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Collected by Mrs Trang Anh
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1. ''You must have had a very good time on holiday." "__________, it was a disaster. Everything went
A. By tradition
B. In short
C. On the condition D. On the contrary
2. They are trying to persuade the rich to__________their money to the charities.
A. provide
B. invest
C. finance
D. contribute
3. Local authorities have to learn to allocate resources____.
A. efficient
B.efficiency C. inefficient
D. efficiently
4. Thousands of factory workers are attending evening classes in an attempt to______themselves.
A. better

B. be better C. being better
D. better than
5. He eats nothing __________hamburgers.
A. but
B. unless
C. despite
D. apart
6. He worked hard __________a mechanic for ten years before being appointed manager.
A. like
B. alike
C. as
D. same as
7. This organization is quick_____sending relief goods to the flooded areas.
A. with
B. at
C. for
D. about
8. When are you leaving_____Singapore? This week or next week?
A. for
B. in
C. to
D. at
9. Can you help me, please? I can't see the difference _________ these words.
A. from
B. in
C. between
D. about
10. That house reminds me __________the one where I used to live.
A. of
B. for
C. about
D. with
11. It was very kind__________you to lend me the money I needed.
A. for
B. of
C. to
D. with
12. The company made very good profit in __________.
A. the 1990
B. 1990s

C. the 1990s
D. 1990's
13. Her eyes are different colors. One eye is gray, and .........is green.
A. another
B. the other
C. the others
D. other
14. Fred refused to travel by air because he was afraid of ________.
A. long
B. lengths
C. heights
D. high
15. He __________for that company for five months when it went bankrupt.
A. has been worked
B. has worked C. had been working
D. was
16. Most people prefer spending money ___it.
A. than earning
B. from earning
C. to earn
D. to
17. Mr. Carlos, along by his cousins from Mexico City, is planning to attend the festivities.
18. You had better to tell her the truth or she'll get angry with you.
19. Many superstitions and symbols are connected for Halloween.
20.Almost half of turtles and tortoises are known to be threatened with ____.

a. extinct
b. extinction
c. extinctive
d. extinctly
21.Current extinction rates are at least 100 to 1,000 times higher than __ rates found in the fossil record.
a. nature
b. natural
c. naturally
d. naturalness
22.It is reported that humans are the main reason for most species' declines and habitat _______ and
degradation are the leading threats.a. destroy
b. destructive
c. destructor
d. destruction
23.We have to apply effective measures to save many plant and animal species _______ extinction.
a. from
b. in
c. for
d. on
24.Clearing forests for timber has resulted ___the loss of biodiversity.a. with
b. at c. in d. for
25.Toxic chemicals from factories are serious factors that leads wildlife to the _______ of extinction.
a. wall
b. fence
c. verge
d. bridge
26.Since _______ 1600s, worldwide overexploitation of animals for _______ food and other products
has caused numerous species to become extinct or endangered.
a. the / a
b. the / Ø
c. Ø / the
d. the / the
27.You _______ forget to pay the rent tomorrow. The landlord is very strict about paying on time.
a. needn't
b. mustn't
c. do not have to
d. may not
28.The television isn't working. It _______ during the move.
a. should have been damaged
b. needn't be damaged
c. must have been damaged
d. ought not be damaged
29.I am not deaf. You _______ shout.
a. must
b. mustn't
c. need
d. needn’t
30.John failed again. He _______ harder.
a. must have tried
b. should have tried c. can tried d. may have tried
31.We have plenty of time for doing the work. We _______ be hurried.
a. needn't
b. shouldn't
c. mustn't
d. mayn't
32. You should __ more attention to what your teacher explains.
A. pay
B. get
C. set
D. make
33. Without the traffic jam on the high way this morning, I ______ late for the meeting.
A. hadn't been
B. would have been
C. wouldn't have been
would be
34. Remember to appreciate what your friends do for you. You shouldn’t take them______.
A. out of habit
B. as usual
C. as a rule
D. for
35Nobody seemed to be interested in the news. It was greeted with a lack of ______.
A. enthusiastically
B. enthusiasm
C. enthusiastic
36. Isn’t there anyone______ of using this digital camera? A. skilled B. capable C. affordable
D. possible
37. The plane would have landed easily __ the thick fog.
A. but for
B. because of
C. due to
38. This letter___ be from Harry. He doesn’t know my new address.
A. might
B. shouldn’t
C. can’t
39. Body language is a potent form of ______ communication.
A. verbal
B. non-verbal
C. tongue
D. oral
40. It is important that every student______ attentive in class.
A. was
B. be
C. were
D. is
41. With black hair and eyes, she is______ of the people from her country.

A. identical
B. the same
C. typical
42. ______ you known he was a liar, would you have agreed to support him?
A. Had
B. If
C. Did
D. Since
43. It was only …….. he told me his surname that I realized that we had been to the same school.
A. when
B. until
C. as soon as
D. the
44.Many teenagers show signs of anxiety and _______ when being asked about their future.
A. depress
B. depression
C. depressing
D. depressed
45.Constant __ of attack makes everyday life dangerous here.
A. threat
B. threaten
C. threatening
D. threateningly
46.No one can predict the future exactly. Things may happen _______.
A. expected
B. unexpected
C. expectedly
D. unexpectedly
47.An economic _______ is a time when there is very little economic activity, which causes a lot of
unemployment and poverty. A. improvement
B. depression C. development
D. mission
48.In the future many large corporations will be wiped out and millions of jobs will be lost.
A. companies
B. services
C. supermarkets
D. farms
49.The more powerful weapons are, the more terrible the _______ is.
A. creativity
B. history
C. terrorism
D. technology
50.The medical community continues to make progress in the fight against cancer.
A. speed
B. expectation
C. improvement
D. treatment
51.Let's put off that meeting to next Monday.A. postpone B. schedule
C. arrange
D. appoint
52.A nuclear station may take risk going off due to unexpected incidents.
A. demolishing
B. exploding
C. developing
D. running
53.She is looking____ a new place to live because she does not want to depend ____ her parents any
A. for / on
B. after / with
C. up / forward
D. at / into
54.I was brought _______ in the countryside by my aunt after my parents had pass _______.
A. on / over
B. for / on
C. on / off
D. up / away
55.Due to industrialization, we have to cope __ the fact that many species are____ danger ____
A. over / at / for
B. at / upon / over
C. for / on / with
D. with / in / of
56.Boys! Put your toys ______. It is time to go to bed. Don't stay _____ late.
A. off / on
B. away / up
C. down / off
D. around/ for
57.She intended to quit her job to stay _______ home and look _______ her sick mother.
A. in / at
B. at / after
C. for / over
D. up / on
58.He is very worried _______ his new job because he is not quite prepared _______ working.
A. on / over
B. to / off
C. about / for
D. in / at
59.Instead _____ petrol, cars will only run ____ solar energy and electricity.
A. of / on
B. for / by
C. in / over
D. from/ upon
60.She has a promising future ahead _______ her.A. for
B. from
C. on D. of
61.Doctors and pharmacists have to assume _______ for human life.
a. responsibility
b. achievement
c. optimism
d. aspect
62.If you have ever watched television, you have seen plenty ___ drug ads.
a. with
b. of
c. for
d. about
63.According _______ Bill, there's something wrong _______ my computer.
a. after / for
b. on / about
c. to / with
d. upon / at
64. Chaplin was a comedian __ was best known for his work in silent movies.A: who B: which C:
whose D: what

