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I can sell creative things online the ultimate beginners guide to selling things on etsy (online business)

I Can Sell Creative Things Online
The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Selling Things on Etsy

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Benefits of Selling on Etsy
Chapter 2: How to Get Started on Etsy
Chapter 3: How to get noticed By Customers on Etsy
Chapter 4: Tips to Being successful on Etsy
Chapter 5: The most Important Aspect of your Creative Business
Best Practices & Common Errors
What’s next?

Hello there, and thank you for downloading this book! I have always wanted to help people sell
things online. There are a ton of markets out there, and you have almost unlimited resources when it
comes to selling things online to other people. The world of online shopping has become even more
popular over the last few years, with more and more people relying on that instead of other means of
selling their goods. Selling online allows you to open yourself up to a bigger market of people who
are interested in the items that you sell, and if you market them correctly, you’ll be able to get even
more out of it.
For the creative ones out there, selling things online might be the best course of action. You’ll be
able to have a bigger market, and many people appreciate creative stuff on Etsy. You’re able to
actually give the people who are looking on Etsy a great product that they’ll enjoy. Don’t you want to
market your stuff to others? Well, Etsy is one of the best places to go.
But in the world of online markets and online selling, there is a ton of competition. It’s saturated
due to more and more people entering it, and if you don’t know how to sell your stuff efficiently, you
won’t be able to make a dent. But this book will help you out. No matter if you’re just starting out or
have browsed on Etsy for a little bit, this book will be the ultimate guide to selling your stuff on Etsy.
It’s easy to use, and you’ll be amazed at what Etsy can do for you and your store.
This book contains proven strategies to help get your Etsy store set up, how to market it, and the
process of how to get people to buy your things. It might seem hard at first, but there are always
people looking for certain things on the internet, and many people love the idea of having a creative
gift for their loved ones for either birthdays or holidays. So why don’t you give them a gift that Matter
to them? You can market your goods to these people through Etsy, and this book will help you learn
the ins and outs of Etsy and how to be successful at it.
With this book, you will be able to become a master Etsy seller. You can even have Etsy opened
so you can follow along, and you’ll be able to create a great online store with the resources that you
have. Many have already been able to create an effective online store to cater to people, so you
should be able to do so as well. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to dive in and learn about the
benefits and great points of Etsy and how to sell your goods online through the use of this great
Thank you for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1: The Benefits of Selling on Etsy
There are tons of benefits to selling on Etsy, but you might not know what in the world they are. You
might think other places are better to sell at, but that’s far from the truth. When it comes to selling
online, Etsy is the way to go. In this chapter, you’ll learn of some of the benefits of selling on Etsy and
why more and more people are relying on Etsy as their main source to sell their creative wares online

Easy Setup
When it comes to setting up, Etsy is super easy. With other places like StoreEnvy or eBay, you have
to do a whole slew of things to set up, and in some cases you have to pay. There are complicated
rules that you need to follow, and it takes more time. With Etsy, you just register as a seller, and then
set up your store. You can even log in with your social media account if you want to link them. If you
do that, then you just register and then set up your store with all the items that you have. It’s as simple
as that, and once you’re done, you’re able to open. It also has the benefit of accepting multiple forms
of payment, such as a card or PayPal. Some sites only like to use one form, and that might turn away
people from using the site as a store. But with Etsy, you get more options for free, and it’s even better
than you expected.

More Traffic
With Etsy, you’ll have more traffic than with other sites. There are over 25 million users each month
on Etsy, and you can market to many of them. Of course, there is competition and other things, but you
can go around that by adding keywords to your item descriptions along with SEO to your store. If you
have another website, you can get them to buy stuff off of Etsy in order to get them to your store. You
can also market it through other social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, but you might
need to wait a bit before the store really takes off. However, Etsy has great traffic and it caters to
people who want handmade stuff, so don’t worry about if you’re marketing to the wrong crowd or
not, for you definitely are with your creative wares.

Strong Growth Potential
Etsy has the strongest growth out of all the major sites. It has over 800,000 shops out there, and has
net over 30 million dollars in the last year. It’s growing even more by the second, and even the Etsy
team is taking matters into their own hands and working to make the site even better. It’s growing
even more so, and people flock to the site. It’s ben synonymous with “handmade,” and that’s the kind
of traffic that will be coming to the site.

Great Support Team
Unlike eBay’s support team that is unreliable at best, Etsy is willing to work with you. They have the
option of a live chat along with email support. This will allow the person to get help right away when
the trouble is coming. You don’t have to worry about the service leaving you on hold for two hours
with no net result. You just ask them for help, and they will answer. They want to help work with the

sellers, and they allow you to have many more options.

