the passage, starters should be served _________.
A. because the guests want to have a good time together
B. because the guests like eating them
C. because the guests want to eat them while having to wait
D. because the guests may be hungry while having to wait

32. What should you do while the guests are having their evening meal?
A. Stand beside the guests without doing anything.
B. Sit down with the guests and have a good time.
C. Sit down with the guests to show your politeness.
D. Only serve the guests with the food.
Put the verbs in parentheses into the correct form.

D. main courses

33. I don’t remember (tell) _________________of the decision to change the company policy on
34. Ms Drake expects (consult) _________about any revisions in her manuscript before it is printed.
35. Sally gave a good speech that I couldn’t resist (applaud) __________________loudly when she
36. Tommy admitted (throw) _________the rock through the window.
37. Paul really didn’t mind (surprise) __________________by the party to celebrate this fortieth birthday.
38. Anne hoped (invite) __________________to join the private club.
39. Most people enjoy (travel) __________________to different parts of the world.
40. May I change the TV channel, or do you want (watch) __________________more of this programme?
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.

1. A. hand
2. A. money
3. A. change

B. bank
C. sand
B. month
C. monkey
B. hungry
C. stronger
Choose the word that has different stress pattern from that of the other words.

D. band
D. monitor
D. single

4. A. experience
5. A. idol
6. A. cotton

D. embrace
D. imagine
D. quickly

B. embarrass
B. video
B. happen
Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.

C. floppy
C. birthday
C. extreme

7. A person or thing that is loved and admired very much is the _________.
A. ideal

B. idea

C. idol

D. fan

8. A short part of a film or movie that is shown separately is called a _________.
A. picture

B. clip

C. news

D. cartoon

9. She _________shyly at him and then lowered her eyes.
A. looked
B. stared
C. glanced
10. This _________girl was disliked by the rest of the class.
A. helpful
B. sneaky
C. unselfish

D. sighted
D. generous

11. He pulled a(n) _________of 10 pounds notes out of his pocket.
A. sum
B. amount
C. piece
12. I’ve never fallen in such a(n) _________situation before.
A. embarrassed
B. embarrassing
C. confused

D. wad
D. confusing

13. The children were _________about opening their presents.
A. interested
B. fond
C. keen
14. I know from _________that he’ll arrive late.
A. knowledge
B. experience
C. understanding
15. Andrew _________the test before so he_________it very easy.
A. did/ had found
B. had done/ found
C. was doing/ found

D. did/ was founding

16. You _________your new hat when I _________you yesterday.
A. were wearing/ had met

B. wore/ had met

C. wore/ was meeting

D. were wearing/ met

17. As I _________the glass, it suddenly _________into two pieces.
A. cut/ broke

B. was cutting/ broke

D. excited
D. reality

C. cut/ was breaking

D. was cutting/ had broken

18. A burglar _________into the house while we _________television.
A. broke/were watching

B. broke/ watched C. had broken/ watched

D. broke/ had

19. When I _________home, I _________a phone call.
A. got/ received

B. was getting/was receiving C. got/ had received

D. had got/ had

20. They _________small cups of coffee after they _________dinner.
A. had drunk/ finished

B. drank/ finished

C. were drinking/ finished

21. It was midnight. Outside it _________very hard.A. rains

B. rained

22. When he _________at the station, his train already_________.
A. arrived/ left
B. arrived/ had left
C. had arrived/ left

D. drank/ had

C. had rained D. was

D. had arrived/

23. While I did my homework, I had a good idea.
24. Don’t make so much fusses over the children.
John’s friends had celebrated a farewell party for him last Sunday

25. After she bought herself a new motorbike, she sold her bicycle.
She did not know where most of the people in the room are from.
Put the verbs in parentheses into the correct tense.

