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Compiled by Mrs Trang Anh
Facebook: Mrstranganh87

1. The police were baffled by the attack as there seemed to be no apparent................. .
A. design
B. principle
C. motive
D. plot
2. If you want to be sure of receiving a copy of the magazine, I suggest you ................. an annual
A. put down
B. take out
C. write off
D. send up
3. After feeling off .................. for days, Tom finally went to see his doctor.
A. food
B. color
C. fitness
D. balance
4. ...................... the phone rang later that night did Anna remember the appointment
A. No sooner
B. Only
C. Not until
D. Just before
5. There was................. evidence to bring charges against the man.
A. insubstantial
B. inferior
C. ineffective
D. insufficient

6. The runner got a huge blister on his heel where his new shoes .......................
A. scratched
B. rubbed
C. scraped
D. gripped
7. The size of the pop-star’s personal fortune was the subject of much ................. in the press.
A. doubt
B. guessing
C. speculation
D. wonderment
8. Jeremy’s friends were fond of him .................... because of his generosity.
A. at least
B. still less
C. even less
D. not least
9. The thick fog ................... out any possibility of our plane taking off before morning
A. ruled
B. struck
C. stamped
D. crossed
10. Looking down at the coral reef, we saw ..................... of tiny, multi-colored fish.
A. swarms
B. flocks
C. teams
D. shoals
11. Of all the paintings in the gallery, it was this one that really ...............my eye.
A. grasped
B. snatched
C. caught
D. seized

12. She had made a firm decision and wasn’t ............... by anything I said against it.
A. detracted
B. prevailed
C. induced
D. swayed
13. We might have to change our plans for the weekend and, ...............we’ll let you know as soon
as possible.
A. in case
B. if so
C. providing
D. supposing
14. I was reluctant to ...............the subject because I thought he wouldn’t want to discuss it.
A. raise
B. originate
C. advance
D. provoke
15. My attempts to solve the problem only ...............to make it worse.
A. contributed
B. functioned
C. served
D. attained
16. Can you tell me the ...............of these shoes?
A. charge
B. price
C. amount
D. expense
17. It is too early in the ...............to expect many visitors to the town.
A. term
B. season
C. time

D. calendar
18. She took up so many hobbies when she retired that she had hardly any time ............
A. on her hands
B. in hand
C. at her hand D. at hand

19. Please leave this space ...............on the enrolment form.
A. absent
B. blank
C. missing
D. undone
20. After the flash flood, all the drains were overflowing ............storm water.
A. from
B. with
C. by
D. for
21. I would like to ............ Mr Fukuyama to present the trophy to the victorious team.
A. call over
B. call out
C. call upon
D. call up
22. My neighbor is _____; he is always showing that he never cares about his bad behavior.
A. grim-faced B. faceless
C. face-saving
D. barefaced
23. The teacher doled ...................... the chocolates to his students for having done well in the
A. off
B. on

C. out
D. away
24. He kept his marriage a secret for years, but eventually the truth……………
A came out
B. came through C. went out
D. turned out
25. “I call ....... you at 6 o’clock,” said James.
A. by
B. up
C. for
D. in
26. Many a leader ............fallen due to pride.
A. is
B. are
C. has
D. have
27. If you want a good flat in London, you have to pay through the ---------- for it.
A. month
B. car
C. nose
D. teeth
28. Employees who have a ..............are encouraged to discuss it with the management.
A. hindrance
B. disturbance
C. disadvantage
D. grievance
29. William was as .......... as a cucumber when the hash punishment was meted out to him by the
A. cool
B. cold

C. placid
D. impassive
30. .............. of the financial crisis, all they could do was hold on and hope that things would
A. At the bottom
B. At the height
C. On the top
D. In the end
Nathalie seems very tough at work. She’s a different person at home, _________.
A. though
B. although C. as though
D. even though
32. I kept out of the conversation because it _________ me.
A. wasn’t concerned
B. wasn’t concerning
C. didn’t concern
D. didn’t concern to
33. The entire city was _________ electricity last night – it was chaotic.
A. no
B. almost no
C. hardly any
D. without
34. Henry was overweight, so he went on a strict diet and _________ twenty kilos.
A. missed
B. lost
C. failed
D. fell
35. He was arrested because he answered to the description of the _________ man.
A. searched

B. pursued
C. wanted
D. hunted
36. Humanity has done great damage to the environment in its search for _________ materials.
A. live
B. raw
C. crude
D. rude
37. _________, the balcony chairs will be ruined in this weather.
A. Leaving uncovered
B. Having left uncovered
C. Left uncovered
D. Been left uncovered
38. One way to let off _________ after a stressful day is to take some vigorous exercise.
A. cloud
B. tension
C. steam
D. sweat
39. Their research into the causes of cancer promises to break the new _________ in the field and
possibly lead to a cure.
A. earth
B. ground
C. soil
D. land
40. After three days in the desert, his mind began to play _________ on him.

