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Tiếng anh du lịch Marketing plan for Chương Mỹ


Subject: English for Tourism

Hanoi, 2019


Summary and Introduction

Tram Mountain and Phu Vinh trade village – Green tourism - the key to
substainable tourism development
This is tour designed and built by our team. This summary gives you a quick
overview of the main points of the plan.

What we have done?
First of all, together we evaluate the criteria for selecting the appropriate

Geographical location: A convenient place for travelling by many different
means of transportation that can help customers save time and their money.
A place that can meet all basic living activities and necessary items.

Security: Political situation is stable, security is well managed by the

government, there are no social evils.
Potential: The location must have untapped potential which can be used to
develop long-term tourism in the future. Futhermore, the place must have a long

tradition of culture, there must have the potential to build real experiences.
Target: This tour is aimed at many groups of customers: family, school,

individual, group, domestic and foreign tourists.
After listing the criteria, we proceed to select the location. And we found that

Tram mountain and Phu Vinh village are the places that match our criteria.
We experiment with the selected site, we do sightseeing, evaluate, chat with

people who have lived here for a long time and film a video
Then we work together to do a SWOT and PEST Analysis of these two

We embark in planning our tour formation.


What we plan to do?
After important steps, we set up more specifically plan for our tour

We determine our tour purpose: We want to give our customers opportunities to
experience craft village life, to make their own craft products, to clim, to go
camping in Tram mountain. Futhermore, throught our tour, customers can raise
their knowledge with the stories that people spread by mouth from one
generation to another created a unique culture, with a long history of Tram
mountain, it represent Vietnamese history around the beginning of the 16 th

century. Tourism combine with education about culture and history for children.
We build tourism processing, this timetable is suitable for everyone to enjoy all

the activities of the trip.
We start up the idea of marketing strategy with special offers, action plan and


the idea of advertising strategy especially on social networking sites.
How you are going to get there?
We will pay special attention and evaluation in more detail about marketing and
advertising strategy. For example, we will invite famous singers to appear in
promotional video to create great charisma for the masses. We appreciate the
importance of marketing and advertising strategy because through this means
we can attract investment capital and money to develop location and tour and

many groups of potential customers.
We will orient and develop tour towards cultural tourism and green tourism, this
is a new tourism trend – sustainable tourism, tourism development coupled with

environmental protection.
Researching more about special offers, activities that customers will participate
in which must attract their attention and interest. Customers must see that they
benefit from joining this tour.


Marketing Objectives

General information about Chuong My tourism:

Profuse potentiality

Chuong My has a beautiful natural, good sightseeings and fresh atmosphere, such
as Tram mountain, Dong Van lake. Chuong My has a long history and deeply
cultural with many national monuments and historical monuments, Tram Gian
Pagoda, Tram Pagoda, Hoa Tinh Pagoda and Thay Pagoda for instances.

However, the exploitation is limited

According to the statistics of Chuong My District Culture and Information
Department, although the number of Chuong My’s tourists has increased in recent
years, it is very poor:
The total number of tourist
The number of international tourist





 It has not been 1% of tourists to Hanoi per year.

Material and technical conditions and infrastructure are inadequate and poor;
Resources have not been properly invested and exploited, so it has not attracted

potential investors.
Propaganda and promotion for Chuong My tourism is very poor, unable to

organize tours to Chuong My.
Therefore, we decided to implement a new and attractive Chuong My tourism plan
to promote Chuong My tourism and attract more tourists. We make a short tour (24
hours travel), including 3 places: Tram Tram, Chua Tram and Phu Vinh bamboo
and rattan village with many interesting practical activities.
This tour's marketing program has the following objectives:

Increase the number of leisure tourists thus positively impacting tax revenues


on an annual basis; increase visitation by 15-20%
Increase the number of tourist visiting and learning about Chuong My
tourism, thereby increasing the number of tourists who know the traditional
culture, customs and products of Chuong My.


Promote this tour as a viable and worthy journey of choice in the winter and
spring (from October to March), especially capitalizing on traveling cultural


Maximize the marketing approach to increase visitors to Chuong My on
festivals, holidays, and summer vacation (April to September). Create

development opportunities and attract new investors.
This tour is eco-tourism, the first and foremost goal is to provide a service
that willl satisfy customers' needs, creating a comfortable and useful space.
After that, we can receive positive feedback and long-term cooperative
relationships, promoting Chuong My tourism.