26. I suddenly remembered that I (forget) _________my keys.
27. While Diana (watch) _________her favourite TV programme, there (be) _________a power cut.
28. Who (drive) _________the car at the time of the accident?
29. By the time Sheila (get) _________back, Chris (go) _________home.
30. David (eat) _________Japanese food before, so he (know) _________what to order.
31. I (do) _________some shopping yesterday, when I (see) _________your friend.
32. What _________you (do) _________ when I (come) _________to your office yesterday?
33. Laura (miss) _________the party because no one (tell) _________her about it.
When the bus _________(36) in a small square, Maria was reading her magazine and didn’t realize
that she had arrived at her destination. “This is Santa Teresa,” Martin said. “You’ve arrived home!” I
suppose your cousin will be _________(37) for us. Come on. I’ll carry the bags.” Maria thought, “All
those years when I _________(38) in New York, I used to dream of this moment. And now it’s real, I can’t
believe it! Here I am, I’m really standing in the square.” Santa Teresa was Maria’s birthplace, but she often
left the town at the age of six. She had some _________(39) of the town, and some photos, but did she
belong here still? She didn’t know.
Nobody was waiting in the square. Perhaps her cousin Pablo hadn’t received Maria’s letter. “What are
we going to do now?” asked Martin. “There isn’t _________(40) a hotel here!”

34. A. reached
35. A. expecting
36. A. was living
37. A. recall
38. A. even

B. got
B. waiting
B. have lived
B. memories
B. hardly

C. stoped
C. welcoming
C. live
C. thinking
C. too

D. came
D. receiving
D. am living
D. remembering
D. very\

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.

A. change

B. children

C. machine

D. church


A. guitarist

B. passenger

C. generous

D. village


A. other

B. long

C. possible

D. constancy

II. Choose the word that has different stress pattern from that of the other words.

A. number

B. eager

C. special

D. affair


A. feeling

B. believe

C. ready

D. easy


A. acquaintance

B. interest

C. capable

D. sympathy

III. Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.
7. Most of the undeveloped countries need a lot of ___aid.A. together B. unselfish
8. He is too _________to lend me his bicycle.A. selfish

B. enthusiastic

C. mutual

C. helpful



9. Suddenly, she recognized the _________of the situation that made her laugh.
A. wonder

B. pleasure

C. understanding

D. humour

10. He is a _________person because he is always friendly with everyone.
A. helpful

B. good-natured

C. honest

D. quick-witted

11. If you want to get a good result in every work, you should have a_________.
A. loyalty

B. sympathy

C. constancy

12. A _________friendship is a precious relationship.A. mutual
13. A good marriage is based on _________.A. trust

D. unselfishness

B. sincere

B. loyalty

C. generous

C. secret


D. A & B

14. The children seem to be totally _________of working quietly by themselves.
A. unable

B. impossible

C. incapable

15. They let their children _________up late at weekends.A. staying
16. The children were eager _________their parents.A. to see
17. I’d rather _________at home.A. to stay B. staying

19. They noticed him _________the agreement.A. sign

B. stay

B. see

C. stayed

18. Peter is very funny. He makes me _________a lot A. laugh

D. not able

C. seeing

D. saw

C. laughing



D. stay

B. to laugh

B. to sign

C. to stay

C. signing

D. signed

20. It’s important for her _________the office.A. ringing

B. ring C. rang

D. to ring

21. They would _________go by plane than spend a week travelling by train.
A. like

B. rather

C. prefer

22. The boss made _________for a meeting after work.A. us to stay B. us stay

D. better
C. us staying

D. us to

IV. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting.
23. I couldn’t make my car to start this morning.
24. There are a lot of work to do here.
25. I’m sure he is incapable in running a mile in four minutes.
26. Good friendship should be basing on mutual understanding.
27. I’m delighted hearing that you have made much progress in your study.
V. Put the verbs in parentheses into the correct form.
28. That was a very strange question (ask). __________________.
29. It was very kind of you (show) __________________ the way.
30. The teacher let him (stay) __________________at home to finish the assignment.
31. It was quite a surprise (see) __________________him again.
32. I overheard him (say) __________________that he didn’t want to learn Math. (overhear: hear by
33. She stood there and watched him (drive) __________________away.
34. It was very difficult for her (drive) __________________ the motorbike.
35. I could feel the robber (come). __________________from the backdoor.
1. This ______girl was disliked by the rest of the class.A. selfish

B. helpful

C. generous

D. sneaky

2. Their professional relationship developed into a lasting __________.
A. friendliness

B. friend

C. friendly


3. The first quality for true friendship is __________.A. unselfish B. unselfishness C. selfishness D. selfish
4. Friendship lives by __________, and no friendship can last long which is all give on one side and all take on
the other.
A. benefit

