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Tiếng anh du lịch Marketing plan for My hill Hồ Đông Quan




Hanoi, 2019
I. Introduction

“My Hill” is located on the road from Giong temple area through Biet Phu Thanh
Chuong, 35km from Hanoi center, it is the ideal destination to enjoy the fresh air of
the wild nature. “My Hill” has drawn a lot of attraction from young people,
families of all ages. They want to rest after hard working days at a peaceful, fresh
air area. However, “My Hill” has not had effective policies to offer its potentials to
convince those guests. Further, because Ho Dong Quan is close to Giong Temple
and some other famous places and has no local development policies, it seems to
be forgotten and not widely known.

II. S.W.O. T analysis of ecotourism destination “My Hill- Hồ Đồng Quan” –
Sóc Sơn, Hà Nội



- The location of “My Hill” is relatively convenient to the tourist.
+ “My Hill” is close to the Hanoi and it is about 30-40 km from Hanoi center. The
road to this place is easy to go, not meandering, not steep and not dangerous.
Tourists can easily find this location when using the map on smart phone.
- Transports are convenient and not much cost
+ Everyone can go to “My Hill” by motorbike or by bus (bus 56 or bus 15). It only
takes about 45-60 minutes to go to this place. Visitors only need to spend 50,000
VND to get to the place by motorbike and if visitors use the bus, the price will also
fluctuate in the same range.
+ Tourists can also come to this place by car because of its parking available.
- The price of ticket is quite reasonable, only 45,000 VND/people if tourists travel
during the day and 55,000 VND/people if tourists travel overnight (that fees are
cheaper than other ecotourism areas)

- This place looks like a countryside, has not been exploited and renovated too
much, there are some cottages that can sit and rest, see the lake, and can set up tent
to stay overnight.

The beautiful little huts along the lake of My Hill

- The scenery is close to nature, there are many trees and the atmosphere is very
fresh and quiet and service providers in this location are very enthusiastic, friendly
and attentive.

People plays in the forest
- Because there are lots of vacant land here, people can organize many games that
they want to play such as traditional games. Besides, there are many activities
thatcan be enjoyed here such as fishing, mountain climbing, hill climbing,

Camping in the forest
- Services is good, the cost is not too expensive. It is about 165.000 – 295.000
VND/people; the supporters are always supporting tourists such as directions,
preparing camping equipment, preparing food….whenever tourists need.


- “My Hill” is close to the Hanoi and the road is easy to arrive, so traveling is not
dangerous and especially for people who lives in Hanoi, going to this place does
not take too much cost. Therefore, they can save money for other things.
- Today, many people want to relax after hard working days at a quiet and fresh
place without losing much time to move, this is a place suitable for that need.
- Because this place is close to nature, there are many beautiful scenes that are
suitable for taking photos. Thus, it has opportunity to attract people who want to
take photos for wedding or to take photos for class.

- There is an opportunity to attract young people, who now tend to like traveling by
motorbike, camping, enjoy activities and eat outdoors. Today, many people tend to
love the "eco-experience" form of travel and this form is also becoming a trend for
everyone especially young people. Therefore, this is a good opportunity to "My
hill" can develop its potential.
- In addition, this place is suitable for organizing picnics for schools, especially for
children. Children who can experience fishing activities, teachers can organize
games for their students to play and guide them to visit the forest to learn about
 Because the lake is very large, it is possible to open boating activities for
visitors. Moreover, the forests are quite large and pristine, so some places can be
converted into flower gardens. Or it is possible to grow some fruit trees so visitors
can buy ticket and eat fruits.


- The location is far from the residential area, so the security is not good. Although
the lake is very deep, there is no life jacket for visitors and no rescue team.
- Limited infrastructure:
The infrastructure is insufficient to meet the demand of the tourist who would
like to stay there over night. There are only 2 small homestays built in the area, so
it does not meet the demand for tourists who want to stay overnight without setting
up camp. Moreover, the destination does not have much capital from the
government and other businesses.
- The bad and old gate will make visitors lose sympathy before going inside.
- Advertising activities for this location have not been developed and noticed.

- The website has not been fully developed, has not provided enough information
and no consulting services through the website, the information have just provided
via Facebook.
- Profession and specific orientation
The presenters are mainly the local without any profession skills in tourism and
foreign languages. They care about the profits rather than the ways to attract
tourists. In other words, the locals overlook the preservation of cultural heritage
and lack technology to create attractive tourism products.
Tourism work has no specific orientation and high qualification. Presenters in “My
Hill” are mainly people who live here for a long time without any training in
tourism and their foreign language skills are limited because they are not trained in
a professional way.
- The facilities here are lacking, the management team lacks human resources.
- Limited cognition
The local and local government do not have sufficient look at the role of the
influence of tourism on local economic development.
 The management team need to provide necessary medical and protection
equipment for this location and install more lights. They also need to pay more
attention, develop and build content for the website of this place and it is important
to have complete management team


- Recent years, My Hill pottery are more and more well-known; however, My Hill
tourism runs ineffectively. There is no coordination with economic sectors. My Hill
ecotourism only attracts domestic tourists, foreign tourists are not much known.

