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Tiếng anh du lịch Marketing plan for Bavi national park

Final Report
Ba Vi National Park Tour – Eco tour

1. Introduction

Ba Vi National Park is one of the most famous areas of outstanding natural
beauty, and is centered around a three-peaked mountain jutting steeply out of the
landscape. The national park offers a great escape from the city with cool fresh
mountain air in a mystical atmospheric backdrop of clouds, jungle and tropical

Ba Vi National Park is centered on Mount Ba Vi - an isolated soil-limestone
mountain situated about 50 km west from Hanoi. The mountain located in Ha Tay
Province and shared the border with 2 districts of Hoa Binh Province. Mount Ba Vi
has three peaks: the highest is Emperor Peak at 1,296m, followed by Tan Vien at
1,226m and Ngoc Hoa at 1,120m.
The natural beauty and special geographic and climate features converge into the
park’s eco system, making it one of the four mountainous ecological tourism
centers besides Da Lat, Sapa, and Tam Dao. Staying here, tourists can explore the
site via a number of activities, such as trekking, bird watching… One ever said that

containing such a fascinating complex of numerous lakes, (both natural and
artificial) plays an important role in forming various famous relaxing tourism spots
in Ba Vi like Khoang Xanh, Suoi Mo and Thac Da.

Apart from natural beauty, Ba Vi is also said to be the home for hundreds of relics
dating back a century or more to the French colonial era with a former military
training range and a church between 600m and 800m above sea level. Hence, these
days, tourists flock to the site not only for dipping themselves into a fresh and green
ecological area, but its historical & cultural side also.

With a relatively favorable climate, good infrastructure and close proximity to
Hanoi, Ba Vi is considered as one of four famous ecological destinations beside Da
Lat, Sa Pa and Tam Dao. It promises to bring you unforgettable experiences with
friends and family.
2. PEST and SWOT analysis
 S-strength
1. Location

Ba Vì National Park is located in Ba Vì District of Hanoi and two districts of Hòa
Bình Province, namely Lương Sơn and Kỳ Sơn. The Park is situated on a
mountain range running north-east and south-west with its peak at Vua Peak, Tan
Vien Peak and Ngoc Hoa Peak.
Ba Vi National Park is centered on Mount Ba Vi - an isolated soil-limestone
mountain situated about 50 km west from Hanoi.
The location is located on the outskirts of Hanoi but still convenient for moving

2. Convenient transportation
Just 50km far from Ha Noi, you could easily get to Ba Vi National Park in about 2
hours by bus or motorbike. Travelling by motorbike just takes the Thang Long
highway and keeps driving until you see the signs to Son Tay and Ba Vi. The ride
up to Ba Vi National Park can be a bit tricky and bumpy, especially in the rainy
season, however, its natural scenery is marvelous.
3. Reasonable entrance ticket
- Ticket for person: 15.000vnd/p
- Ticket for cars under 10 seats: 20.000vnd
- Ticket for cars more 10 seats: 25.000vnd

- Price ticket for motorbike: 2.000vnd
4. Spectacular, peaceful scenery
The national park offers a great escape from the city with cool fresh mountain air
in a mystical atmospheric backdrop of clouds, jungle and tropical rainforest.
There is also a spa resort nestled at the foot of the mountain offering a host of
natural therapies in an absolutely stunning setting with many attractive
destinations such as Cactus Garden, The Upper Temple, Ba Vi Ancient Church,
Thien Son Suoi Nga, King Pond…
Cactus Garden

Ancient Church

The Upper

Son Suoi

King Pond

● Forest rangers and officers have limited experience

● Lack of funding and equipment for biodiversity conservation and ecotourism

Limited tourism human resources regarding qualifications and experience
Lack of cooperation in conservation and ecotourism development
There is no periodic biodiversity monitoring activity
Land and forest management is still complicated because the forest boundary has
not been established specifically by a clear boundary in the field.
 Opportunities
● Ba Vi National Park has a great natural, cultural and social potentials

for eco-tourism development owing to its diverse flora.
● Ba Vi National Park is famous for biodiversity which can be taken

advantage to promote eco-tourism
● Customs, ethnic identity of ethnic diversity and abundance.

Many products, cuisine, medicinal plants, …

Ba Vi National Park offers a nice weekend trip in Hanoi

 Threats
• Socialization of conservation (This is the first national park to take the lead

in the socialization of conservation and lease of forest environment)
Pressure on expanding Hanoi Capital and the urbanization of surrounding
areas make the landscape space narrow
Increasing population pressure and narrowing of land for industrial
production due to changing the purpose of using redundant labor, the
difficult life makes it difficult for people to violate the forest.
The policy of state support for people in the area around the park to
promote socio-economic development has not been much.
Limited law enforcement.