Ability to Cross-Promote
Cross promotion is pretty much the lifeline of Etsy. It will allow you to promote to other places. As
said in the earlier heading, you can promote to various social media sites and other various places.
You can promote there, and people will flock. You can list wholesale products along with retail
products as well. You also can have more than one shop at a time, so if you need to, you’ll be able to
market to many other places and other markets. This will allow you more opportunities to market
yourself, and with that you’ll be able to generate more sales. With some sites, you can only promote
to one place, and that limits you. Etsy doesn’t do that, and instead it will give you the opportunity to
reach more markets than ever before.
Etsy has a ton to offer, so it’s imperative that you try it out. If you’re a person who wants to sell
online, then Etsy is the best place to go. Not only will you get the traffic that you need, you’ll get more
people to your site than you could ever dream of.

Chapter 2: How to Get Started on Etsy
Now that you know why Etsy is so awesome, it’s time to look at how to get started. As I said earlier,
it’s a cinch to get started, and you’ll be able to really get a ton of customers to your shop and buying
your products. The startup is easy, and once you have everything set up, then the rest is smooth
sailing. This chapter will talk about how to get started, along with a couple of other tips and tricks as

Registering on Etsy is easy. It’s pretty much just like any other thing online. You give them an email
address, name, password, and a couple of other details about you. For the email, make sure that you
have a separate work email versus a personal email. One of the biggest issues with many people is
they don’t separate these two, and Etsy loves to send emails about promotions and other deals. If you
don’t want your inbox filled with them, it’s imperative to separate the two emails so that you’re able
to focus on one segment at a time. Registration is important to do, and once you finish that, then you
have your shop!

Customizing the shop
Next step is to wow the customers with a kick-butt shop. Having a great Etsy shop is important, for
looks are important at first glance. It’s what people see, and you want to make sure that your store
looks good. Organize your products into a neat order. Unlike StoreEnvy, you don’t have to worry
about changing the backgrounds and fonts of everything. It’s all in the white and mint color scheme,
but you want to make a splash with your shop.
To really stand out, it’s important to have information that customers need out there. You should
tell about your business, what it is, along with your mentality when it comes to selling things online.
Having the description of what in the world your shop is about is very important, for that’s what the
customer sees when they go to your shop. That way, you’re also not getting flooded with questions all
the time too.
Next is your picture. Having a profile picture will get you noticed. It’s like on dating profiles, if
you have a picture people will want to interact with you. You want to show people that you’re a real
person, and you will want to get people to know that you’re a seller who isn’t going to gyp anyone.
So having a picture there will build trust with people. Building trust will get you more customers.

Next is pricing. You need to have a good price for your wares you plan to sell. You should take a
look at what the pricing is for other companies and work to match that. Try to see if you can either
sell it for that price, or for cheaper. You don’t want to put it too low because you don’t want to lose a
profit off of it. Do your research, and when you list it make sure to put it for the appropriate price.


Now, Etsy does have Chinese sellers out there. They do sell on Etsy, and sometimes it can be hard to
beat out the competition. But there is a way to do so, and that’s by having killer descriptions for your
A description should sell the person on the object. You want to get the customer interested, but
you don’t want it to be such a mystery that they have no idea what in the world it is. You want to tell
them about the object, such as what it is or what it does, and you can even tell them that it can
complement certain outfits. If it’s a piece of jewelry, telling them that could sell the customer on it.
You can offer a little incentive as well, such as a small free gift with a purchase. Keywording works
well here too, and if you tell people what in the world you’re selling they’re more inclined to buy it.
You should also include pictures of the product. A picture is worth a thousand words, and having
multiple pictures will get the customer interested in the product. You can show them that you have this
awesome thing to sell, and they will be more inclined to buy it if there is a picture attached to it.
These are the basics of selling on Etsy. Now that you know about how it’s run, you can set up
your own shop and get it up and running with your products.

Chapter 3: How to get Noticed By Customers on Etsy
Now that you have your shop set up, it’s time to figure out how to get noticed by people on Etsy. You
want to get people to see your products, and having that all set up can totally change the way people
see your shop. You want to get the customer support that you deserve, and in this chapter we’ll go
over how to get others to see that you have an amazing shop that is open for business.

Social Media Marketing
This is one of the best outlets to market your Etsy store. Twitter and Facebook are your best friends
when it comes to Etsy promotion. Instagram and Tumblr work wonders as well, for you can leave
teasers of the product on there. Having a blog or a page to promote your products is key to having a
successful Etsy shop. With social media marketing, anyone can see. Facebook works, but you have to
watch out for the traffic. Sometimes, only 1% of the people see it, which can cause issues. Make sure
to tell people to subscribe so they can get updates. Social media marketing is simple to set up. You
can then post your shop, various wares, and even incentives to other people.