A. games
B. jokes
C. tricks

D. fun
41. The match will be screened on ITV with _________ commentary by Any Gray.
A. lively
B. live
C. alive
D. living
42. I know you didn’t want to upset me but I’d sooner you _________ me the whole truth
A. could have told
B. told
C. have told
D. had told
43. As the drug took _________, the patient became quieter.
A. effect
B. force
C. influence
D. impact
44. The dawn redwood appears ____ some 100 million years ago in northern forests around the
A. was flourished
B. having to flourish
C. to have flourished
D. have flourished
45. His comments _________ little or no relation to the facts and the figures of the case.
A. reflect
B. bear
C. give
D. possess
46. All _____ is a continuous supply of the basic necessities of life.
A. what is needed

B. for our needs
C. the thing needed D. that is needed
47. It is urgent that this letter _____ immediately.
A. was posted
B. posted
C. be posted
D. be post
48. John: This grammar test is the hardest one we’ve ever had this semester!
Mary: _____ but I think it’s quite easy.
A. I couldn’t agree more
B. I understand what you’re saying
C. You’re wrong
D. I don’t see in that way
49. It is only recently that ballets have been based on the themes _____ American life.
A. reflecting
B. reflects
C. is reflecting
D. reflected
50. I wish you’d do the accounts. I don’t have ________ for numbers.
A. a head
B. a mind
C. the heart
D. the nerve
51. Not only was there no tea, ………………….there was no food either.
A. and
B. nor
C. but
D. so
52. The restaurant is popular with film stars and the …………………..
A. like

B. same
C. similar
D. such
53. It’s much more expensive if you use the phone at………………….rate.
A. high
B. busy
C. peak
D. heavy
54. Politicians often promise to solve all problems…………………….
A. thick and fast
B. on the whole
C. of set purpose
D. at a stroke
55. Karen was terribly nervous before the interview, but she managed to pull
herself……………and act confidently.
A. through
B. over
C. together
D. off
56. …………to the invention of the steam engine, most forms of transport were horse-drawn.
A. Akin
B. Prior
C. In addition
D. With reference
57. The truant was………………………from school for unbecoming behavior.
A. dispelled
B. repelled
C. expelled
D. compelled
58. ………………it or not, I’ve just been given a totally unexpected pay rise.

A. Believe
B. Accept
C. Presume
D. Allow
59. During the war, the black market in luxury goods ………………………………….
A. flourished
B. flowered
C. bloomed
D. blossomed
60. It’s expected that all members will……………………to the rules of the club.
A. comply
B. concede
C. conform
D. compromise
61. I’m afraid I’m rather……………….about the existence of ghosts.
A. skeptical
B. partial
C. adaptable
D. incapable

62. Nothing was arranged, it was all very ………………….
A. taken away
B. worn out
C. slapdash
D. slap up
63. He gambled ……………………………his life’s savings before starting on his wife’s.\
A. across
B. around
C. out

D. away
64.Employees who have a ………………… are encouraged to discuss it with the management.
A. hindrance
B. grievance
C. disadvantage
D. disturbance
65.Global warming has progressed ………………….glaciers everywhere are shrinking.
A. too much that
B. enough to cause
C. to such an extent that
D. so great an extent that
66.Mr. Average was just a run-of-the-………………….worker.
A. road
B. Mill
C. week
D. wheel
67.The police …………………..a good deal of criticism over the handling of the demonstration.
A. came in for
B. brought about
C. opened up
D. went down with
68. They can’t ……………………on the name for the baby.
A. conclude
B. consent
C. assent
D. decide
69. It’s a shame they didn’t pick you, but it doesn’t .................. out the possibility that you might
get a job in a different department.
A. rule
B. strike

C. cancel
D. draw
70. Jane wasn't in when I arrived. I suppose she _______ I was coming.
A. must have forgotten
B. must forget
C. may forget
D. can't have
71. I really appreciate________ to help me, but I am sure I’ll be able to manage by myself.
A. you to offer
B. you are offering
C. your offering
D. that you offer
72. My new glasses cost me _______ the last pair I bought last month.
A. more than three times
C. more three times than
B. three times as much as
D. as much three times as
73. After years of neglect, there was a huge _____ program to return the city to its former glory.
A. restoration
B. preservation
C. conservation
D. Refurbishment
74. We all have to follow the rules, and none of us is_____ the law.
A. beyond
B. over
C. above
D. Onto
75. On the_____, optimists believe that life will be much better than it is today.
A. contrary

B. contrast
C. opposition
D. opponent
76. You had your house decorated, __________ ?
A. hadn’t you
B. didn’t you C. weren’t you
D. haven’t you
77. A part – time job gives me the freedom to ___________my own interests.
A. pursue
B. chase
C. seek
D. catch
78. The type of plant and animal life living in and around a pond depends on the soil of the
pond, .............., and the pond’s location.
A. what the quality of the water is
B. how is the water quality
C. the quality of water
D. what is the water quality
79. __________ its accuracy, laser is very useful in medicine.
A. In view of
B. As a result of
C. Thanks to
D. Despite
80.______ for their strong fiber include flax and hemp.
A. Plants are grown
B. Plants grown
C. Plants that grow
D. To grow plants
81. ______ appears considerably larger at the horizon than it does overhead is merely an optical