B. enthusiasm

5. Many of the stories are based ___________ rumor.A. at
D. under

C. give and take

D. change
B. in C. on

6. He's a(n) __________ man. He always helps people without thinking of any benefit.
A. selfish

B. incapable

C. unselfish

D. mutual

7. I have nothing in ___________ with Tim. A. altogether B. common
8. I can't stand people with no ___________ of humor. A. keenness

C. together
B. spirit


C. sense


9. A good friendship should be based on _____ understanding.
A. loyal

B. suspicious

C. give-and-take

D. mutual

10. A person or thing that is loved and admired very much is the _________.
A. ideal

B. idea

C. idol

11. He took a(n) _________of dollars out of his pocket.A. sum

D. fan
B. amount

C. piece

12. I’ve never fallen in such a(n) ____situation before.A. embarrassed
D. confusing

B. embarrassing

13. The children were _____about opening their presents.A. interested
D. excited

B. fond

D. wad

C. keen

14. He was sure that the boy was a __________because he had stolen her money.
A. student

B. thief

C. customs officer

15. I'm sorry for making such a _____about the noise.A. emphasis B. fuss

D. journalist
C. trace

D. mark

16. A date that is an exact number of years after the date of an important event is a(n) ............................... .
A. birthday

B. celebration

C. wedding

17. Dinner will be a cold ..........., not a sit-down meal.A. party

B. meal

18. Steve thought his ........... with Helen was changing.A. relate

B. relative

C. dish D. buffet
C. relation

19. The new students hope ……………in many of the school’s social activities.
a. including

b. being included

c. to include

d. to be included

20. Paul didn’t mind ……………….by his fortieth birthday party held by his friends.
a. surprising

b. being surprising

c. to surprise

d. to be surprised

21. I finally finished……………..at 7.00 p.m and served dinner.
a. to cook

b. to be cooked

c. cooking

d. being cooked

22. Although younger than the other children, she demanded………….….in the game.
a. to include

b. to be included

c. including

d. being including

23. The driver was so tired of ………... the same route every day that he asked for a transfer.


a. to drive

b. being driven

c. driving

d. drive

24. Ms Brown expects ………………..about any revisions to her story before it is printed.
a. consulting

b. being consulted

c. to consult

d. to be consulted

25. If we want to develop inner tranquility, we have to stop……………by every little thing.
a. being bothered

b. bothering

c. to bother

d. to be bothered

26. The mouse avoided …………….by coming out only when the two cats were outside.
a. catching

b. to be caught

c. being caught

d. to catch

27. We were shocked to hear the news of your…………..….fired.
a. having been

b. having

c. to be

d. to have been

28. Mary’s children are used to ……………up after school every day.
a. picking

b. pick

c. be picked

d. being picked

29. I don’t remember ………….of the decision to change the policy on vacations.
a. telling

b. being told

c. to tell

d. to be told

30. Ann hopes ………….to join the club. She could make business contacts there.
a. inviting

b. being invited

c. to invite

d. to be invited

31. They were fortunate……………....from the fire before the building collapsed.
a. to have rescued

b. to have been rescued

c. rescuing

d. to rescue

32. I truly appreciated ………….to give a speech in front of my school.
a. asking

b. to have asked

c. to ask

d. having been asked

33. He admitted knowing about the embezzlement of funds from his company, but denied ……….….in
any way.
a. involving

b. being involved

c. having involved

d. to be involved

34. I don’t mind to be interviewed in the street by market researchers.
35. Most cats enjoy be stroked.
36. They didn’t ask me how operate this machine.
37. The army made him to complete his training course.
38. Try to don’t keep interrupting the speaker this time.
39. He enrolled at a language school in Pisa for learn basic Italian.
1. A. chicken