65. I’m terrified ___ breaking down on a motorway at night.A: from
B: with C: for
D: of
66. The pop star __________ when the lights __________.
A: was singing/went out B: sang/were going out C: was singing/were going out
D: sang/went
67. Scandinavia consists of four countries. One is Denmark, ____ are Finland, Norway and Sweden.
A: others
B: the other
C: the others
D: other
68. I wish you __ complaining about the weather.A: would stop B: stop C: stopped
D: had
69. She got up early; otherwise she __________ her bus.
A: would miss
B: would have missed
C: had missed
D: missed
70:I’m very lazy. I only go to the gym once in a______ moon. A. black B. blue C. full D. new
71. __________ he tried, his father didn’t let him run the company.
A: Although hard B: No matter what
C: However hard
D: Whatever hard
72. When I came to his house, I didn’t see him. He __________ .
A: can be away
B: may be out
C: must have been away
D: must be absent
73. To our surprise, the so-called cheap shop was __________ was expected.
A: as twice as expensive B: expensive as twice as C: twice as expensive as
D: as expensive as
74. We bought some __________.
A: old lovely German glasses
B: German old lovely glasses
C: German lovely old glasses
D: lovely old German glasses
75. “Congratulations on your new home! It’s wonderful” “__________”
A: Thank you
B: You’re welcome
D: Really
C: It’s OK
76. As well as __________ in an office he used to have a part-time as a waiter.
A: having worked
B: working
C: to have worked
D: to work
77. __________ will China be the first to use nuclear weapons.
A: At any time
B: At no time
C: At a time
D: At one time
78. “I'd like to change some money.”
A: Five tens, please
B: What's your account number? C: Which currency?
D: You
haven't signed it.
79. She was __________ disappointed when she learned that she was turned down for the post.
A: gravely
B: bitterly
C: highly
D: fully
80. I was just about ___ the office when the telephone rang.A: to have left
B: leave D: to leave
C: leaving
81. “Thank you for your lovely dinner. You are an excellent cook.”
“ __________”
A: I’m glad you like it. You must come again.
B: No, thanks. I’ll have to try more.
C: No. I’m not. My sister cooks better than me.
D: Yes, right. I often cook in my family.
82. Not until recently has interest of tidal electric power plants been revived.
83. Little they knew in 1926, when the first T.V. broadcast began, that it would have such an impact
on people’s everyday lives.
84. Lightning, it is essentially an enormous electric spark that seeks the path of least resistance to
85At this time yesterday I ____ to music.
A. listened
B. had listened
C. was listening
D. am
86. By next June, I…… here for 2 years.
A. worked
B. have worked
C. have been working
D. will have worked
87. By last June, I…… here for 2 years.
A. had worked
B. have worked
C. have been working
D. will have worked

88. Now, I……… here for 2 years.
A. worked
B. have worked
C. have been working
D. will have worked
89. At this time tomorrow, I ____ to music.
A. listened
B. will be listening
C. was listening
D. am listening
90. I ____ to music at this time.
A. listened
B. had listened
C. was listening
D. am listening
91. After I ……………………….., I go home.
A. had finished
B. have finished
C. finish
D. finished
92. After I…………………………., I went home.
A. had finished
B. have finished
C. finish
D. finished
93. Before they built this house, they………carefully.
A. thought
B. had thought
C. have thought
D. think
94. Before they build this house, they…….carefully.
A.have thought
B. had thought
C.will have thought
D. think
95. When I came, she ……………the door.
A. was cleaning B. will be cleaning
C. cleaned
D. had cleaned
96. When I come, she ……………the door.
A. was cleaning B. will be cleaning
C. cleaned
D. had cleaned
97.When he went home, his mother………………….. dinner, so he took off his coat to help her.
a. Had cooked
b. cooking
c. cooked
d. was cooking.
98.When he went home, his mother………………….., so he had a delicious/diliʃəs/(a): ngon meal.
a. was cooking
b. had cooked
c. cooked
d. was
99. When he went home, he ….. because his wife were busy.
a. was cooking
b. had cooked
c. cooked
d. was cooking
100. When he goes home, he …………………dinner because he wants to make his wife surprised.
a. cooks
b. will cook
c. will have cooked d. will be cooking
101. When he goes home, his mother …because she always wants her son to have a delicious meal
after a hard work day.
a. cooks
b. will cook
c. will have cooked d. will be cooking
102. By the time you finish cooking they (do)………………… their homework.
A. had done
B. will have done
C. will be doing
D. will do
103. This is the most beautiful place I (visit)………….
A. have visited
B. had visited
C. visit
D. will visit
104.This time next week they ..in the train on their way to Paris.
A. will sit
B. will be sitting
C. will have sat
D. all are correct
105. By the first of July I (work)…………………… for this company for 20 years.
A. had worked
B. worked
C. have worked
D. will have work
106. We (be) in this class for 4 years next Septemper.
A. will be
B. will have been
C. have been
D. had been
107.By the end of this week I (read)… 200 pages of my new novel.
A. will have read B. read
C. had read
D. have read
108. I think she is the nicest person I (meet)………...
A. have met
B. had met
C. will have met
D. met
109. Susan (wait) for you at 9 o'clock tomorrow.
A. will be wait
B. will have waited C. will be waiting
D. will wait
110. He was the most warm-hearted I (know)….. .
A. have known
B. had known
C. knew
D. know
111: Research has shown that there is no difference at all between the brain of the average woman
and __of the