A. What the Moon
B. The Moon which

C. When the Moon
D. That the Moon
81. Only after the atomic bomb ________ and development in the air travel _______, ______ science
fiction really become popular.
A. had created/ had taken off/ was
B. had been created/ had been taken off/ has
C. had been created/ had taken off/ did D. had been created/ / had taken off/ had
82. We’ve bought some ________ chairs for the garden so that they are easy to store away.
A. adapting
B. adjusting
C. bending
D. folding
83. I don’t think she can get her message _______ to the students. She seems too nervous.
A. across
B. around
C. out
D. over
84. _______, it is obvious that the whole thing was a waste of time and effort.
A. None of us wanted to go in the first place
B. Staff meetings are often boring and have no apparent point to them
C. Since the results were far more satisfactory than anyone had expected
D. Seeing that we couldn’t solve anything in the end
85. There are ______ words in English having more than one meaning. Pay close attention to this
A. a large many
B. quite many

C. a great many
D. quite a lot
86. This car has many features including _________.
A. stereo, safety devices, air condition, and it saves gas
B. good music, safety devices, air conditioning, and gas
C. stereo, safety devices, air conditioned, and good gas
D. stereo, safety devices, air conditioning, and low gas mileage
87. Round and round ___________.
A. the wheels of the engine went
B. did the wheels of the engine go
C. went the wheels of the engine
D. going the wheels of the engine
88. The replacement of shops such as the groceries and chemists’ by the café _______ the
housewives with insufficient facilities for shopping.
A. leave
B. have left
C. has left
D. to have left
89. Your argument _______ that Britain is still a great power, but this is no longer the case.
A. outlines
B. presupposes
C. concerns
D. presents
90. They are happily married although, of course, they argue _______.
A. most times
B. from day to day
C. every now and then
D. on the occasion
91. He promised to mend the broken wheel soon without ___________ .
A. fail

B. failure
C. trouble
D. mistake
92. One of the first exercises in math class is ______ measure the radius of a circle.
A. to learn and
B. to learn how to C. learning to
D. learn to
93. We were shocked to hear the news of your ________.
A. having fired
B. being fired
C. having been fired
D. to have been fired
94. I don’t know French, but I’ll ________.
A. get Tom to translate it
B. have it translate
C. have Tom to translate it
D. make it translate
95. _______ as taste is really a composite sense made up of both taste and smell.
A. That we refer to
B. What we refer to
C. To which we refer
D. What do we refer to
96. _______ have settled, one of their first concerns has been to locate an adequate water supply.
A. Wherever people
B. There are people who
C. Where people
D. People

97. Politicians should never lose ______ of the needs of the people they represent.

A. view
B. sight
C. regard
D. prospect
98. _______ team sports require cooperation.
A. Of all
B. They are all
C. Why all are
D. All
99. Studies indicate _________ collecting art today than ever before.
A. there are that more people
B. more people that are
C. that there are more people
D. people there are more
100. Doctors advise people who are deficient __________ vitamin C to eat more fruit and
A. from
B. of
C. in
D. for
101. Dick put ____ ball in ____ net in _____ second half but ____ goal was disallowed.
A. a - a - a - a
B. the - the - the - the
C. the - the - a - a
D. a - a - the - the
102. There is a real possibility that these animals could be frightened _______ a sudden loud
A. being there
B. should there be
C. there was

D. there have been
103. The computer has dramatically affected ______ photographic lenses are constructed.
A. is the way
B. that the way
C. which way do
D. the way
104. Six novels a year, you say? He’s certainly a __________ writer.
A. fruitful
B. fertile
C. virile
D. prolific
105. The handwriting is completely ______ . This note must have been written a long time ago.
A. inedible
B. indelible
C. illegible
D. unfeasible
106. Never ______ till tomorrow what you can do today .
A. put out
B. put off
C. put away
D. put down
107. John’s score on the test is the highest in the class;______ .
A. he should study last night
B. he should have studied last night
C. he must have studied last night
D. he must have to study last night
108. The company received______complaints about the quality of its products.
A. continual
B. continued
C. continuous

D. continuing
109. Mai is______of the two sisters.
A. as beautiful as
B. more beautiful
C. the more beautiful
D. the most beautiful
110. Many lists of “Wonders of the World” ______during the Middle Ages.
A. said to be existed
B. are said to exist
C. said to exist
D. are said to have existed
111. The weather is going to change soon; I feel it in my ______.
A. body
B. legs
C. skin
D. bones
112.The workers have gone on strike. ______, all production has ceased.
A. So that
B. Hence
C. Because
D. Now that
113.Do you expect there will be a lot of _______ to the project from the local community?
A. rejections
B. disapproval
C. disagreement
D. objections
114. _________ handball is fast becoming ________ popular sport worldwide.
A. The/ the
B. Φ/ a
C. A/ Φ

