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Tiếng anh du lịch Marketing plan for Làng gốm Bát Tràng



Hanoi, 2019

I. Introduction
Only 16 kilometers from Ha Noi to the Northeast, there is a village that has stood
the test of time and still preserves its peaceful, ancient characteristics and precious
traditional crafts known as Bat Trang pottery village.

Source : Internet
Bat Trang pottery is presented and admired not only in every region of Vietnam but
also in foreign countries. Bat Trang pottery village has created and established its national
brand to preserve the cultural values of Ha Noi capital, and it is also considered a favorite
attraction in Ha Noi.

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According to “ Dai Viet su ki toan thu” and “ Du Dia Chi” written by Nguyen Trai,
Bat Trang pottery village was formed and established during the Ly dynasty. When Ly
Thai To moved the capital from Hoa Lu to Thang Long, five families that pursued
traditional crafts in Bo Bat village ( Yen Mo district, Xuyen Yen city, now belongs to Yen
Mo district, Ninh Binh province) including Tran, Vuong, Nguyen, Le and Pham decided
to move to Thang Long capital and take pottery artisans with them. The five families
arrived at Bach Tho ward ( Now remaned as Bat Trang commune, Gia Lam district, Ha
Noi ) which is home to the source of the precious material that they use to make the
pottery, known as white clay. They cooperated with the Nguyen family to open a pottery
production factory, founding Bat Trang pottery village.

Source : Internet
Tourists can find any ceramic product in Bat Trang market where there are a large
number of ceramic products displayed and sold. Bat Trang ceramic are produced for daily
household use (bow, cup, plates, pot, bottle...), worshiping, or decoration purposes. In the
modern world, the pottery artists bring into ceramics many innovation in production
What makes you smile when visiting Bat Trang Village? Definitely not only a
small random product that you find inside the market, but also, the moments when you
get to know the people here. Setting foot into the village, you will certainly be invited by
the local people to come to their ceramic workshops or to have a drink at their place.
Come, have a conversation, listen to their sharings of life and the village’s history – you
will at once realize the huge dedication and love that explains the village’s strong, steady
In order to create the best possible quality pottery products, craftsmen have to
follow many detailed steps, in which the first one is sourcing the clay, then preparing the
clay mixture, and finally drying and repairing. This is only the fist stage. The second stage
is decoration and application of enamel. The third step is a process called firing. Bat
Trang artisans have summarized the experience of making pottery in a sentence. “ Bone
first, leather second, and fire third”. Alltourists who visit Bat Trang want to learn how to
make pottery form the clay, and then have the opportunity to take their crafts home.
Nowadays, Bat Trang ceramic products are famous for not only in Vietnam but
also in other countries in the world. The products of the villages has been exported to

some countries like Japan, Korea, America, and members of European Union since 1990.
Besides, some products of Bat Trang ceramic village are stored in the world's large
museums such as the Guimet Museum (France) and Royal Museum of Fine Arts of

Belgium. According to the artisans of the village, the popular subjects of Bat Trang
products are the image of dragon, phoenix, couplets, nature and people reflecting the the
spirituality and philosophy of Vietnamese people. These motifs are carved exquisitely and
skillfully which make Bat Trang pottery have outstanding and special beauty in
comparison to other ones.
It is definitely an extremely amazing experience when visiting Bat Trang. Tourists
will have opportunities to see the process of producing ceramic products, admire the
creative of artisans and have great time in Bat Trang pottery market. This is really a
should-not-miss trip in the holiday in Hanoi
II. Swot analysis
1. Strength:
Bat Trang Ceramic Village has been famous for its ceramics for a thousand years,
particularly dinnerware and ornamental ware. The most outstanding strength of Hanoi Bat
Trang Ceramic Village is its tradition of making pottery. Hanoi Bat Trang Ceramic Village
traditional quality pottery includes bowl, dish, pot, cup, wine pot, a big flower-vase, leg
lamp, lime-pot, big-bellied jar with glazes such as ancient pearl blaze, crackle glaze, dark
glaze, indigo-blue flower glaze, grey flower glaze, melt glaze...

Source : Internet

Bat Trang Ceramic Villager is also able to produce high quality goods to order,
meeting the demands of international buyers and their markets, manufactured using
controlled processes using modern gas-fired skills. The people are very skilful and
talented, producing friendlyproducts with the environment that has a distinctive look . The
village’s ceramic products have not only prevailed domestic markets but also been
exported to countries worldwide. The Bat Trang producers export ceramic goods
annually to the value of over $40 million a year.
2. Weakness:
Bat Trang now lacks of investment for business development. Entertainment
activities are still quite simple. Last week we spent a weekend to take a tour to Bat Trang,
Just the activity of making our own pottery attract us. Moreover, the infrastructure is still
rudimentary. Almost households there do their own small and spontaneity business.
Marketing has not quite effective.
3. Opportunities:


Opportunities in Political:

+ In recognition of theimportant roles of craft villages andrural handicrafts, the Party and
the State have provided guidance and adopted a number of policies on the development of
rural craft villages, on some policies on rural handicraft development to promoterural
social economic development, move economic mechanism towardsindustrialization and
modernization, provide local jobs, enhance quality oflife and local incomes, and
+ One of the key tasks for the period of 2006 - 2015 of MARD is to undertake
theProgramme "one handicraft for one village" in order to restore and developrural craft
villages for enhancing employment and incomes through supporting the development of
rural craftvillages, and encouraging households,individuals, co-operatives and smalland
medium enterprises to invest inhandicrafts; training and supporting themovement from
agriculture to non-agriculture practices; and putting in placeregulations on craft village
waste management.
+ Bat Trang ceramics are a pride of Hanoi. In 2011, the municipal People’s Committee
approved a detailed plan to preserve and develop the craft village in connection with
tourism development.
+ Viet Nam Traditional Craft Village Tourism Festival.In the framework of the event,
there are diverse activities, such as: handicraft exhibition, workshop themed “Vietnamese

craft villages associated with tourism development and international integration”;
processions that praise handicraft villages’ ancestors; activities to honor outstanding
traditional villages; performances of traditional music, martial arts and folk games; handson experience on making craft products, traditional toys; introducing craft village tourism
in Hanoi, etc.The festival will contribute to the conservation of traditional handicrafts and
promoting tourism development in the region. It will also help popularize the tourism
products, culinary elite, specialties of localities to local people and international friends.
+ The State plays an important role in making orientations and drafting a sustainable
development plan for craft villages to exploit their potential and promote links among
travel companies and the local people.
+ Government and state issued system policy and orientated to developtraditional craft
village, restore the culture value and build new model rural.

Opportunities in Economy:

+ Borrowing capital policy invest in production be opened in rural areas is a good
condition help many households improve their production force, invested in technical and
widen production. Then, when tourism develops. It can bring to our nation a great avenue.

Opportunities in Cultural and Social

+ Model of household production is main the labor of all family member include women
and children. Children in village help in production when they were a child, it is an
advantage point to remain and develop their love to our traditional culture.
+ It also plays an important role in preserve our nation’s historic and traditional culture.


Opportunities in technology:

+ The Fourth Industrial Revolution is leaving a comprehensive impact on the global
economy and society at large. Vietnamese craft villages are no exception. They are forced
to utilize science and technology to survive.The Fourth Industrial Revolution has opened
up many consumption channels for craft villages which can also sell their products online.
They have attached special importance to e-commerce and getting customers involved in
product designing and patterning.

4. Threats:


Threats in economic:

+ In the context of globalization and international integration, domestic products will face
stiff competition in the coming time; therefore the villages themselves need to create their
own attraction through unique products to become famous brands.Through tours, craft
villages can learn more about the aesthetic tastes of visitors from different countries to
innovate technology for production as well as change and renovate designs of their unique
products, particularly handicraft products.
+ Bat Trang pottery village is operating at the household level, and rely on outdated
technology, and as a result, will find it hard to fulfill large orders.
+ Domestic businesses lack practical experience in competition while their regional
counterparts have been competing for a long time. That means when countries can freely
penetrate each other’s market, they’ll be redoubtable rivals of Vietnamese craft
+ Some households use equity or borrow with high interest loan,role of State in
preferential loans were too small, and it did not meet the need invillage development.
Householdsproduction is difficult to borrow big loanif they cannot show their force, and
production scale in future.
+ Suffering from the impacts of economic recession, as well as a lack of capital, problems
with the sustainability of the material supply source, shortfalls in management and
importantly, little recognition for the artisan’s work, Vietnam’s craft villages could be lost.

Threats in social and cultural:

People in craft villages lack general knowledge about tourism and the ability to
communicate with visitors.

Threats in technology:

+ Technical technology to produce products in craft villages, especially traditional craft
villages, is often very primitive, backward, mainly using manual techniques. The majority
of labor tools in craft villages are manual tools and single production technologies. Many
types of products with technology and techniques must rely entirely on skillful hands of
workers although there is now mechanization and electrification step by step in
production, but there are only a few Many jobs have the ability to mechanize some stages
in product production.
III. Costs
1. Mobile costs according to the number of guests

+ Lunch : VND 100.000/1 per
+ Domestic travel insurance : VND 1.500.000/1 per/ 1day
insurance violations includes: death, accident-related disability or unexpected illness on
the tour, the highest compensation level is VND 10 million per case.
+ Fees for making ceramic items by yourself : VND 100.000/ 1 per
2. Fixed cost for the trip
+ Comfortable 50 seat car with air conditioner, TV
+ Car rental fee : VND1 million/ 1day
+ Tour guide fee : 10USD/1 day (VND 210.000/1 day)
3. Marketing fee and Administrative fee
a. Marketing fee
+ Advertise with facebook and google adword: VND200.000 /1 day
b. Administrative fee
+ VAT: 10% of the selling price
4. Commissions and profits
+ Commissions for travel agents: 2% of the selling price
+ The desired profit of the company: 20% of the selling price
5. Tour price
+ Tour price = price/1per + marketing fee + Commissions for travel agents+ The desired
profit+ VAT