average man.
A. what
B. which
C. one
D. that
113: UNICEF _______supports and funds for the most disadvantaged children all over the world.
A. presents
B. assists
C. provides
D. offers .
113: Is there anyone who _ the plan put forward by the committee?
A. differs
B. disagrees C. objects
D. opposes
114: He would win the race if he _______his brother's example and trained harder.
A. repeated
B. set
C. answered
D. followed
115: "Excuse me. Where is the __office of OXFAM located?"
A. leading
B. head
C. central
D. summit
116: She neglected her study during the term, _______she couldn't pass the exam.
A. although
B. because
C. so that
D. so
117: The doctors know that it is very difficult to save the patient's life, _______they will try their best.
A. but
B. although C. despite
D. however
11.8: His house is ___ beautiful ___ he doesn't want to sell it.
A. too...to
B. enough....to
C. such... that
D. so...that
119: He has a good position in a big company. He_______be very good.
A. can
B. must
C. ought to
D. should
110: The reason ______he was absent from school is that he had an accident.
A. for which
B. that
C. why
D. a & c are correct
111: __to him, I wouldn’t have lost my way.
A. Had I listened
B. If I had listened
C. If I listened
D. a & b correct
112: By the time you come here tomorrow, the work _______.
A. will have been finishing B. will be finishing
C. will have been finished
D. will be
113: If you put your money in a bank now, you may get 12% _______annually.
A. interest
B. profit
C. money
D. income
114: After her illness, Lam had to work hard to _______ his classmates.
A. catch sight of
B. keep pace with
C. get in touch with D. make allowance for
115: _______of popular expressions in our language have interesting backgrounds.
A. A large number
B. The large number C. A great deal
D. A sum
116: Please __your cigarette. I am going to get choked.
A. cut down
B. blow out
C. put aside
D. put out
117: The new laws have encouraged both domestic and foreign private _______.
A. savings
B. paying
C. investment
D. economics
118: Since the reform, the country has undergone __changes.A. large B. sizeable
C. substantial D.
119: “Do you like your new job?" - "Yes, but my employer insisted that I _______on time."
A. was
B. am
C. have been
D. be
120: Many companies know that attractive _____can persuade customers to buy their goods.
A. packs
B. packets
C. package
D. packaging
121: When he was driving to work, he stopped ___________.
A. so to get some petrol B. getting some petrol C. to get some petrol D. for getting some petrol
122: A new bridge over the river ____________ at present.
A. constructed
B. is being constructed C. is constructing
D. is constructed
123: The more I got to know Tom, ________ I like him.
A. the more
B. most
C. more
D. the most
124: The children were quite attracted by the tamer and his animals ______ were performing on the stage.
A. that
B. whom
C. which
D. who
125: ____it was dark I couldn't read the letter .

A. although
B. despite
C. since
D. because of
126: The disappearance of one or several species may result in the loss of _____.
A. biodiversity
B. biology
C. university
D. diversity
127: Different conservation efforts have been made in order to save ________species.
A. danger
B. endanger
C. endangered
D. dangerous
128: This film is quite_______ All the children are____in the film.
A. interesting/ interesting B. interested/ interesting C. interesting/ interested D. interested/ interested
129: She passed the National High School Graduation Exam with ___ colours.
B. flying
C. red
D. True
130: The little girl asked what ………………to her .
A. has happened
B. would have been happened
C. had happened
D. happened
131I learnt to______ a bicycle when I was 6 years old.
A. conduct
B. drive
C. guide
D. ride
132: I get up early _____ go work on time.
A. in order to
B. so as not to
C. so that
D. in order that
133: I don’t have my own room. I have to ________ the bedroom with my elder brother.
A. divide
B. share
C. separate
D. live
134: Last week Laura said “I’ll do it tomorrow”. She said she would do it _______.
A. tomorrow
B. the previous day
C. the following day
D. yesterday
135: No matter how angry he was, he would never ___to violence.
A. exert
B. resolve
C. resort
D. recourse
136: When you do something, you should _____.
A. go down well with
B. turn over a new leaf
C. weigh up the pros and cons
D. get through to
137: Taxis don't follow any schedule: they come and go ________.
A. chronologically(theo nien dai) B. punctually
C. in sequence
D. at
random(ngau nhien)
138: We spent nearly 3 hours waiting outside the station, then out _____ .
A. the star came
B. did the star come
C. came the star
D. be the star
139: Hats like this may have been fashionable in the 60's, but now they are _____the times.
A. behind
B. over
C. beneath
D. under
140: Jane: Thank you for a lovely evening. Barbara: ________________________
A. Thanks!
B. Cheer!
C. Have a good day
D. You are
141: So little______ about mathematics that the lecture was completely beyond me.
A. did I know
B. I have known
C. I knew
D. do I know
142: Anne: "Make yourself at home".
John : "________________________"
A. Thanks! Same to you.
B. That's very kind. Thank you.
C. Not at all. Don't mention it.
D. Yes, Can I help you?
143: By December, Tim ______enough money to buy a mountain bike.
A. has saved
B. will have saved
C. will save
D. saves
144: As an adult, I am independent ___my parents financially.
A. of
B. with
C. out
D. on
145: It is imperative that every parcel on board ______before the flight.
A. must be checked
B. is checked
C. were checked
D. be checked
146: Who was the last one __the classroom yesterday?A. to leave
B. left C. leaving
D. had

147: Because of ______weather conditions, California has an advantage in the production of fruits and
vegetables. A. favour
B. favourably
C. favourite
148Today, women are increasingly involved ____the politics.A. of
B. in C. with
149: Our landlord had the broken window ___ before winter.A. fix
B. fixing
D. to fix
150: I had a red pen but I seem to have lost it; I think I’d better buy _________ one.
A. another
B. the
C. the other
D. other
151: On __ he had won, he jumped for joy.
A. he has told
B. having told
C. being told
D. telling
152: I finally managed _____.
A. in getting a temporary job.
B. a temporary job to get.
C. to get a temporary job.
D. getting a temporary job.
153: Let’s go to the library, ___?
A. will we
B. would we
C. should we
D. shall we
154: _so aggressive, we’d get on much better.
A. If she weren’t
B. Had she not
C. Weren’t she
D. She was not
155: We haven’t reached the final _______ on the funding for scientific research yet.
A. deciding
B. decision
C. decisive
D. decides
156: A: _______________
B: Oh, thank you. I just got it yesterday.
A. How a beautiful dress you’re wearing!
B. When have you got this beautiful
C. You’ve just bought this beautiful dress, haven’t you?
D. That’s a beautiful dress you have
157: - Do you like pop music or jazz?
- I don’t like _______of them. I prefer classical music.
A. any
B. both
C. either
D. neither
158: By 1820, there were over sixty steamboats on the Mississippi river, _______ were quite
A. which many
B. many of them
C. many of which
D. many that
159: _______saying was so important that I asked everyone to stop talking and listen.
A. What the woman was B. That the woman was
C. The woman was
D. What was the
160: If we leave now for our trip, we can drive half the distance before we stop _______lunch.
A. for having
B. having had
C. having
D. to have
161: Although he is my friend, I find it hard to _______ his selfishness.
A. keep up with
B. come down with
C. put up with
D. catch up with
162: My parents lent me the money. _______, I couldn’t have afforded the trip.
A. However
B. Therefore
C. Only if
D. Otherwise
163: It was Mr. Harding _______ the bill to yesterday.
A. who sent my secretary
B. to whom my secretary sent
C. that my secretary sent
D. my secretary sent
164: It is essential that Alice ___ Tom of the meeting tomorrow.
A. remind
B. must remind
C. reminds
D. will remind
165: It is interesting to take _______ a new hobby such as collecting stamps or going fishing.
A. over
B. on
C. in
D. up
166: Jack made me __ him next week.
A. promise calling
B. to promise calling C. to promise to call D. promise to call
167: _______ down to dinner than the telephone rang.
A. No sooner had I sat
B. Scarcely I sat
C. Hardly had I sat
D. No sooner I sat