D. Φ/ the
115. Our country is rich ________ natural resources.
A. of
B. with
C. about
D. in
116. The idea to ________ a visit to the local council residence was welcomed by all the visitors.
A. pay
B. do
C. go
D. walk
117. In his anxiety to make himself________, he spoke too loudly and too slowly.
A. understand
B. understanding
C. understood D. to understand

118. Some animals are on the ________ of becoming extinct.
A. edge
B. verge
C. side
D. tip
119. The play is very long but there are three ________
A. intervals
B. breaks
C. rests
D. naps
120. The last lecture ________ completely over my head.
A. got
B. went

C. was
D. left
121. Could I pick your ________ on the subject before the meeting?
A. brains
B. head
C. intellect
D. mind
122. I was prepared to lend my brother some money but he turned ________ my offer.
A. back
B. up
C. out
D. down
123. I ________ with the performances but I got flu the day before.
A. was to have helped
B. helped
C. was to help
D. had helped
124. The dying man’s speech was so________ that no one was able to interpret his last request.
A. incoherent
B. indiscreet
C. nonchalant
D. impotent
125. Very soon I found some other people to ________ and we began to write songs.
A. keep up with
B. team up with
C. talk through with
D. get along with
126. ________ chair the meeting.
A. John was decided to
B. It was decided that John should

C. There was decided that John should
D. John had been decided to
127. I thought about the problem but I couldn’t ________ a solution.
A. come in for
B. come across
C. come up with
D. come out
128. ________, they slept soundly.
A. Hot though was the night air
B. Hot though the night air was
C. Hot as was the night air
D. Hot although the night air was
129. It never ___________ my head that such a teưible thing would happen.
A. struck
B. dawned
C. occurred
D. entered
130. Sarah and I ____________ reserved the rooms in the same hotel. She was really surprised to
see me there.
A. coincidentally
B. practically
C. intentionally
D. deliberately
131. We spent nearly 3 hours waiting outside the station, then out ____________.
A. the star came
B. did the star come C. came the star
D. under
132. Hats like this may have been fashionable in the 60's, but now they are _____________ the
A. behind

B. over
C. beneath
D. under
133. My mother often ___________ our mistakes, whereas my father is very strict and punishes us
for even the slightest one.
A. neglects
B. overlooks
C. avoids
D. passes
134. Despite all the evidence, he wouldn’t admit that he was in the ______________.
A. fault
B. error
C. wrong
D. slip
135. I don’t suppose there is anyone there, ________________?
A. is there
B. isn't there
C. do I
D. don't I
136. I gave the waiter a $50 note and waited for my _________ .
A. change
B. supply
C. cash
D. cost
137. People can become very _______________ when they are stuck in traffic for a long time.
A. nervous
B. bad-tempered
C. stressful
D. pressed
138. We usually do go by train, even though the car _________ is a lot quicker.

A. travel
B. journey
C. trip
D. voyage
139. The boys __________ that he had had anything to do with the break-in.

A. refused
B. denied
C. objected
D. reject
140. When ________ a European, we should stick to the last name unless he suggests that we use
his first name.
A. speaking
B. discussing
C. talking
D. addressing
141. In fact the criminals ___________into because the front door was wide open and so they just
walked in.
A. needn't have broken
B. didn't need break
C. didn't need to break
D. needn't to have broken
142. The city libraries present a gloomy picture of the ___________who used to flock the libraries
every evening.
A. gradual reduction of readers
B. gradual readers reduction
C. gradual readers of reduction
D. reduction gradual readers
143. I have looked through the report, but I must admit, only ___________.

A. superficially
B. thoroughly
C. carefully
D. seriously
144. After Jill had realized that the new computer was not what she really wanted, she __________
it for an other one.
A. dropped
B. traded
C. turned down
D. bought
145. The new campus parking rule __________many students.
A. affects
B. effect
C. has an influence
D. effective
146. _________of transportation has given someone the idea for a new type of toy.
A. Mostly forms
B. Most every form C. Almost forms
D. Almost every form
147. Helen is ___________ seafood, so she never tries these delicious dishes.
A. allergic to
B. tired of
C. keen on
D. preferable to
148. The woman _______ someone had stolen her purse, but although they searched everyone in
the shop, it wasn't found.
A. announced
B. declared
C. claimed
D. said

149. The Best Invention _______ this year was given to Jason Meyers.
A. Reward
B. Brand
C. Factor
D. Award
150. I find mending old socks incredibly _______, that's why I always ask my mother to do it for
A. hilarious
B. tedious
C. furious
D. recreational
151. Megan solved her computer problem quite _______ as she happened to mention it to a
friend who had had the same problem and told her what to do.
A. occasionally
B. clumsily
C. accidentally
D. attentively
152.. Bill Gates is probably the best known and most successful _______ in computer software.
A. pioneer
B. navigator
C. generator
D. volunteer
153. What I like about this restaurant is that there is _______ parking space right outside it.
A. plenty
B. ample
C. expanded
D. big
154. I have a mere ________ of German.
A. smattering
B. knowledge

C. acquaintance
D. command
155. Please don't ________ a word of this to anyone else, it's highly confidential.
A. breathe
B. speak
C. pass
D. mutter
156. The silver medalist was later ________ for running outside her lane.
A. banned
B. disqualified
C. disallowed
D. outlawed
157. It’s a small lamp, so it doesn't ________ off much light.
A. cast
B. give
C. shed
D. spend
158. The fumes were so thick that he was ________ for breath.
A. suffocating
B. inhaling
C. gasping
D. wheezing
159. She ________ hope of any reconciliation.