B. children

C. chorus

D. machine

2. A. game

B. danger

3. A. mutual

C. village

B. chip

D. change
C. question

4. A. hour

B. happy

5. A. honey

B. healthy

C. honest

D. happy

6. A. horrible

B. hospital

C. holiday

D. honour

4. A. inherit

B. inhabitant

C. rehear

D. exhaust

5. A. honest

B. hour

6. A. uniform

B. useful

C. under

D. university

7. A. when

B. who

C. where

D. which

8. A. usually

B. use

C. uniform

D. umbrella

9. A. mow

B. lawn

10.A. government

B. gold

C. give

D. enough

11. A. earth

B. growth

C. although

D. third

12 A. limit

B. figure

C. provide

D. billion

13. A. great

B. available

C. raise

14. A. machine

B. change

C. teacher

D. choose

15. A. good

B. gossip

C. game

D. geometry

16. A. trust

B. mutual

C. number

D. uncertain

17. A. village

B. dangerous

C. gossip

D. passenger

18. A. which

B. changeable

19. A. chore

B. machine

C. much

D. such

20. A. cheese

B. children

C. chemical

D. teacher

21. A. honey

B. healthy

C. honest

D. happy

22. A. horrible

C. husband

C. honour

B. hospital

C. forward

C. each

D. Quality
D. hold

D. handsome

D. power

D. said

D. characteristic

C. holiday

D. honour

C. how

D. hero

23. A. home

B. hour

24. A. embrace

B. embarrass

25. A. house

B. hour

26. A. child

B. chin

27. A. danger

B angel

28. A. change

B. children


D. church

29. A. machine

B. teacher

C. exchange

D. march

30. A. hour

B. honest

C. honor

D. hospital

C. employ
C. heat
C. check
C. anger

D. empty
D. hand
D. chemist
D. magic

31. A. many

B. animal

C. area

D. award

32. A. answer

B. sweet

C. women

D. swim

33. A. picture

B. question

C. mutual

D. volunteer

34. A finish

B. limit

C. invite

D. stimulate

35. A. honest

B. homework

C. house

D. helpful

36. A agree

B. arrange

C. area

D. award

37. A. water

B. whale

C. whole

D. window

38. A. competition

B. completion

C. information

D. question

39. A. billion

B. climbing

C. bright

D. blouse

40. A. many

B. animal

C. share

D. award

41. A. answer

B. sweet

C. women

D. swim

42. A. picture

B. question

C. mutual

D. volunteer

43. A finish

B. limit

44. A. line

B. stimulate

45. A. stimulate

B. spirit

46. A. mutual

B. future

C. question

D. student

47. A. childhood

B. chemistry

C. chicken

D. children

48. A. started

B. student

C. party

D. actual

49. A. beside

B. sickness

C. physical

D. selfish

50. A. refused

B. talked

C. participated

D. washed

C. invite
C. provide
C. literacy

D. stimulate
D. invite
D. apologize

verbs in the brackets.
1. Did you expect ………. to Ms. Thoa’s party? (invite)
2. Thùy Vương always wants ……… (praise)
3. Does our house need …….., Dad? (modernize)
4. Did you ask her ……… to the get-together next Sunday? (come)
5. Show me how this microwave oven ……. (operate)
6. We heard the man …… goodbye to the host in Chinese. (say)
7. This book is easy ….. at any shop round here. (find)
8. Who was the first person …….. into the classroom? (come)
9. No one was found ……. guilty. (be)
10. We watched a strange man …….. your house at the time. (enter)
11. You are expected ……. home by midnight, son. (get)
12. It’s pleasant …….. you again after such a long time. (see)
13. How often does Mum have Dad …….. the cooking? (do)
14. Let no one ……. anything in my office while I am away. (touch)
15. No one can make him …….. what he doesn’t like. (do)

16. The little boy was left ……… home alone. (stay)
17. Everyone neeeds to love or …….. (love)
18. This food has ……. in oil, not in fat. (cook)
19. Dad told me what gifts …… first. (open)
20. To be honest, I don’t like ……. in such a way. (talk to)
21.Janice is going to fill out an application. She wants (consider)............................... for the job.
22.the mail is supposed (deliver)............................... at noon.
23.the children appear (drive) ............................... about the trip.
24.your compositions are supposed (write)............................... in ink.
25.Lan expected (admit)............................... to the university, but she wasn't
26.I don’t appreciate (interrupt)............................... when I'm speaking.
27.Avoid(give) ............................... your houseplants too much water.
28.The mountain climbers are in danger of(kill) ............................... by an avalanche.
29.Does Dr.Johnson mind (call)............................... at hoe if his patients need his help?
30.Mrs. Gates appreciated(serve) ............................... breakfast in bed when she wasn't felling well.
3 1.Jack Wells has a good chance of (elect)............................... I know I'm going to vote for him.
32.Sally's low test scores kept her from (admit)............................... to the university.
33.Sometimes adolescents complain about not (understand)............................... by their parents.

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