168: “ I passed the TOEFL test, Mom.” -“ _______”
A. All right
B. Thank you
C. Well done
D. Good luck
169: - “Don’t fail to send your parents my regards”
- “_____________ .“
A. It’s my pleasure
B. Good idea, thanks
C. You’ve welcome
D. Thanks, I will
170: Parts of the country are suffering water _______ after the unusually dry summer.
A. shortage
B. supply
C. thirst
D. hunger
171 : The bad weather caused serious damage to the crop. If only it _______ warmer.
A. was
B. were
C. has been
D. had been
172: My supervisor is angry with me. I didn’t do all the work that I _______ last week.
A. must have done
B. can have done
C. may have done
D. should have
173: Jogging every day will_______ you good.A. do B. keep
C. help D. make
174: _______you, I’d think twice about that decision. I could be a bad move.
A. Were I
B. Should I be
C. If I am
D. If I had been
175: They are having their house _______ by a construction company.
A. to paint
B. being painted
C. painted
D. painting
176. Do you have any objections____ this new road scheme?
A. at
B. with
C. to
D. for
177. Despite a lot of hardship, the Green City Project will go____.
A. before
B. forward
C. advance
D. ahead
178. I'm sorry! I didn't break that vase on____.
A. my mind
B. time
C. purpose
D. intention
179. I don't feel like____ to the cinema now.
A. go
B. to have gone
C. going
D. to go
180. He has____ money in the bank.
A. a large number of
B. a lots of
C. a lot of
D. lot of
181. He isn't going to learn Spanish and____.
A. so isn't she
B. neither is she
C. she isn't too
D. either she isn't
182. He's always trying____ me.
A. to avoid to meet
B. avoiding meeting C. to avoid meeting D. avoiding to meet
183. Mr. Brown____ in the army from 1960 to 1980.
A. had served
B. has served
C. had been serving D. served
184. Although she is unkind, I can't help____ her.
A. like
B. liked
C. to like
D. liking
185. As I was____ of the change in the program, I arrived half an hour late for the rehearsal.
A. unaware
B. unconscious
C. unable
D. unreasonable
186. After nine months without any rain, the country was facing one of the worst____ in the last fifty
A. draughts
B. floods
C. eruptions
D. droughts
187. May I introduce you ______ Mrs Brown?
A. with
B. for
C. to
D. of
188. Fortunately, the plane landed ______ after the violent storm.
A. safe
B. safely
C. safety
D. unsafe
189. If she ______ rich, she would travel around the world.
A. would be
B. is
C. has been
D. were
190. The equipment in our office needs ______.
A. moderner
B. modernising
C. modernised
D. modernisation
191. It was very kind ______ you to help those poor people.
A. of
B. to
C. by
D. at
192. Peter got a bad mark, ______ made his parents sad.

A. that
B. which
C. and
D. so
193. I’d rather you ______ at home tonight.
A. stayed
B. to stay
C. stay
D. staying
194. That man lives next-door, ______ he?
A. does
B. isn’t
C. doesn’t
D. is
195. She likes reading books ______ the library.
A. in
B. at
C. on
D. from
196. I will bring an umbrella with me ______ it may rain.
A. when
B. in case
C. if
D. unless
197. By and _____, the pupils are well-behaved.
A. by
B. from
C. forward
D. large
198. It is essential that he _____ that contract.A. refuse B. refuses C. refusing
D. is refusing
199. The volcano had been _____ for years before it suddenly exploded.
A. passive
B. idle
C. immobile
D. inactive
200. You live in this area so you _____ know it very well.A. must B. can
C. could
D. may
201. There is a lot of traffic so we are trying to find an _____ route.
A. alternate
B. alternation
C. alternative
D. alternated
202. The Internet is a vast _____ of computers, all connected together.
A. network
B. console
C. resource
D. supply
203. She had been depressed all day but she started to _____ after she heard that she was promoted.
A. shout up
B. cheer up
C. take up
D. break up
- “Do you know Linh, a fair-haired girl in class 9A?”
- “Yes, she is my _____ neighbour. What’s up?”
A. indoor
B. inside
C. next-door
D. front-door
205. She screamed and ran away when she saw the mad dog coming _____ her.
A. to
B. up
C. at
D. into
206. Our car is very _____. It hardly seems to use any petrol at all.
A. economical
B. economic
C. ecological
D. economy
208. How you invest your money is none of my _____.
A. affair
B. business
C. matter
D. care
209. I didn’t go to the party as I felt a bit under _____.
A. the clouds
B. the water
C. the weather
D. the blanket
210. – “What did you buy so much paint _____?” – “I am going to paint my room again.”.
A. by
B. about
C. with
D. for
211. Everybody was pleased with the _____.
A. vegetable delicious hot soup
B. hot delicious vegetable soup
C. delicious hot vegetable soup
D. delicious vegetable hot soup
212. 3/4 means _____.A. third quarters
B. three quarters
C. three fourth
third fourth
213. Rarely _____ about the environment enough to give up their cars.
A. do people care
B. are people care
C. people care
D. care people
214. _____ to what the papers claim, the coach is not going to change the captain.
A. Owing
B. Thanks
C. Contrary
D. Regardless
215. According to _____ surveys, the majority of Britons want capital punishment restored.
A. the most
B. most
C. most of
D. the most of
216. Many students aren’t keen _____ their study at school.A. about B. for C. with
D. on
217. I’ve decided _____ for a better job.
A. to apply
B. applying
C. apply
D. applied
218. I _____ more careful! Now the car is damaged.

A. shall have been
B. would have been C. must have been
D. should have been
219. In the last thirty years, space exploration _____ great contributions to weather forecasting.
A. makes
B. has made
C. is making
D. made
220. Please write your answers _____ ink. A. in B. with
C. of
D. by
221. Bread is usually made _____ wheat.A. from
B. of
C. with
D. by
222. What food should you eat if you want to _ on weight?
A. get
B. put
C. carry
D. take
223. Do you know the beautiful girl _____ in the car?
A. sits
B. sitting
C. sat
D. who
224. Susan couldn’t help _____ when I told her the joke.
A. laughing
B. laugh
C. laughed
D. to laugh
225. The thief asked her handing over her money.
226. Preserving natural resources mean reserving them for our future.
227. Despite of the increase in air fares, most people still prefer to travel by plane.
228. Regardless of your teaching method, the objective of any conversation class should be for
students to practice speaking words.
229. The injured man was taken to the hospital.
230. In order for one to achieve the desired results in this experiment, it is necessary that he work as
fastly as possible.
231: At fifty-five, he began life again, determined with his pen to wipe outthe debt.
A. rub out
B. pay off
C. bump off
D. give up
332: The National Institute of Mental Health is conducting far-reachingresearch to determine the
psychological effects of using drugs. A. refined
B. extensive C. prevalent D. tentative
333.Within their home country, National Red Cross and Red Crescent societies assume the duties and
responsibilities of a national relief society.A. take on
B. get off
C. go about
D. put in
334: I have to take up my dress. I step on it all the time.
A. shorten
B. make it longer
C. embellish
D. try on
335.In Scotland, students transfer from primary to secondary education at approximately age 12.
A. compound
B. base
C. change
D. move
336.Around 150 B.C. the Greek astronomer Hipparchus developed a system to classify stars according
to brightness. A. shine
B. record
C. categorize
337: Lee doesn’t like conventional dressing. She prefers something modern and shocking.
A. new
B. old
C. social
D. traditional
338.When being interviewed, you should concentrate on what the interviewer is saying or asking you.
A. be related to B. be interested in
C. pay all attention to
D. express
interest to
339.The medical community continues to make progress in the fight against cancer.
A. speed
B. expectation
C. improvement
D. treatment
340: I had a row with my boss and had to quit the job.
A. quarreled
B. debated
C. ignored
D. discussed
341.Let's put off that meeting to next Monday.A. postpone B. schedule C. arrange
342.A nuclear station may take risk going off due to unexpected incidents.
A. demolishing
B. exploding
C. developing
D. running
343.Telecommunication is bound to have a huge influence on various aspects of our lives.