- There may be a lot of risk when tourists come to visit My Hill as it can drown,
and there is not enough infrastructure to relax as well as overcome if there are sick
guests or situations at risk out.
There should be solutions to combat insect diseases and guide tourists to prevent
diseases when participating in ecotourism.
- There are many eco-tourism areas that grow up, provide better services that are
more comfortable and better planned and renovated.
- Due to not being aggressively advertised like other places, there is no brand value
leading to not many people know “My Hill”
- The security here is not good, so many people will not want to stay overnight or
many schools do not want their students to visit the lake.
- “My Hill” marketing campaigns are simply, less creative; the idea is not diverse
and unprofessional. Travelers are not connected to the other attractions.
III. Marketing plan to develop My Hill Tourism

Estimated cost for marketing plan to develop My Hill
Costs of making websites and videos: 20 millions
Costs of brand ambassador is celebrities: for example, Sơn Tùng MTP: 5

Cost of improving infrastructure and accommodation to meet the visitors’

demands: 300 millions
+, buil hotel and homestay
+, fully equipped such as tents, trash…
+, build some fun models or photography areas for people to visit here…
+, buy bycycle, life jacket, cockboat, float serving for fun activities


+ Bring images of My Hill to the world by promoting My Hill images through
media, social networks, travel channels, movies, even though people
+ Brand ambassador is celebrities: Sơn Tùng MTP is famous singer
+ Economic development in parallel with environmental protection
+ Preserve the pristine beauty of the place
+ Gaining a sustainable development in local tourism
+ Improving infrastructure and accommodation to meet the visitors’ demands
+ Developing the work force with high quality for tourism in My Hill – Dong


Importance of the campaign
+ Build the brand, images, slogan for My Hill
+ Develop and build content for the website of this place
+ Raise awareness of the locals about values of brand and tourism that may bring
for them
+ Develop tourism in the future
+ Determining the quality and service of My Hill eco-tourism in the market
This is the feeling of customers coming to My Hill compared to other ecotourism
+ Differentiate its products in the market

My Hill need to define its distinctions compared to other tourism. Or else,
tourist just has an implicit look and does not visit the place. Therefore, the
highlights of “My Hill” is a fundamental condition to define its tourism.
Because of the main strengthens of My Hill is natural, pristine beauty and
fresh atmosphere, the main determined product is camping activities, posing,
filming, providing foods, renting camp, clothes. It is necessary to provide plenty of
opportunities for visitors, including day and night activities.
In the morning, people can enjoy the incredibly peaceful atmosphere and immerse
in the natural beauty, enjoy stunning sunset in Dong Quan Lake. Then, they can
enjoy group activities like team building, group games like paintball, and many
traditional folk games in Vietnam such as Keo Co, blind man's bluff, holding
outdoor buffets, setting up tents, going hiking, going fishing, and so on.


addition, because the lake is very large, it is possible to open boating activities for
visitors. Moreover, the forests are quite large and pristine, so some places can be
converted into flower gardens. Or it is possible to grow some fruit trees so visitors
can buy ticket and eat fruits.
Besides, My Hill will provide renting bicycle for those who love driving in
beautiful roads with both sides of old tree. Moreover, the highlight point of My hill
is holding campfire, that activities can help people close together and enjoy sense
of belonging group.

Knowing My Hill's ecotourism area is very pristine, there should be a
development strategy. We should develop souvenir products for visitors to visit
here. How to make unique souvenir products, attracting tourists, we must first
understand the area around here has traditional handicraft products, bearing the
characteristics of the resort. Thus, souvenirs will be very popular not only by
domestic tourists but also abroad.
Building many small play models at My Hill, creating useful activities for
groups or organizations to visit. Equipment for tents, life jackets fully serve fun
activities, avoid a case that occurs when participating in fun and relaxation.
Not only do we create fun activities at ecotourism area but we also do
activities on the lake, boat activities (with full life jackets, buoys) unfortunately
there is an accident on the lake.

