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Tiếng anh du lịch Marketing plan for Bảo tàng mỹ thuật Việt Nam



Hanoi – 2019

Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum (VNFAM), Hanoi
1. Overview
Located at 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street (Hanoi), VNFAM is a museum showcasing
Vietnam’s fine arts thorough national history, mainly in 20 th and 21st century. This is
Vietnam’s primary art museum and one of the nation's most important institutions of culture
and learning.
Artworks exhibited in the museum are various in sort, material, style and theme, etc.,
visually presenting and expressing the national spirit and culture. About 2,000 objects are
now shown in the permanent exhibition galleries. Besides, it is the artistic architecture of
the historic buildings of the Museum that is attractive.
Every year, VNFAM welcomes a large number of both national and international

2. Marketing objectives
 Increase the amount of visitors.
 Increase the amount of time visitors spending at the museum.
 Diversify the visitors.
 Remain a stable amount of visitors when out of tourism seasons.
 Collect visitors’ information.
3. Situation Analysis
3.1. SWOT Analysis
3.1.1. Strengths
 VNFAM is located in the centre of Hanoi, which is near several well-known places:
Temple of Literature, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum,…
 VNFAM is a unique art museum in the Northern part of Vietnam in general and in
Hanoi in particular.
 The museum has kept the national treasures – excellent works from the 16 th and 17th
century; and the ones belonging to famous artists of Indochina Fine Arts College
such as Nguyen Phan Chanh, Nguyen Van Long, Nguyen Van Ty, Nguyen Tu
Nghiem, Nguyen Sang, Bui Xuan Phai,...
 Because of majoring in arts, the museum is often chosen to hold specialised

o E.g. a lacquer exhibition as recently.
o → A good way to advertise and promote the organization of activities.
 Creative Space for children: The museum is considered as an ideal venue where
children will have valuable experiences such as painting, composing, handmade
producing and audio guide. Thanks to these activities, they can find good
opportunities to broaden their art knowledge and improve networking skills as well.
 Cafe: Apart from the art display spaces, VNFAM also welcomes you at the coffee
shop on the campus. This is a great place for visitors to take a rest and enjoy the pure
3.1.2. Weaknesses
 The hidden of the entrance decreases the attention of tourists, even they do not know
about this museum.
 The quality of collecting works is still limited. According to Labor Newspaper, the
original works are scattered in various villages that they cannot be purchased and
gathered in order to display them in VNFAM.
 Some of these works were recorded without sources leading to lack of authenticity.
 The poor activities which are not organised big enough to attract tourists’ attention.
 The display purposes have not made cultural values, entertainment and education
stand out yet, even be far from reality.

3.1.3. Opportunities
 The ideal location of the museum attracts more attention of tourists.
 The concern for art is gradually increasing so that art projects have opportunities to
develop so as to attract the attention of visitors interested in Vietnamese art.
 The development of media and social networking (radio, television, website,
→ A great chance to raise the museum’s reputation and promote the exchange of
3.1.4. Threats

The competition with other museums is tough:

In terms of art: Other museums also have their specific areas for art.


In terms of promotion: Because opportunities are fair for all competitors, the
museum could not compete with the others without good promoting


In terms of the quality of content: If the presentation and content of the
museum are not attractive enough, visitors would not come back or give good

Missing information is a threat that leads to a loss of visitors because they will doubt
the authenticity of the museum's works.

The amount of visitors has not gone up due to the fact that there is no update to the
displayed works making it is unlikely for people to visit as there is nothing new for
them to see. People who have visited the museum before would never want to come
and see the same works over and over again.

3.2. PEST Analysis
3.2.1. Opportunities Political opportunities
Since VNFAM is an orthodox museum, it is supported and prioritised by the State. Economic opportunities

VNFAM offers renting space for exhibitions.

There are promotions for students and groups of people that hire tour guides.
Therefore, these types of visitors are more attracted to the museum.

VNFAM can provide other services. For instance, it can provide visitors with radio
headsets so they will be able to listen to the tour guide's commentaries without being
affected by other tour guides/visitors/sound. Visitors who buy special tickets will get
to visit a bonus area.

VNFAM can collaborate with travel agencies to make a tour specialising in fine arts.
The number of visitors will increase as they prefer booking a tour.
Getting cooperation with hop-on-hop-off bus tours or transport services is also an
effective way. Social opportunities

VNFAM is favored by people in the field of arts.

Traditional art receives much attention of both inside and outside the country or
different groups of people, regardless of the background.

Fine arts has a connection to history and everyday life so it is not difficult for visitors
to understand arts. Technological opportunities

There are several technology platforms which can help promote VNFAM.

Interactive technologies can be applied during the visit.

3.2.2. Threats Political threats
The management is outdated since the senior officers have not kept up with the times
nor had wide knowledge about tourism economic. In today competitive markets, when
other museum are applying new technology in promoting and managing their activities,
being conservative could lead to the failure in term of developing. Economic threats
The price of tickets has to be equal with the quality of the contents. Even if the price
is low, visitor would not choose to visit the museum if the content is poor and not updated. Social threats

Vietnamese audiences have paid more attention on art; however, the major audiences
only enjoy low art so it would be difficult for the museum to develop high art.

Copycats are cheap, available and easy to buy, hence people think it is not necessary
to buy tickets to see art-works. Technological threats

The senior officers have not applied the newest technologies in promoting for the

However, because there are many technological tools to use, choosing the right and
effective ones to apply is also not an easy task for the managers.

4. Target markets
We focus primarily on young people, especially children. In the centre of Hanoi,
there is not enough space for outdoor activities; therefore, these people tend to go to places
with indoor activities. The museum can take advantage of this to increase the number of
young visitors. In particular, children are potential customers as one child needs at least one
adult to accompany him/her when he/she participates in activities, which can increase ticket
sales at least twice by just providing service for an adult.
5. Strategies
5.1. To attract kids (3-15 years old) and their parents
 Putting Creative Space for children (E3 area) into service more frequently: most of
visitors of VNFAM are foreigners while the locals - potential customers with larger
population - are not attracted to VNFAM. The idea is opening E3 area to attract kids
and their parents, especially during summer. This can at least double the amount of
selling tickets because 1 kid needs at least 1 supervisor.

 Since the number of visitors and the time visitors stay in the museum increase, the
coffee shop and souvenir shop can have better chance of having customers and
raising their income.
 The museum can also open painting class for kids and once in a month organise
small event for kids (competition, exhibition,...) to creative their own artworks and
give them some gifts/ awards.
5.2. To attract the young
 To organise events, exhibition and create attractive spaces for taking photos: one of
the common hobbies of youngsters is taking photos and check-in at different places.
If the museum can create attractive corners or backgrounds for photography, they not
only can attract the young and remain the guests even after the tourism season but
also can take advantage of the youngster hobbies in posting photo to freely promote
on social media. (For example: Guests who check-in at the museum will get discount
for a drink in the coffee shop).
 Organising events and inviting celebrities or artists are also a good strategy to draw
attention of young people.
 Providing free wifi: young visitors have high demand on connecting to the internet
and in order to connect to the museum’s wifi, they will log in and voluntarily provide
their information. This information can be used for improving existent marketing
plans or creating future marketing projects.

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