A. depression
B. technique
C. expect
D. impact
344: Trees have to be pruned seasonally or annually to ensure that they continue to bear fruit.
A. weeded
B. fertilized
C. harvested
D. trimmed
345.Those companies were closed due to some seriously financial problems.
A. taken off
B. put away
C. wiped out
D. gone over
346.Three great stretches of sandy deserts almost circle the center of Australia.
A. dunes
B. valleys
C. lands
D. areas
347:Dissemination of information is frequently carried out via satellite - through local or national TV
A. Dedication
B. Compilation
C. Condensing
D. Dispersal
348.Humans depend on species diversity to provide food, clean air and water, and fertile soil
A. destruction
B. contamination
C. fertilizer
D. variety
349.The crew divided the life preservers among the twenty terrified passengers as the ship began to
A. exhausted
B. surprised
C. frightened
D. excited
350: We spent the entire day looking for a new hotel.
A. the long day
B. day after day
C. all day long
D. all long
351:ThanhHoa is well-known for its beautiful beaches and seafood.A. rich B. successful C. honest
D. famous
352: What do you like doing in your spare time?A. enjoyable B. free C. quiet
D. busy
353.Life on Earth is disappearing fast and will continue to do so unless urgent action is taken.
A. vanishing
B. damaging
C. polluting
D. destroying
354.Hunting for meat and burning forests for soil cause destruction to wildlife.
A. organization
B. contamination
C. protection
D. damage
355.Mrs. Jones's husband passed away fast Friday. We are all shocked by the news.
A. got married
B. divorced
C. died
D. were on business
356.He seems to make the same mistake over and over again
A. for good
B. by the way
C. repeatedly
D. in vain
357.The ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) is an agreement by the member nations of ASEAN
concerning local manufacturing in all ASEAN countries.
A. progressing
B. producing
C. combining
D. aiming
358.The small white flowers are my favorite. They give off a wonderful honey smell that scents the
entire garden.
A. release
B. stop
C. end
D. melt
359.I couldn't make out what he had talked about because I was not used to his accent.
A. stand
B. understand C. write
D. interrupt
360. In most countries, compulsory military service does not apply to women.
A. superior
B. mandatory
C. beneficial
D. constructive
361.The firefighters fought the blaze while the crowd was looking on it.
A. blowing
B. watering
C. preventing
D. watching
363.After a tie, there are two overtime periods of three minutes each.
A. penalty
B. draw
C. score
D. goal
364:Unless I miss my guess, your computer needs a new hard drive. NHẦM LẪN
A. I break the soft drive
B. you lack money C. you are my guess D. I make a mistake
365.The goalkeeper can also be ejected for twenty seconds if a major foul is committed.
A. advanced
B. sprinted
C. played
D. excluded
366.The ASEAN Para-Games are hosted by the same country where the SEA Games took place.

A. organized
B. impressed
C. participated
D. defended
367. The aircraft carrier is indispensable in naval operations against sea or shore based enemies.
A. unique
B. novel
C. exotic
D. vital
368.Not all women can do two jobs well at the same time: rearing children and working at office.
A. educating
B. taking care of
C. homemaking D. giving a birth
369: If petrol price go up any more, I shall have to use a bicycle.
A. develop
B. ascend
C. raise
D. increase
370.There have been significant changes in women's lives since the women's liberation movement.
A. controlled
B. economic
C. important
D. natural
371.The use of lasers in surgery has become relatively commonplace in recent years.
A. absolutely
B. relevantly
C. almost
D. comparatively
372.Childbearing is the women's most wonderful role.
A. Giving birth to a baby B. Having no child C. Bring up a child
D. Educating a child
373. Computers are recent accomplishments in our time.A. structures B. achievements C.
calculations D. documents
374. What I like about you is your enthusiasm for work.A. concentration B. eagerness C. desire
D. appreciation
375.The forces behind the women's liberation movement vary from culture to culture, from individual
to individual.
A. advocate
B. equalize
C. power
D. change
376: There were so many members of the political party who had gone against the leader that he resigned.
A. apposed
B. insisted
C. invited
D. opposed
377If you don't pay your rent, your landlord is going to kick you out!
A. lend you some money B. play football with you C. give you a kick
D. force you to leave
378.Yesterday I ran into Sam at the grocery store. I had not seen him for years.
A. met
B. visited
C. said goodbye to
D. made friends with
379: S. Mayo Hospital in New Orleans was so named in recognition of Dr.
Mayo’s outstanding humanitarianism.
A. exhaustive
B. charitable
C. remarkable
D. widespread
380:Around 150 B.C. the Greek astronomer Hipparchus developed a system to classify stars according
to brightness.
A. shine
B. record
C. categorize
D. diversify
381.Let's go over that report again before we submit it.A. dictateB. print C. read carefully
D. type
382. The situation seems to be changing minute by minute.
A. from time to time
B. time after time
C. again and again
D. very rapidly
383.“Please speak up a bit more, Jason. You’re hardly loud enough to be heard from the back”, the
teacher said.
A. eligible
B. audible
C. edible
D. visible
384.I will not stand for your bad attitude any longer.A. like
B. tolerate C. mean
D. care
385: The weather is horrible at the moment, isn’t it? I hope it clears up later.
A. becomes brighter
B. shines
C. is not cloudy
D. clean
386.Southeast Asia is a region of diverse cultures.A. same
B. adopted
C. various
D. respected
387: I’d rather stay in a hotel with all the amenities than camp in the woods.
A. expenses
B. friends
C. sports
D. conveniences
388.The number of Vietnamese sport officials and referees of international standard taking part in
regional tournaments has increased rapidly.
A. hosting
B. participating
C. achieving
D. succeeding

