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1. Do you often stay together with your family?
2. Do you prefer to stay with your family or friends?

1. (Do you often stay together with your family?)
(Answer) Well, yes, I really treasure the time being with my family members.
(Give a reason for your answer) We always try to have dinner together and tell each other about
our day. This is a great way to bond and stay connected. I think family is the only thing you can
rely on in a tough situation and they give people a sense of security. Unfortunately, it seems this
generation of kids doesn’t spend as much time with family as years before.
2. (Do you prefer to stay with your family or friends?)
(Answer) Well, I would love to spend my time with both sides.
(Give a reason for your answer) Family time is an essential factor that helps to create strong
bonds, love, connections, and relationship among the family members. Spending quality time
with family does help me to cope with challenges. Meanwhile, in spending time with friends, I
can have great conversation, heartfelt caring and support, and laugh out loud fun.
2. (Do you come from a large family?)
(Answer) Well, my little family is not very big.
(Give a reason for your answer) I have a large extended family that includes many uncles, aunts,
and cousins. We are a close-knit family, and we like to keep in touch with one another, so
birthdays, and other celebrations, are noisy crowded affairs.

1. treasure [v]: to take great care of something because you love it or consider it very
valuable: trân quý
Eg: I will always treasure those memories of my dad.
2. bond [n]: a close connection joining two or more people: mối liên kết
Eg: There has been a close bond between them ever since she saved him from drowning.
3. rely on [v]: to trust someone or something or to expect him, her, or it to behave in a
particular way: tin cậy
Eg: British weather can never be relied on - it's always changing.
4. tough [adj]: difficult to do or to deal with: khó khăn

Eg: The company is going through a tough time at the moment.
5. security [n]: protection of a person, building, organization, or country against threats
such as crime or attacks by foreign countries: sự an toàn
Eg: The station was closed for two hours because of a security alert.
6. essential [adj]: necessary or needed: cần thiết
Eg: Government support will be essential if the project is to succeed.
7. cope with [v]: to deal successfully with a difficult situation: đối mặt với
Eg: It must be really hard to cope with three young children and a job.
8. heartfelt [adj]: strongly felt and sincere: chân thành
Eg: Please accept my heartfelt apologies/thanks.
9. close-knit [adj]: if a group of people are close-knit, they all help and support each other:
gắn bó
Eg: In our model, this field refers to a set of families that comprise a close-knit social
10. keep in touch [expression]: to communicate or continue to communicate with someone
by using a phone or writing to them: giữ liên lạc
Eg: Are you still in touch with any of your old school friends?

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