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Tiếng anh du lịch marketing plan for Hồ Quan Sơn


Final report



English for Tourism

Hà Nội - 2019


Package tour
Quan Sơn package tour will be organized for group of 10 people to experience
the beauty of nature in Quan Sơn lake with more than 100 limestone mountains and
visit a pagoda beside the lake. Besides, tourism can enjoy in some interest activities

together and tourism can taste specialty cuisine. Beacause this a quite big area with
850-hectare so this tour include:
Quan Sơn lake, My Duc province, Hanoi
A group of 10 young friends
By coach (about 1 hour)
Camping in the area of Quan Sơn lake
Schedule (in 2 days 1 night)
Day 1:

7:00 – 8:00: Depart from VNU to Quan Sơn lake

8:00 – 8:30: Have breakfast with Pho

8:30 – 11:00: Travel by boat around Quan Sơn lake
- Hang pagoda
- Voi Phuc mountain
- Su Tu island
- Lotus pond

11:00 – 13:00: Have lunch in restaurant with special local food (duck and

13:00 – 16:00: Organise activities
- Fishing
- Camping
- Traditional games

16:00 – 18:00: Have dinner with BBQ

18:00 – 21:00: - Camp fire
- Singing and dancing

- Grilling fish (which is fished by tourists)

After 21:00: Free activities
Day 2:

8:00 – 8:30: Have breakfast with soft noodles

8:30 – 10:00: Visit Boi Khe pagoda

10:00 – 11:00: Come back to VNU
- Breakfast:
30.000 vnd / person / day (x2 days)
- Lunch:
50.000 vnd / person / day (x1 day)
- Dinner:
80.000 vnd /person / day (x1 day)

- Car rental:
200.000 vnd / person
- Camp rental: 30.000 vnd / person
- Ticket:
25.000 vnd / person
445.000 vnd / person
Marketing objectives


The overall goal of Quan Sơn’s tourism marketing program is to create
enhanced public awareness through a comprehensive marketing campaign that will
result in increased overnight visitation. In Quan Sơn, there is a large area where can
contain about 20-30 tents to camp. Quan Sơn’s marketing program has the following
Increase overnight visitation from leisure travelers
Increase the length of time visitors stay in Bisbee and convert day trip visitors
to overnight visitors: increase length of stay from ½ day to one overnight
• Promote the community as a viable and worthy destination of choice in the offseason, especially on summer.


Situation analysis

To know more about Quan Sơn’s tourism, we depend on SWOT and PEST
analysis. In each analyze system, there are four factors: SWOT: strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and threats. PEST: Political, Economic, Social, Technology.
SWOT Analysis
S – Strengths
A short distance from Hanoi
It is a 50km-short distance from Hanoi with convenient transportation. Tourism
can easily travel to Quan Sơn lake by both motorbike and bus. It takes 1.5 hour to go
by motorbike and 2.5 hour to go by bus. This is two ways that tourism can choose to
travel to Quan Sơn lake:
• By motorbike: (1.5 hour): Drive through Van Dinh town, follow the dike way
and go straight through the field from the intersection of Dai Nghia town.
• By bus (2.5 hour): take a bus to Dai Nghia town and take a taxi go to Quan Sơn
lake (about 4km).


Figure 1.

The ways to travel to Quan Sơn lake

Dramatic natural scene:
Quan Sơn is a lake area of about 850ha. It considered as limstone ecosystem.
Quan Sơn lake is like “a miniature Halong Bay” located in the heart of the capital with
numerous limstone islands such as Lion Island, Elephant Hill, Giang Xé, Buffalo
Silver Stone... Quan Sơn lake is built among limestone island that hangs on the lake's
surface, along with blue water, rich vegetation such as Sen, Trang Trang...

Figure 2.

Nice weather

The dramatic natural scene in Quan Sơn lake

Quan Sơn lake is a large area surrounded by water and vegetation. These perfect
features have created comfortable weather with sunny and windy.
Veriaty of tourism activities:
With the 850ha area, Quan Sơn lake is considered as a destination for natural
activities such as taking sightseeing boat, camping, fishing...

Figure 3.

Some activities in Quan Sơn lake

Contains spiritual culture:
On the way tourism travel around Quan Sơn lake, it has Quan Sơn temple on the
land which they can visit. Besides a natural scene, Quan Sơn lake contains a beauty of
spiritual culture.

3.1.2. W – Weakeness
 Underdeveloped tourism products

Tourism investment is not commensurate with the potential and tourism products
are poorer than others destinations like Tam Giac Mach cake in Ha Giang, fishcake in
Quang Ninh Province, ...
Spontaneous tourism form
The form of tourism services is spontaneous and not in scale. The boat carrying
tourists is mainly from the local people and lacks safety equipment.