Equipment for daytime or evening camping must always be fully prepared
and attentive. Need to have a reasonable and most detailed plan for the rental
kitchen grill service as well as visitors must compensate if the product damage.
My Hill also needs to produce products that suit the needs of customers
within a range of areas, ensuring full service when visitors visit the resort here.
Moreover, My Hill need co-ordinate with the travel agency to design tours to visit
whole region, visit temples and historical sites. Therefore, they will have an
unforgettable impression about diverse cultural values.
Organize monthly festivals with useful activities, games, teamwork sessions.
With the participation of celebrities, media companies, the number of people who
know the competition and the festival will be increasingly crowded, visitors will
also visit on this occasion and My Hill will become a tourist attraction travel with
new changes in people's views.
Upgrade infrastructure and protect the environment
First, to attract tourists to My Hill, we must build My Hill into an attractive
place to make visitors desire to visit. The number of foreign visitors to My Hill is
very low each year, visitors are mainly domestic tourists. Thus, we need to attract
both domestic tourists and international tourists, young people by these following
+ Upgrade the infrastructure and accommodation to serve the tourist, cooperate with bus routes in the inner city to My Hill to have convenience and save
time of the visitor travelling from Hanoi. The government should allocate funds for
building, fixing, upgrading, widening the road and making direction board for My
Hill to help tourists easily find this place.

+ The main activity at My Hill is to camp, sail on the lake and camp fire,
thus firefighting equipment must always be available.
+ Establish the restaurants that serve traditional dishes of Soc Son, hotels,
and entertaining places and yards to have a longer trip than other tourism.
There should have a detailed plan to reconstruct to protect My Hill, how to
develop sustainable. Moreover, the parking should be renovated systematically and
managed better. The contact system, medical facilities, and Internet access points
need installing to meet the need of the locals and tourist.
The landscape need beautifying such as clean up, build the water stalls to
serve tourists. Building and refurbishing roads makes traveling easier. However,
the resort must still maintain its original and environmentally friendly features.
We also impress with self-created zones so visitors can save beautiful
memories during the trip. For example, it has beautiful flower bushes, simple
cottages, animal models such as buffaloes, turtles and dolphins. Beautiful photos
posted on social networking is a unique way to attract visitors, PR about “My
Moreover, the campaign to renovate the scenery in My Hill includes create
"a resort in the forest" with beautiful small wind chimes to hang on high to make
sound extremely merrily whenever the wind. Imagine a wind chime with unique,
impressive shapes, diversity colors will make the interesting, attracting for visitors
to visit. Especially, visitors can create their own wind-bells and manually hang it
up. Writing down their blessings and wishes in hopes of their health, wishes will be
My Hill needs to build water drains and wastewater treatment plants to
control air and water pollution. Moreover, management should build more standard

public WC to meet the need of the visitor, especially in the market and other
The management need to impose some required laws on all tourist serving
services to protect the surrounding environment. There will be severe punishments
for all visiting delegation and individuals break the laws. Moreover, one important
thing is to raise the locals and tourists’ awareness of preserving the environment.
Have competitive price
My Hill should have suitable prices for the products and reasonable price for
services including hotels, visits, tour price, delivery, and sales. The price must be
clearly and detail.
Develop the high quality work force
There will be in need of detailed policies to attract human resources that
have the good ability and profession of management in tourism, especially
offspring of the locals. Or My Hill can cooperate with some universities to educate
the locals about tourism management in short-term courses.
The local government should benefit the tourist guide in My Hill. They
should receive extra advantages especially those are the local. Moreover, My Hill
should develop high-quality human resources. Human resources not only learn but
also have experience in learning in big restaurants and hotels. With good quality
and service will surely satisfy visitors.
Take advantages of e-commerce
Advantages of developing My Hill as a camping site: That is a sustainable
tourism that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local
people. It follows six principles of ecotourism including minimize the impacts to

environment. Through the plenty of activities closed to nature, customers can build
their awareness about the environment, and respect local culture. Visitors can take
part in several activities to gain more experiences, connect with other people and
surrounding environment. Moreover, it provides more jobs and higher income for
local people and services.
Until now, My Hill has an official website about travel but was left blank,
not being active regularly. There are very few articles on the website to promote
the brand. The website needs designing with languages of markets it aims to and
provides details about traditional values, maps, location, direction, programs,
products, services, and infrastructure. This is a convenient and fast information
source for the tourist, especially who are students, experts, researchers.
Links between this website and travel agencies are ways to promote nearby
destinations to attract tourists. The best way to do this without fees is that both two
websites have links to each other.
What’s more, via commercials and advertisement on TV, Internet, or events,
visitors can get more information and know more when they care.
With visitors from Hanoi, My Hill need to cooperate more closely with
travel agencies in allocating its own tourism products. Large travel agencies can
launch marketing campaign to promote My Hill and tours at its website and have
links to the website. This would bring about benefits for both My Hill and travel
The coordination with tourism information centers at airports, and in cities is
an ideal way. It may help independent tourists who need a source of information at
the airport. For instance, at Noi Bai airport, many independent tourists come to

