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tieng anh 7 thi diemon hoc ky 2

Created by Chi Pham
I. Complete the sentences with given words
1. I/ used/ school/bus
2. friend / mine/ come/visit/ next month
3. nuclear power/ replace / future
4. I / fewer/ books/ Lan
5. thanksgiving/ celebrate/ many countries
6. although / coal / harmful / we/ have to/ use
7. what/ we/ do/this evening?
8. the Dickens/go/ holiday/some friends/ theirs/ last week
9. despite/ age/ Jack/run/ 20 miles/ day
10. Angela/ one/ famous actresses /world
11. we/ never/ Slumdog Millionaire
12. People/ must/ obey/ road signs/ avoid accidents
13. there/ traffic jams/ rush hours
14. road users/ obey/ traffic rule/ strictly
15. it / possible/ travel / Sapa/ air?
16. what / you / like best/ tet holiday?
17. we /love / films/ because/ entertaining
18. she / bored/ although/ the show/ interesting

19. my friend/ save/ money/ fly/ Spain
20. there/ less and less/ land/ agriculture/ feed people
21. they / spend/ huge/ amount/ money/ film
22. careless driving / cause/ accidents/ road/ every day
23. film/ not receive / good reviews/ critics
24. everybody / cannot/ tell/ difference / city / mega city
25. we / not know/ cause/ disease/ yet
26. there / new cinema/ village/ wont ?
27. our city / have/ find/ solutions/ reduce/ traffic jams
28. there / more / problems/ slums/ than/ wealthy areas
29. think / future/ cities/more crowded/ traffic/ worse
30. less people/ ride / bicycle/ future
31. price/ fuel / increase
32. they / prefer/ not/ go/ car/ because/more/ expensive/ bus
33. dad/ fix/ roof/ 5 pm/ tomorrow
34. what kind/ film/ like ?
35. in hanoi/people/ wealthy/ high/ living standard
36. crime/ big problem/ slums
37. when / people/ money/ badly / commit/ crime
38. disease / spread / quickly / overcrowded
39. malnutrition/ major cause/ death/children/ slums
40. there / not enough/ space/ live/ play
41. it / dangerous/ plane/ crash/ land
42. in future/ most people/ travel/ flying trains
43. how/ fuel/ means / transport/ use?
44. you / ever/ hear/ bullet trains?

Created by Chi Pham
45. biogas/ use/ fuel/ homes/ transports ( in homes, for transports)

1. He often watered the flowers last year
2. I have two books. She has seven books.
3. people will use biogas for fuel in homes and for transports
4. although the weather was fine, they decided to stay home
5. I bought 2 kilos of meat. She bought 1
6. do you go out at the weekend?
7. how much is this shirt?
8. what is the distance between HN and HCM city?
9. they last met two weeks ago
10. although he is so young, he performs very excellently
11. despite the gripping film, Tom fell asleep
12. People spent a lot of money on the film but it was not received good comments
13. we will reduce energy consumtion as much as possible
14. solar panels will be placed on the roofs of my house.
15. solar energy is provided freely by the sun

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