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speaking 1309

Describe a time when you visited a park. You should say:
⁃ When you visited it
⁃ Who you went there with
⁃ What you did there
⁃ How you felt about it
(When you visited it) During my last visit to Singapore, I had a chance to go to Gardens
by the Bay, which is one of Singapore’s most attractive tourist sites. The attraction is
divided into two parts, with one right behind Marina Bay Sands and the other across
Kallang river, also known as Gardens by the Bay East.
(Who you went there with) It is relatively lucky that I got some local friends who
brought me around. Although it was my 7th time to Singapore, I had never dropped by
the attraction when I happened to be in the area. Hardly had my friends known that fact
when they decided to bring me there without second thoughts.
(What you did there) This park is quite special as it is artificial yet bristle with a wide
array of species of plants. Apart from that, there are some music-light shows every
evening in which visitors can indulge in a world of music when watching the lights keep
changing. So my friends made the most use of the park to introduce me about
Singapore’s state-of-the-art technology and its efforts to conjure up a city in a garden.
(How you felt about it) I felt privileged to have the chance to visit this park as it was
an eye-opening experience for me. Not only could I enjoy the freshness of the nature
but also learn about the technology applied in the park and bringing Gardens by the Bay

to another level.
1. Drop by (phrase): ghé qua
Drop by and pick up that book sometime.
Nhớ qué qua để lấy cuốn sách nha.
2. Happen (v): vô tình
They happened to look (= looked by chance) in the right place almost immediately.
Họ vô tình nhìn đúng nơi gần như ngay lập tức.
3. To have second thoughts (idiom): có ý nghĩ khác.
You’re not having second thoughts about getting married, aren’t you?
Bạn sẽ không có ý nghĩ khác (thay đổi ý định) về việc đám cưới đúng không?
4. Bristle with (phrase): rất nhiều cái gì đó
Singapore is bristle with magnificent skyscrapers.
Singapore có rất nhiều nhà cao tầng đẹp.
5. Indulge in (phrase): đắm mình vào
We took a deliberate decision to indulge in a little nostalgia.
Chúng tôi đã có một chủ ý để đắm chìm trong một chút hoài niệm.

6. State-of-the-art (adj): hiện đại vượt bậc
a state-of-the-art computer
một cái máy tính hiện đại vượt bậc.
7. Privileged (adj): vinh dự
I have been privileged to work with the pioneers of silicon technology.
Tôi đã vinh dự làm việc với những người tiên phong về công nghệ silicon
8. Eye-opening (adj): mở mang tầm mắt
The report is very accurate and very eye-opening.
Bản báo cao này rất chính xác và giúp mở mang tầm mắt.
Describe an experience that you got bored when you were with others. You
should say:
⁃ When it was
⁃ Who you were with
⁃ What you did
⁃ And explain why you were bored.
(When it was) Right now, I’d like to share with you one of my biggest problems
whenever I go on a date with someone - boredom. Some time ago, during Lunar
New Year to be exact, I tried seeing a guy who I find the most boring individual on
(Who you were with) I matched this guy on Tinder, which was my maiden Tinder
experience. Having read his profile, I could know this guy is definitely not a catfish
but rather a well-educated boy who seemed to be a person I could talk to. However,

he was just too shy to initiate a conversation and I had to continuously asked
questions until I ran out of ideas.
(What you did) All of our dates were movie sessions rather than talk time. After
movies, we would just head out for dinner and drinks in which both of us hardly cast
a glance at each other while we spent most of our time keeping eyes glued to
screen, literally without knowing what to talk to each other.
(And explain why you were bored) I would say that the lack of connection
between us was the cause of the boredom. Also, there was no chemistry between us.
I expected him to be a lot more active as he had seemed to talk a lot in chat, but the
way he turned out left me quite disappointed.
1. To go on a date (phrase): đi hẹn hò
He asked her out on a date.
Anh ấy mời cô ấy đi hẹn hò.
2. To see (v): tìm hiểu
I think Jane wants to date Jack after spending three months seeing him.
Tôi nghĩ Jane muốn hẹn hò với Jack sau ba tháng tìm hiểu.

3. Catfish (n): lừa đảo (sử dụng hình người khác trên ứng dụng hẹn hò)
Falling for a catfish has nothing to do with intelligence or rational thinking – it’s all
about hope.
Lỡ yêu một người lừa đảo thì không có gì liên quan với thông minh hay suy nghĩ lý
trí – nó hoàn toàn là hy vọng.
4. To initiate (v): bắt đầu
We shall initiate urgent discussions with our European partners.
Chúng tôi sẽ bắt đầu những cuộc thảo luận gấp với đối tác Châu Âu.
5. To cast a glance at sb/sth (phrase): liếc nhìn ai đó/cái gì đó.
She cast a glance at her watch.
Cô ấy liếc mắt nhìn đồng hồ.
6. To keep eyes glued to screen (phrase): dán mắt vào màn hình
You can see many train commuters in S.Korea keep their eyes glued to their
phone’s screen on board.
Bạn có thể thấy rất nhiều người đi tàu ở Hàn Quốc dán mắt vào màn hình điện
7. Chemistry (n): hợp
Finding out that there was chemistry between them, they decided to break up.
Nhận thấy rằng không hợp nhau, họ quyết định chia tay.

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