389: I didn’t go to work this morning . I stayed at home because of the morning rain.
A. thanks to
B. on account of
C. in spite of
D. in addition to
390: The new cow boy-film catches the fancy of the children. A. attracts B. satisfies C. surprises D. amuses
391: Now I understand why you moved out of that house.
A. I am surprised
B. it frustrates me
C. I am intrigued
D. it makes sense to me
392. Most of the school-leavers are sanguineabout the idea of going to work and earning money.
A. fearsome
B. expected
C. excited
D. optimistic
393.In times of war, the Red Cross is dedicated to reducing the sufferings of wounded soldiers,
civilians, and prisoners of war.A. mounted
B. excited
C. devoted
D. interested
394: The most important thing is to keep yourself occupied.A. busy
B. comfortable
C. free
D. relaxed
395: My uncle, who is an accomplished guitarist, taught me how to play.
A. skillful
B. famous
C. perfect
D. modest
396: As a government official, Benjamin Franklin often travelled abroad.
A. widely
B. secretly
C. alone
D. overseas
397.The total number of national Red Cross societies from all over the world has mounted to 186.
A. protected
B. devoted
C. increased
D. aimed
398: I can’t stand people who treat animals cruelly.A. cleverly B. reasonably C. gently
399: Names of people in the book were changed to preserve anonymity.
A. reveal
B. conserve
C. cover
D. presume
400.Henri Davison, president of the American Red Cross war Committee proposed forming a
federation of these National Societies. A. took
B. dedicated
C. carried
D. suggested
401. A. necessary
B. benefit
C. vulnerable
D. parade
402. A. relationship

B. equipment

C. customer

D. deliver

403. A. concentrate

B. eventual

C. character

D. optimism

404. A. intimate

B. literature

C. participate

D. powerful

405. A. material

B. harmony

C. evidence

D. readable

406. Only in Japan …the high levels of western countries.
A. industrialization has reached

B. industrialization is reached

C. has industrialization reached

D. is industrialization reached

407. Nowadays children would prefer history ______ in more practical ways.
A. be taught

B. to teach

C. to be taught

D. teach

408. Hurry up! They’ve only got………….seats left.A. a little B. a few
plenty of
409. ……of the students know the answer to that question. A. Most
D. The most

B. Almost

410. We decided not to travel, ………….. the terrible weather forecast.
A. having heard B. we heard C. having been heard

C. a lot of

D. being heard

C. Mostly


411..............for their strong fiber include flax and hemp.
A Plants are grown

B. Plants grown

C. Plants that grow

D. To grow plants

412..I think you must be ………….me for someone else.
A. confusing

B. reminding

C. mistaking

413.. ‘John won’t come tomorrow.’
A. will come

D .considering

‘Did he say he ……….….next week?’

B. would come

C. is coming

D. had come

414. Pests occur in large numbers, and they can ….terrible damage, particularly to growing
crops, that in some parts of the world people frequently suffer from famine.
A. do such

B. do so

C. make such

D. make so

415. The new magazine about maintenance ……………..tomorrow.
A. comes down

B. comes off

C. comes on

D. comes out

416. A:”Do you think it will rain?’ B: ‘…………………...’
A. I hope not

B.I not hope so

C. I don’t hope so

D. So do I hope

417. Peter is very………… for all the help you have given him.A. generous

B. pleasant C. acceptable

418. He couldn’t…………. her to speak a word to him all the way back to her boarding house.
A. have B. make

C. let

D. get

419. No sooner ………….. the corner than its wheel came off.
A. the van turned

B. did the van turned C. the van had turned

420. He……….. all his money, then closed the account.A. took out

D. had the van turned

B. took away C. took off D. took in

421. The government are doing a …………. of people’s changing habits.
A. plan

B. project C. survey

D. research

422. A cool drink……….. him after his long hot journey.
A. relaxed

B. relieved

C. refreshed

D. recovered

423. Although he is rich and famous, he lives in a ……….. house in the village .
A. limited

B. modest

C. slight

D. reserved

424. I took the shoes back to the shop, but the manager……….. to change them.
A. denied

B. disliked

C. disagrees

D. refused

425. Well, we did have a terrible row but we’ve………….. it up now.
A. turned

B. made

C. sorted

D. cleaned


426. I do not believe that this preposterous scheme………… of our serious consideration.
A. worthy

B. worth

C. worthwhile

D. worthless

427. It was only …….. he told me his surname that I realized that we had been to the same school.
A. when

B. until

C. as soon as

D. then

428. The…….. of his first novel appeared in The Times yesterday.
A. review

B. inspection

C. revision

D. survey

429. He did not share his secrets with many people but he……… in her.
A. confessed

B. concealed

C. confided

D. consented

430. He just couldn't open the jar……………hard he tried.A. however B. whatever C. moreover
D. even
431. If the students……….. on time, they'd have enjoyed the pictures.A. had come
D. come

B. came C. have come

432. Would you be……….to hold the door open?
A. too kind

B. as kind

C. kind enough

D so kind

433. Mike: 'That's the 16th job interview I've failed. What should I do?'Jane: '.........'
A. Don't give over.

B. Don't give out.

C. Don't give up.

D. Don't give on.

434. "I've got two tickets for the exhibition."


A. Oh, let's go and get the tickets.

B. That's great. When is it?

C. Oh, anything else?

D. Thanks. I can't afford the tickets.

435. Nga: “Thanks a lot for your nice present!” Mai: “………………”
A. Yes, it’s very nice.

B. Yes, it’s very expensive.

C. You’re welcomed.

D. I’m glad you like it.

436. In purchasing a winter coat, it is very important for trying it on with heavy clothing underneath.
437. What happened in that city were a reaction from city workers, including firemen and policemen who had
been laid off from their jobs.
439. Although a doctor may be able to diagnose a problem perfectly, he still may not be able to find a drug
which the patient will respond.
440. Because the Red Cross accepts blood from most donors, the nurses will not let you give blood if you have
just had a cold.
441. Unlike the other students, Thomas does not have any ambition.

A. Thomas's peers, as well as him, all have some ambition.
B. Thomas does not like his friends because they are ambitious.
C. His students do not like Thomas because he has no ambition.
D. All the students, excluding Thomas, have some ambition.
442. It’s no use reading that book.
A. You should read that book.

B. That book has not been used.

C. That book is not worth reading.

D. I have used the book for a long time.

443. I ran into Peter, a friend of mine, on my may to work this morning.
A. I met Peter unexpectedly on my way to work this morning.

B. Peter and I ran to work this morning

C. Peter had to work this morning, but I did not

D. Peter ran into his friend this morning.

444. I would have been on time if I hadn’t stopped at the post office.
A. I was on time even though I stopped at the post office. B. I wasn’t on time because I stopped at the post
C. I didn’t stop at the post office, but I was late.

D. All of the above are correct.

445. But for his father’s early retirement, Richard would not have taken over the family business.
A. Richard didn’t take over the family business because his father didn’t retire.
B. Richard only took over the family business because his father decided to retire early.
C. His father retire early, but he still ran the family business.
D. Richard’s father didn’t want him to take over the family business despite his retirement.
446. Dick got to the bus station at midnight, missing his bus by two hours.
A. The bus left at ten o’clock at night, so Dick missed it.

B. The bus left at two o’clock in the afternoon.

C. The bus left at ten o’clock in the morning.

D. The bus left at midnight.

447. The onset of the disease is shown by a feeling of faintness.
A. A feeling of faintness signals the final stage of the disease. B. One feels faint if the disease is over .
C. The first sign of the disease is a feeling of faintness.