Situation Analysis
SWOT Analysis

1. Strength

This location is near the center of the capital, which saves travel time, tourists

can use a variety of means of transportation.
Visitor have the opportunity to experience craft village life, to make craft

products, to climb, to go camping or picnic in Tram mountain.
A cheap tour.
Tourism combine with education about culture, history for children.
The products can replace plastic bags that helps protect the environment.
Tourists can see the natural beauty, enjoy the quiet space of the temple. This
place is very suitable for relaxation .

2. Weakness:

The Tram moutain is quite small and has few things for visitors to explore,

which makes them boring.
These places aren’t really well known, organizers need big expenses to invest in

advertising, attacting tourists.
Capital is limited and unstable, so the organizers should have more relationships
with other partners, investors.

The people in Phu Vinh village still lack experience in tourism, poor co

mmunication with tourists, especially foreign tourists.
Lack of human resources such as tour guides, interpreters and supervisors.
Difficulties in attacting local workers.

3. Opportunity


Current trend: What will you do on the weekend?
Weekends are wonderful holidays after a week of hard working. Some will
choose to rest at home with their family, others want to have short trips to
relieve stress. Short-day tours (1 day) to suburban places, which are not too far


from big cities, will be the perfect choices for weekends.
You can have new experiences, breathe fresh air, and also visit, go sightseeing,
camping, ... with the combination of elements of cultural understanding,
environmental protection,... That is what travelers desire. This is an opportunity

to develop the tour.
Government policy: Government policy always aims to preserve and promote
the culture of craft villages, orienting to use environmentally friendly products
and protect the environment. Tourism development exploits the strengths of

localities, reducing disparities between regions and localities.
Local: Local authorities have policies to call for investment, open the door to
exploit and develop the inherent strengths and preserve the local craft village

4. Threats
About Phu Vinh village:

Labour force: many local people would like to work in modern industrial parks

instead of continuing to keep and develop traditional trades.
This problem has been leading to lack of traditional labour force.

About Tram mountain:

Weather: in rainy days/season, we can’t go camping because it can be

This problem demands setting up the optimal plan, which suits kinds of weather.
The attitude of people: some people who went camping here and local people,

were littering everywhere. Therefore, it will harm the environment.
This situation requires the local management system giving plans of action to
protect the environment strictly.

B. PEST Analysis
1. Politics

People's lives have many positive changes
Political situation is stable.

2. Economics

The economy is moving from agriculture to service industrial economy.

3. Social

Local people are friendly, hospitality and enthusiasm
Life is stable
Religious beliefs are valued and conserved.

4. Technology

We will use information technology to communicate with customers.
Our tour will be equipped with transportation facilities.
We will equip with technical facilities to serve the management activities of the

C. Aditional information on Trend
Some of the following trend are considered when we develop targeted promotions
and programs:

Shorter Trips, Close to Home: In recent years, family travel is a trend that has
never cooled down. After the weeks of hard work and fatigue, the pressing of air
pollution and noise pollution in the city, a short day trip will be an opportunity
to reset yourself and have fun with your family. Especially our locations is very
convenient for the people of Hanoi capital, it takes about 1,5 hour to go by
motobike from Hanoi center to Chuong My and only nearly 1 hour for the move
by bus or car. Thanks to the proximity of geography, visitors can save our time,

our money and can go frequently on the weekend and short holiday.
Green Tourism: With alarming environment pollution in recent years, people
especially young generation are together raising awareness of environmental
protection. Green tourism is also known as a goal of sustainable tourism
development in Vietnam. Chuong My still has the original natural beauty so this
will be a typical example for green tourism in Vietnam in particular and the
world in general. Futhermore, our bamboo and ranttan products will promote the

restriction of plastic bags use and complete replacement in the future.
A picnic for children: More and more schools organize picnics for students to
educate them about national cultural values. Tourism combine with education
about culture, history for children. Real experience will help them improve their

knowledge and national love.
Web-based Travel Research and Planning: More and more travelers turn to
Internet for informationon travel destinations, room rates and availability,
booking and other travel options so we will cooperate with famous booking sites
such as Traveloka, Luxstay,… to promote tour information, homestay, hotels
booking informations. Any information that customers want to know can be
contacted directly via online mailbox.


Target Markets
Rather than offering a standard marketing strategy to everyone, it is much more
efficient and economical to target a specific target market. Before arriving at a

decision, we can segment the market further, deciding upon the most likely

demographic to benefit from a marketing strategy.
Our target audience must not have a high socio-economic status as the level of

disposable income is unrequired to be able to visit.
Age can be a deciding factor when selecting the right demographic to fit a
successful marketing campaign, therefore our range of age include roughly 1635. Students, Foreigners, Families are our potential customers.