Search Engine Optimization
With Search Engine Optimization, you’ll get people to see your shop from wherever in the world they
are. Simply put, SEO is using the right techniques to get yourself noticed on different search engines.
You can write articles on your stuff, use effective keywords, and even market to various people using
this method. This method is a bit harder than other ones, but it works out well for those who are able
to use it.

With all marketing, one of the best ways to get noticed out there is to network with others. You can
talk to various people and groups, and you could get them to promote your stuff while you promote
theirs. Let’s say you’re selling handmade jewelry. You want to get it noticed. You can work with
local models in your area and get them to wear your jewelry. That can get others to see your stuff, and
it can also promote other models and clothing designers as well. You can even use your competition
in a way. Maybe you guys can create a killer outfit for a model to wear. When she wears it, she
credits both of you and you’ll both get support. Remember, not everyone is an enemy, so you can go to
others for help and advice. Sometimes their assistance can make a difference when it comes to the
effectiveness of your Etsy shop. Help is always a good thing, especially when starting out.

Website and Blogs
Having your own website is a great way to get noticed by people. You can create a site, and then
people will come to the site and then go to your store. It’s a great way to pick up traffic, for not only
will they follow your site of blog, but they will also get directed to your shop for your awesome
All of these ways are great to get you noticed on Etsy. Remember, there is no exact way to do this.

It does take time, and once you start the promotion, it’ll get you noticed by more and more people as a

Chapter 4: Tips to Being successful on Etsy
One may think that marketing is everything, but that’s far from the truth. There are other facets as well
that you need to take into consideration when you want to be truly successful. These are things that
you yourself have to do in order to keep everything going and to get customers to stick with you and
buy more products. This chapter will discuss what you have to do as a seller in order to be successful
on Etsy

Superior Service
Having great service will sell the business. That’ a fact. Customers will buy from sellers that cater to
their needs and ensure that things are good with the transaction. You want to give everyone the best
service possible, and Etsy is the same. Having great customer service is one of the best things to do
for a customer. Answering orders in a timely fashion and making them without any problems is one of
the best things. You should have a few of your wares already made, so that when an order does come
in you’ll be able to ship it out without any delay. If you make clothes, get started on them right away
and make a schedule for what you need to do. Service is key, and having a great service that ships out
products to people is one of the best ways to be successful.

Answering Questions
You may assume that this is a given, but many people don’t do this sort of thing. One of the key issues
that people forget, is they don’t answer the questions that people ask them. Instead, they let them sit by
the wayside. To have a successful business, you have to answer people’s questions. No matter how
silly they may be, answering them is key. It’ll keep the customer interested and want to buy from you.
Answering questions is imperative, and if you cater to your customers in this fashion they will feel
happy to buy from you.

Giving out great incentives can get customers to want to flock to you. Things such as sales, holiday
specials, and other such things can make a difference when it comes to gaining support. People love
sales, and if you give them a sale that they won’t want to refuse, they’ll definitely want to come by
your store. Show them the power of your business by giving them incentives and specials during the
appropriate times.

Free Gifts
If you can do this, people love it. Free gifts are always fun to get. They can be little things, but they do
show the customer that you care. People love getting free stuff, and even if it’s something small such
as a little purse or even something free to go along with it can do wonders for a sale.

Thanking Your Customers

Thanking customers goes a long way. You want to show these people that they appreciate the
purchase they made. You can do this in the form of an email, or you can give it to them when you send
out the purchase. Telling them that makes them feel appreciated, and you’ll be happy with the way
people react. Telling them thank you shows that you care, and it allows them to continue to buy from
you, since they know you will appreciate it.

This is what everything above amounts to. You want to have great feedback, and giving people the
best service possible can cause them to appreciate the gesture. They will want to contribute to your
success, and feedback is one of the best things out there. You can get positive feedback, which will
cause others to see that you’re a reliable seller. If there ever is an issue, work it out so that it doesn’t
affect your feedback. Stay in contract with sellers so that none of them hurt your rating. Remember,
everyone notices feedback, and it can be the difference between you getting the sale and you not
getting the sale.
These are all different things in order to get people to help you make a successful Etsy shop.
Having a successful Etsy shop is easy, and if you follow these tips when it comes to working on your
shop, others will notice that and they’ll want to buy from you as well.

Chapter 5: The Most Important Aspect of your Creative
Having a creative business is fun, but there is one aspect that you need to learn about. You need to
keep this in mind when you’re selling, for if you don‘t, then you’re going to have a very hard time. It’s
one of the biggest things out there, and if you don’t have it, then you’re not going to even get anywhere
in your business. It’s one of the biggest secrets, and if you have it in your mind the entire time you’re
selling, it can make a big difference in regards to sales and other such things.