D. Faintness causes the disease.

448. Were it not for the money, this job wouldn’t be worthwhile.
A. This job is not rewarding at all.
B. The only thing that makes this job worthwhile is the money.
C. Although the salary is poor, the job is worthwhile. D. This job offers a poor salary.
449. 'Why not participate in the English Speaking Contest?'

A. He asked me to take part in the English Speaking Contest.
B. He suggested taking part in the English Speaking Contest.
C. He offered us to take part in the English Speaking Contest.
D. He told me not to participate in the English Speaking Contest.
450.'Don't be so disappointed Jane. You can take the driving test again,' said Helen.
A. Helen told Jane not to be disappointed and take the driving test again.
B. Helen asked Jane not to be disappointed and offered her another driving test.
C. Helen warned Jane not to be disappointed' in order to take the driving test again.
D. Helen encouraged Jane to take the driving test again.
451. As I was _______ of the change in the program, I arrived half an hour late for the rehearsal.
A. unconscious

B. unable

C. unaware

D. unreasonable

452._______ I didn’t know how to do the job. But now I am making progress.
A. At first

B. First

C. First of all

D. At the first

453.My uncle is in _______ of 60 engineers and workers.
A. management

B. charge

C. leadership

454. I’d rather you _______ for me here.A. wait B. waited

D. direction
C. to wait

D. waiting

455. He _______ the plants. If he had, they wouldn't have died.
A. couldn't water

B. needn't have watered C. can't have watered

D. shouldn't water

456.-Peter: "Would you like a beer?" - David: "Not while I’m _______ ."
A. in the act

B. on duty

C. in order

D. under control

457.They decided to _______ their differences and became friends.
A. take on

B. give away

C. go over

D. put aside

458.-Janet: “Do you feel like going to the cinema this evening?” -Susan: "_______ .”
A. You’re welcome

B. I feel very bored

C. That would be great D. I don't agree, I'm

459. Tom. "Thank you for your help." - Mary. "_______ ."
A. With all my heart

B. Never mind me

C. Wish you

460.On _______ he had won, he jumped up for joy.A. he was told
D. telling
461. Unemployment _______ by 5 percent since the beginning of the year.

D. It’s my pleasure
B. being told C. having

A. has risen

B. rose

C. has raised

D. was raised

462.No one died in the accident, _______ ?A. did he B. did they

C. didn’t he D. didn’t

463. There's a good film _______ town. A. on in

C. over

B. at

D. in on

464.You have a good feeling about yourself and ___ when you volunteer.
A. the others

B. others

C. other

465. There was no ___ in waiting longer than an hour so we left.A. us

D. the other
B. worth C. good


466.There was nothing they could do _______ leave the car at the roadside where it had broken down.
A. than

B. unless

C. but

D. instead of

467. -A: “Excuse me, is anybody sitting here?” - B: “_______.”
A. Yes, I am so glad
sit here.

B. No, thanks.

C. Sorry, the seat is taken D. Yes, yes. You can

468. Jump in the car. There’s enough _______ for you.
A. place

B. space

C. room

D. chair

469. Jane: “ _______ " – David: "Thanks. I’ll write to you when I arrive there."
A. Have a good trip

B. Good luck

C. Have a go

D. Good bye

470. She accepted the job _______ the salary, which was rather low.
A. although

B. despite

C. because of

D. inspite

471. The information is strictly _______ and should not be discussed in public.
A. exact

B. believable

C. valuable

D. secret

472. The concert was _______ because of the heavy rain.
A. put out

B. run out

C. set off

D. called off

473. His father is a bank manager, _______ makes him easy to have a good job.
A. whom

B. which

C. who

D. that

474. His father left New York. The doctor suggested he _______ there.
A. not stay

B. not stayed

C. didn’t stay

D. not go to stay

475. Where can I get a good rate of _______ for my money?
A. deposit

B. capital

476. I only recognized him when he came into the light.

C. credit

D. interest

A. Only when I recognized him, he came into the light.B. Not until he came into the light I did recognize
C. It was not until he came into the light that I recognized him
D. I did not recognize him even when he came into the light.
477. You are all welcome to take any food you like .
A. Please help yourselves to any food you like. B. Any food welcome to take if you like.
C. It’s my pleasure to take any food you like.

D. You don’t have to pay for any food that you

478. Jane refused to attend his birthday party, which made him feel sad.
A. He felt sad not be able to attend her birthday party.
B. Jane’s refusal to attend his birthday party made him feel sad.
C. Jane made him sad despite her refusal to attend his birthday party.
D. Jane refused to attend his birthday party because it made him sad.
479. The mistake in the accounts was not noticed until the figures were re-checked.
A. When the figures were re-checked, they came to light the mistake in the accounts.
B. The mistake in the accounts only came to light when the figures were re-checked.
C. Once re-checking the figures, the mistake in the accounts was noticed.
D. It was not until the mistake in the accounts was noticed that the figures were checked.
480. In spite of heavy rain, my brother went to work.
A. In spite it rained heavily, my brother went to work. B. Though rain was heavily, my brother went to work.
C. Although it rained heavily, my brother went to work.D. Despite it rained heavily, my brother went to work.
481. They are known that colds can be avoided by eating the right kind of food and taking exercise regularly.
482. There are many different ways of comparing the economy of one nation with those of another.
483. There are many researches show that various species of animals have been extinct.
484. I strongly object the idea of students in the final year working part-time jobs.
485. Most doctors agree that it is not good for patients to lay in bed without exercising.
Question 486: A. commercial

B. constructive

Question 487: A. copy

C. essential
B. remove

D. national
C. notice

Question 488: A. curriculum

B. economics

C. hesitation

D. calculation

Question 489: A. invaluable

B. investigate

C. intimacy

D. intensity

Question 490: A. undergrowth

B. untreatable

C. solidify

D. conventional

Question 491 Minh: “Lan’s the best singer in our school.” Peter: “____________________________”
A. Yes, tell me about it!

B. I can’t agree with you more!

C. That’s OK!

D. Yes,

Question 492: You can use my car ______ you drive carefully. A. though B. as though C. as long as
D. lest
Question 493: His honesty is ______; nobody can doubt it.
A. in question

B. beside the question

C. without question




Question 494: No one can avoid ______ by advertisements.
A. to be influenced

B. having influenced C. influencing

D. being influenced

Question 495: He wasn't attending the lecture properly and missed most of ______.
A. things said by the teacher

B. that the teacher said C. which the teacher said

D. what the teacher

Question 496: It is ______ work of art that everyone wants to have a look at it.
A. such an unusual

B. such unusual a

C. a so unusual

497: The children ran away as if they ______ a ghost. A. have seen
D. see

D. so an unusual

B. had seen

C. would see

Question 498: Regular exercise and good diet will bring ______ fitness and health.
A. from

B. to

C. about

D. up

499: The pool should not be made so deep __ small children can be safe there.
A. if

B. so as to

C. though

D. so that

500: I am sorry I have no time at present to ______ detail of our plan.
A. bring in

B. take into

C. come in

D. go into

501: John: “______”Anna: “I won’t say no!”
A. How are things with you, Anna?