− Itinerary of coach
− Meals as mentioned in the itinerary(lunch + BBQ in the evening) + Drinking
− Tour guide
− Travel insurance
− Tip/ Gratuity for guide and driver
− Souvenir

Get picked up on the coach in the morning, we will come and hike to Phu Vinh
trade village which has formed over 400 years, Phu Vinh’s products are famous
domestically and internationally. Moreover, passengers have the opportunity to
experience craft village life, to make their own craft products and are provided the
lunch. Then, visitors move and climb, go camping in Tram mountain. Tram
mountain consists of 5 mountains and they are not too high. When we reach the top
of the mountain, enjoy fresh lifes, watch the fields and peaceful villages, create a
poetic setting.
Special offers
We have sponsorship from craft workshops and craft souvenir shops around the
area to obtain promotional packages for our customers with the goal of increasing

the number of tourists, ensuring the non-holiday months still have a certain number
of visitors to stabilize the financial situation of the company and the local people.
However, we remain committed to quality assurance services to build trust for

Groups of 5 or more will receive a discount coupon of 5%, the more crowded

the more reduced. In addition, they will be given a set of barbecue.
Each family will be given a shopping basket made of bamboo.
When you go from July to August, you will be discounted 20% per person. This

is the time when there are many heavy rains and storms, the road to the

mountain will be slippery, more difficult to travel.
Old customers will be rewarded 10% for the next booking.

Using the popular social network’ as an integrated mix we can deliver a single
consistent message. Due to budgetary reasons (which we will discuss in further
detail) it may be more economical to concentrate on delivering this message
through advertising. Advertising is non-personal and is used for mass consumption,
usually through mass media. Our primary marketing objective is to increase
awareness and mass advertising by the social network and influencer would be the
most efficient way of doing this, and can often be the cheapest option as the
message is being delivered to the maximum people in the target market with
sharing of certain percent number to Influencer.

Action Plan
− Goals Department Timescale
− Develop task frame for two months marketing campaign
− Set budget for marketing Financial campaign
− Select media channels Marketing
− Launch marketing Marketing campaign for a month


This is marketing plan that we will apply to monitor and evaluate the effective of
each marketing activities. Here are some type of media we use :

Internet marketing: It is a type of media that can be used widely. Through our
Facebook fanpage, admins should be able to provide reports that indicate the
number of click, interaction with the product. Moreover, through online sites
such as Facebook, Tripadvisor, Traveloka,Touristlink,… admins can follow
customers feedbacks, comments. Positive comments will also be pushed up to
attract potential customers. We will establish a team in charge of regular

management, monitoring and reporting.
TV advertisement: We will offer special programs at specific time period, such
as a 30% discount program for groups of 10 or more in the first 2 weeks of
opening. All phone calls will be received by a certain phone number and taken

care by the sale department.
Promotions: We will limit the time and number of participants. Customers will
have to visit our website to fill out the information on the form. After that, we
will contact them directly to verify their information. After verification, each
customer will receive a discount code and we will rely on the code to manage.



Through the marketing program, we found that potential customers are families,
schools, education centers, students and foreigners. In which, direct marketing is

quite suitable for the subjects of schools and educational centers; The other groups
said they knew about this tour through social networking sites and suggestions
from some friends who participated in this tour.
Besides, the number of tourists coming to Chuong My increased sharply. Tourists
set many questions for the webs and call for the center about the information’s
tours, customers are interested in the method of short-term travel by topics, with the
same places but customers are experienced with many different experiences. Thís
marketing method has created a new wave in Chuong My tourism. Moreover, the
number of foreign visitors registering for cultural tours increased, according to
customers' feedback, they said they enjoyed these cultural tours because the
Vietnamese culture was very unique, each tour they had learned a lot of knowledge
and gained interesting experiences.
As a result, this advertising method is quite successful with positive results: the
number of tourists increased by 15%, customers’ feedback were very good.
However, we still need to overcome the direct marketing methods to achieve
greater efficiency. Thus we cannot determine for sure what percentage of each
investor's return can be. Because the tour is not really stable. In addition, we can
utilize this database to survey, capture additional information and to establish a
Customer Relationship Management program.
Inconclusion, with this marketing plan for Chuong My tourism, we will be able to
increase the number of tourists to Chuong My by 15- 20% per year. And Chuong
My's income can be higher and promote the culture here with everyone.

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