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WORD FAMILY 2 boi duong hoc sinh gioi co dap an

1. He is a bad manager in that factory, and everyone is in an attempt to (fame) him. defame (v) làm ai

thân bại danh liệt
2. By saying this, I do not mean to (little) the importance of his role. Belittle (v) làm giảm tầm quan

3. This robot is really (human) because it behaves and looks like a human. Humanoid (adj) trông giống

con người
He is very (work). He can work without having lunch. Workaholic (adj) có tính đam mê công việc
The rebel chief used the (name) “Black Bear King”. Pseudonym (n)
Shares continued to (appreciate) on the stock markets today. Depreciate (v) sụt giá
Heavy snow has caused total (chaotic (adj)) on the roads. Chaos (n) sự hỗn loạn
The accidental (erase) of important computer files made me confused. Erasure (n)
He has a (fear) reputation as a fighter. Fearsome (adj) đáng sợ
Blackfly is proving (trouble) on some crops. Troublesome (adj) gây rối
She was surrounded by energetic and (industry) people. Industrious (adj) chăm chỉ
Everyone is (title) to their own opinion. Entitled (v) có quyền làm gì
She has some sort of (normal) of the womb. Abnormality (n) sự bất thường
I had to go through the (long) process of obtaining a visa. Lengthy (adj) dài dòng, mất thời gian
I got myself a job as a typist and a general (dog) on a small magazine. General Dogsbody (n) người

phải làm tất cả các công việc mà không ai muốn làm
16. The shop windows show beautiful clothes in (eye) colour. Eye-catching (adj) bắt mắt
17. Grandpa’s becoming quite (absence). Absent-minded (adj) đãng trí
18. What a (mind) attitude! You cannot improve if you have an opinion like that. Narrow-minded (adj) suy

nghĩ nông cạn
The sky was (red). It is going to have a storm. Reddening (v) trở nên đỏ dần
There was a row of brick houses, which were (black) by smoke. Blackened (v) trở nên đen dần
He moved with (noise) steps. Noiseless (adj) không gây ra tiếng động
An active and healthy lifestyle can delay the (set) of disease in later life. Onset (n) sự bắt đầu, sự hình

23. The event led to the (break) of World War I. outbreak (n) sự bùng nổ bất chợt
24. Do you really believe there’s some (nature) being watching over us? Supernatural (adj) có tính siêu

I wish I had such (easy) parents. Easy-going (adj) dễ tính
Most people believed that (wrong) should be made to suffer. Wrongdoer (n) người phạm pháp
His eyes were red and (water). Watery (adj) mọng nước
We bought a load of (free) at the airport. Duty-free (n) hàng miễ thuế
Two (spoon) of sugar are enough for this soup. Spoonfuls (n) muỗng đầy cái gì đó
The concert attended a large (turn). Turnout (n)
This was a far cry from her no normal (work) world. Workaday (adj) bình thường, không có gì đặc

32. Understanding how things work makes (shoot) easier. Troubleshooting (n) sự phân tích vấn đề
33. (sugar) foods do not contain sugar and usually contain an artificial (sweet) instead. Sugar-

free/sweetener (n) chất tạo ngọt
34. He was accused of being a (mail). Blackmailer (n) kẻ viết thư tống tiền

35. He is very famous for his reputation as a (ghost). Ghostwriter (n) người viết sách thay cho người

36. This pizza looks so (tooth). Toothsome (adj) ngon miệng
37. I couldn’t forget his (tooth) smile before he went away on a sunny day in June. Toothy (adj) cười nhe

The necklace has sentimental as opposed to (money) value. Monetary (adj) có liên quan đến tiền tệ
He started his career as a (bus) in a small restaurant. Busboy (n) nhân viên rửa chén
He is called (book) because he likes reading books very much. Bookworm (n) người thích đọc sách
He has to wear a false beard (râu giả) because he is (beard). Beardless (adj) không có râu
The (enormous) of the murderer must be strictly punished. Enormity (n) sự khổng lồ/tội ác tày trời
My boss never picks on anybody in our company. He is very (interest). Disinterested (adj) công tâm
There were a lot of (look) gathering at the scene at that time. Onlookers (n) người đi đường đứng lại

45. Three innocent (stand) were killed in the crossfire (vụ xả súng). Bystanders (n) người đi đường đứng
lại xem
46. She writes under a (name) instead of her real name. pseudonym (n) bút danh
47. The person donating the money insisted on complete (anonymous (adj)). Anonymity (n) sự giấu tên, sự

vô danh
48. He has a reputation for fair play and good (sport). Sportsmanship (n) tinh thần thể thao – sportsman
(n) vận động viên thể thao
49. It would be (hypocrisy (n) sự đạo đức giả) of me to have a church wedding when I don't believe in God.

Hypocritical (adj) mang tính chất đạo đức giả - hypocrite (n) kẻ đạo đức giả
50. They were blamed for inciting (hate) against religious minorities. Hatred (n) sự ghét bỏ
51. I have decided to quit because this job is so (soul). soul-destroying (adj) nhàm chán (dùng cho công
52. Further, the police are being used to go round in the morning to rouse the (black) in time for work.

Blacklegs (n) những người vẫn chịu làm việc trong khi người khác đang đình công
53. He was accused of conduct (become) to a teacher. Unbecoming (adj) không phù hợp với việc gì đó
54. (know) to me, they went on holiday together. Unbeknown to somebody (adj) ai đó không hề được
55. The amount of litter in the streets is (fit) for a historic city. unbefitting (adj) không phù hợp
56. We need to concentrate on our target audience, (name) women aged between 20 and 30. Namely (adv)
cụ thể là
57. The fact that she was so furious led to her (speak). Speechlessness (n) sự cứng hông không nói nên lời
58. The accidental (erase) of important computer files made me jobless. Erasure (n) sự bô xóa
59. Be careful! These gases are highly (flame). Inflammable (adj) có thê gây cháy (flammable cũng

đúng, đây là cách viết của Mỹ)
60. My father works as a (watch). He guards his company at night. Nightwatchman (n) nhân viên bảo vệ

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