B. What about playing badminton this afternoon?

C. Anna, do you know where the scissors are?

D. What’s your favourite, tea or coffee?

502: Education in many countries is compulsory ______ the age of 16.
A. for

B. when

C. until

D. forwards

503: ______ one of the most beautiful forms of performance art, ballet is a combination of dance
and mime performed to music.A. Being considering
D. To consider

B. Considering

C. Considered

504: The examination was not very difficult, but it was ______ long.
A. so much

B. too much

C. very much

D. much too

505: The Lake District, ______ was made a national park in 1951, attracts a large number of tourists every
A. that

B. where

C. what

D. which

506: He ___us but he was short of money at the time.A. could have helped B. can help C. might help
D. would help
Question 507: The boat was sailing north when a terrible storm ______ .
A. had broken

B. broke

C. would break

D. was breaking

Question 508: As a millionaire who liked to show off her wealth, Mrs. Smith paid ______ we asked.
A. four time much than
as many as

B. four times as much as C. four times much as

D. four time

Question 509: I would join that running competition ______.
A. when I was 5 years older

B. if I were 5 years younger

C. if it would happen 5 years ago

D. unless I were 5 years younger

Question 511: He's sometimes bad-tempered but he's a good fellow ______.
A. at heart

B. by heart

C. with heart

D. in heart

Question 512: Scarcely had he stepped out of the room ______ he heard a loud laughter within.
A. then

B. until

C. than

D. when

Question 513: Linda: “Do you want another serving of chicken soup?” Smith: “______.”
A. No way

B. No comment

C. No thanks

D. No longer

Question 514: She has to pass all her exams or _____________she would have no holiday.
A. instead

B. else

C. therefore

D. though

Question 515: In America, when a woman and a man are introduced, shaking hands is up to a woman.
A. depends on

B. replies on

C. waits on

D. congratulates on

Question 516: Not until the end of the 19th century ______ become a scientific discipline.
A. plant breeding has

B. did plant breeding C. plant breeding had

D. has plant breeding

517. Military is___ in this country. Every man who reaches the age of 18 has to serve in the army for
two years.
A. compulsory B. illegal

C. optional

D. unnecessary

518. “When do you have to hand in the that report?” “The______ is Thursday 12th April”

A. byline

B. lifeline

C. deadline


519. Jack found it hard to______ the loss of his little dog.A. get over B. turn over C. put off D. get
520. You should ______ more attention to what your teacher explains.A. pay B. get C. set D.
521. Without the traffic jam on the high way this morning, I ______ late for the meeting.
A. hadn't been B. would have been
would be

C. wouldn't have been


522. Remember to appreciate what your friends do for you. You shouldn’t take them______.
A. out of habit B. as usual

C. as a rule

D. for granted

523. Nobody seemed to be interested in the news. It was greeted with a lack of ______.
A. enthusiastically B. enthusiasm

C. enthusiastic


524. ______ candidates are likely to succeed in job interviews.
A. Self-doubt B. Self-confident C. Nervous

D. Self-conscious

525. Isn’t there anyone______ of using this digital camera?A. skilled B. capable C. affordable D.
526. In his latest speech, the Secretary General______ the importance of wildlife conservation.
A. stressed

B. extorted

C. excused


527. I don't like______ jobs. In fact, I never want to work under high pressure.
A. stressing

B. stress

C. Stressful

528. The plane would have landed easily ______ the thick fog. A. but for
because of C. due to
D. unless


529. The Avicenna Partnership is a______ company with a long and successful sales history.
A. respecting

B. respectful

C. respectable


530. Our teacher often said, "Who knows the answer? ______ your hand."
A. Heighten

B. Rise
D. Raise

531. ______ anyone call, would you please ask them to call back later?

C. Lift

A. If

B. When

C. Should


532. It was just a friendly get-together. Everyone was wearing___ clothes. No one needed to be welldressed.
A. casual

B. unfriendly

C. unimportant


533. Mary: “Can I have some more meat?”

John: “____________.”

A. No, it’s my round B. Help yourself

C. Enjoy your meal

D. It’s

A. hadn't lent B. weren't lending
wouldn't lend

C. didn't lend


535. Tom: “Can I bring a friend to your party?”

Kyle: “____________.”

534. I wish I ______ Bob the money; he spent it all gambling.

A. The more the merrier B. Straight away

C. That’s right D. Beggars can’t be

536. Had you told me that this was going to happen, I ______ it.
A. would never have believed B. can't believe C. hadn't believed

D. don't

537. This letter______ be from Harry. He doesn’t know my new address.
A. might

B. shouldn’t

C. can’t


538. Body language is a potent form of ______ communication.A. verbal B. non-verbal C. tongue
D. oral
539. It is important that every student______ attentive in class. A. was
D. is

B. be C.

540. Amie was so______ in her work that she didn’t notice when I came in.
A. busy

B. wrapped up

C. absent - minded


541. With black hair and eyes, she is______ of the people from her country.
A. identical

B. the same

C. typical


542. ______ you known he was a liar, would you have agreed to support him?
A. Had

B. If

C. Did

D. Since

543. When babies are around fifteen months old, they can pick up objects and put themselves into
small containers.

544. Often a headache is caused by the contraction of one of the muscle group that cover the skull, thus causing
spasm and pain.
545.If motorists do not observe the traffic regulations, they will be stopped, ticketed and have to pay a fine.
546. How the earth is in the shadow of the moon, we see an eclipse of the sun.
547. Long before boats became important in recreation, they were valuable to people for many
essential tasks, included transportation and fishing.
548. I just want to stay at home and watch TV and take it easy. A. sit down
C. eat
D. relax

B. sleep

549. You must answer the police’s questions truthfully; otherwise, you will get into trouble.
A. in a harmful way B. as trustingly as you can C. exactly as things really happen D. with a
negative attitude
550. My mom is always bad-tempered when I leave my room untidy.
A. easily annoyed or irritated

B. feeling embarrassed C. talking too much D. very happy and

551. The crew divided the life preservers among the twenty terrified passengers as the ship began to
A. excited

B. frightened

C. surprised


552. In the end her neighbour decided to speak his mind.
A. have a chat B. say exactly what he thought C. are given the right to
few words

D. say a

553. He cannot practice scuba diving because he has a weak heart.
A. The reason why he cannot practice scuba diving is that he has a weak heart.
B. The fact that he has a weak heart cannot stop him practicing scuba diving.
C. Scuba diving makes him suffer from having a weak heart.
D. He has a weak heart but he continues to practice scuba diving.
554. The test we did last time was more difficult than this one.
A. This time we have to do the most difficult test of all.

B. We did an easy test last time and a difficult one this

C. This test is not as difficult as the one we did last time. D. The test we have done this time is not
difficult at all.
555. People believe that neither side wanted war.
A. Neither side is responsible for the outbreak of war. B. War is believed to be wanted by either

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