Figure 4.

Tourism boat of local resident

Inferiority human resources
The team of tour guides and tour staff which are mainly resident is seasonal and
has not been properly trained.

One-day Treveling
Only suitable for travel during the day, so that it is difficult for economic growth.

Unsuitable for children
Quan Sơn Lake is surrounded by water and difficult to build entertainment areas
so it is not suitable for families with children who want to experience.

Unvaried cuisine
At Ho Quan Sơn, there are quite a few catering services, so it is neccesary to
prepare some food and water from home.

3.1.3. O – Opportunity
  Investment attracting

Attracting a number of tourism development projects such as “Quan Sơn
Lake Tourism Development Project” is invested by People's Committee of My
Duc District, “Research on environmental function of Quan Sơn lake for
sustainable development”.
  Tourist attracting
Because of a short distance from Hanoi Capital and some famos destination
such as Huong Pagoda, Chuong Villiage, Quan Sơn lake attracts numerous
tourists from Hanoi and neighboring provinces.
3.1.4. T – Threat
 Tourism competition

Quan Sơn lake must be faced with other neighboring destination which
famor and familiar with tourist such as Huong Pagoda.

Figure 5.A huge number of tourist visitting Huong Pagoda
 Environmental pollution
There are a lot of activities of people around Quan Sơn lake like camping,
fishing,... so the garbage can affect on the water resources and soil resources.

PEST analysis
P – Political
According to “Vietnam travel law” 2019, The State has policies to mobilize all

resources for tourism development to ensure tourism becomes a key economic sector
of the country. Besides, The State also prioritizes funding for some activities such as
promote tourism, build national and local tourism brands; tourism development in
places with tourism potential and using tourism manpower locally. Depending on
some State policies and some other following factors, we decided to choose Quan Sơn
Lake ecological area as a place to organize tourism activities.
Firstly, now, people tend to go to the wilderness, lots of trees, fresh air to rest
on weekends. I think Quan Sơn Lake ecological area is ideal place for them. Quan
Sơn Lake is very majestic and full of vitality of nearly 20 large and small mountains
stretching over the lake and green vegetation is extremely rich. Come here, you will
be able to drop your soul with grass and flowers, float in the middle of the immense
water, enjoy the cool atmosphere and see the immense landscape. Therefore, Quan
Sơn Lake ecological area is places with tourism potential. Secondly, we will hire local
people as tour guide. It means that we will receive many Government’ support for
organizing tourist activities here.

My Duc District People's Committee cooperates well with agencies and
departments of the City to regularly grasp the situation and has a plan to ensure
stability in Dong Tam commune. Develop and implement plans and plans for absolute
protection of key objectives, political, external, cultural, festive events ... taking place
in the district such as: Guarantee plan order and security for festivals of Christmas,
New Year, Lunar New Year, Festival of Huong Pagoda 2018 ... Stable religious and
internal situation of the people; foreigners enter the area to comply well with the
provisions of Vietnamese law.
In Decision No. 4465 / QD-UBND dated August 27, 2014 of Hanoi People's
Committee approving the general construction planning of My Duc district, Hanoi
city by 2030, the rate of 1 / 10,000 with the target mainly exploiting and promoting
the competitive advantages of My Duc district, especially focusing on developing
service - tourism potentials not only at the city level but also at the national and
national levels. and contribute to improving the efficiency of the district's economic
development and sustainable development of Hanoi city.
In recent years, My Duc District People's Committee has instructed agencies
and units to develop a master plan for landscape relics, functional subdivision of
services, trade and entertainment. Assigning traffic flow to ensure ventilation, safety,
expanding and upgrading bus stations and wharves in a professional direction,
arranging boat and boat facilities to serve tourists to ensure safety and polite
civilization, avoiding existing price squeeze, attract customers ... build a civilized
tourism festival and develop more sustainably. Therefore, On December 25, 2017, the