A. departed
B. left
C. ceased
D. abandoned
160. The storm causing flooding and landslides in Miami prompted the government to ________

hundreds from coastal towns.
A. evacuate
B. demolish
C. contribute
D. evaporate
161. You dropped it down the stairs? You're lucky it is still in one ________!
A. whole
B. piece
C. entirely
D. unit
162. They are conducting a wide ________ of surveys throughout Viet Nam.
A. collection
B. range
C. selection
D. group
163. Look, will you stop ________ in and let me finish my sentence!
A. butting
B. moving
C. pushing
D. plugging
164. John paid $20 for his meal, ________ he had thought it would cost.
A. not much as
B. not so much as
C. less as
D. not so many as
165. ________ over long distances is a fact.
A. That electricity transmitting
B. That electricity can be transmitted
C. That electricity
D. That can be transmitted

166. John ________ knowledge from many of his life experiences to his work.
A. approved
B. accomplished
C. appreciated
D. applied
167. ________, sheep were then used for wool.
A. Having first domesticated for milk production
B. Having been first domesticated for milk production
C. Because they had been first domesticated for milk production
D. Although they had first domesticated for milk production
168. Flooding in April is an unusual ________ in this area.
A. occurrence
B. occur
C. occurring
D. occurred
169. Prices of flats ________ from a few thousand to millions of dollars.
A. change
B. vary
C. differ
D. fluctuate
170. We should participate in the movements ________ the natural environment.
A. organizing to conserve
B. organized conserving
C. organized to conserve
D. which organize to conserve
171. Prices continued to rise while wages remained low _________ the Government became
increasingly unpopular.
A. on condition that
B. with the result that
C. provided that

D. in order that
172. There is ___________ to be a serious energy crisis in the next century.
A. reputed
B. known
C. foreseen
D. bound
173. I’m not sure my brother will ever get married because he hates the feeling of being ________
A. tied in
B. tied down
C. tied up
D. tied in with
174. Another _____________ will be drawn from the experiment.
A. conclusion
B. attention
C. contrast
D. inference
175. I can't walk in these high-heeled boots. I keep __________ .
A. falling off
B. falling back
C. falling over
D. falling out
176. Like everyone else, Sue has her ______of course but on the whole, she's quite satisfied with
A. ups and downs
B. ins and outs
C. safe and sound D. odds and ends
177. You looked a bit ____ out. Are you worried about something?
A. stress
B. stressed
C. stressful

D. under stress
178. It’s a big country with a __________________population.
A. rare
B. sparse
C. scarce
D. few

179. You will have to __________if you want to pass the final exam.
A. pull up your socks
B. work miracles C. take the trouble D. keep your hand in
180: People are advised to_______ smoking because of its harm to their health.
A. cut down
B. cut off
C. cut in
D. cut down on
181: Make sure you ______________your assignment before you go to bed.
A. have
B. do
C. take
D. Make
182: Mr. Peter is the big ___________in the company as he has just been promoted to the position
of Managing Director.
A. bread
B. meat
C. cheese
D. Apple
183: ____________to the South in the winter is a popular fact.
A. where birds migrate
B. Bird migratings

C. When birds migrate
D. That birds migrate
184. The Red Cross all over the world has carried out a lot of
A. responsibilities
B. jobs
C. works
D. missions
185: The Boeing 747 is twice ________________the Boeing 707.
A. bigger than
B. more bigger than C. as big as
D. as bigger as
186: Of all the factors affecting agricultural yields, weather is the one ____the most.
A. that influences farmers
B. farmers that is influences
C. why farmers influence it
D. it influences farmers
187: People usually can get sufficient ________of the calcium their bodies need from the food
they consume.
A. variety
B. source
C. amount
D. number
188: It is possible______may assist some trees in saving water in the winter.
A. to lose leaves
B. that the loss of leaves
C. the leaves are lost
D. when leaves have lost
189. Many companies now advertise their new products by distributing free ____ in public

A. samples
B. examples
C. instances
D. deals
190. Nam: “ I'm having some friends over for lunch this Saturday. Would you like to join us?”
Huong: “______________________”.
A. Can I take a rain check?
B. Come on. It's your turn.
C. Thanks, but I musn't
D. As a matter of fact, I do
191: Chosen as the nation's capital at the end of the American Civil War, ______the city of over a
million people.
A. Washington, DC is now
B. for Washington, DC,
C. Washington, DC,
D. now in Washington, DC,
192: It is a top secret. You _________tell anyone about it.
A. won't
B. needn't
C. mustn't
D. mightn't
193. Tom: “Wasn't it Mozart who composed Swan Lake?” Jane: “__________.”
A. Yes, he wasn't
B. It's out of question
C. I haven't a clue
D. It's not my favourite
194. Sheila will inherit everything ________ her uncle’s death.
A. on account of
B. in spite of
C. in the event of