What is it?
The biggest thing you need to have is something very simple, but very important. That is drive. You
want to have the drive that you need in order to get your shop up and running. It may seem like
something small, but it’s one of the most important parts. If you don’t have drive, it’ll affect you in
harmful ways. You’re not going to have motivation to do anything, and you won’t get your shop going.
You won’t be successful at all, and your dream of selling your creations on Etsy will be harder than
you ever expected. It’s important to have drive, and if you have it then you’ll be able to get
somewhere with it.
If you have drive, you’ll have a reason for having your store open. You’ll also have a reason for
marketing it each day. You’ll also have a reason for filling orders fast and delivering them in a timely
fashion. You can also use your drive to get customers, and you’ll feel happier as well. It’ll give you a
reason for doing all of this, and it’ll even give you an incentive to get even better at what you’re doing
as well. Having drive will cause you to be even more successful than you’ve ever thought you would
be, and it’ll even make your life that much easier. Drive is important, for if you don’t have a reason
for doing this sort of thing then you won’t want to do it. And then your dream won’t be doing
Drive is one of the biggest things to have when it comes to having and Etsy shop. It’s one of the
key secrets that people need to have in mind. Drive will allow you to have even more incentive to
continue to do everything that you are doing. And from that, you’ll have even more success.

Best Practices & Common Errors
This chapter will talk about some of the best things that you can do with your Etsy shop. It’s also
personal things that you yourself can do in order to make your Etsy shop the best thing that can be.

Have a Plan
Having a plan will get you ready for what’s coming. Before you start, you should figure out
what you’re going to do. When it comes to a name, think of something creative that you can
do for it. You can think of a name that fits with the store that you have. This will allow you
to have a good idea of what you’re going to do. Think of a great name, and you’ll be able to
have a great shop that sounds creative and will get attention. A plan will keep you on track,
and if you keep to it, it’ll be able to grow from there.
Keep Working at It
Like any other business, it doesn’t grow overnight. You can’t go from zero to millionaire in
one day. You have to work at it, and you need to realize that it does take work. You’re not
going to immediately have 1000 orders unless you plan ahead. You want to start off small
and then grow. Work at it every day. Try to dedicate a couple hours to promotion and you’ll
be able to make it grow from there. Etsy stores are great to have, but you must remember
that it does take work to keep it going.
Use Social Media
Social media is not just a place for others to voice their opinions, it’s a place where people
can market their items. Use these to your advantage, and try to get others to see it through
the use of a Facebook or Instagram page. Try to work at this as well, and you’ll be able to
get a lot of followers who will love your shop.

Think you Can just leave your Shop Unattended
What this means is you’re just throwing your shop up there and expecting it to be the next
best thing since sliced bread overnight. The problem is, it takes more than that. You have to
work at this, and you want to make sure that it’s perfect. You want to work at this so that
others can see your stuff. Remember, there are over 800,000 stores out there, and some are
your competitors. There are others who also do wholesale products that might be cheaper
than yours. It’s important to work at this, and don’t just leave it up. Unless your niche is
something that nobody works in, doing that won’t get any sales.

Leave People Hanging
When you have customers, make sure you follow through with the sale. Taking your time
with it might cause the customer to wonder what’s going on. Keep them in mind when
you’re working on their product. If it takes longer, email them to let them know. If they have
a question about it, tell them what the status of the order is. It’s important to think about this,
and you can even tell them if things are going to be different. Communication is key in this
This may seem obvious, but it’s happened to many people. It’s one of the top complaints
that people have. Some sellers may charge you, but they never ship out the item. This gives
Etsy a bad name, and it also gives the seller a terrible name. You don’t want this branded
on your profile, so make sure that if there is an issue, talk to the customer. Don’t be afraid
to bring up issues. It’s not the end of the world if you’re not exactly on time. Just
communicate to the customer and then you’ll be able to have a better experience.
Remember, this is your shop, and you want to keep things going at a great pace.
Give Up!
This is your dream, and you don’t want to give this up. Even when the going gets tough,
keep persisting and going. You’re doing great, and practice does makes perfect. Learn from
your mistakes, and that will make you even more successful.
All of these tips will allow you to have a better experience selling on Etsy. It’s important to
know these things, for they’re the foundation for selling online and being successful with it.

What’s next?
Next is to start selling online! You have to have your idea, and then you can set up your account on
Etsy. You can then open your shop and sell online. It’s that easy!

Thank you for reading this book! I hope it was helpful in helping you start your own Etsy shop. You
can now start on your career as an Etsy seller, and once you start you won’t want to stop. With this
information, customers will flock to you in no time. Your hard work and determination will pay off,
and people will love your shop for it. You can be a successful Etsy seller with this helpful guide, and
you won’t look back.
As always, reviews are appreciated. I would love to hear your feedback.
Thank you, and good luck!

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