Prime Minister signed Decision No. 2082 / QD-TTg on Ranking special national

E – Economics
After implementing the consolidation and adjustment of administrative

boundaries of the Capital, District Party Committee, People's Council, My Duc
District People's Committee has implemented many synchronous solutions,
mobilizing all resources to accomplish the mission. Economic development of the
district makes the economic picture of the district prosper every day. The average
annual growth rate is 9.2% / year. Total production value in 2018 was estimated at
VND 8326.8 billion, an increase of VND 4817.8 billion compared to 2008. Economic
structure has seen positive changes. Trade - Services - Tourism has become a key
economic sector increasing from 28.3% (in 2008) to 44.06% (mid-2018). Per capita
income by June 2018 has reached: 38, 9 million VND / person / year. The number of
rich households increased, the number of poor households decreased from 16.73% (in
2008) to 5.9% (in 2017). The infrastructure of rural infrastructure is invested
synchronously, making the rural face more and more innovative.
The first prosperity in the economy of My Duc district must include tourism,
service and trade. This is a field with many outstanding innovations compared to other
fields and has become a key economic sector of the district. Income values increase
year by year, sharply increasing in 2018. Ten years ago, the proportion of the district's
services, tourism and trade accounted for only 29.3% of the district's GDP. 2017 has
reached 37% and in the first 6 months of 2018 reached 46.06%. In the first 6 months
of 2018, the number of tourists visiting the tourist sites of My Duc district is about 1.6

S – Social
Quan Sơn Lake have some social features. Firstly, about culture, it includes

60% of cultural villages, 58-75% of cultural families; has many national standard
schools and relatively large university qualification. And on average, one commune
has a infirmary.

Secondly, Quan Sơn Lake stretches across four communes: Hop Tien, Hong
Son, Tuy Lai and Thuong Lam. In which, Hop Tien is the commune with the highest
population density with 847 people/km², and Hong Son is the commune with the
lowest population density with 414 people/km²; and Tuy Lai is the commune with the
largest area and also quite sparsely populated with 485 people/km². This contributes to
reinforce the explanation of relatively thick vegetation on the pond ecosystem in this
The biome here is an artificial biological community. Plants in the residential
area are very poor, mainly crops with different purposes, including small shrubs
around the house, ornamental trees, shade trees on the road such as banian trees, coton
Thirdly, due to its proximity to the famous spiritual tourist area of Huong Son,
Quan Sơn Lake is also influenced by the cultural values here.
Along with festival activities, the region's spiritual activities are also attended
by numerous people. In Quan Sơn area, there are pagodas such as Cao pagoda, Ham
Long pagoda, Bo De pagoda, Linh Son Tu pagoda, Thung Phat... In particular, not
only Cao pagoda has the main part located on the middle of the mountain with Quan
Am Trang Buddha statue facing the lake, but there is also Kim Cuong Pagoda
(completed phase 1 and came into use in early 2011) and Maitreya floor which are
located at the foot of the mountain along the lake, creating a special complex of
temples for this area.

T – Technological
There is no doubt that technology plays an important role in tourism and travel.

The development of advanced technologies has brought many benefits to Quan Sơn
Lake. First of all, now booking our room reservations on line is much easier, dealing
with telephone trees and other cost saving devices. These technological advances have
allowed corporations to save on manpower while at the same time empowering
customers to make their own decisions.

Moreover, tourists can use their blogs or private social networking pages to
introduce to others about this destination, and people can also easily read the review
about it in the internet. Travelers will be able to find more information about Quan
Sơn Lake to repair for their trip.
Finally, the transport system has been improved and this makes traveling
become more convenient. Voyagers can use various types of transport but the most
popular means used are by bus and motobike. Better communication, transport and
safety have encouraged new consumers to Quan Sơn Lake.

Target market

We focus on metropolitan markets (Hanoi city). It take about 1.5 - 2.5 hours to
go to Quan Sơn Lake from Hanoi center. There are many universities, companies and
family live in Hanoi. While, Quan Sơn lake is ideal relaxing place for both youth
groups and family, so about 80-90% customers come from Hanoi city.


Base on SWOT and PEST analysis, this report creates some strategies to
develop and improve the tourism quality in Quan Sơn lake.
The first strategy, advertising Quan Sơn lake on YouTube. We advertised
through You Tube by many reasons. Firstly, You tube is international channel. There
are a million people use this channel per day, so our tour can be known by domestic
and foreign tourists. Secondly, approaching the right potential customers. Just
approach the right audience who is interested in what we are advertising to avoid
wasting the budget. Thirdly, saving the money.Our ad is only charged when the
customer sees 30 seconds of ads or clicks on the Trueview button on the ad. This will
help our ads maximize your budget. Average cost is 1.000.000 VND per days.
The second strategy, advertising on bus, taxi, Grab / Uber, bus terminal.
Because our target market is Hanoi citizen, so we will stick our tour poster on bus and
taxi which appear at everywhere in city. Everyone can see our tour advertising.
Besides, this type of advertising has low cost, only 200.000 VND per day.


We think that we will reach our goal because of some following reasons.
Firstly, our tour is broadcasted widely through YouTube and some means of
transportation. Secondly, it is near Hanoi city which concentrate many potential
customers (youth groups and family). Thirdly, prices are reasonable, especially for

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