D. in place of
195. His poor handling of the business ________ on negligence.
A. neared
B. edged
C. approached
D. bordered
196. Down ________ for three days.
A. the rain poured
B. poured the rain
C. did the rain pour
D. do the rain poor
196. Can I ________ your brains for a moment? I can’t do this crossword by myself.

A. have
B. pick
C. mind
D. use
197. The job wasn’t giving the ________ of the experience he wanted.
A. width
B. depth
C. length
D. Breadth
198. I suppose I could ________ advertising.
A. catch on
B. get out of
C. go in for
D. work out
199.His sister was full of_________ for the way in which he had so quickly learned to drive a car.
A. pride

B. admiration
C. surprise
D. jealousy
200. She travelled the world in ________ of her dreams.
A. pursuit
B. finding
C. chase
D. trail
201. The agency is ________ and not run for profit.
A. charitable
B. donated
C. voluntary
D. free
202. Mike, _______, will you switch off that television!
A. once and for all
B. now and then
C. over and above
D. from time to time
203: As well as …....in an office he used to have a part-time as a waiter.
A. having worked
B. working
C. to have worked D. to work
204: She was…… disappointed when she learned that she was turned down for the post.
A. gravely
B. bitterly
C. highly
D. fully
205: I was just about.........the office when the telephone rang.
A. to have left
B. leave

D. to leave
C. leaving
206: You should ...................... your pounds for dollars before going to New York.
A. change
B. convert
C. turn
D. exchange
207: She nearly lost her own life................ .......... attempting to save the child from drowning.
A. at
B. with
C. in
D. for
208: The police are ............................an incident which took place this afternoon.
A. inspecting
B. searching
C. looking out
D. investigating
209: Mr Binh is intelligent but he .............. ………common sense.
A. fails
B. lacks
C. misses
D. wants
210: All the boys are good at cooking, but ............ ……..is as good as the girls.
A. either
B. neither
C. every
D. none
211: ..................... …that he burst into tears.
A. His anger was such B. So angry he was C. He was so anger
D. Such his anger was

212: Nam painted the room black. It looks dark and dreary. He…..chosen a different color.
A. had to
should have C. must have D. could have been
213. By and _____, the pupils are well-behaved.
A. by
B. from
C. forward
D. large
214. It is essential that he _____ that contract.
A. refuse
B. refuses
C. refusing
D. is refusing
215. The volcano had been _____ for years before it suddenly exploded.
A. passive
B. idle
C. immobile
D. inactive
216. You live in this area so you _____ know it very well.
A. must
B. can
C. could
D. may:
217. There is a lot of traffic so we are trying to find an _____ route.
A. alternate
B. alternation
C. alternative
D. alternated
218. The Internet is a vast _____ of computers, all connected together.

A. network
B. console
C. resource
D. supply
219. She had been depressed all day but she started to _____ after she heard that she was
A. shout up
B. cheer up
C. take up
D. break up

220. The new painting looks a bit out of _____ in the bedroom.
A. space
B. question
C. room
D. place
221. - “Do you know Linh, a fair-haired girl in class 9A?”
- “Yes, she is my _____ neighbour. What’s up?”
A. indoor
B. inside
C. next-door
D. front-door
222. She screamed and ran away when she saw the mad dog coming _____ her.
A. to
B. up
C. at
D. into
223. Our car is very _____. It hardly seems to use any petrol at all.
A. economical

B. economic
C. ecological
D. economy
224. How you invest your money is none of my _____.
A. affair
B. business
C. matter
D. care
225. I didn’t go to the party as I felt a bit under _____.
A. the clouds
B. the water
C. the weather
D. the blanket
226. – “What did you buy so much paint _____?” – “I am going to paint my room again.”.
A. by
B. about
C. with
D. for
227. Everybody was pleased with the _____.
A. vegetable delicious hot soup
B. hot delicious vegetable soup
C. delicious hot vegetable soup
D. delicious vegetable hot soup
228. You can’t believe a word that woman says – she is a _____ liar.
A. dedicated
B. devoted
C. committed
D. compulsive
229. There can be no _____ fixes or magic solutions to the problem of unemployment.
A. fast

B speedy
C. quick
D. sudden
230. When you come down the hill, do drive slowly because it is not _____ obvious where the
turning is.
A. immediately
B. directly
C. instantaneously D. quite
231. At her trial in 1431, Joan of Arc was accused of being in _____ with the devil.
A. cooperation
B. association
C. league
D. conjunction
232. The flights are full at the moment, so you’ll have to _____.
A. run a stroke of luck
B. get a better luck
C. be down on your luck
D. take pot luck
233. I heard ______ that Jack has been dropped from the basketball team.
A. in the woods
B. on the grapevine C. under your feet D. on the olive branch
234. Many habitats change ________ the types of plants and animals that live there.
A. with respect to
B. in respect for
C. as for
D. as against
235. Unfortunately some really ill animals have to be _______ by our center.
A. put down
B. turned over
C. passed away