Vietnam every day. My Hill can cooperate with the center to introduce brochures
about My Hill tourism and then enhance demands of the customer.
My Hill should also offer Fam trip freely for the travel agencies. Therefore,
they will want their staffs to know more about the destination and tours. This
would make them know more about tourism of My Hill and convince more easily
the tourist to visit it.
Some marketing materials are necessary for My Hill. Design the attractive
materials about tourism, tourist attraction in printed versions and e-version to
introduce for the tourist at the website at the brands My Hill cooperate or in My
Hill so that when the tourist come home, they can introduce the relatives and
friends thanks to those materials.
Not only values of the My Hill but also daily life should be kept. They are
beauty of words, dialect, clothes, and manners. The festival as a spiritual value
should remain annually.
My Hill should keep its cultural values in its tourist attraction. The
conduction of protect and preserve its pristine is important to the My Hill’s
development. My Hill contains not only meanings of tourist area but also products
of tourism that bring about values about life of the people here. The development
helps human life to be better, human life is increasingly improved.
Design and conduct PR campaigns (Beauty of My Hill)
We should launch a contest aiming to make video/ imagines to introduction
of My Hill images. People/ Team will manually make a video/imagines which
tourist like most, then take photos posted on the social networking sites like

Facebook with hashtag #MyHill #NetdepMyHill and the pictures have the most
number of likes and shares will win and get present from the committee. In
addition, videos/ imagines that are creative, unique (highly appreciated by
organizers) will also be displayed at website and have a 2 day 1 night free stay at
My Hill. One more important thing is inviting celebrities to join and promote the
contest. These contests will create a wave of to make attractive tourist.
IV. Judgment on abilities to execute the plan
It seems that My Hill does not have enough concerns of local government
and authorities. Financial policies are allocated ineffectively for renovating the
destination. The government and locals play an important role in preserving,
recovering, upgrading, and developing My Hill. The road from the inner city to
here costs much money and may take a long time to upgrade. Secondly, a large
number of products can be sold with reasonable price. The preservation of values
in My Hill will not face any difficulties if the local and the tourist are raised
awareness of tourism protection and development. All the details in the plan can be
completed if the government are willing to invest money in developing and
protecting My Hill, as well as people, are aware of the preservation and
development of regional tourism.
V. Package tours

Package 1 (2 days 1 night)
Departure time
Reach “My Hill”
Buy tickets, rent tents
Choose the place to set up camp
and Arrange stuffs
Stroll around “My Hill”

Package 2 (1 day)
Departure time
Reach “My Hill”
Buy tickets, rent mats to sit
Choose the place to sit and
Arrange stuffs
Stroll around “My Hill” + take


Have lunch + take a rest


Play games (divide into some
groups to play some games such
as traditional games, organize a
contest about singing, quiz
Time for personal hygiene
Prepare for dinner
Eat barbecue and campfire
(singing and dancing activities,
storytelling, sharing)




Have lunch (eat barbecue) + take
a rest
Play games (divide into some
groups to play some games such
as traditional games, organize a
contest about singing, quiz
Time for personal hygiene
Return items + Come home

Take a rest (sleep in the tent)
Personal hygiene, breakfast, and
sightseeing area (Vành Tiên
forest, Ông Cọc hill, go fishing,
raft along the canal…)
Have lunch + Take a rest
Return items + Come home

For all the package tours:
Tour price includes: 300k – 400k VNĐ/people (2 days 1 nights); 200k
VNĐ/people (1 day)

Sightseeing vehicles (15, 25, 35, 45 seats depending on the number of

Vietnamese tour guide.
Meals according to the program: 2 lunches, 1 breakfast and 1 evening

barbecue buffet
Sightseeing tickets under the program.
Mineral water: 01 bottle of 0.5L / day / person.
Hat, Tax

Tour price does not include:

Personal expenses: meals outside the program, laundry, single room
Sightseeing fees outside the program.
Travel insurance
Any additional expenses caused by reasons beyond our control such as
natural calamities, cancellations, any accidents, medical evacuations

Fares for children:

Children under 5 years of age: no service charge, parents take care of
themselves and pay the costs incurred (for services charged by height ...).
Two adults are included with 1 child under 5 years old, the second child will

pay the prescribed fee for ages 5 and older.
Children 5 years of age and older: must purchase tickets for tour packages
such as adults, including transportation, program meals and sightseeing
tickets according to the places of interest.

Note: In case you want to buy your own tickets, we are willing to advise you to
choose F&E tour or group tours, in this form you can choose the following
services need.
Conditions of payment:
When registering, it is required to pay 100% of the tour amount.

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