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In the trend of integration and development of the world economy, Vietnam’s enterprises have been having great
breakthroughs that contributed extremely important to promote the country's economy, especially the process of
industrialization and modernization of the country. In developing strategic goal of export and import Development in 20012010, Party and State has confirmed the role of import operations for the industrialization and modernization of the country.
It is shown that Vietnam build an open economy, integration with the region and the world, expanding international trade
and foreign economic cooperation. On this basis, import and export policy must be considered as a structural policy with
strategic vision, taking advantage of mobilizing capital, advanced technology from foreign countries in order to promote the
development of goods, the jobs for workers. Consistent with that goal since its inception Co. Hai Dat Marine Engines
Accessary has taken steps to adapt to the market mechanism regulated by the State, the company has promoted the leading
spiritual creative, achieving remarkable progress, stabilize market prices, expanding supply of goods ... Position of the
companies in and outside the sector as well as the market is growing, the business scope is expanded over the whole
territory of Vietnam and the countries and territories around the world that we have the system.
During operation, the company has achieved significant results, sales and export turnover of the company continues to grow
through the years.
I am currently a 4th year student of English major of Foreign Languages, University of Haiphong. During the study, I had
to hone the basic knowledge about professional translation, interpreting English - Vietnamese and Vietnamese - English.
In order to be practiced in the workplace in accordance with my major, I have participated in internships in Customer
Relations Department of Co. Hai Dat Marine Engines Accessary, Hai Phong.
Over 4 weeks of internship, with the enthusiastic support of the directors and officers and employees of the company, I have
complete understanding of the organizational structure of the internship facility: practice text translation English Vietnamese, Vietnamese - English and become familiar with the work of the employees of the company.

For every 4th year students to practice, much surprise, this internship period is very important. It helps students to
consolidate their knowledge and become accustomed with the translating - interpreting and students can be confident, hone
the experiences to be able to perform well for the the latter.
In the last stage of internship, I have been the aunt, uncle, brother, sister in the company to create the best conditions and
were exposed to practical work at the facility. Through this I would like to express sincere thanks to the company. I would
like to thank Ms. Nguyen Hong Nhung – the director of the company, my supervisor, Ms.Nguyen Thi Quynh Chi and
teachers in foreign language departments have guided me during internship, let me see many new experiences and help me
complete the internship report .
Sincere thanks!
I. Overview of the Company
1. General information about the company
2. Summary of the formation and development
3. The business activities of the company
4. Objects of service
II. Management structure of the company
Diagram management structure of the company

I. Description of work
II. Evaluation of Internship results
1. My thought about company
2. The difficulty in internship
3. Perception of yourself during internship
I. Overview of the Company
1. General information about the company
Vienamese name:

Công ty TNHH phụ tùng máy thủy
Hải Đạt

English name:

Hai Dat Marine engines accessary

No. 7/217, Thanh To, Hai An, Hai

Phone No.:

031. 3615262





Charter Capital:

2.500.000.000 VND

Establishment and action licenses :

No. 15-031 / 2011 by the Department
of Planning and Investment of Hai

2. The formation and development of the company
The company went into operation shortly, starting in 2009 with just one scale dealers supplying products marine engines .
But only a short time has made marked progress and formally established as a separate company with large scale and is now
gradually developing stronger.
The company is one of the enterprises specialized in supplying spare parts for diesel engine of famous brands such as:
ZICHAI 250.300, NINGBOG300, 300, WUXI, the gearboxes, turbines, lights ...
Despite having many difficulties and challenges, but the company has continuously developed with the stability and
professionalism, customer network expansion, providing services and high quality products for the domestic ship owners
and abroad.
Success today with the enormous contributions of staff, professional staff are well trained and have many practical
experiences in the field of shipbuilding experts with technical support from the manufacturers.

With rich experience in operation for many years, with the criteria: the quality is top, professional service, fast enthusiastic,
able to bring our customers the fastest service, best ... Company believes that in a near future, Hai Dat Marine engines
accessary company becomes the most powerful supplier and distributor of products and services shipping, shipbuilding in
3. Objects of service
Hai Phong Port is the 2nd largest city in Vietnam and the largest North. As the gateway to trade with many countries in the
region and around the world with the amount of passing ships is enormous. Along with the shipbuilding industry is highly
developed in Haiphong and need a lot of modern equipment and accessories for ships. Because of capturing the essential
point, firstly, the company targeted the private ship owners that they have the old ship to remodel the parts inside. When the
company had a large volume of customers, the company began targeting larger companies such as Bach Dang Shipbuilding
Company. Partners not only ís local customers but also is foreign customers such as : Taiwan, Singapore ...
Therefore the policy of the Hai Dat Company : "If customers anywhere, we are ready to welcome".
II. Summary of situation management structure of the company:
1. Management structure of the company diagram:




Import and

Finance and


2. Explain diagram:
a, Board of directors:
-Director: Nguyen Hong Nhung, who runs the daily business of the company, holding all the power of the company.
-Deputy director: Nguyen Hai Dang, who runs a number of areas of operations and business of the company as assigned by
the Director and is responsible for the assignment and execution. The company has a deputy director.
b, The functional departments:
- Administrative organizations department:

+ In charge of human resources management, implementation of the management and using of labor, administrative
management, logistics in terms of business and material foundations for the operation of the company. Implementing
regimes and policies for officials and employees and implementing increasing or decreasing salary.
Grade promotion, rewarding discipline, military service. Managing office equipment, clerical work storage, document
storage, dispatch documents, drafting contracts on the economy. Saving the contract was made.
+ Implementing administrative work of company with the external.
+ Managing personnel records of employees, implementing the work of professional personnel, building annual wage unit
price and the form of payment for the company. Constructing schedules training of managers, skillful workers, nearby
contingent of officials, employers when needed.
Domestic business department:
Updating to the actual product from the factory, planned consumption of company products, sales network for domestic
customers, combining the related parts to build the price of products in order to give to director, implementing marketing
Import and export department.
- Import and export department :
Marketing and product introduction, selling to foreigners, implementing transactions for foreign visitors. The total cost of
the goods exported and importing machines equipments for the company. Translating foreign trade contracts and import
and export procedures.
- Finance and accounting department:
As parts supply data and documents to the Board of Directors to serve manufacturing operations, construction, analysis of
economic activities serving production and business plans.

- Customer relations department:
As part of customer consultant, received orders from customers in domestic and foreign customers by directly or indirectly
(text, phone).
3. The role of English in the company :
Because the partners of the company was not only domestic customers but also foreign partners, especially Singapore.
Therefore English was a very important role for the company. Marketing, product introduction, selling to foreigners,
implementing transactions for foreign visitors were required to English. Moreover, if there hadn't had English, the foreign
trade contracts would have became extremely difficult. Hence English has become an integral part of the company's
I. Description of work
Main work

Other work

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

- I got familiar with my internship and I learned about goods, products of
learned more about the company.
- I would like to work in the export after
researching, I found that was the most
suitable place for my ability. At first I
choose to practice in import and export
department, however, translating contracts
need absolute precision, At first I chose to
practice in import and export room,
however, translating contracts required
absolute precision, thus I decided to work
in the customer relations department.
-I introduced and consulted company's I heard the phones and received faxes.
products to foreign customers (VietnameseEnglish).
-I followed the activities of the departments
within the company.
I read and answer the questions of foreign I typed and photo documents.
customers about the products in the
company (English-Vietnamese).

Week 4

I translated




foreign I called and sent mail to customers,
received mail and replied mail of

II.Evaluation of Internship results
My thought about company:
Through the internship at company, I have found out many things about the company. The company’s leadership is very
efficient, staff are very enthusiatic, so I have learned the professional work style and improved communication skill with the
foreign tourist. Particulaly, the company solves employment problems for workers locally. The staff get paid on time. I see
the company has been implementing targeted to be one of the largest travel agency companies of Viet Nam and region about
the scale, quality and reputation, to provide the customers with the best service and the lowest cruise prices. The company is
also very proud to have an executive team that is not only highly experienced and successful, but have passion about the
business of travel
2. The difficulties in internship
However, there are are many difficulties through the internship at company. Because I’m a junior, I don’t have much time to
practice, so I was not confident enough. Working at the big company is so strange that it sometimes makes me nervous. And
I have never used fax and copy machines before, so still I have some mistakes. The first time I speak with foreign

customers, I’m quite embarrassed because of lack of communication skills and cruise ships majors vocabulary. Moreover,
I’m a new staff, I don’t know anyone in company, the communication with everyone is limited. And now, I have less time to
prepare for the final exam, so I am worry about it, sometimes it drives me stress during work. With reminding and guiding
of everyone in Foreign Language Department and Company, I have learnt a very useful lesson from such experiences for
3.Perception of yourself during internship

After 4 week practice at the Hai Dat Marine engines accessary company, I tried to do the work with my best ability by
making use of all the knowledge learned at the university to get the best results. Internship is regarded as an opportunity to
help me expose and collide with practical, make use of knowledge which was communicated through the years studying in
school. I think the purpose of practical plan for students is correct, it represents a reasonable educational philosophy “study
and practical”. And I really see this is very useful.
Internship period in Hai Dat Marine engines accessary company was significant. Company was ideal environment and
suitable for English majors. The company has helped me strengthen and enhance the knowledge of the professional in the
English interpretation and translation, especially everyone in the company have helped a lot. My weakness skill is
communication, I am lack of confidence when communicating with the foreigners. So, working at this company helped me
a lot to improve my communication. I was exposed to communicate with foreigners very much in the process of introducing
company’s service, greeting customers, and answering their questions about information of company and the products of
company. After internship at the company, I feel more confident and active in communicating with foreigners. Besides
reading and writing skills are also improved. I often checked order emails of customers to the company, answer and
introduce the company’s services for them. Especially, vocabulary of cruise ships majors are also expanding. Improving
skills of interpretation and translation of administrative report, contract is not so hard as before. More importantly, I learned

and worked in a good environment with skillfull staff who helped me a lot, provide a general overview of the career in the
future. I can cultivate their soft skills which are extremely necessary for my future work. As communication skills with
people , I am not confused when communicating with people as well as proficient use of computers, copiers,… This is basic
thing to help me gain experience after graduation to find a suitable job with the ability and aspiration of copies relatives, and
have direction for my life. Once again I send my warmest thanks to teachers who guide me and company leadership who
created all best condition to help me complete internship report. In conclusion, I think that internship was very benefit to me
as I learnt a lot, and it made me discover the research and many new things.
The report is based on my observations and learning for almost 1 month internship at the company. I tried my best to
complete this internship report but It could not avoid the limitations and errors due to less personal experience. I hope
teachers commented to my report in order that my report is more complete and accurate.

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