D. taken out
236. John first dabbled _____ buying old maps for his collection.
A. in
B. on
C. at
D. for
237. It’s a matter of urgency to put right at once but nothing suitable _____ to mind.
A. returns
B. emerges
C. sprouts
D. springs
238. When my father was a young student, they were taught to memorize information and _____
it for exams. Thankfully, those teaching techniques have become outdated.
A. pinpoint(xác định, định vị)
B. dock(cắt ngắn, giảm bớt)
C. regurgitate(ợ, nhai lại)
D. revise(ôn tập)
239. He was arrested for trying to pass _____ notes at the bank.
A. counterfeit
B. fake
C. camouflaged
D. fraudulent
240. Living in the countryside is a far cry from reading about it. It _____. You have to deal with
_____ poverty and go through the bad patch.
A. is of crass stupidity/ grueling
B. is no mean feat/ grinding

C. goes against the grain/ abject
D. dwindles away to nothing/ extreme

241. He had his money _____ in a secure bank account.
A. hammered away at
B. jabbered about C. slaved away
D. squirreled away
242. The train service has been a _____ since they introduced the new schedules.
A. shambles
B. rumpus
C. chaos
D. fracas
243. ‘The film was pretty bad, wasn’t it?’ – ‘Yes, I think it was _____’.
A. exemplary
B. excruciating
C. expeditious
D. explicit
244. When the forces on an object are balanced, you can say that the object is in _____.
A. collusion
B. equilibrium
C. collision
D. incubation
245. There were a number of strong candidates for the post but Peter’s experience _____ the
scales in his favor.
A. weighted
B. tipped
C. balanced
D. overturned
246. We are conscious that sleeplessness usually _____ those who are exposed to a great deal of
stress, anxiety or depression.
A. betrays(phản bội, bội bạc)
B. bestows(ban cho, dành cho)
C. besets(bao vây, bủa vây)

D. bemoans(than khóc)
247. I think that the artist’s cartoons are usually rather _____________ as they are intended to
appeal to a mass number of audiences.
A. lowbrow(ít học)
B. highbrow(có học thức cao)
C. dearly(đáng yêu)
D. impenetrable(Không thể qua được, không thể xuyên thủng)
248: The school was closed for a month because of a serious of fever.
A. outbreak
B. outburst
C. outset
D. outcome
249: There you are: the __ person I was looking for.
A. utter
B. correct
C. ever
D. very
250: Newspaper publishers in the States have estimated
reads a newspaper every day.
A. nearly 80 percent of the adult population who
B. it is nearly 80 percent of the adult population
C. that nearly 80 percent of the adult population who
D. that nearly 80 percent of the adult population
251: It’s not in my nature to
over the price of something.
A. haggle
B. discuss
C. challenge
D. transact
252: Although the conditions weren’t ideal for a walk, we decided to a go of it.

A. make
B. do
C. run
D. carry
253: Her outgoing character contrast
with that of her sister.
A. sharply
B. thoroughly
C. fully
D. coolly
254: She clearly joined the firm with a (an)
to improving herself professionally.
A. view
B. aim
C. plan
D. ambition
255: The opposition will be elected into government at the next election, without a ________ of
a doubt
A. shade
B. shadow
C. benefit
D. hue
256: It seems that the world record for this event is almost impossible to _____ .
A. get
B. beat
C. take
D. achieve
257: The smell was so bad that it completely ___________ us off our food.
A. set
B. took

C. got
D. put
258: It is _____________ opportunity to see African wildlife in its natural environment.
A. an unique
B. a unique
C. the unique
D. unique
259: I’ve never really enjoyed going to the ballet or the opera; they’re not really my________.
A. piece of cake
B. sweets and candy
C. biscuit
D. cup of tea

260. The strike was______ owing to a last minute agreement with the management.
A. called off
B. broken up
C. set back
D. put down
261. Lindsay’s excuses for being late are beginning to______ rather thin.
A. get
B. turn
C. wear
D. go
262. ______ the people who come to this club are in their twenties and thirties.
A. By and large
B. Altogether
C. To a degree
D. Virtually
263. My cousin was nervous about being interviewed on television, but she rose to the______

A. event
B. performance
C. incident
D. occasion
264. The train service has been a______ since they introduced the new schedules.
A. shambles
B. rumpus
C. chaos
D. Fracas
265. Is an inexperienced civil servant______ to the task of running the company.
A. capable
B. skilled
C. eligible
D. suited
266. We______ have been happier in those days.
A. can’t
B. couldn’t
C. might not
D. must not
267. You’ve lived in the city for most of your life, so______ you’re used to the noise.
A. apparently
B. presumably
C. allegedly
D. predictably
268. The storm ripped our tent to______.
A. slices(miếng lát)
B. shreds(mảnh vụn)
C. strips(ván mỏng)
D. specks(hạt bụi)