 Analysis PEST
1. Opportunities

* Political:
● The government has incentive policies to preserve the values of

● Ba Vi National Park is the leading organization to pilot the "Scheme
on lease of special-use forest environment to develop eco-tourism
and environmental education" approved by the Government and the
Ministry of Agriculture and Development.
● The park has directly introduced and instructed thousands of
students and students to practice, do scientific thesis, domestic and
foreign PhD students. Participate in many agroforestry projects to
support people in the buffer zone and implement ethnic and
mountainous policies
* Economy:
● There are currently 8 units of business travel and travel services

* Social
● Living in this forbidden forest is mainly Kinh, Thai, Tho (Dan Lai tribe).
They live in most villages, in wooden stilt houses with wet rice cultivation.

In hilly areas, they participate in tree planting or slash-and-burn cultivation,
crop or other food crops; raising buffaloes, cows and poultry; making
bamboo products and traditional weaving.
=> cultural diversity
● Ba Vi national park has range of animals, and plants, so management isn't easy.
● The more development the Park is, the more modern equipments it has.
● With state capital and self-financing, the Park has constructed over 25 km of
internal roads from 87 road junction to tourist areas, tourist spots, cultural relics,
revolutionary historical relics and many walkways for study tours and travel.
Construction of three large reservoirs, swimming pools, sports grounds, motels,
conference houses, wild semi-bird breeding areas, collection of retention plants,
orchid gardens, model garden gardens, real gardens objects, souvenir gardens,
etc. and many other supporting projects for ecotourism and environmental
education activities.
● Along with Ba Vi National Park, around Ba Vi mountain, there are many tourism
units. effectively exploit the scenic spots of Ba Vi mountain such as Ao Vua
Tourist Company, Thac Da Tourist Company; Green Khoang Tourist Company.
2. Threats
❖ political:
● The difficulties of sustainable development in Ba Vi National Park
are that there is no master plan for tourism development, no financial
resources for key investment for tourism development
❖ Economy:
● Although the number of tourists increased, the level of spending of

tourists to Ba Vi was limited (about hundreds thousand dong)
● The number of tourists staying in the area of tourist destinations
accounts for a low percentage (about 20%)
● Investment costs for tourism infrastructure in Ba Vi can be quite high
due to small technical and infrastructure facilities for tourism (In the
area, there are only 8 out of 16 accommodation establishments
achieving the target. Standard from 1 to 3 stars, no high-class hotels,
no standard restaurant system, modern shopping center to meet the
needs of visitors. Services of accommodation establishments and

restaurants are poor, the quality is not high) and the unsynchronized
infrastructure system (traffic approaches tourist sites with narrow
roads, bad quality, unstable power sources, often divided on high
days, …)
Social and environment
There are complaints from local people about the ecological tourism areas in Ba
Vi causing environmental pollution (especially water pollution)
Waste water kept pouring into the thick lake, stinking badly. The fish in the lake
died, the dug wells of the surrounding people changed color, the fish cannot be
● Recently, Ba Vi national park has range of animals, and plants, so
management isn't easy. They still don't apply new machine to manage.
Besides, the equipment is so simple, need to be innovated.

3. Business strategy
1. Target audience:
- Our tour is for all people containing both domestic and inbound visitors, but

we mainly focuse on teenagers and adults who are interested in discovering
another new tour and as well as trekking. From that, we can successfully
construct Ba Vi eco-tours model at the moment and come to sustainable

2. Our tour:
- To design a Ba Vi eco-tour, we need to improve infrastructure at first.

+ Install rearview mirrors and warning signs on both sides of the road.
+ Split street into two ways.
+ Create separators for trekking people.
+ Open more services along the road such as car rental, car repair, convenient
shop, …
+ Construct the cable car system on the road to the Thuong temple.
- About tour design:
+ Make use of pine hill, ancient church as camping areas, organizing community
+ Use cactus greenhouses to organize courses for discovering flora and fauna
+ Take animals from other areas and take visitors with electric cars, in order to
help them experience safari tour.
+ Make use of empty areas to create artificial rice fields in order to perform folk
games such as rice transplanting, duck catching, water buffalo riding. This will be
an interesting experience for foreign visitors
+ Organize spiritual activities as well as history courses at the Thuong temple,
temple of Uncle Ho.
- Because we aim at sustainable tourism in the future, we try to limit plastic
waste in a tour as much as possible. Therefore, we also carry out a project.
Before starting a tour, tourists are distributed a glass bottle for holding water.
We also have water supply point along the road for tourists. At the end of tour,
bottles are given back pasteurized for the next using.
3. Scheduled tour
• Duration: 2 days, 1 night
• Location: Ba Vi, Hanoi – this is a peaceful and natural park with natural scenery

of tropical forest, mountains, waterfalls and rivers. We hope that this place is an
ideal destination for those want to escape from the bustles and hustles of big
• Kind of tour: Free & Easy package
• Starts/Ends: Hanoi/Hanoi (Pickup/Drop off at the hotel)
Ba Vi tour is considered as an activity that you can try to escape all the noises and
crowd of big city. This tour also brings you to new experiences and allow you to
live close to agriculture, nature as well as local people.