 TOUR PRICE: 2.000.000Đ
IV. Tour
1. About this activity
+ Duration : 7.5 hours
+ Price : 100 USD/1per
+ Printed or mobile voucher accepted
+ Instant confirmation
+ Live guide : English

+ Pick-up service : Your hotel in Hanoi
+ Easy cancellation : Cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund
2. Highlights
+ Enjoy the rural Red River landscape on the way to Bat Trang pottery village
+ Explore the hancraft proccess of ceramic production
+ Go shopping for unique ceramic items to take home
+ Join in making ceramic things by yourself
3. Full description
 8 am : You will meet you at your hotel in Hanoi downtown, then start the trip to
Bat Trang pottery village.
 9 am : Arriving at Bat Trang pottery village
 9 am –11 am : Activities
Tourists can choose take a walk or join a buffalo tour for sightseeing and shopping.
The guide will take tourists walk around the area of making ceramic products to
see the artisans at work and tourists have chance to witness the process of molding
and carving clay pots, dishes and vases. Then, tourists enter the ancient area in Bat
Trang village, get in Bat Trang market and have a look of variety of ceramic
products there.
 11 am – 12 am : Time for lunch and take a rest. Tourists have lunch in restaurant
near Bat Trang market.
 1 pm – 3pm : Activities
Tourists go to a workshop to make ceramic items by yourself with the traditional
family.After drying your products, you will paint and cover them with different
colors for decoration and make it become more and more unique.
You can make the gifts for your family by yourself.
 3.30 pm : Get back to Hanoi city – the Old Quarter and to your hotel.
4. Includes
+ Car
+ Full Insurance Cover
+ Tour Guide
+ Lunch
+ Fuel

+ Fees for making ceramic items by yourself
V. Events and promotions
1. Events
Deploying the "dream bookcase" program, in addition to books and newspapers
prepared to give to disadvantaged children in Bat Trang, you can bring books,
newspapers, stories, school supplies Together with us, we bring a warm atmosphere of
love to Bat Trang. The program will help children in high school schools get the books,
notebooks and other necessary supplies when the new school year comes. Give them a
healthy reading habit, equipping them with knowledge through book pages. Helping their
spiritual life to be richer, helping them learn better.

Source: Internet
Similarly on the tour, you also contribute to support the families of poor
households in 2018 with us. Accordingly, for every 2 million VND of tour purchased, you
contributed 5000 VND to join us in implementing this meaningful program. This is a
long-term project to bring joy to families in difficult circumstances in Bat Trang.

Source: Internet
At the same time, we are committed to "not littering" with tourists and keeping the
environment clean and beautiful. Where visitors will not have garbage, it also means
contributing to making Vietnam tourism more beautiful in the eyes of international

Source: Internet
2. Promotions

The membership card program is a great incentive in the promotion system with
membership levels, silver cards, gold cards and VIP cards. Up to 50% discount when
owning a membership card during the festival of Bat Trang pottery village held annually
on the 14th - 15th of February lunar calendar. At the same time, we also have incentives
for our partner's close customers when booking tours. Discount for customers with
membership card of Asian Distribution Co., Ltd, reducing 5 USD / pax / tour for tour of
foreign tourists, reducing 10USA / person / tour for other tourists in the country. When
registering tours according to groups of tourists, they will receive more discounts: groups
of 4 - 6 people will immediately drop 100,000 VND / person and group of 7 guests or
more immediately reduce 120. 000 VND / person. In parallel with the price reduction, the
gifts included when booking tours for visitors before and after traveling are also
interested. For example, every customer who participates in Bat Trang tour will receive a
hat (with the company's logo printed) and a ceramic product worth 50,000. At the same
time, during the tour, customers will experience a free pottery lesson with artisan Nguyen
Xuan Bach.

VI. Bat Trang tour achivements
Nowadays, Bat Trang is not only famous for its ceramic products, but also well
known as a tourist attraction in Hanoi. Visiting Bat Trang ceramic village, tourists can go
sightseeing in unspoiled natural sceneries, witness the process of making pottery, try to
make handmade ceramic products by themselves and bring their achievements to home.
Go sightseeing in Bat Trang Pottery Village by sitting on a buffalo vehicle (a kind of
vehicle moved by a buffalo) may be a very interesting and unforgettable experience of
tourists visiting this land. After arriving in Bat Trang, tourists can ask local people for
renting a buffalo vehicle going around the village. Each buffalo vehicle can contain ten
people. Sitting on this strange vehicle, tourists can enjoy the peaceful and untouched

landscapes. They can also visit Van Van, a small gallery of ceramics of different periods
and enjoy the beauty of the items displayed there.

Source: Internet
Another thing tourists should not ignore when visiting Bat Trang village is going
shopping at the shopping center. The products sold in this place are quite diverse and
beautiful including cups, wind chimes, paints, colorful bracelets and accessories made
from ceramic materials, and so forth. If tourists take time to watch and find in this stuff,
they can find some beautiful and exclusive items which are cheaper than ones in markets.
A further plus point is that local people here are very friendly and hospitable, therefore,
tourists can comfortably take photographs besides unique and beautiful items in spite of
not buying anything.

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