269. He______ so much harm on the nation during his regime(chế độ cai trị) that it has never
fully recovered.
A. indicted(truy tố,buộc tội)
B. inferred (suy ra, luận ra)
C. induced(đem lại)
D. inflicted (inflict on: bắt phải chịu, gây tổn hại)
270. Hotel rooms must be______ by 10 a. m, but luggage may be left with porters.
A. vacated(bỏ trống)
B. evacuated(rút lui, tản cư)
C. abandoned(bỏ rơi)
D. left(bỏ lại, bỏ quên)
271. I do not think there is so much as a______ of truth in that rumor.
A. crumb
B. speck
C. grain
D. pebble
272. He’s not exactly rich but he certainly earns enough money to______.
A. get through
B. get by
C. get on
D. get up
273. I have very______ feelings about the plan – it might possibly work or it could be a disaster.
A. certain
B. mixed
C. doubtful
D. troubled
274. The noise of the typewriter really______ me off. I just couldn’t concentrate.
A. put
B. pulled
C. set

D. took
275. The sixth time he called me at night was the______.
A. last cause
B. last straw
C. touch and go
D. hot air
276. All three TV channels provide extensive______ of sporting events.
A. broadcast
B. network
C. coverage
D. vision
277. They seemed to be______ to the criticism and just carried on as before.
A. disinterested
B. sensitive
C. uncaring
D. indifferent
278. “Shall we go out tonight?”
- “____________”
A. Yes, I can
B. Yes, we are
C. Yes, we go
D. Yes, let’s
279. It's no use______ over______ milk.
A. crying/ spilt
B. to cry/ spilling
C. crying/ spilling D. crying/ to spill
280. The black widow spider’s notoriety is not without foundation. However, an element of
exaggeration has led to certain______ regarding its evil nature.
A. concept
B. preconception

C. misconception
D. conception
281. The Mekong River’s delta is the greatest rice …………………………region of Vietnam.

A. production B. producing
C. product
D. productivity
282.Due to …………………………..the difference between urban life and rural life is more and more
A. electricity
B. electrician
C. electrification
D. electrical
283. Don’s father wrinkled his brow in ……………………………..when he heard that Don had failed
the examination.
A. pleasure
B. pleasant
C. unpleasure
D. displeasure
284.This man is ________ in many countries for having committed many unlawful acts.
A. loved
B. liked
C. wished
D. wanted
285. Sugar is the_________ of healthy teeth.
A. destruction B. destructor
C. destroyer
D. destructive
286. When confronted with a mass of _____tape, many people feel a sense of powerlessness.

A. red
B. green
C. blue
D. brown
287. Mr. Pike has_________ his wife by three years.
A. lived
B. outlived
C. lived up to
D. alive
288. He won the discus event at the Olympic Games but was later ............... when a medical check
proved that he had been taking drugs.
A. qualified
B. unqualified
C. disqualified
D. both B and C
289. Although some hold out hope for a sea wall and land reclamation programme, it is
admittedly nothing more than a mere ________ .
A. stop
B. non-stop
C. unstoppable
D. stopgap
290. According to the………………………. of the contract, tenants must give six months notice if
they intend to leave.
A. laws
B. rules
C. terms
D. details
291. Please accept our………………………….. congratulations!
A. finest
B. warmest

C. dearest
D. deepest
292. It is difficult for museums to find funds to protect the nation’s……………………
A. inheritance
C. possessions
D. legacy
293. A part-time job gives me the freedom to……………………… my own interests.
A pursue
B. chase
C. seek
D. catch
294. In his first game for Newcastle, Keegan……………………… a goal after 58 minutes.
A. scored
B. won
C. earned
D. gained
1………………………… to China, if you had a chance?
295. “ How’s Karen today?” “She is feeling………………. She was yesterday.”
A. better slightly than
B. slight better than
C. slightly better than
D. slightly better
296. “ Is Tom a good worker?” “He …………………….what he starts.”
A. never almost finishes
B. finishes almost ever
C. almost never finishes
D. finishes never almost
297. It was _______ of you not to play the music while I was asleep.
A. considering

B. considerate
C. considerable
D. consideration
298. The answer Henry gave was so confusing that his lecturer could hardly make ______ of it at
A. sense
B. meaning
C. interpretation
D. intelligibility
299. Considered America’s first great architect, ______.
A. many of the buildings at Harvard University were designed by Henry Hobson RichardsonB. it
was Henry Hobson Richardson who designed many of the buildings at Harvard University
C. Henry Hobson Richardson designed many of the buildings at Harvard University
D. Harvard University has many buildings that were designed by Henry Hobson Richardson.

300. “Jack, can you help me push the piano to the corner of the hall to ______ our party?” said the
A. give place to
B. make place for
C. take room for
D. make room for

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