- Highlight:
• Visitors can get to know about more uncle Ho with his simple wishes when

visiting Uncle Ho Temple; about native belief of Vietnamese people with a trek to
visit Tan Vien summit and its old temples there. From that, you can understand
more about history Vietnam, legend of Son Tinh, as well as spritual life – a
special point of Vietnamese.
• Relax yourselves in soft trek exercises to conquer famous summits in Ba Vi

mountains. (It is good for your health and reduces stress)
Visiting local workshops in the village combine with community and folk games
in the fields and villages like growing rice, riding buffalos, catching ducks, etc.
These activities help you have more experiences or know more about agriculture
Vietnam (how people make rice, what is water buffalos used for)
There are rare animals which are free kept outside for you to discover and join in
safari tour. You will be explained more about them and know how to conserve
You have many opportunities to take part in outside bio-class when visiting
garden with exotic plant, so you can get useful lesson about them.
Coming to Ba Vi, you can set up a camp and have BBQ-meals with your friends
in order to have close-nit relationships.
Don’t forget to enjoy regional cuisines such as milk cakes, chickens, … and cook
with local host. We believe that you will become more sociable after the tour!
Details for day 1:
06h00: Picking up the tourists in fixed places in Hanoi
08h30: Arriving at Ba Vi, trekking to Tan Vien mountain. Here you are presented
about The legend of Tan Vien as well as visiting Thuong temple.
10h30: Going down for visiting Uncle Ho temple. Here you will be told about
11h30: Having lunch and take a rest in restaurant.
13h30: Going back the park and camping.
Evening is free time for you to enjoy spaces with your friends or family. You may
have BBQ-meals. Camp-fire is a highly recommend at night.
Details for day 2:
07h00: Free breakfast
07h30: Visiting conserved area of animals and join in safari tour in electric cars,
visiting herbal garden and understand about its using.
09h30: You have a cycling tour for 2 hours will through beautiful rice fields
and villages. You can find out the daily life of local people and interact with

them. Here you may take part in folk games like catching ducks, riding
buffalos or growing rice.
• 11h30: Coming back Hanoi
4. Advertising strategy
Advertising strategy: based on the business strategy (objectives, target audience and
available resources)
1. Form: Digital advertising because it is the most up-date technology, easilyapproach to youth, economical. Use the internet and social media as tools to promote
tourist destinations through self-designed fanpages or websites, running
advertisement in digital music videos, movies pages.

Digital advertising
through social
networking sites, other
social media means

2. Promote the brand widely, actively invest in the image (invite a group of young
people like motorbike - riders, cool, charismatic, hire a photographer to take photos,
promotional videos). Advertisement format: video, multi- photo, (highly-visual
content to appeal target audience – youth

3. Upload data, online information about projects + co-orperating with online
application providers such as google map, travel search engines of Google
... to make sure that potential customers can easily and quickly access


4. Connecting with Agents/Studios specializing in providing wedding photos,
yearbook photos to provide package services (accommodation, transportation, ...) or
on-demand services. Especially the yearbook photography and go-sightseeing trip is a

trend among senior students recently; therefore, the association with photo Studios or
Agents can be an important bridge for us to approach to a significant number of
potential young people customers.

5. A sample for advertising campaign
From all the tours we organize, we record beautiful moments that travelers have
experienced from the ecotourism service we provide. For travelers who have a good
showing of their attitudes and special actions in the sense of preserving the natural
environment, we will ask for permission to use their images for our marketing activities,
and Ask their opinion about the use of such images for tourism advertising activities.
The best pictures with meaningful pictures of environmental protection and ecological
diversity in Ba Vi National Park, we will ask customers to receive gifts from our
company - maybe bags from natural materials, jewelry from natural stone or wood, ... or
specially produced clothes for propaganda and promotion of ecotourism from our
company. Especially for prospective customers or groups of customers, we can ask them
to collaborate to close ads that can be paid videos or musical MVs or multi-photos. Our
advertising campaign starts before and after each tour and has news and photos updates
on every tour we organize on a regular basis. We will try to connect with online
newspaper sites, link with providers of social networking applications, travel search
tools to promote our project image extensively and try Trying to be effective as
expected is attracting attention from the public. Our campaign is most focused and gives
more priority to young people - the potential customers we aim for. And for this
customer, the reward as far-away trips to advertise with new adventures and experiences
will surely attract the attention of young people. Moreover, we will make the most of
the positive effects from social networks to further promote our eco-tours and try to
create a new trend among the youths.

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